Diabetes Drug Invokana: The Treatment Might Be Worse than the Disease – The Ring Of Fire

Diabetes Drug Invokana: The Treatment Might Be Worse than the Disease – The Ring Of Fire

Type II diabetes is one of the fastest growing
epidemics in America. As a result big pharma companies are hoping to make it their latest
cash cow. One of the most popular diabetes drugs on the market has been found to have
some deadly side effects. I have attorney David Hanes with me now to discuss those side
effects. David, Invokana, a blockbuster diabetes type
II drug, we’re finding out now it has a lot of negative side effects as often happens
with some of these blockbuster drugs. Before we get into those real quick, just kind of
give us an overview of what Invokana is specifically used for as far as the diagnosis and things
of that nature. This is another Johnson and Johnson product
which has become incredibly popular. They put a lot of money behind it. It is a drug
to deal with the control of diabetes, which of course is a condition that millions of
people have. Diabetes has a lot to do with the acid levels in the particular patient.
This is an inhibitor of some of those issues and has helped to control the diabetes issues.
What we’re seeing is, again, with real safety concerns with Johnson and Johnson being raised
and very serious concerns and a lot of very serious adverse side effects for these patients.
It appears that Johnson and Johnson has not properly tested this blockbuster drug before
bringing it to market and putting millions and millions of dollars behind their advertising
instead of more clinical trials prior to pushing it out nationwide. What’s really interesting is Invokana commercials
are very common on television. Obviously because type II diabetes is becoming more and more
common these days. In these commercials, as we’ve often seen, they show the happy people
once they’re on the medication. They’re living their lives. They’re out there having fun.
They’re barbecuing, they’re exercising. In the real professional speak they start giving
all these Invokana may calls, yada, yada, yada, yada. That’s what they do. There’s a difference. The side effects are
spoken at a high school grade level. The benefits of the drugs are always spoken at a grade
school level. Study after study has shown that this is the way that these drugs are
marketed. When we’re talking about a drug like Invokana we’re looking at something that
is causing kidney failure, heart attacks, ketoacidosis. This is a drug that is meant
to help excrete blood sugar from the blood stream through the kidneys. Those are just
the first side effects we know of. We’re starting to see things where people
are losing limbs as a result of taking this medication? That’s right. That’s the latest FDA advisory
that’s come out is that there are a number of cases of amputation. Of course diabetes
patients can be prone to risk for amputation and loss of limb, loss of toes. A lot of times
that’s where it starts. If you have a serious diabetes condition you have to always be cognizant
of that, but the information that’s coming out in this recent clinical trial test which
the FDA has issued an advisory about and said that they’re going to be checking into it
further, is that Invokana drug is greatly increasing the propensity for these types
of amputations. First, this is how the pattern for a lot of
these drugs unfortunately is played out is information keeps on seeping out about some
of the concerns here, first starting with heart attack, stroke, bone fracture and things
like that last year. Those were the advisories that are coming out, and now more recently
the amputation risk. The issue is that with a lot of these drugs there are side effects
of course, but the issue is whether the manufacturer, in this case Johnson and Johnson, have properly
warned about the potential side effects so that the physician and the patient can make
an educated decision about whether or not the drug’s pros outweigh the potential cons
and the risk. Johnson and Johnson has not properly warned of these risks which are now
only coming out after the fact. That is really the disconcerting thing. Johnson and Johnson, we think of it as such
a household product in the baby to baby shower and talcum powder which we’re learning a lot
about cervical cancer there unfortunately. It’s a household name. Obviously with the
systemic problems with Johnson and Johnson it certainly appears that advertising and
profit is a primary motive here perhaps over patient safety. You pointed out something very interesting
there. I want to expand on that just a little bit. That’s the fact that it’s not that the
drug, or any drugs, cause side effects. Even Ibuprofen and Tylenol can cause side effects.
A lot of it has to do with the risk benefit analysis. The side effect of it versus what
it does. The most important thing, and this is where lawsuits come from, is what did the
company know? Did they hide it? Did they properly deliver this information to physicians and
patients? It’s when there is a cover up or when they did not disclose that they face
liability. It’s not just because their product isn’t doing everything it says, it’s because
they knew it wouldn’t and they hid the dangers. I think that’s something that the public needs
to understand. People don’t just get sued for no reason. It’s because there was a cover
up, because there was no warning. That’s correct. The warnings, and we see the
fine print and so forth. You wonder how much consumers really understand as you say with
the TV commercials, or you look in the weekly periodicals and things. You’ve got all this
fine print, which of course, goes over everyone’s head. A lot of it is education of the physicians
as well. Instead Johnson and Johnson is paying tens of millions of dollars in marketing the
products for medical consultants, literally wining and dining a lot of physicians to the
tune of a couple million dollars in food and beverage expenditures for this particular
drug. They’re glossing over a lot of these issues. Either they knew the problems and
they haven’t given proper warnings or they didn’t do sufficient medical and clinical
trials to determine what the side effects were. If a black box warning goes on a particular
drug studies have shown that the prescriptions of that drug may go down by about 40%. That’s
what these manufacturers don’t want. They’re making an oftentimes unfortunately they’re
making calculated decisions about whether it’s better to avoid the black box warning
and take their chances on the liability side and deal with the lawsuits that come as a
result of various injuries, amputations, stroke, heart attack, or death versus having their
drug which they’re talking about on their quarterly Wall Street conference calls that
this is great. We’re getting great market share in this huge patient population for
diabetes. That is the issue is the black box warnings,
appropriate warnings to the patients. The patients need that. Johnson and Johnson is
a very sophisticated company. They need to be putting out all of the information that
they have about these drugs so patients can make informed decisions. As we’ve seen too many times it always comes
down to profits over patients. That’s why people like you, the trial lawyers, Mike Papantonio,
and Howard and Michael Burg, all a part of this show, that’s why you guys are out there
doing what you do everyday, to help protect American consumers. We appreciate your work
both in the courtroom and on this show. David, thank you very much for talking with us today. Thank you Farron. My pleasure. Invokana can cause total renal failure. The
FDA knows that and they’re ignoring it. See the story at drugsafetynews.com.

14 thoughts on “Diabetes Drug Invokana: The Treatment Might Be Worse than the Disease – The Ring Of Fire”

  1. Bg Pharma is into profit, not cures. The GOP thugs are there to be sure lives dont stand in the way. Metformin and Glipizide are it, everything else is judged against placebos not Met. and GLip. Its a bullshit system

  2. an ethereal llama

    David Haynes did a really terrible job explaining what the product is used for. Oh okay, so type 2 diabetics are worried about acid levels, and this inhibits … acid? I mean I'm a type 1 diabetic so I have some background to understand he's talking about ketoacidosis but most people don't relate acid buildup in the blood to be a diabetic thing, they know about insulin and blood sugar. This disease is PLAGUED with bad publicity and an ignorant court of public opinion. For the love of god, please establish some contextual information first. The half-assed attempt here by Mr. Haynes only proved to make me distrust him and what he had to say. I appreciate the effort from Farron afterwards to provide a bit more information for us before continuing forward.

  3. Try to find a holistic way of dealing with your health, if at all possible. I make beet juice daily and it brings down my blood pressure by up to 20 points.

  4. Invokana?? ?Serious- Where do they get these names. Invokes Seriously Horrifying SHIT
    Johnson and Johnson connection to the eugenics people?

  5. Thousands of doctors but all have a different idea on diabetes 2, some high carb low fat, others high fat low carb, high protein low carb, high starch low meat etc it just goes on forever and all doctors showing other doctors test results

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    I take Invokanna and it has worked out fine. It allows you to take less insulin. But , I do take lantus and 1 unit of hemolog with each meal. With all diabetics, you must adjust your medicines depending on your numbers. Now, initially your A1C levels drops. Don't throw away or stop your insulin . Take less and when it rises take more.

  8. I've heard about the horrors of invokana. Things like your hair turning green, or your ears falling off. I've even hear about people who's eye balls exploded after taking this stuff. But that doesn't happen to everyone. In fact, it happens less than half the time!

  9. Oh boy…I cant wait to get me some Invokana so I can lower my blood sugar and lose weight as I ALSO get used to LOSING MY LEGS because INVOKANA CAUSES LEGS AMPUTATIONS INVOKAMET (invokana & metformin)….its ridiculous that the "solution" to high blood sugar is a drug that LITERALLY STILL CAUSES LEG AMPUTATION (DOUBLES THE RISK OF AMPUTATION ACTUALLY)…are you telling me that in a 1st world country like america, after billions of dollars in medical research and decades of "scientific studies" that this is the best we can do for diabetes? (let alone finding an actual cure for it)…you gotta be kidding me…smh…Why is invokana even still on the market?…just unbelievable

  10. Why are you interviewing an attorney to tell you about the drug Invokana he is not a doctor he is not a tennis what kind of sense does that make are you really that ignorant. You decrease your credibility when you do stupid things like that. Yes I said stupid I know you're more intelligent than that. When does the attorneys vested interest lie you tell me? And if you can't

  11. Yeah help protect American consumers and line their pockets also very very well while the consumer who was attached to this class action lawsuit gets screwed buy only receiving pennies. No purity of thoughts here for you guys. Every man for himself

  12. Been on this drug for three weeks. I have not seen any lower of my blood sugar at my multi daily blood glucose test. I asked the Dr. to take me off it. Instead he upped the dosage. Stopped it on my own. Not a good drug.

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