everything in moderation right hi dr. Wollan welcome to the channel thank you so much for your time for any viewers unfamiliar with dr. Barnard is an American doctor author clinical researcher and founding president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine we’re very excited to have you on the show today because you’ve just released a new book here it is we had our copy and it’s not a topic that we think is one of the main reasons people don’t switch to a plant-based diet or a vegan diet I could never give up my cheese the book is very appropriately called the cheese trap so let’s start off by talking about that title why is cheese trap you know it’s a funny thing we were doing some research strategies over more than 10 years ago and we would use completely vegan diets no animal products at all for people with diabetes or weight problems and they would do great improve illusion lose weight the commercials would come down if you’re happy but so many of them would say there’s one thing I really missed and it wasn’t ice cream and it wasn’t a steak and it wasn’t a glass of milk it was specifically cheese and not everybody said that but I heard it enough smells like old socks why do people get hooked on cheese and so we started looking into it we’ve discovered some molecular mechanisms that explain why people get hooked on this in other words a little bit addicting if I can use that word maybe more than a little bit so that’s what led me to write the QI trap okay on a scale of one to ten one being totally fine and him being disaster where’d she see how dangerous is is it and what kind of health problems of the course do I have to stick with one to ten or can I go to 11 or two right here’s what here’s what I’m talking about the average American consumes sixty thousand calories worth of cheese every single year at yes a sixty thousand and it’s not just here in the United States but it’s spreading all over the place including places where cheese was never part of the culture now in Japan where no cheddar cheese was not their thing let’s face it but now it’s making inroads everywhere and waste lines are expanding um so I think it’s a very serious problem I think is one of the biggest contributors to two weight problems and the health issues range from respiratory condition things like asthma skin condition inflammation in the joints and other parts of the body the biggest issue is that people don’t even connected to people are consuming enormous amounts of it but they thought it was somehow totally innocuous or maybe even necessary but no no it’s a huge contributor delbrone dr. Bona the beginning of chapter 1 really made us laugh you talk about just how strange cheese as a food right you think about strange foods and the one that I think about is something called sugar which is this it’s up to the meat of the pufferfish which one bite will kill you and so oddly enough you get a finished up stuff you try to figure out which bite of the fish would not kill you and you think what kind of Russian Roulette is gonna play so but based on that I have to say cheese is even weirder than that because how would anybody figure out that you could first of all take the milk of a cow I mean you must have been generations and generations of generation before any bipedal primate that’s us figured out that we wanted a bovine to give us her milk and then you put it in a big vat and you add bacteria to fermented that make the old socks smell and then you add rennet which is an enzyme hidden in the fourth stomach of a calf and that coagulates it and then you add a bunch of salt to keep the bacterial fermentation going too far and cut it’s a block and it’s now become inexplicably popular chapter two is called more calories than coke more salt than potato chips what cheese does your waistline please tell us what does she do to your waistline you know people think if I’m gaining weight it’s from sugar and all those sodas I’ve been drinking and sodas are not health food and adding sugar is not not a great thing however when we look here in the United States where you know obesity is problem number one sugar consumption has been going down for almost 20 years it was in 1999 when bottled water started kicking soda off the shelf and the sugar consumption fallen but what is not all our waste wines are not coming down and if you look at cheese it’s going right up at cheese and winking or absolutely parallel um and we think that’s because it’s 70% fat and every bad gram has nine calories more than anything else in food um so it is very high in calories in your average American consumes phenomenal amounts as do people in other countries but there’s one other thing and most people don’t realize that it’s one of the saltiest foods and why do I care well salt affect your blood pressure but it also holds water weight eat sugar sugar and Bobby and bloated and so pretty a huge salt intake now give me so let me give some numbers deca add salt into it like potato chips one serving of potato chips two else’s a 330 milligrams of sodium a lot two ounces of our typical processed cheese has 800 milligrams of sodium and so people have you know an inch and a half of yellow asphalt all over their pizza and such enormous both fat calories and sodium and you can just see it and Ed you get in your body and once you stop eating it that weight melt away that extra water weight goes away to let people feel if you leaner they feel more energetic and because they are these changes occur in aging they occur quite quickly when people get away from cheese but surely a slice here and there won’t make that much of a difference to one weight and health everything in moderation right yes sirree that ought to work in theory I should be able to have a bit of cheese once a month and that won’t hurt me but there’s a couple things wrong with that the first thing was wrong with it is you creams today what you had yesterday so a person who has not had a cigarette in two years as he quit if he says maybe I can have one once the room you know what happens to him he just won’t go again um and the same is true with food um that somehow that bit of cheese makes it sort of reasserts itself and you wanted every day but there’s something else when people have a sensitivity to achieve is also the proteins that are in it and a little bit like being sensitive to pollution and any other kind of food allergy you have a little bit and you are not yourself and that could affect can persist for days so for many people the easiest thing is just saying let me forget about this stuff let me get it out of my life and stop thinking about it and then a complaint that one is the habit is broken it is you’re no longer in the dossier tting with how much of it can I add on your tastes change and you find things you like better and you kind of like the body that Fitri and it’s just a better relationship with with your food in your body moving on to chapter 7 this is a very powerful chapter it’s called what the animals go through and to be honest we were at quite shops that you included this chapter because most doctors don’t go there but you went there and thank you for going there you perfectly describe what the animals experience and also the effects of animal agriculture on the environment our question is why did you choose to include this ethical information and not just see to the health aspect you know this is my 18th book and in 17 books I never really talked about that but the reason I talked about it in this one is when people are going through chapter after chapter the number one victims if I can use that word of this cheese craze is kids um mothers will give G to their kids because they will eat it at school Church eat pizza and so kids are getting heavy and I was thinking how am I going to reach kids I can talk to them about cardiovascular disease I can talk about prostate cancer but well if they only knew what happens in a dairy and it becomes extremely concrete and in or the fact then they even make some choices and I have to say um not just kids um even for me I’ve changed my day long time ago a lot of these kind of surprised me and if you don’t mind trying to just kind of walk it through some of the things that really grabbed me please to give milk the cow has to have been pregnant has to give birth and that’s obviously true with every mammal that man wasn’t going to make milk at all until she’s been pregnant and is given birth um so the dairy farmers impregnate all the dairy cows every year not personally but they arranged how this is done and nine months later the cow gives birth and so the cow has been licking her new baby in the babies look at the father or her mother and you could just feel his mother-infant bond but the dairy farmer looks at them and does if that calf drink your milk Jerry’s not going to succeed so that the farmer kicks of that calf puts the calf in the wheelbarrow and starts walking away and the mother cows will follow and until there’s no greater balance in nature in the and beast screeches the mother and the baby and on the first or second day of life that baby’s been taken away and the mother follows and then the farmer was absolutely in the mother’s face and surprise all night long the baby cries for her on and then this I was just milking though the mother and taking her milk instead of letting the baby have it and if the baby as a male you will be killed for real and for generations civilized people that said I’m not going to touch veal because they know cruel it is in the veal industry and we don’t need to get into that because everyone knows about that but the female calves are kept around and they are not given mother’s milk they’re given a milk replacer on because they’re going to join the dairy herd and the next year the third reason pregnant again and again and again every year and she’s pregnant for nine months or year when she’s about four the farmer does some calculations and realizes that if she takes the the babies who have now grown up enough to be milked themselves and if you impregnate them and kills the mother and replaces the mother with the daughters shouldn’t have any more money of course she is falling over Atlanta Georgia Swift and her daughters are now inseminated and they are separated to get from their cows and you know people who work in these places they will all say that it is kind of creepy particularly when you actually see the insemination you stick your left arm up see forgive me for this this is what happened the Western goes up the cows rectum and through the rectal wall you can feel the uterus and the right art goes up and it was a decision a needle liked about it shoots a sperm Tripathi seeing it through the servant and it’s just a creep and when you see that’s done you just think who came up with this idea it’s not a pretty sight and there are reasons why nobody wants to talk to you about that so I hope is that in talking about this then people look at the fact and then they can just I don’t want to be part of it you’re not once again thank you for going down based entacle word in your bowl capers really very powerful to read it moves us safely moving on where we’re interested in how the industry has triggered people cheese addiction I would the funny thing I don’t know if there’s any country that’s quite as hombres and as in that didn’t they it’s an amazing thing we have the Freedom of Information Act here in the US with joke about the act the Bruins record contract between the US government and various vast to a gene that were designed to promote cheese what they realized that they worked with Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Burger King or subway they could make a deal that would put cheese on all the damages increase the quantities of genes there was a contract with a pizza chain that had an entire pound of cheese on one single piece deserving why would I why would you want doesn’t do a thing like that because they’re awesome abstain must promote American agricultural products and the best way to do it is to the best food um the other thing that we do is when different eyes on certain schools and the government keeps promoting it we now have believe it or not more than a billion pounds of unsold unwanted cheese store it up at the government of manicurist do it and the great thing is people don’t have to go without you know the recipe section in the back of the book is absolutely delicious we were interested what tees replacements do you personally enjoy and recommend oh let me get my captured Rena Drina Burton is a genius in the kitchen and I worked with Rena on this book and she’ll show all kinds of cheese requests and some of them are just super simple but beautiful global think of it if I have my big spinach salad and I put my SATA on top because I like that mouthfeel okay take the set off put on some sliced avocado um it still has the same kind of mouthfeel but the saturated fat content is really really low and same with sodium so it’s a better choice um or you’re making pizza and you invite all the neighbor kids over and one of them has those black holes the one has the green elves and submit got the onions and some of the tomatoes and whatnot but one of the kids gives them a real cup of nutritional yeast which they never heard of you know that the body builders thing cuz it’s all protein low fat our budget how does it taste like gee can you sprinkle that on venture sauce and suddenly you’ve got a piece of you’re not embarrassed your kids eat and then there are lots of vegan cheese that wobble over time a tree line and kaity oh and Yoko’s there’s a million brand and um they’re kind of like cheese methadone you know for people who are tremendous energy bitches you just get on a flavor which is like a target so I encourage people to take about a week see which ones they like they don’t like and throw them out if they like and keep them and when you find what works for you and take three weeks do it all vegan all the time 100% animal free and your life goes change get a really Jake finally dr. Barnard it was practicing so many testimonials from people throughout the book although realized too sure about the last testimonial you included from a very strange woman named Natasha you maybe cry the day when when when you talk about what you had gone through in fact I should be interviewing because when you despite how you had had really respiratory issues of all kind in many many issues that suddenly I guess I don’t either magically but something like that went away and then you described this long run of Machu Picchu and it just was the most amazing thing go I want to thank you for letting me tell your story and thank you for spreading this word and you doing thank you so much it was an absolute honor to be part of this project thank you very much for reaching out to it and I’m glad you did you know if you point for people to know this is not just theoretical this is real and there are people who have as when they got joint problems they got weight they just can’t lose their cholesterol won’t come down and they haven’t given the sums of the chance to see how things can go better they might even been talked out of it by a well-meaning doctor or family member so my hope is that the cheese trap will encourage people give this a try it can I help you at all the side effects or heavy things that you want better energy anyways definitely definitely before we let you go dr. Bonner there’s a side to you most of our audience probably doesn’t know about not only are you an outstanding doctor and author but you’re also a rock star [Music] so you’re in a band called carbon work you’re a guitarist a keyboardist and a songwriter tell us about what kind of music you produce and what inspired you oh you know when I was a little kid I think I was six years old with my parents basically changed me to my cello and they had the idea that all all civilized people need to be able to play music and try and avoid piano cello but then when I got a little older and rock and roll came in this was like my thing in my room turn into college and all medical school and residency I had bands so serve doctor by day musician by night and this is actually my third my third album but um I wanted to my hat there there are sixteen musicians on this record a knife and a AG Rin knife is from Italy Chris Thomas King from New Orleans and there’s jazz players and rock players and I think people view it as a very strange record and it starts out in Italian you’ve heard it it starts at an Italian that it breaks into Vietnamese it’s got all kinds of stuff in it but um but I got it I think the cutest song is there’s one called samurai and if you go on YouTube and you look at the carbon-rich page you’ll see a video there’s a little girl who is in her bed sleeping and she wakes up to find his rock band in her bedroom and she has been empowered to become a samurai to free her animal friends and it frankly it’s kind of hard driving music but it’s a very cute little girl and we had a lot of fun doing this so anyway I hope people enjoy charlie works for me as a doctor I do it as another language there are some people who need to read an article a little journal there’s others who need to read a book like the Chi chap but there are some folks where I kinda have to reach into their heart with some lyrics and the melody and if I can touch you that way then turn up hello dr. bond out I’ll do a dream for a real treat today we have a copy of your new book and CD here thank you so much for sending these we’re going to run a competition and send these items out to the winner the details are coming at the end of this video well rajaiah we could talk to you all day dr. Barnard you are such an interesting and inspiring person but we know you have another interview so we’ll wrap this up from the bottom of our heart thank you so much for the work you do to help people animals and the planet is just wonderful thank you so much well right back at you both of you have been inspirations to me and it’s been fun working with you to get the word out to other people you’re going to say lies you’ll never know how many people you’ve inspired but you sure have thanks for including me thank you so much thank you all a bit with a book launch will link the book and CD below for where our viewers can purchase them thanks again dr. bonnez I hope people share it with other people who have and get got the message that’s the case yeah absolutely thank you see you next time all right you take the right fine thanks how cool is that oh my god I’m totally fangirling pieces awesome do really great so the competition details please leave a comment down below why you or somebody else you know needs to read this book to help you break through the cheese trap yeah will choose the winner and will reply to your comment to get in contact for your address to send out the prizes yes so you’ll get the book and the food TV they are both sides although the book is technically signed to other subject to US doesn’t matter you can get you know to that anyway and we’ll also a link below where you can purchase a copy of the book and the CD yes so thank you so much for watching bad for keeping choices and EPS and absolutely fantastic bonus really it really is great give this video a like don’t forget to subscribe to the channel click the bell to receive notifications for our upcoming videos and remember until next time the going vegan is not the most we can do it’s the least we can do and we can definitely break through the cheese trap see you next video bye guys we’re running doing the right spot so we can throw on the Sunrise we’re like what [Music]


    Tell us why you, or someone you know, needs to read this book and get out of the Cheese Trap!
    We’ll pick the winner and reply to your comment to get your postal details. Good luck!

  2. What an amazing interview! Well done guys! All such inspirational people.
    I would really love the book and CD, as I'm dedicated to helping as many people as possible realise how bad their SAD diet is for not only their health but the animals and the planet. I have already turned my family, boyfriend and multiple friends vegan, and many others vegetarian or at least got them to reduce their animal product intake. I have a few specific friends who need to read this book, one is a dear friend with COPD, it's so bad she can't leave her room bc even with oxygen, she can not breath after walking a few steps, she eats rice crackers, with cheese and m&ms, and drinks diet coke. A while ago I got her interested in a high carb vegan life style and she felt better, but she is surrounded by doctors etc that aren't helping her, I feel if she read this book written by a doctor she would take notice. She could really do without the extra fat and mucus. I have another friend who has struggled with her weight her whole life, she has no self esteem and is on constant diets and intense workouts, she is addicted to cheese and is on a diet that promotes eating fat and doing high intensity workouts 5 days a week, plus running. She is driving herself insane. My mum's best friend is another always on diets and never knows how to lose weight, I think that she feels my mum and I are just "naturally skinny" so doesn't really listen to us,but would listen to a doctor. Another friend and his wife just had a baby, she was very ill when she was born and was taken straight into emergency care, it was heart breaking, she is fine now, but the mother eats a lot of meat and dairy. this is not healthy for her or their new baby, and I can't help but wonder how the mother would feel, if she really new what happened to dairy cow mothers and calves, as she knows what it feels like to have her child taken from her the moment she was born.
    I also rescue animals and meet/know lots of people her rescue cats, dogs, exrace horses and so on but aren't vegan (even went to a place where they had rescued pigs but had BBQ to raise money for them!). I always ask people why they rescue some and eat others, and try to get them to make the connection with all animals. This book especially with the animal chapter would really help.
    My sister is also a singer, she sings county and pop, but also uses her talent to raise awareness about veganism and AR issues. She recently sung Heroes standing beside Ric O'Barry at a march in London. She also sings the vegan version of Katy Perry's RAWR to help promote and high carb vegan lifestyle during her gigs. I would love to give her the CD tp share with all her music friends and audiences.
    What I'm trying to explain is that I will share this book and CD far and wide, I will make youtube videos about it (granted it's a small channel, but I'm trying). I genuinely want to help this planet, people and animals, and although I haven't been able to fully dedicate myself to youtube (yet) I host talks, screening, go to demos etc. Just recently I got 30 people to watch The Cove (with an all vegan buffet) and all (after many tears) said they'd never go to a dolphin show again, one couple went vegan and many came to the next demo.
    (On a selfish side note, I love love love books! My bedroom is filled with around 400 books on animals, the planet, environment,veganism etc and I would really love to add this to my collection of educational books).
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    I truly hope you will see this message, I am a huge fan of yours !
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    Thank you!!!

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    He easily eats a huge block of cheese in just three days. For perspective, he eats cheese with everything and his cheese slices are thicker than bread! He is on asthma, blood pressure, heartburn and statin medication. He is obese and pre-diabetic.
    I have tried to make him more aware of the dangers of animal fat by watching Forks Over Knifes with him, so he sometimes limits his meat consumption, but he just refuses to give up cheese because he believes it's not "as bad".

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    I know I fell back into the cheese trap when I first went vegan, I was more 'flexitarian' and would eat dairy if I went out to dinner and would eat vegan at home. Then my sister, whom is neither vegan nor vegetarian, moved back in with my mom and me and brought cheese with her. So I started eating more of it at home. I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt and even the way I looked. I was feeling better without meat in my diet, but on the days I would have dairy, or cheese especially, I would feel awful: bloating, bathroom problems, acne breakouts. It was a mess. And I thought why am I doing this to myself?! I know it feels awful, so why don't I just stop. Then I came across a video of the dairy industry and really emotionally connected with the ethics of cheese and dairy. And now seeing cheese just makes me sick. I see the faces and families behind it and it's just not worth it.
    It's been three years since getting rid of meat in my diet and about a year and half of no dairy. I brought my mom along with me on the vegan train, and continue to reach out to friends and other family, especially when/if the have any questions, I answer to the best I can or direct them to information I found useful for me to change.
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    Can vegans not opt out of animal product ads on youtube?

  33. I would love to have this book because I would love my friend and my mum to read this! I wish their could be a way for me to just help them break free and letting them read this would be great!!

  34. Before I went vegan, I ate a lot of provolone cheese. Now that I am vegan, I've found that if you want to melt it, Daiya provolone is great, but if you're not, go with Follow Your Heart.

  35. Dr. Barnard is the most well-spoken doctor ever and never boring! I love listening to him speak. Thanks so much for this interview 🙂

  36. Love Dr Barnard… He grew up in Fargo with my Aunt Mary… she said they were in the same car pool…LOL I'm off the cheese, but my aunt Missy who lives in Wisconsin.. she is a true cheese head could sure use it. Great vid!!

  37. The Carbed-Up Kiwi

    I would definitely give this book my my beautiful friend Philippa who wants to be vegan but feels she can't ditch the cheese. What a fantastic interview with Neal and Im also really really glad he wrote the 'ethical' chapter because so many people in New Zealand (Where dairy is absolutely destroying our land and waterways) believe the myth that cows are happy and well cared for. I've experienced first hand a mother cow so distraught at the loss of her calf. It was heart breaking. Thanks for another great vid you two 🙂

  38. Amazing work guys! Thank you for all educational information fom experts you manage to present for all of us. I am still trying to break my salt and oil habits/adcitions. And this helps me so much to keep pushing myself to eat better.

  39. Jessicarabbit 116

    My best friend has been struggling for 3 years to go switch from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one. I have tried to help her, but she is definitely addicted to cheese. Her anniversary is coming up and I would love to be able to give this to her as a present. Hopefully it would help her omnivore husband as well.
    Thank you for spreading this information with people, and for this giveaway.

  40. I already left the cheese trap, now I join this competitionAnd if I win, I will pass on the book of Dr. Barnard to myDaughter and I am curious to listen to the CD 😉🔔👦

  41. I would give the book to my son Brandyn who is addicted to the standard American diet despite all of my constant lecturing. The college environment in Long Beach makes it hard for him to see the truth. Thanks guys.

  42. Pat's Public Health

    I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH!!! I was smiling through the whole video , cant wait to read the book ! Dr BAE nard for president !!!!

  43. Pat's Public Health

    wait ..when you thought Dr barnard couldnt get any more of a BOSS ..hes a rock guitarist whattttttttttt

  44. A reason I'd love to win the book…
    I've struggled with my relationship with food for the last three years, and my partner has stood beside me throughout these times. He's gone along with my fully raw, mango island, mono meal, juice cleanse and many more 'food phases.'
    He's encouraged me to be continually positive, optimistic and open with my relationship whilst being able to spread my ethics and values.
    Currently he lives a VERY vegan lifestyle, he holds to the ethics and believes in every being having equal rights. Though, the two things he hasn't given up yet – cheese and powder cheese flavours.

    I'd appreciate the chance to show some gratitude for his patience, but also show the true light of the industry!

  45. Natascha Flamisch

    my husband LOOOVED to eat cheese but since he got himself informed about animals are treated I did not hear him ONCE saying that he MISSES cheese. vegan for two years – tomorrow to the day!!

  46. I've been trying to go completely plant based but my last struggle is….cheese! I love Dr. Barnard and would love to read this book. Thanks for sharing such great info!

  47. I was addicted to cheese for 2 years. I gained 30lbs and nearly had a heart attack. A real one. At 23. The heart palputations stopped 2 months after going hclf vegan.

  48. My 4 year old nephew came over the other day, you know what my mom and sister(nephews mom) were feeding him? Half a block of cheese, cheese sticks, snack cakes, coca cola.

  49. My very overweight, diebetic father refuses to go vegan because he refuses to give up cheese. He's slowly killing himself, and I've done tried it all. I know he'd benefit from this book and I'd love to read it myself too, so I can give some insight to friends that need the extra push to give up cheese! I just found your channel through searching for videos about the health risks of dairy to send to a friend! I'm definitely subscribing! ♡

  50. Shannon Pendleton

    How you know you've made it in the vegan community…you get to interview Dr. Barnard! What a great interview +ThatVeganCouple !

  51. Hey, i have a question. I hear people say that sugar isn't the bad thing, it's the animal products. But refined sugar, isn't that always bad? My mother has a lot of problems with her digestion. She is ALWAYS talking about eating less carbs and avoiding as much sugar as possible. It's been a huge part of her life for years now, the candida. As a vegan it's really annoying because she tells to everyone how bad sugar is all the time, while she eats her fatty salmon with two eggs and lots of oil and yoghurt every morning. She also tells she feels much better when she eats this way ( but when she eats sugars it gets worse) and that she looks young because of the way she eats. And that carbs make her very tired. She won't believe me. Will the candida problems dissapear with going vegan? Even if she is suffering for years and has tried almost everything? What can i do😫

  52. I haven't had cheese in almost 3 years…It was a challenge at first,but it never even crosses my mind now..Cheese is just a science experiment gone bad! I can't believe he plays the guitar in a band!!!! lol..Too funny

  53. It takes a whole day, sometimes two to recover from eating dairy, be it pizza or ranch dip. I was never lactose intolerant but I can feel now how poorly I digest it compared to plant based foods.

  54. I reviewed this book on my channel and I loved it. It was very eye opening. I've reviewed other vegan books as well.

  55. Thaddeus Von Awesome

    60,000 calories a year!!! That’s like 164 calories a day! The federal guidelines allow three servings a day of cheese and dairy. Alarm bells are sounding

  56. I would say the cheese consumption has gone up because of the South Beach diet and Atkins diet…they basically both say as much cheese and meat and non starchy vegetables as possible and they have been really popular in the last 20 years the no carb diet made us give up sugar so in order to feel full we eat high fat foods it's sad

  57. Thank you Dr Barnard. I've been a veggie 36 years and for the last year I cut out milk and eggs but could not seem to cut out cheese especially since my son insists I buy it him!.. I'm now going to hide vegan cheese in his food and no more is coming thru our doorway! 🙂

  58. He is incredible and I am so glad he included the ethical info too! I think it is so powerful and will definitely help people get away from that insane addiction (which I totally suffered from too!)

  59. For any of those unfamiliar with Saint Barnard* he is a bloody top bloke, wordsmith and and just an all around good c*nt.

  60. I went vegan cold turkey, and never even thought of cheese. Then, after about 10 months of being vegan, I got pregnant, and couldn't for the life of me stop thinking about cheese. So I caved. I ate it about 3 or 4 times (of course followed by horrible pain in my stomach every time..). But now, I feel sick just thinking about cheese. I don't miss it at all. So in a way, I think it was kind of good for me to just eat it and see, instead of torturing me by not eating it. I only ate it those 3 or 4 times, and since then haven't felt any craving for it at all.

  61. BONUS POINTS FOR TALKING ABOUT ETHICS 👏🏻🙏🏻😩😂😍 Ahhh so amazing SO SO SO SO glad he included that!!!! If I’m not mistaken his organization (PCRM) is also against animal testing for ethical and health reasons! So amazing! I want the health side of veganism (the doctors) to unite with the ethical side!!! ❤️

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