Danny Brown Discusses Relationship Between Drugs, His Penis and Chipped Tooth on Sway in the Morning

Danny Brown Discusses Relationship Between Drugs, His Penis and Chipped Tooth on Sway in the Morning

this is sway sway sway sway in the morning in the morning in the morning shake weight your fuck ass up back in the 90s when King Tech and I used to do the wake up show which we still do Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. here on shade four or five tonight tonight in a way we would listen to music is we would listen to everything and the way I like to listen to music as I like to put my shades on in my apartment sit on my couch in the middle where nobody gets it with me yeah and I don't care man I and I like to keep the blindest clothes mm-hmm in the dark room and close my eyes and lean back and just play music like this stereo killer hmm and I I don't very seldom have fine music that when I wake up out of that spell like an hour later that you know it feels like only five minutes passed by right when I listen to Danny Brown that's how I feel yeah so for that thank you homie thank you please I do it for man that's what I do it felt nervous y'all when you start flipping the voice up in experiment with the voice you know is it it worked like it don't work for I mean do ellika it's an emotional thing I don't never go into like writing or even recording reps with that thought or like switching my voice up if you like when I talk sometimes I get hype I go high pitch you know I might get upset I might go a little lower so that's all it is you know it's me trying to display my emotions because a lot of times I record verses too I don't care if I get a word wrong or say a line wrong but if the emotion is there I keep it you keep it huh yeah I say a lot of messed up shit and songs that doesn't even make sense doesn't you know said a word wrong or whatever but I can't recapture that emotion like you know are you a writer to the line yeah so you select the writing process way more during the recording process I sit at home and I write write write write I probably write like maybe 30 40 50 songs before I start recording an album really well the last time you sat down and you write with a pen you write with my laptop left up your laptop how fast can you type many words a minute hmm right my lord I never learned how to type I like type with two fingers like did you know I'm pretty fast with a dope your digital writer last time you wrote something what was it I mean I write like featured verses all the time so last thing you wrote the last thing I wrote was probably the UM the SD verse it's on gonna SD newer order uh I was the last person eleven loss is how long ago was that that's a few weeks ago a few weeks ago so you have written in a couple weeks nah all right now the old album mm-hmm you're not old nah that's the point like I'm in 32 years old I'm older than a lot of rappers I would say that uh-huh you know but uh it's not really about my age it's about me returning back to the original style of music that I once did you know not saying that I have moved away from that style of music which is sample bass J Dilla esque psychedelic hip-hop you know wu-tang influence you know them saying and now do more silver electronic grime influenced Dizzee Rascal style you know but it's like I'm from Detroit that was the both sides of it like when I was in in the fucking coming home from school stuck in traffic we was listening to ghetto tech you know Friday mix you know saying freeway mixed sessions and shit you know techno just you know we bleed to 140 BPM I say that's our heartbeat you know in Detroit you know I'm saying like everything like even the top songs right now that's in the club when you go to a Detroit club we speeding that up uh-huh you know what I'm saying we turning your voices to chipmunks you know so they gonna turn yours up you just are my baby that's what oh okay um okay that's great uh and then now on an album you told you you didn't you're not gonna be able to put this on the Harry friar track no no you because of the sample uh-huh but the album is complete the album is done it's being mastered right now who did most of the production on it most of it was done by Paul Wight he's a guy from the UK in London I think yeah I know nobody know where he's from but yeah he's in London so he did a majority and my go-to guy Scott Walker who know always work with uh and uh rusty darky Freaker Frank Dux did a joint you know what it do all right um and then being from Detroit I know you and you know you and Shawn had that moment but that's behind y'all right yeah I mean yeah now he took it the wrong way know how it go 9xb I mean at the end of the day when you read the interview and the question that came up is more so about music even the interview to say like I don't look at him like a guy that makes Detroit music he's just like a guy on the radio but he took it as like a slash to his credibility in the hood but I'm very if you look at what I said I said like I wouldn't be an early the shit niggas it starvin you know I'm saying you got to talk about giving turkeys out nourish it like me who don't cut it hood on holidays you know everybody kind of hood on holidays oh shit I don't mean shit you know oh that's nice month that's not a little brother my little brother loan me no I got no probably could never be nothing like you know yeah that's just like come on man it's like media stuff man you know yeah media stuff cuz we I was out of the conference a couple Oakland which is a lot yes it's saying like we Oakland in Detroit has like a connection that I can't even like I don't even get it like I don't know but we just I could say we look up to Oakland maybe wow that's no no and I and I told Tucson open man it's just like here Detroit in fact Detroit why that is it you're the same and we were having this conversation about uh who cares if you're hood or not yeah I don't thirteen like shit man I ain't trying to make this money to you know stay in a trap in the day I've been there and done it you know Sam thirty-two years old I've injured and did uneven chattel ain't even it is nothing even brag about you Cassata I mean come on man it has been a lot of situations you don't go to shoot you shoot somebody see I would never say nothing like that I just would never do that but you know what's your aim like how about that I suck aye sir that's look I ain't ain't the nigga out there shooting everyday but I should do shit out your way if I have to okay it people can wander and asking when is Danny Browns next album old coming out and the official release date is 9:30 September 30th 9:30 9:30 gotta remember 9:30 September 30th which is a Monday always on a Monday oh yeah that's how we begin the cracking me no you excited about this yeah man was ready to get it out ma'am happy with the product that I made you know it's almost like man when you got something and you just want to share with people maybe like can't we can't but I had to wait you know till whose time was right you know fools go right yeah who's goes to label the fools acting up man act don't know it's my family milk I know you know our family is you know kind and sometimes I'm like I want to do too much and sometime need somebody to tell them you know just wait it'll be right yeah I know I know you I wish I was out right now you wish was out right now no you went you said uh you know you you wasn't quite sure about the wedding was handling you it was necessarily that it was just more so that's going through sample clearances man I never made an album with thoughts like I didn't know I just want to make music and do the type of music I want to do but a lot of times gain – yeah I've learned and now were you trying to put album out for retail so we had to replay a lot of samples over you know had to get them right to where I want it where I felt comfortable you know to the original songs I like that you know so but came up great a lot of the replays are actually better than originals it is and you ain't gotta pay them yeah all right all right Danny Browns here we got on Charlie from Minnesota on the line good morning are you doing Charlie's Chuck yo yo yo yo what up I got a couple things that first off we love your music up here though on the last time I think you came through got head onstage and I know you're gonna be coming back through again with Action Bronson here a few weeks summer I'm gonna ask is that gonna happen again I mean oh I mean that's not the type of things that are planned for me I love a spontaneous lifestyle so if something presents yourself like that then I might take advantage of it you know I don't stage I need to know something though when I swim into the slobbin on Danny Browns knob so when this was happening did you enjoy it or did you get Danny Brown laughs what exactly be honest with you man I mean I don't know maybe I had my dick sucked like I didn't really understand what's going on cuz I was working I was doing my job so I didn't really know what was going on – it was too late you desensitize the head I guess so I just got a 30-minute wait what are you talking about what wait a minute what what happened wait I'm here you got head on stage Tracy you're asking is he used to it kids wait a minute so girls come on stage and give you blowjobs can't they get arrested that's like nasty I don't know I mean I don't know you don't know if they can get arrested no I mean Nate I mean I think it's legal I impressed no charges did you did you let one go on her job no no no I kept my composure well I mean my thing that why you Wow that takes Talent yeah I was working do we honor those be shows don't doubt when I'm rapping man I don't know what's going on so Mike it's Magnus I'm afraid one note what do you know what about when your girlfriend gives you had a chick that you actually like and no I mean it's the fire pack you know I can't control that you know changes things what'd you see somebody at the time you any time you got head onstage yeah why hide it down work out at home I mean he's got a room I've got to be honest I had to be honest about it what'd she say what'd she say I mean we just had to work through a time heals all wounds no God I want to live it more turn the music down what did he say to you I mean of course was upset but I mean I had no control over that you know there's something happen and she bought that nah I'm stealing makeup right now you notice it trying to get my shit going dragging it right but she stayed yeah yeah it happen again not happen again okay not that we yeah I got a belt now Babil yeah yo babe your life your life is different we got chased from Wisconsin on the line say what's up to Danny Brown damn I don't like them what up bruh bruh I'm mark what up dawg hey man your phone call about to ruin our life man your phone man that's how I using a bamboo jumping up and down so he probably was banking one off to your story about a stage um Tony and Boston go ahead yo I saw this nigga Danny Brown at fucking champ disco dancing with a Bob Saget what I've done well yeah Camp Bisco was fun I had a great time out there a lot of nice young ladies a lot of drugs hey nice Molly be pretty promptly come back at the Boston can't wait to see that yeah yeah Action Bronson to how to die to her we would definitely be up in Boston to hide a dyke tour with Action Bronson man okay but Danny when you say lots of drugs can you break down what exactly is popping off when you go to these shows what you mean furnish drugs yeah kids do a type of drug no no but because you're 32 you said I mean because I'm 32 I know how to do my drugs drugs such as I mean everything is under every everything's cool except heroin and crack cocaine coke what you like about cold keep my dick hard mommy was Molly doing to the day Oh Molly make if you take too much and make your big toe song okay you know I'm saying but um what about what about scissor I love syrup where's that dudes a day and I mean I gonna do none to the dick you about to be sleep ain't nothing but to be me nothing doing now what the pills do what what kind of pills you tell me I mean at Arak I mean how do I use those to work xanax is I use that to go to sleep on planes and like no overseas flights and shit you know I'm saying so don't know your pills that I really like you know ecstasy is kind of like over with but Miley you know miley is real fun if you do it responsibly it's Terrence is that a oxymoron or not how do you do Molly responsibly don't do too much that's a couple dips and you cool when you start going ham and all night in your pardon next thing you know you you're gonna be having the um coming having a gun worm I mean when it ain't gonna get hard is just a dummy wrong gate okay that Danny Brown it's going to grown up and if we gonna come back to put him on the mic so in the morning shade four or five its way in the morning holy pond shade 45

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  1. When I hear a new artist I shade out in the room too and listen to the whole album while smoking bong rips. Makes u connect better with the music lol .

  2. So that's how he sounds… I always wondered based on the Detroit vs Everybody song. Even though he sounded "different" I liked his flow. Now makes me wonder how he sounds rapping how he does interviews.

  3. P.S. remember Run the Jewels being blasting shit. you are nooot old. i kno this inview is old but hell dude no longer old

  4. i love you danny brown. when you laugh? i laugh. when you rap? i rap. badly. more bad than you teehee. when you flash that tooth-less-ness? i pulled out mine. NOPE. 😀

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