Donald Trump on Board Games, His Health and Fast Food Habit

Donald Trump on Board Games, His Health and Fast Food Habit

-You’ve said on our show before that you’ve never really
apologize until — unless you really feel the need
to apologize. -Well, I don’t love apologizing. [ Laughter ] I’m not — I’m not thrilled
about apologizing. But I’ll apologize
if I’m wrong about something. -Yeah. Have you ever played
the board game Sorry? [ Laughter ] -No, I sort of like Monopoly
better than Sorry. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Absolutely. I see that, yeah. What’s your go-to properties? -Well, I don’t know.
I think maybe… maybe Fifth Avenue. -Oh, yeah?
Is there a Fifth Avenue? -No, but there’s going to be. -In real life. You’re playing Monopoly
in real life. Yeah, we play
different Monopolies, yeah. [ Laughter ] Hillary getting sick. You handled that very well, saying,
“I hope she gets better.” Have you gotten close
to getting sick through this whole campaign? -Is this wood or is it Formica? -It’s a veneer. -I know this is wood. No, I haven’t. I’ve really been —
We’re going — In fact, right after this,
I’m going up to New Hampshire. We’re making a speech
up in New Hampshire. We have a big crowd. And I just got back from Ohio, and we were in Pennsylvania
and Florida. We’re all over. -How do you not get sick
from shaking all those hands? -By not thinking about it.
I don’t even want to — -Sorry about that.
Sorry to bring it up. I don’t want it to happen. -I don’t think about it. No, I don’t get sick, either,
doing this show, but usually on vacation,
I get sick. -When you take it easy,
it’s not so good. No, I haven’t, and I’ve had — We’ve had
a very grueling schedule. We’ve had an amazing schedule
from one state to the next. sometimes three or four a day. And so far, I’m, you know,
staying strong. -And it’s not true, right,
that I’ve read that you just — You eat fast food all the time. -Well, I eat it a little bit
when we’re traveling because we’ll be on the plane,
and I — You know, they have
a big thing to preserve. They have a name, whether it’s McDonald’s
or Wendy’s or any of them. And at least you know
what you’re getting. I don’t want to go
into a restaurant and say, “Mr. Trump would like
a hamburger to go.” Now, I don’t know what they’re
gonna do to that hamburger. If they like me, I’m happy. If they don’t like me… -[ Laughing ] [ Cheers and applause ] They’re gonna spit
in the burger, yeah. Exactly, yeah. I didn’t even think about that. -I’m better off with fast food.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump on Board Games, His Health and Fast Food Habit”

  1. God that ADD moment, "What kind if wood is this?" A genuine human being. Proving to me as a supporter, that he isn't doing to well. Hopefully he starts doing better.

  2. When the media tells the world over and over that this is a no good guy when they donate $$ to the democrats and people believe that. Donald Trump is a good man who isn't perfect, but far from the villain they have to make him out to be. Ridiculous.

  3. Keep eatin fast food,have a severe stroke,and become an invalid,shittin urself daily,,,,if there is a God, that will happen.

  4. Comey describes him perfectly! Orange with white circles under his eyes from being overlooked on the tanning bed. Blonde wispy pompadour that probably takes some poor schmuck hours to weave. With small hands. Just like his small….ahem brain. 😂

  5. I got very upset when everybody bitched that jimmy didn’t just insult him all the time. Because apparently when you’re liberal you’re not allowed to be a polite and genuine person.

  6. Jahnua Fortescue

    I'm high as shit right now, and this shit looks so funny. America (hollywood) is such a weird place.

  7. Hoàng Giang Nguyễn

    It's funny seeing how people came to a conclusion of him being a decent guy out of a 2m35s long video. Almost as if the little effort he spent not being obnoxious on one particularly short interview outweigh everything else on the contrary he did.

  8. Donald Trump deserves to be withdrawn from the U.S. Presidential race and he'll never be elected the 45th President of the United States because sexual misconduct allegations with women in the past. He'd to blame. I wish he was dead. He should be killed like in the car crash. Trump curses.

  9. I don't care for Trump, but if he wanted a hamburger, I'd make the best hamburger he would ever have. That's just adherence to an ethical standard, which has nothing to do with him.

  10. The Real J P Morgan

    Jimmy Fallon is a lot better than Jimmy Kimmel because he’s not so bias. Even though Jimmy Fallon is a leftist, he doesn’t act like it on his show.

  11. Chaplain C.D. No Chains

    TRUMP before The Media Slave Master's told you all to hate him, LOL, Lame Americans, Walking Robot Americans, I do whatever I'm Told, Repeat Whatever I'm Told, Alpha Males love Trump……

  12. why does he have to tell them his name? Is his ego that big and soft that he has to have them say Mr Trump wants a burger?

  13. Keep eating the fast food thing Donald – that way your life years will be reduced and we won't have you around to hate anymore.

  14. Trump is a real person inside out.
    He is the president America needs and whole of the world needs people like him who are real men and not those pansy ass lesbain dance theory studying assholes. Love him from India

  15. The insatiable thirst for power has made
    Idols out of mortals, gods into clay
    Soldiers into heroes, children into slaves
    All damned desires, their hopes betrayed…

  16. Some time after this segment, Jimmy said he did not mean to "humanize" him.
    Jimmy literally apologized for treating Donald Trump like he was just anther person…wow.

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