Cyborg Cops and Sci-Fi Drugs | Um, Actually

Cyborg Cops and Sci-Fi Drugs | Um, Actually

(upbeat music) – From Ewoks to Star
Fox, nerds are passionate about a lot of things,
but there’s something they love above all else. That is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat music) We have Jared Logan, coming back. – Hi. – [Host] Daniel O’Brien. – Hello. – [Host] And Haley Mancini. – Hello. – I have here a stack of statements. These are false statements
about the franchises that are nearest and
dearest to your hearts. If you find the thing that
is wrong with what I’ve said, it’s up to you to buzz in and correct me. Now, your corrections must be preceded by the phrase, “um, actually”. If you don’t use an um, actually,
you will not get a point. Also, you can interrupt me at any time. Doesn’t matter what I’m saying, you can just steam roll right over me because what matters is that
I’ve said something wrong and it’s important to prove
you’re a better, smarter person. – [Contestants] Great. – Great. Let’s jump right in. The first prompt is about RoboCop. – (laughs) Yes! – It’s always funny,
saying the first topic. – Haley, is that your main category? – Oh, yeah. – A real RoboCop head over here. – Look, man. – Sometimes you can just, you know, wiggle your way into a correct answer. Who knows, we’ll see. All right, RoboCop. Officer Alex Murphy is killed by gangsters in run-down, near future Detroit, where he is resurrected as a
Cyborg police officer Robocop by the Weyland Corporation. (dings) – Um, actually, it wasn’t
the Weyland Corporation. – That is correct. Can you be more specific? – I cannot. – All right, I will give you
the point, unless someone here can tell me the name of the corporation. (dings) Jared is confidently buzzing in. – Um, actually, it was the
Weyland-Yutani Corporation and then later they sent
Sigourney Weaver to space. – You are correct that the
Weyland-Yutani Corporation is from Alien and they sent
Sigourney Weaver into space, however, RoboCop, that is not the name. (ding) – Um, actually, it was the
Waylon-Smithers Corporation. – This was before the merger. – It was all part of a
big Malibu Stacy campaign and yeah, that’s definitely who it was. Go on – I have my arms in the air ’cause it’s right on the tip of my tongue. – I love the idea of Waylon-Smithers being the one behind the venture in Alien. It’s like “yeah, we’ll
send all these people “to die in space.” – Needed a side project
from being an assistant – “Smithers, what are you up to?” (laughing) – Jared, you have two seconds to get that name off of
the tip of your tongue. – I don’t have it, I don’t have it. – Then the point goes to Daniel O’Brian – Tell me what it it was! – Yeah what was it? – Omni Consumer Products – [Contestants] Omni – OCP! – Ahh yeah, you know me. – This is about Dungeons and Dragons (mysterious music plays) – Fuck – Cool – (sniffs) I smell blood in the air – Of the playable races in D&D, most hail from a familiar
Tolkiensque background, such as Elves and Dwarves. However, in more recent additions, the game has added playable races such as Tieflings, Genasi, and Aasimar, descended from Demons, Dragons,
and Angels, respectively. (ding) – Um, actually, Genasi are
descended from elementals. – That’s correct! Genasi are descended from elementals. ♪ Did you use it ♪ – Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t see D&D races. (laughing) – Oh, you’re one of those. – It makes a difference
whether you’re a Genasi, the way you were raised, like it effects your outlook on things. – Just like in our world how different races have different powers. – Right exactly
– Think on that – Wait wait wait, hold on, we gotta back up here. – [Dylan] Let me explain it. – That is always a weird thing I’ve found about fantasy stuff, they really gloss over how much elves and dwarves hate each other for no reason other than race and like
everyone’s just okay with it. – Everyone is like this is just part of, this is how it goes. – It’s like “I will not work
with him, he’s a dwarf.” and no one’s like “c’mon man,
Elrol, fucking roll with it.” – Yeah, and their justification is like dwarves aren’t good looking. Like that’s kind of like
what are they thinking? – They’re dirty ground people,
we are spirits of the woods. – Like hold on! This isn’t good. – They live in the earth and the elves live in a much cleaner place, the trees. (laughing) – Alright, this is about Dune. Shai’hulud, meaning
“Old Man of the Desert”, is the Fremen nickname for
a House Atreides vassal, the grizzled warrior Gurney Halleck. – That’s how that question ends? Oh boy
– That’s it – That’s like the thing. – Sometimes they’re long as fuck, sometimes they’re just a sentence. (ding) – [Host] Jared? – Um, actually, his name is Duncan Idaho (laughing) – Uh, no, that is not
what we’re going for here. – That is a guy in Dune though, right? – I think so? I don’t know, it’s been a
while since I’ve read it. – [Haley] He asked a question about Doom, the original PC first person shooter. (laughing) – We’re just gonna slowly
tweak the questions until it’s finally like– – Please start just
bending them towards me. – I would love that, but no, this remains a strictly Dune question. Anymore final guesses? Alright we are striking out here. Um, actually, Shai’hulud is the Fremen word for
the massive sandworms that roam through the planet. It seems like an irresponsible nickname to be like “Ah! The old man of the desert. “This giant, like menacing worm “that will eat you at a moments notice.” – Yeah – [Host] That is going to cause confusion. – Let’s call them man-eating worm. – Yeah – Let’s call it like it is. – Like the first people who
were out there were like “Oh, cool! The old man of
the desert, he sounds nice. “Let’s go see what’s up with that. “It’s in the Zagged Guide,
Or the Lonely Planet here, “let’s go see what’s going on.” – That’s not the worst thing about Arrakis, guys, the moisture suit, you’re drinking your own
pee through your nose. – Yeah – [Daniel] Wow, that is pretty bad – That’s the thing you’re gonna dislike the most
about Arrakis, I think. – Uh, Star Trek. The different colored
uniforms of Starfleet represent different departments: red for Engineering, blue
for Science and Medical– (ding)
– Uh – [Host] And gold for command and security – Uh, actually, red is for instant death – Uh that– – Tell me I’m wrong. – That is essentially true. – Ah-ha! I get a point. – He hasn’t said that yet. – Can you tell me the
department that it’s in? – Infantry, engineering,
like what you said? The point is they died! – That is true, I’ll give you the point unless someone can tell me– (ding) – Um, actually, it’s red
for command & security, gold for engineering. – It is red for security, that is the part that
we’re going for here. – Oh so I added too much,
well let me ask you– – As usual! – Are we talking about TOS or TNG, Mike? ’cause you weren’t specific
on that particular. – You just keep adding specifics like it’s gonna get you a point. – No, I wanna know what generation it is! Is it the 42nd century or the 24th? – You don’t get to know! – [Jared] I’m walking! I’m done! – [Host] Haley will get your point! – Woo-hoo! (ding) – [Host] Alright, this brings us to our first shiny question. Now, shiny questions,
just like shiny Pokemon, are basically the same
as every other question, they’re a little bit different, a little bit rarer, and worth
basically the same thing. Only one person is gonna
get a chance to answer so I’m gonna give you the topic, the first person to buzz
in will get the question. The topic here is Star Wars (ding) – Daniel (harp music) Now, these are some droids from Star Wars. We’ve got some scattered
letters and numbers around here, put the appropriate name
underneath each droid by arranging these letters and numbers. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Alright and begin! (dramatic music) Is that your final answer? – Daniel’s been practicing
on his fridge at home (laughing) – Yeah, I mean, I would just do a different scramble of
those letters and numbers. – Alright, uh, let’s look
at what you got here. This is in fact IG-88, R2-D2, BB-8, C-3PO, and I’m afraid that it is K-2SO (buzzer sounds) – Ugh – Not KOS2 – Sure – You got more than half though, so I’m gonna give you the point. – No, this is– I’m gonna get the shit kicked outta me. (laughing) – K-2SO? – K-2SO – Potassium sulfide? – He was the newest one, you’ve
only had a year to learn it. – That’s it for this
preview of “Um, Actually.” If you enjoyed it, I have good news. There’s a lot more of it over on Droput Go to and start
your free trial today. Fun fact, I’m not wearing
any pants right now. – We’re going to play some sound samples of famous monster roars. We wanted to see if you
can identify the monster from the roar itself. (screech)

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  2. Um, actually, Haley is wrong, the original PC first person shooter is Wolfenstein 3D, which came out a year before the original Doom.

  3. Cracked had my favorite News Guy!!! I miss that. Cracked got bought out by alt right thinking. Seeing someone from cramped reminds me of the news guy.

  4. I have an idea for a new question, music trivia, where you play themes from movies and video games, and give the players a certain amount of time to guess the game/movie of origin.

  5. Um actually…in Tolkien's The Silmarillion there are several reasons explored for the dislike between elves and dwarves, specifically, the Moriquendi/Sindar elves of Middle Earth. Among other things, one of their kings sanctioned the killing of dwarves based almost solely on the fact that they were thought at the time to be insentient. Later, several dwarves started a bloody and vicious battle in the kingdom of Doriath when they killed the grey-elven king Thingol.

  6. Um actually, any race is playable. Depending on your DM. Some races are easier, but any race and monster is possible. "Roll a d20".

  7. Um, actually the "monster" roar at the end is one of the Nazgûl which used to be a man and is now closer to a spectre but not really a monster.

  8. Um actually, Tieflings aren't related to Demons, they're descended from humans who made pacts with Devils, who are at war with Demons; the Devils who made the pact were erased and the humans became the first Tieflings.

  9. Deaths Touch Of Life

    The elves hate how short the dwarves are cause they think they’re too tall while it’s to opposite for the dwarves, they think they’re too short so they hate the elves for being tall. Duh. What else would it be

  10. Um, actually! Tieflings are descended from fiends; not just demons. Also includes devils, and even some other stuff. Genasi are descended from elementals. And aasimar are descended from celestials. All of them were wrong. Made that too easy when everything was wrong.

  11. Not an incorrect bit, but to argue that calling sandworms "old man of the desert" would cause confusion would, if anything, be the point. It'd be a shibboleth of sorts. If someone underestimates them due to an innocuous name, they'd obviously be an outsider and then good, they get eaten; just a pity their water-fat doesn't go to the tribe. But the Fremen all know the term well. Plus that's a common thing in the real world. Fairies were called the fair folk because they were meant to be anything but fair. Crocodiles are known as "happy friends", roughly, in some African tongues – I forget which. You call something dangerous by a nicer name euphemistically so as to rob it of its power and as a form of appeasement. Also, the Fremen respect the sandworms but aren't even that scared of them. They remark how they're not that big of a deal once you know how to deal with them. Or maybe that's just Paul. I forget.

  12. Um actually dwarves and elves don’t get along because of the way they were made. The elves were supposed to be the first race and an impatient valar made a race of his own the dwarves. The race of dwarves was then put to sleep to ensure the elves would be the first race and later awoken. This hatred stems from the fight over the birthright.

  13. Um, Actually, Alex Murphy didn't die per se but was more so critically injured. The closest he got to death was being "declared dead" in the original but he didn't actually die. If being declared dead counts as being "killed" but maybe not "dead", then Um, Acutally, he wasn't resurrected, he was resuscitated.

  14. When Dan instantly hit the buzzer when the SW topic was read, I knew it was the same Dan I miss from Cracked and I am still smiling. Thanks for playing, Dan!

  15. The Fremen stillsuit doesn't have you drinking your pee through your nose – the noseplugs are to harvest moisture from your breath. You drink through a small tube leading to your mouth.

  16. Um actually. Both security and engineering wear red shirts in TOS. But in TNG command is the only ones to wear red. Security and engineering in TNG wear yellow.

  17. What unholy demon made those somehow-even-more-hideous-than-regular-Crocs Crocs that you have behind you, Trapp?? Crocs with TOES? BURN THEM ASAP! Also, Haley is absolutely adorable, and her legs make it very difficult to pay attention to what anyone else is saying.

  18. For the trek question he is right, the colors differ greatly depending on the show. In TOS Red is engineering/security, Blue is medical and science and gold is command, the captain wears green some times but not sure if thats a rank thing. In TNG, Thr colors get more construed.

  19. UM Actually tieflings are descended from DEVILS in 5e D&D the most recent edition of D&D and the devils are the enemies of the demons which makes you ultra wrong.

  20. Um, Actually… jrr tolkien adresses the hate of elves and dwarves for each other (just not in "Lord of the Rings" or "the Hobbit", but in some of his other works)

  21. Um, actually, the elves’ and dwarves’ enmity dates back to a conflict between their peoples in the first age of middle earth.

  22. Umm actually teifling are no longer the offspring on deamons now they are just the children of humans who have made a deal with a demon or a human who was cursed by A demon.

  23. Um actually which star trek matters because the color coding changed between them, TOS red was security and gold was command, TNG reversed these two.

  24. i mean it kinda makes sense Elves and Dwarves. Elves are MOSTLY spirits of nature, whereas Dwarves are industrious creatures. it's wicked easy to see the Elves perspective cuz the actions of Dwarves are kinda like comparable to colonialists washing ashore and wanting to declaire all the land for themselves….however it's wicked easy to see it from the Dwarves perspective, cuz most Elves are like pretty much the 1% so other races are like "man both these races think their shit smell better, i'm just over here trying to get drunk"

  25. Um, actually aasimar are not descendant from angels but they are humans, who are possesed by the spirit of an angel or angelic messenger

  26. Um actually, all those races and more could be played in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 which is over 10 years old. In the Monster Manuals there were tables and appendices with rules applicable to having them as playable races as well as a book completely devoted to playing as so called monstrous races, like ogres, giants, nearly every flavour of undead, and more. So using the term "recently" is wrong and misleading.

  27. Knowing an answer to one of these questions when the contestants don't is the closest to being a ghost I have ever felt. "No, it's X!"

  28. Um, actually, the reasoning in both Tolkien's books and in D&D of why Dwarves and Elves hate each other is because the Elves are usually attuned or related with nature (not including Drow or Dark Elves most of the time) while Dwarves are generally more mountain or cave based.

  29. Generation is an important distinction in that question. The department coding changed between TOS and TNG.

  30. RocketLeague Nonsense

    Should throw in questions from the foundation novels, “psychohistory” will lead to some funny guesses if you word the statement right!

  31. Isnt he right though that red shirts in star trek switch after the first one? Cuz the commander wears red in next generation and voyager… And i think deep space 9… But i havent seen any of that since over half my life ago…

  32. Glad he got the point at the end. K2SO was neat but he was only there a tiny fraction of the time as anyone else due to Rogue One.. far better movie than everything after the original trilogy.

    I am one with the Force. And the Force is with me. BITCHES!

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