D1 Draper & FD1 FlexDraper® Headers for Combines

D1 Draper & FD1 FlexDraper® Headers for Combines

Most combine headers perform well in
perfect harvesting conditions but when was the last time you had perfect
conditions? MacDon FlexDraper and Draper Headers are designed to maximize
productivity in the most challenging conditions. From our active float system
that keeps our headers true to the ground, to the FeedMacx system which
works to optimize any combines performance. Available in sizes up to 45
feet MacDon combine drapers are built tough to deliver worry-free harvesting
performance in any crop, in any condition, and on any combine. MacDon’s active crop flow gently
places crop on the side drapers heads first, and swiftly moves it on to
the feed draper where it’s scooped up into the combines feeder house. Heads
first feeding promotes peak combine efficiency by saving fuel, improving
threshing action, creating better straw distribution, and allowing for an
overall more productive harvest. Available on all header sizes, our
optional uppercross auger helps move heavy, bushy, high-volume crops to the
center of the header for smooth feeding. Featuring new twin pitch flighting at
the center, this auger works to aggressively transition bulky crop down
and into the combine. The all new FeedMacx crop feeding system is designed to be custom configured to match any combines performance capabilities. The
heart of the FeedMacX system is the Retractable Tine Drum featuring combine
tailored speeds, feeding configuration, and aggressive action. Resulting in up to
20% more capacity over the previous model. Feeding speed is tailored to match
that of your specific combines feeder chain. Bolt on components make it possible
to configure the auger flighting and number of finger tines to match the combines
feeder house opening. Finger tines are longer, more aggressive, and feature
adjustable timing to match crop volume. The RTD is built with heavy duty
internal components like the 25% thicker tine shaft and the all new reversing
clutch with positive engagement and long-life parts. Reconfigured and
upgraded, the chain drive tension is externally adjustable and incorporates
a positive stop to retain its setting alignment in either direction. Altogether
the FeedMacX system works to optimize the performance of any combine, in any
crop. MacDon’s new hydraulic system features
individual fully filtered circuits for the knife drive, side drapers and feet
draper. These individual circuits provide
greater system reliability and prevent cross-contamination. The maximum side
draper speed has been increased up to 60% and an optional in cab adjustment is
available for on-the-go control. Unlike other headers, the movement of our
heavy-duty wheel picks up and gently places crop onto the drapers. This reel
has a uniquely shaped cam which allows the fingers to get underneath lodged
crop to pick it up before it’s cut. For those delicate fine stem crops, the reel
on the FD1 Flex Draper features tight 4 inch finger spacing to keep crop
moving. Along with the header tilt control, which hydraulically angles the
knife from the cab and fore-aft reel positioning, our headers can be adjusted
for the toughest harvesting challenges. MacDon’s Active Float System reacts
instantly to changing ground conditions. This immediate float response means you
can cut extremely close to the ground without pushing soil. Two sets of coil
springs on the FM100 Float Module support up to 97% of the header
weight. The instant float response provides 4.8 degrees of
lateral flow and 7 inches of vertical float independent of the
combine feeder house. MacDon’s active float system keeps our headers true to
the ground for a clean even cut. MacDon’s patented low-profile c-shaped
cutter bar design allows ground-level cutting for the most consistently close
shave of your field. Featuring a heavy duty knife drive and in-cab knife angle
control, this cutting system allows you to match any harvest condition. The ultra
smooth round facing surface of our cutter bar helps our headers glide along
the ground for a smooth close cut, every time. MacDon’s D1 and FD1 Series headers are
true multi-crop harvesting machines. Able to take down cereals, oil seeds, beans,
just about any crop in any condition. The FD1 Flex Draper switches easily from
flex to a solid frame with a quick flip of a lever giving you the ultimate
flexibility to move from one crop type to another. Any crop, any condition. MacDon drapers are the ultimate performance upgrade for your combines. The MacDon FD1 FlexDraper is a floating
three section flexible header with a split reel. This allows the entire header
frame, cutter bar, and reel to follow ground contours at the unit flexing up
to ten inches on either end while maintaining a close reel to cutter bar
relationship. This unique three section design lets the
FD1 FlexDraper deliver smooth consistent heads first feeding to the combine even
at extreme flex. And if all that wasn’t enough MacDon
draper headers are designed to fit on all major brand combines with an easy to
install completion package. It’s multi brand compatibility means your
investment will hold its value until it’s time to update your header. Any crop,
any condition, any combine. MacDon D1 and FD1 combine headers deliver
unparalleled harvesting performance.

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  1. Well maybe the new ones work better but my 40 ft is a rock picker, also golfball size rocks stops the canvases, Beotch to try and turn back by hand. It will scalp every mole hill or badger hole for you and put the dirt right in the centre. Carry a shovel and gloves.

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