Day 5: Beat the Cravings – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

Day 5: Beat the Cravings – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

(bouncy, exotic music) – Sat naam and welcome to day five. Today we’ll be engaging with
a Kriya, which is much more physically demanding
than the previous ones, so just follow through,
it’s a very rhythmic Kriya. There is no relaxation between the series and there will be quite a few exercises. Do as much as you can,
but most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Let’s start. Chin in, rubbing the hands together, bringing them into the
sternum, inhale deep. Onggggggggggggggg Namoooooooooo Guruuuu Deeeeeeeev Namooo. Onggggggggggggggg Namoooooooooo Guruuuu Deeeeeeeev Namooo. Onggggggggggggggg Namoooooooooo Guruuuu Deeeeeeeev Namooo. Sat naam. So just so you’re aware, we’ll be working on the lower triangle,
transferring the three lower chakras up and pushing the
energy through the lower triangle up towards the upper triangle. So with the lower triangle,
we’ll be releasing fear, we will be releasing all
this abnormal desire for food or drinking or sexual interactions, so we’ll be balancing around
all these kind of human desires, to make sure
we stimulate the energy, to channel it up to pituitary memory gland and pineal glands. So let’s begin. Come onto your heels, and
we’re going to do a Camel Pose, so ideally you will have the feet flat, but if it’s too much, you can always begin with your feet on the ground. And for the beginners, we’re
gonna hold the lower back and arch back. If this is easy for you,
you’re gonna hold on to your heels, and if that’s easy too, just come all the way down. But make sure you’re not coming back. Come forward, and we’re
gonna be in breath of fire. (exhaling breaths)
(bouncy, exotic music) Inhale. And now we’re gonna do
Sat naam, like Sat Kriya, but in this posture. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. And inhale. And slowly, from wherever
you are, slowly come forward and sit on the heels. And now we’re gonna bend forward, so the forehead’s going to touch the floor while we’re gonna maintain
the only contact with earth will be our knees. And our hands are gonna
be interlaced and clasped behind the back. And it sounds worse than it is. So let’s give it a try, find a balance. Raise the legs up. And the hands up. Point your toes. And long, deep breathing here. Find a balance between
the head and the knees. Keep breathing. If it’s too much, you can
always lower the hands and just stay with additional support. If you feel comfortable, come all the way. (lively, bouncy chanting song) And still. Lie down. Fetal Pose. We can add a deep breath here. And then we’re gonna come
again in the same pose, but this time, we’re gonna keep the hands as a support for the head. And we’re gonna extend one leg up while the other one remains on the knee. We’re gonna start kicking the butt. And do this in the tiniest breath of fire. (exhaling breaths)
(exotic chanting song) Then inhale up, stretch. Exhale, swap the legs. Continue on one knee, stretch. Point the toes. We’re gonna start kicking with the other. Inhale up. Exhale, come lying down in Baby Pose. Three deep breaths here. (lively chiming) And inhale, come up. And now we’re gonna come
sitting in Celibate Pose. So sitting in between your heels. Trying to find comfort. Hands are on the knees and
we do long, deep breathing. And we’ll move on. I’m gonna come into Fish Pose. So we’re gonna lie down on our backs while still remaining with
the heels to the side. Finding good balance here. Raise the hands up. Palms facing to each other. And you’re gonna do Sat Kriya. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Sat naam. Inhale. Hold the breath in. Now squeeze the mula band, the root lock. Squeeze and hold. Exhale. And slowly, slowly come up. Again, come onto your heels. And, I’m going to do another Camel. If, again, too much,
you can always just do flex on the spine, holding
onto the lower back. If you feel ready, we’ll
come all the way down. And we begin breath of fire. (exhaling breaths)
(bouncy, exotic music) Remember to push forward
towards the wall in front instead of collapsing back. And now begin long, deep breathing. And the next one, inhale. Slowly, slowly come up. Sit on your heels. I’m going to flop forward into group masa. (lively chiming) Head on the floor. And inhale and come up. And lie down again on the back. And we immediately come into stretch pose, so remember, the higher up, so the higher up the legs, the easier. The lower they are, the more tough it is. Raise the head up, arms parallel. Off we go, breath of fire. (exhaling breath)
(bouncy exotic music) Keep going. 10 more seconds. Inhale, hold. Exhale. Come down. And now, as you lie down,
inhale, raise the legs up. Exhale. Then we relax. Take a few deep breaths into the belly, which by now is stimulated and on fire. And now we’re gonna raise up. Into shoulder stand. Making sure we’re
standing on our shoulders. And then begin breath of fire. And now slowly bring the feet behind. Arms interlaced. We continue breath of fire. Inhale. Put the hands back in the lower back and come all the way up again. Shoulder stand, breath of fire. Inhale, and now very
gently, slow and with care, come all the way down. And just relax here for a second. (sighing) Inhale deep and sigh out. (sighing) Feels good. Body is alive and energized. We can feel the pulse into the navel. And when ready just turn
around and lie on your back. So we’re gonna interlace the hands. I’m gonna rise up, taking the chin and the upper chest up. And here with eyes closed,
heels touching each other, you’re gonna do breath of fire. (exhaling breaths)
(exotic, bouncy music) Inhale up, hold. Exhale. Now touch the forehead or the chin and we’re going to start kicking the butt alternating left and right
while at the same time pulling hands up. And then inhale, relax. Take a few deep breaths into the belly. And now bring your hands and
start and hold your ankles. Bringing yourself up into a ball pose. And if you wish, you can
gently massage the tummy, rocking back and forth, or if you wish you can just sit here straight. Keep breathing long and deep. Releasing any tension in the lower spine. And relax down. Letting go. And now bring the hands just
underneath the shoulders. Going to lift into Cobra. And we’re gonna do breath of fire, making sure we don’t hunch
the shoulders with ears. So neck remains elongated. Inhale, hold. Exhale, slowly come down. Take a minute. Release the pressure from
the lower back on the floor. (harp chiming) (bouncy, exotic music)

51 thoughts on “Day 5: Beat the Cravings – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya”

  1. Thanks for this amazing series! My lower back was a little tight/sore after this one. Is this normal? Plow/shoulder stand have always been a bit challenging for me…..

  2. Good practice, but it's so strange that it just ends in the reverse savasana without any tune-out or anything said at all. It makes me wonder if we got the full kriya?

  3. Is there an alternative to the pose you do around 9:38? I used to be able to do it but since I've gained weight and lost flexibility it's unfortunately not happening.

  4. Hi, as the others said before, that session was very difficult for me too. Maybe I will do it one more time tomorrow. I feel not comfortable with the breath of fire in the poses when my belly is stretched. I can't relax my belly by breathing in. Any advice for that? Thanks Sylvie

  5. Im feeling very discouraged right now. It took a lot of mental gymnastics to work through the resistance to get me here this morning and when I couldn't even do the first exercise, even with the modification, I felt defeated and discouraged. I will try again tomorrow.

  6. Bernadette Murray

    Hello Maryia,Thanks so much for amazing Kirya's. Just wondering if you could please send link to order your detox book. Sat nam Bernadette.

  7. Bernadette Murray

    Thank you.. I cannot begin to evrn explain the effects that Kundalini Yoga has haf in my has assisted me to transform. Love you and waking up to you….Sat Nam. oxox. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  8. This is my second time through the 40 days and today I was finally able to do camel pose!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  9. I'm so happy to have found this practice! I come home everyday after work super excited for each kriya. Kundalini has been so life changing for my mental and physical health. Mariya you are a fabulous teacher! Sat Nam <3

  10. After reading the comments below I am gladly relieved that I am not the only one who found this practice extremely difficult on day 5! πŸ˜€ I could hardly do anything… Breath of fire in shoulder stand?? Fish pose?? Dear Mariya, a question to you: I feel that I should be an advanced yogi to be able to do these poses, it is not for beginners… Do you have a dvd programme especially for beginners?

  11. i had to sit on my 7 year old's soccer ball during celibate pose LOL it worked! I couldn't do fish pose at all (Just leaned back on my hands) but i used to be able to do it before i had my children, i suppose it will take time to get back there.

  12. seriously amazing teaching and loving how you integrate the music into your videos too, takes your mind off the difficulty of the stretch!

  13. This was challenging but I feel great now after doing my best. Far from perfect poses but perfect for me. Thank you so much for this series.

  14. Love this series! I always keep coming back to it. Today, I was finally able to get down into fish pose! Such a huge achievement for me! Granted, I wasn’t able to hold it as long as you can (yet), but I’m proud just the same 😊. Thank you so much for these videos. They’ve helped me tremendously and you’re a wonderful teacher. Have a great day! Sat Nam!

  15. littlemissfreedom

    Didn't have the energy to do my best during this practice.. Will try it again tomorrow in addition to day 6 πŸ™‚ Thank you for uploading this program – I really want to do the 40 practices within 40 days!

  16. This is beautiful practice! Anyone knows What is the name of the kriya? In which manual i can find it? Thank you

  17. Di Life and Style

    I have to say. I'm a 28 year old mom of 2, gave birth a 2nd time less than a year ago, so you can believe I'm really out of shape & slightly overweight, but I could do all of the poses. It was really challenging, but a doable. Do what you can. 😊

  18. I have low blood pressure and camel pose can make me feel dizzy. Is there any way to make this alleviate? Even the modified pose can make me feel like this. πŸ™

  19. Dear Mariya, thank you so much for these videos. They are my go to for my morning practice. Can you give me the name of this kriya? Thank you!

  20. Thank you for the program, each lesson so far made me feel better day by day. Day 4 was "heavy" and I felt after the class like having a hangover, really dizzy. It passed after cca 4 hours. Day 5 really showed me that my body is in a very bad shape, as I was not able to perform positions I was able to do before. I hope it will get better day by day. Thank you again for the program, I feel like a new person already!

  21. Sat Nam, what do you suggest if you have knee constriction and are unable to sit comfortably in between the shins to then lie back. Thank you for you time. Also when practicing breathe of fire are we breathing through our nose or mouth? Sat nam

  22. Kundalini Lounge with Mariya

    Sat Nam, this is Mariya.Before you begin, SIGN UP to the program for daily emails here:
    I want to congratulate you on taking this step to transform your body and mind. This program has helped so many people in all aspects of their lives, so take it seriously and practice to the best of your abilities. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. You will balance not only your weight but also your entire body, your metabolism and digestion as well as calm the mind and get rid of stress. It works miracles despite the short duration of the kriyas.
    Hope you enjoy this journey. Don't forget to share your experiences and if in doubt always ask your questions. I will respond as soon as I can.
    May the long time sun shines upon you
    All love surrounds you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way on!

  23. Mariya, I could not do the fish pose or fish plus lying on my back at all. Is there something I can do during that pose or do I just stretch?

  24. I couldn't find this kriya anywhere in 3H0 or KRI or any other kundalini sites? I appreciate what you are doing here but I've noticed some modifications from the kriya in other video's. As a kundalini teacher, I feel it is important to follow the teachings! You should be wearing a head covering as well. It does not add to your credibility as a teacher.

  25. Day 5 Complete. It would be good if you gave instructions for menstruation with the inversions like shoulder stand since probably at lest 80% of the viewers are female – or do you do inversions when menstruating with Kundalini style? I did the shoulder stand anyway just in case.

  26. Super challenging, but soooo worth it. Just amazing how this balances absolutely EVERYTHING! Added in a few froggies because of #froggiechallenge, but I think I've done this a total of 4 or 5 times when I need a little physical balancing (helps the emotions through balancing energies of the physical body, as far as I can tell on me)!

  27. I very nearly gave up with this one. I would say that 50% or more of the poses felt almost impossible to me however I can recommend some adaptations. It's definitely worth it I'm 53 and 30 lbs overweight and if I can do it you can lol. For the shoulder stand I did an adaptation up against the wall. For the backward fish pose, as she suggested, cross your legs and then lie back. Pretty much every posture required adaptation but I can feel myself already getting more flexible. We can do it! Even if it's not perfect, we can make it suited to bigger and less flexible bodies πŸ™‚

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