Cuomo: Trump ignored abuse victims on purpose

Cuomo: Trump ignored abuse victims on purpose

100 thoughts on “Cuomo: Trump ignored abuse victims on purpose”

  1. Ah yes, the traitorous Trump WH. Where DV denial is much more important than national security. And this is the best the Republicans can do. Pathetic and disgraceful.

  2. has he been officially charged over the years? it takes two to argue and escalate circumstance if he took it to physical level we can assume it was a heated two party argument leading to potential physical engagement.

    so if hes guilty of allowing the physicality abuse alleged then it should be judged in court and official charges and conviction, but due process must be upheld. Did she file charges at the time the photo represents? Did she place charges at the time, did the former wife? this is called reporting , do you job not a feminist agenda against without due process. show him being charged then. show American judicial system in action.

    seems to be appearing hes potentially guilty, but due process must be upheld for all Americans not selective by mob mentality chosen bias by omission , instant street justice where facts and process don't matter or group think radicalism to promote a chosen agenda without evidence and a day in court , ever.

    unless you don't believe the constitution is for all and just for some or chosen by mob shaming selection using guilt by association tactics to silence an entire gender. that's unconstitutional period even if he is guilty due process must be adhered to for all citizens

  3. Trump and the media throwing Kelly under the bus for Porter, but this guy was in this position when Reince Prebus was chief of staff. Was watching Tapper and saw that Porter was presenting the President a document with chief of staff Priebus in the background. I am not in support of Kelly but throwing him under the bus for something he did not put in place is unfair.

  4. Hell all you have to do is look at his history of abusing women himself to know that whatever he gets a fugly man cow to say about him is bullshit. He’s shit in the White House. The press covers shit these days. Pure shit.

  5. Hey Cuomo , your Brother wants illegals to go to college for free . There’s your story .
    Ask Americans how they feel about that . Stop chasing stupid stories . Grow up .

  6. you idiots, you're just trying to get Trump out of office, this is what this news is doing….they're starting w/celebrities, but their ultimate goal is Trump. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CNN is the biggest Democrat channel on the planet and they hate every single thing Trumps done so far. What they don't know is it's not going to work no matter how much hate they throw his way He's still going two terms

  8. Tyrannosaurus Rex from Exploding Gravy by X.J. Kennedy. A mean, late model dinosaur, He walked creation vastly. His teeth were something to deplore; His table manners, ghastly. With hungry jaws, he laid harsh laws Upon the reptile nation. By day and night, his appetite Decreased its population. But tyrants, under Time’s slow hand, One day must bow their necks. Now in museums-bones wired-stand Tyrannosaurus wrecks.

  9. Blake still in the game

    Sexual predators and pedophiles and woman beaters. Will always take up for each other. So what did they really expect TRUMP to SAY


  11. This is why Gen X women didn't have many kids. The society treats single moms like crap, men leave, and we didn't want to end up being single parents in this sick, souless, heartless society! Not to mention the cost and burden on a woman's life with no help and alone.

  12. CNN, you do that all the time! False equivalencies. You put up someone without facts against someone with facts, have them "debate," and it's absurd.

  13. I just heard CNN had a lot of employee layoffs. I guess the ratings are tanking. Maybe they spend too much time bashing Trump and fail to report real news.

  14. The new trend – all women are telling the truth when they accuse men of being abusers. We do not need to investigate the matter or allow the accused the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. We found no corroborative evidence that, for example, Donald Trump or Roy Moore abused their accusers, however as far as we are concerned they are guilty!

  15. Hypocrites all. CNN cut people off when they talked about Bill Clinton's alleged sexual crimes. Now they hold President Trump personally accountable for another man's alleged actions. Hypocrites all.

  16. Come on, are you serious? Kellyanne Conway is not articulate.. she deflects, lies and turns interview questions into her own talking points.. how do you live with yourself and how do you sleep at night, when you have to defend and lie for this President?!? Is he really worth making the US look like a disgrace to nations that respected us and depended on us? The US used to lead by example and now it's become a laughing stock.. But, even if you don't care about what other nations think of the US and where you stand in this world, I AM SURE you at least care about your country, where it's heading and how it's getting there.. This administration has been a train wreck, engulfed in an inferno, full of lies, scandals, abuse, law braking and a threat to our National Security.. The Trump enablers carry as much responsibility as the Clown we call a President.. for once, please, put your country before your party and your interests..

  17. A man is driving down the Beltway when traffic suddenly stops. The man keeps looking to see what the holdup is when he sees a man walking up the road stopping at every car to talk to the driver. When the man get to him the driver asks what's going on. The man replies, " Terrorist have captured the presidential limo with Trump, Kelly and Kushner inside. They're demanding $ 10 million for their release or they'll burn them alive." The driver asks, "How much have you collected?" The man says, "10 gallons, but people are still siphoning"

  18. What's Trump supposed to say, given his own track record with women? Defending victims of domestic violence only shines a light on his own history. He can't afford that, so he won't publicly stand up for women who suffer from abuse.

  19. This is typical of the patriarchal, roman era mentality which MUST and will end!! This has gone on for way to long. How many more children have to be sexually abused before we realize what is going on? How many!!?? How many women have to die at the hands of their spouse who’s supposed to protect them huh!?!!? Trump is perfect to lead this country as we shift into higher consciousness so we can all be reminded of the necessity to leave this crap behind!! And if you won’t wake up and accept the truth of the wrong, disgusting ways we have treated each other then you won’t be able to advance forward because those who will advance won’t tolerate such acidic beings to exist.

  20. Sarah needs to go home to raise her beautiful family teach them the truth, she look angry ,this job is not suitable for her

  21. For one thing this economy was doing great when he came in but nobody confronts Sarah on that and the a problem.Black unemployment is Dow NM but that because Obama took it from 16% to 7.1 and in the last year it went from 7 to 6 Wow

  22. This is a message for sponsored advertise products if you advertise on CNN no one will buy your products we will go to the 99 cent store or the dollar store we will buy generic stop advertising on CNN

    FBI and CIA plus mainstream media
    along with 1st equal SSRI's ( never exposed because big pharma funds mainstream media! )
    which are handed out like candy

  24. The actual real story is still the democrats' FISA warrant perjury and the democrats' collusion with Russia in obtaining the fake dossier.

    The democrat fifth column have spent a whole year undermining a legitimate administration. That is sedition and treason.

    They must be arrested and imprisoned. They KNEW how spurious and vexatious their claims were all along.

  25. David Teer The Backyard Ufologist

    Fake News CNN, ratings in the crapper, Propaganda with propagandist not Journalism or journalist. America knows this. Congratulations, You destroyed this channel in a years time. Just think what you will be in another year if you last or three more years or seven! You have already sank. Life boats are floating… you are finished. You are a think of the past! You lost.
    The only people that still watch are Trump haters. So sad. You'll be off soon. That's Sad too but what do you expect? It's coming!

  26. Porter don't need to say anything about T rump's junk everyone else is talking !!!!! Trump won't mention the victims because that won't look good on him because he had done the same as Porter " maybe " not as bad but close to it or " maybe " worse only the ppl he has interacted with him knows whatever happened !!!!!

  27. Elhadji Amadou Johnson

    Let's just imagine for one second what would be the reaction of this imbecile in-chief in the White House and his supporters after seeing a black eyed white woman beaten by her black husband. Let that sink for a second, and tell me if this imbecile and his enablers would give a damn about due process.

  28. Leader?? Where the hell is he leading us? Into hated of countries who have large populations of people of color? Cause that’s what I’m hearing from his office. Tragic. Not presidential.

  29. This abuse issue is not going away because this administration is ignorant about the facts surrounding domestic violence. And they don’t want to know or care. It’s sad.

  30. Chris Cuomo,

    Says the person that shames people that do not want their children in a gender-neutral bathroom environment.

    Hypocritical disgusting Semite!

  31. Probably because they weren't actually victims and the METOO campaign is an exposed and failed propaganda campaign directed at Trump himself… Who would dignify such an insult with a response?

  32. Kellyanne Conway's comments about Hope Hicks are repulsive, being a strong person with a good head on their shoulder, doesn't mean you can't be a victim of abuse, for either women OR men.
    Also just a observation, Hope Hicks has been in romantic relationships with both Rob Porter and previous Trump campaign worker Corey Lewandosky ( apologies if I've misspelled any names), I note this because BOTH men have been accused of violence against women!
    And many people have a tendency to fall into patterns when it comes to romantic relationships!
    I am in NO way saying that Hicks has or will be abused, my point is actually directed to a Conway, who should never presume to know what happens in people's personal lives and that her claim that no one needs to worry about Hicks because she is strong, does insultingly imply that Porters 2 ex-wives and his former girlfriend, who have alleged abuse aren't strong!
    Of course, I don't know why anyone would believe or care about anything Trump's spokesliars say! Especially Conway as she has proven that she has no morals, personal conviction, or shame!
    I make this bold statement after watching the interviews she gave Condemning Trump, just months before she sold her soul for money, she called him out for many reasons, his treatment of women and his bullying to name a few, and she praised Hillary Clinton!
    The interviews are quite easy to find, and I wish the media would start using her comments, and her supposed convictions against her when she keeps praising Trump and defending ( let's be honest, LYING ) him, while also attacking Clinton!
    The MOST appalling fact though is that this women had kids, she has young Daughters, What kind of mother would not just condone, but defend and actively help a man, who has said and done such disgusting and degrading things to women?
    And before the Trump lovers attack me, Im not referring to any of the accusations, as I have both my Psychology degree and Legal degrees, and have worked in the legal field for more then a decade! I understand that accusations, and alleged crimes are NOT the same as actual EVIDENCE, ( although I do believe the claims of the more than 20 claims of women, that say they are victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment at the hands of Trump!) But my beliefs aren't proof either, so I will instead use the ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF TRUMP'S MISOGYNY AND PERVASION!

    1) obviously the Pussy grabbing Tape, where he also admitted that he is a adulterer, and his desire to cheat on his wife , (at that time, Melania who had just had their child only months before) with the women who was outside of the bus he was in.
    2) His interviews on the Howard Stern show, most egregiously, his bragging about how he likes to go into the women's dressing rooms at the Mrs. America and Miss TEEN America, when he knew the girls would be naked! He bragged that he could get away with it , because he is the owner and he needed to inspect the change Rooms!! WERE TALKING ABOUT YOUNG GIRLS, here!
    3) The numerous statements on both Howard Stern and the view ( as well as other interviews) about how beautiful, sexy and WELL ENDOWED, his OWN DAUGHTER, Ivanka is and that if he wasn't her father that he would love to date her ( which means he has actually considered having sex with his own child)!
    These disgusting words came out if TRUMP'S own mouth! And yet Conway and other women defend and support him! It makes one want to VOMIT!
    So no I believe nothing that Conway, Sarah Sanders, Hope Hicks, Judge Janine or any other woman who, supports, defends, helps, or even just CONDONE, this disgusting, ignorant, racist, homophobic, lying perverted, serial adulterous MISOGYNIST!!!!!!

  33. Wikileaks has published an e-mail apparently showing that the New York Times and CNN's Brian Stelter was providing the State Department – and Hillary Clinton – with advanced warnings about potentially damaging stories.

  34. Cuomo is such a Loser!! This guy is desperate to find any dirt he can on Trump! No wonder nobody watches CNN anymore since they were finally exposed for the FAKE NEWS they are!!! I wonder if this guy is going to be able to find a real job when CNN is shut down for all the propaganda and lies they try to spread since he's not a real Journalists!!

  35. Some people are stuck in time warps. What it use to be where he say let's make America great again. Back in the day when men beat their wives and girlfriends and nothing were said, nor the law interfered. Also he meant making America great again taking the black back to the 1930 & 40s during Jim Crow times, when poor people would get government commodities in boxes, gov.cheese , can beef,chicken,powered milk, and etc. This can products supposed to be healthy, when some people's can eat processed foods, which is not good for their condition. This is to cut out food stampEvery body doesn't eat burgers and fries as he does. Most black prepare food from scratch which is more healthy,using fresh veggies. dried beans and peas or frozen vegetables. So he can't really give a person the same thing he don't know what it take for certain people to maintain their health and their body's.

  36. So when’s Chris going to jail for his drunk driving charges …. mr. morals guess you being drunk could have killed someone is no biggie when your famous ….. what an idiot for drinking and driving .




  40. It is obvious the White House does not vet ANYONE very well. This is why many Trump staffers do not have Top Secret clearance.
    Abuse or possible corruption connections are of NO interest to this White House, until someone turns………

  41. Chris Cuomo is not just fake news he is a racist.   FUck you for comparing your fake news shit to being racially assaulted you beep beep beep.  #fake news beep!

  42. Coumo is he carries on the DNC liberal left narrative. He's not looking for unbiased opinion, or a question and answer session to enlighten the viewers. His only motive here is to carry on the liberal lefts BS. Also remember Coumo is wearing an ear piece, he has 10 people firing remarks to make as the guest is trying to keep up with 10 different people firing ridiculous question to them.
    These "news" more like fake news organisations should be boycotted completely. This is propaganda being subtly fed to you

  43. Cuomo you can't say nothing. your brother governor Cuomo is evil. he veto TNVR BILL so he has more money in HIS pocket. EVIL👺burn in hell. god bless JAMES TEDISCO animal lover.😸😻😺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Trump and his family days are numbered. May the most high God creator of everything. Bring Trump to reailty and pay for many people he hurt.

  45. Protect your family from hate now!
    Call your local cable/satellite provider to ask them to remove CNN's hate propaganda to protect your children immediately!

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