don’t rely on food to make you happy | a lesson from amberlynn

don’t rely on food to make you happy | a lesson from amberlynn

Hey guys, so I wanted to talk about a topic that is very close to my heart which is food and happiness. Especially during this time of the year, I feel like although Christmas is supposed to be this happy and fun time there’s a lot of pressure that comes with the end of the year It’s like all of the goals that you had for the year start to hunt you and demand answers. Not only that you start to think of the new year and your new goals that are actually old goals and all that. Also, this time of the year is so messy for people trying to lose weight because there’s this doubt about following a diet plan when you’re supposed to be celebrating Christmas. Still, you want to eat whatever and drink whatever and it can be very overwhelming. The inspiration for this video came from Amberlynn’s vlogmas day 12, 13, 14 and 15 because those were the vlogs where I noticed this so clearly and putting the clips together created such a perfect visual of what I’m trying to say. I talked about the topic of relying on food for happiness and how I could see this in Amberlynn’s behavior but I never brought articles, it was more of an opinion based on what I know from watching her for so long. So, we’re going to watch the clips and then I’ll come back so we can discuss this topic. This article from FirstWeFeast has a fascinating breakdown that I’m going to use to describe what we just watched. The article starts by reminding us that the quote “You are what you eat” couldn’t be a bigger truth, but not only on a physical level but also mentally. The reasons are many, but the first one is that our brain is always seeking pleasure AND survival. Pleasure because of the dopamine trigger activated by the smell, taste and even memory of a food that we like and spoiler alert, foods that are rich in salt, fat and sugar have a great reward potential. And also, survival because our body loves a dense meal high in calories because, for our ancestors, those meals were necessary. When it comes to Amberlynn is so clear to see the effects of a day eating what could be considered a healthier meal plan. On the other hand, when she is surrounded by junk food, even if she claims not to eat it, just being surrounded by it already makes her happier. Remember that even the memory can activate the reward system. The article compares it to any other addiction, which is something I have said multiple times but other “destructive” behaviors too like gambling. “To put it in research terms: One Princeton University study found that rats not only became addicted to sugar but exhibited signs of withdrawal and anxiety when they were unable to consume it. ” Does this look familiar? Do you think it is a coincidence that Amberlynn’s anxiety seems to be at her worst ever when she is on a diet? Most of the times, Amberlynn fails to make the relation between her mental state and the food she is eating, partly because of her need to distance herself from the problem. The article explains that although junk food can give us pleasure because of the reward system, they don’t actually bring us happiness. Quite the opposite, they make us miserable in the long term, while healthy food might not trigger our reward system right away, they make us feel much better in a long-term setting. This study suggests that our mood is defined by what we ate two days prior, and guess what, foods high in calories , sodium and saturated fat had a negative impact on people’s mood two days later, while the opposite happened when people eat healthily. So, during these days when she is eating healthier, she not only has to deal with the frustration of not being able to eat whatever she wants on that specific day since her reward system is not being activated, she is also suffering from the negative mental effects of what she ate 2 days before. And you might think, if eating junk food makes us miserable in the long term, then how can she eat junk food so much when she is not on a diet? Well, because whenever the bad feeling from eating junk food kicks in, she can simply eat MORE junk food to activate her reward system and mask how bad she is feeling. You’re basically using more poison to treat a problem caused by the exact same poison in the first place. This is because Amberlynn never stayed on a healthier diet long enough to change and upgrade her rewarding system. It’s a hard pill to swallow that to feel happy and to achieve freedom you must feel horrible and miserable first. But I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather be miserable for a while and achieve the ultimate freedom than feeling pleasure for a few minutes at the expense of being miserable for the rest of my life. I believe that this is my last video before my 2019 recap that I’m working on since that video is going to be longer and demand quite a lot of time. So, I hope you’re patient with me there. Thank you, guys, from watching this video, and I’ll see in my next one. Bye

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  1. Hii, stopping by to remind you to watch with your subs on! Although I have talked about food and happiness before, I felt this article had too much good info to pass, especially because the recent vlogmas 100% fit in what we're discussing in this video. Let me know what you think and look forward to the 2019 recap coming soon!

  2. Everything she does revolves around food

    Sad? Food
    Happy? Food
    Scared? Food
    Celebrating? Food
    Twinkie limping? Food
    Bladder infection? Food

    In order to get healthy, she need to completely change how she thinks.. but with her being s narcissist… it’s impossible.. narcissists think they’re right no matter what. All we can do is learn what NOT to do from her

  3. God i love this channel. I have started watching reaction channels bc i saw charlie on obsese to beast and i checked her out bc i loved her dark side of obesity vid. I agreed with it as i started suffering greatly a few years after gaining too much weight.

    Anyways got hooked on her reactions and its just went downhill from there. I dont hate amber but i think there is a lot for me to learn from her as her extreme behavior n weight is easy to observe.

    I wish amberlynn recovery but i cant control her. I hope i really learn how to change myself from seeing the similarities in our unhealthy coping behaviors.

    Thank u for being thorough, objective, and not hateful. The other channels make me uncomfortable lol

    Much love 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. She ate the egg! If something doesn’t agree with me , i don’t eat it and that wasn’t an allergy it’s truly not worth it so i WONT eat it

  5. Very interesting. I think it's fair that she relies too much on food for her mood, but I'm wondering if it's deeper than just "good food VS bad food".
    I am 125lb, down from a high of 165lb, and I've noticed that when I'm on "weight loss" mode, I have extreme moodiness regardless of the types of food I'm eating. It took several years for me to lose the weight, partially because of that, partially because of the denial. Since I'd always been a little big, I just accepted that I'm always going to be on the heavy side of healthy. As it stands now, though, I'd like to get down to 120lb-ish (When I was 128lb, a body scan put me at 28% bodyfat, so I am in no current danger of being "too skinny", though I'm also working on building a bit of muscle), but also know that I have to be careful in doing any more weight loss because of the mood swings. My husband wants me to lose the last bit of weight, but also wants to "keep his wife", since I emotionally shut down if I'm not eating enough.

  6. Everyone in that house is so fake the way they act towards each other the only realness I see is when Herpes-Lynn gets to eat the way she reacts to food is on another level she loves those taste test LMFAO 😂

  7. Oh, damn, I'm early! Hey there!

    But also, I can actually see where this comes into play in an anecdotal sense myself. Personally, I started a weight loss journey in early May and I'm actually now almost to the point where I need to start debating whether I want to focus on maintaining or perhaps looking at building a little muscle. I still have some left that I would like to lose, though. When I first started in the intial month or so, it was really difficult to look forward to things that are healthier for me, but now it feels kind of disappointing to me when I can't work in some veggies or fruits into each meal I have on a given day. This isn't necessarily the only example of how that works for me, but it's probably the biggest one. In the same way that I used to look forward to my twice weekly donut or two from the donut shop down the road, I look forward to the apple and the granola with soy milk with it or the spinach, tomatoes, and grilled mushrooms on my sandwich or the banana I eat on my walk home from work. And sure, that's taken a little time, but it was surprisingly easy for my cravings to change.

    Now, with someone like Amber, I'm not exactly sure that this would take such a short time for her because of how long term her eating issues have been, but given how quickly she runs through her cycles, it seems like she never really gives her body or her mind a chance to really begin to make this kind of adjustment, which is probably pretty important to an overall change in the outlook of her mental health as well as her physical health.

  8. Her tops seem a little looser, I hope she is making some progress, , , with that said, I won't get my hopes up for her anymore, like in the past.

  9. There’s really good article from ScientificAmerican called “Think Twice: How the Gut's "Second Brain" Influences Mood and Well-Being”. This is the idea, “This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to "feel" the inner world of our gut and its contents…” What happens in your gut can be a VERY direct cause of anxiety, and it can be managed. When I eat an oxalate-laden food, I will have anxiety. But then when I later eat a high fat meal, I’m relieved of it.

  10. Amber Lynn said she is thoroughly enjoying her salad. Is there anything she’s not enjoying that she shoveling into her face, I mean seriously has anybody seen her eat something she actually did not like. Her fat ass would eat a barstool if it was marinated right.

  11. Amberlynn eating healthy be like
    "Oh my god it's soooo good 😩 I'm like living for this healthy food 😷 I actually love it 🤢 looks can be deceiving 😖 I'm actually not even craving any sweets right now 🤥 you guys should definitely try it because it's just sooo good 💀"

  12. Happiness must come from self validation.
    Self-validation works good with having hobbies, loved ones, friends.

    She has nothing but food.
    Nothing eles makes her happy and it is truly sad

  13. That was a great video! Your channel is totally underrated in this community but I see your grow which is great! Congrats on 10k subs!

  14. Moon eyes please do the voice over. Me, and a lot of other people I'm sure, "watch" your videos while we are doing other things, so we can't read the captions. Also, you have a nice voice.

  15. Fantastic! I never thought much about the correlation between her diet and her anxiety/bad days. Excellent video. I really love your work!

  16. Really like the points you make. Backed up by facts and proof. I honestly don't see her continuing to ignore and treat herself like this without ending up in medical crisis.

  17. Wow she's a wreck! We're starting to see the beginning of the end of Amber. She put every bullet in the gun that she's holding to her head.

  18. Anyone else recall how she's said in the past that she "doesn't sweat' etc ??!Lah. Been noticing her wiping her face and looking like she's legit sweaty af. Moist skin folds …cellulitis

  19. I really believe that food has a HUGE patt in our "mental"(amberese) my absolute favourite food since I was very young (probably around 10) has been raw veggies.. a nice salad with just a Small amount of dressing. It makes me feel the best. Good mood. Energy and I feel like every cell in my body is smiling when I eat that way. Fruits too. I am proud to say I haven't had fast food in just about 7years.(and I never was a fan of McDonalds..haven't had taco bell in probably 15y., it feels so gross eating that way) I hope you have a good holiday and a great new year = )

  20. Okay but can you blame her for not being excited about eating salads? I'd be extremely down too if that had been one of my meals for the day lol

  21. Not related, but… is anyone else a little sad to see so little color on her plate? I usually only see whites, beiges, rarely greens, and the only other colors usually come from food dye. Gorl needs colors

  22. Skippy The ‘Bush’ Kangaroo

    I’d like to know what she’s really eating. You don’t get to her size by eating what she shows on camera.

  23. I've thought this so many times when she complains about anxiety, her sleep problems, and just overall bad moods. once you get on a healthier diet and actually stick to it, you will start to see what are really issues and what was just a product of your bad diet. i used to eat terribly and never understood how people could eat the same boring things all the time. then i started an elimination diet to lose a little extra weight and now i eat the same boring things all the time because they make me feel my best. if i deviate and overeat or have junk or fast food my body hates me for at least two days. once you have that response to those foods you realize what they were doing all along!

  24. Honestly, at this point, she’s the exact opposite of Eugenia… accept that lovely woman got help
    ALR truly needs help, she’s already done SO MUCH damage to her body.. she probably has the body of a 50-60 year old at this point…
    I wish I could pity her, but at this point… she’s so long gone.

  25. Thanks. Great video. You are so right about her foods affecting her mood. It’s night and day her mood when she is eating junk vs. healthy food. This just proves that junk foods are addictive. This is again why I don’t eat sugars, processed junk and most starchy carbs. I love being stable. No highs and lows.

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