Cringe or Crave with Jessie’s Peyton List

Cringe or Crave with Jessie’s Peyton List

and it was rejected and where you’re
playing a critical through the muck that i am creating a headache planes too much on the internet values mickey novak here hanging out in
young hollywood studio welcomes its screens or crate with our special guests pain lasts a planes are young hollywood staffers
here great great thing there are so happy to
be running at the top fashion week you when you are such a fashionista here i know i love sat-sun everything like my character list all
and it sometimes i get the help fight
without my wardrobe and sometimes little until gayu insulated since you bring in
items and taken away and it’s nice and times ideal discuss how to bring in life
stories or something fun alendronate fast three maybe twenty because he would
be out and see if they like it and downs and understand the boarder
babies i mean i don’t even know the relevant they gone out there and then to see and cannot be they like
it will be deputy trustee at this point now you’ve you’ve been doing a show that
the seasons now so it wasn’t always like that to begin or dissident develop over time is
running in fact ballot in the beginning like my characters more devastated
different my first got there they had this more like regulator everyday like season t sharing his
keynote that it so that as need like i like to meet now that’s more fun p right
on they kind of based here would do a lot of my until somehow to come as an
opportunity for her to know if you would see something similar and in terms of fashion real thing but
what was your halts missile icon well aside from three of us equal and
uh… um… eyes really i saw that your window
and i love grace kelly she is by just love that for this that class signals goal
caravanning either can sell you so that’s a camera so this is how it’s going to go down so
cringe a crane basically you brought in from your own
items from your own more jobs we’ve brought in some of our own pieces in the
way this works is rodney brutally honest with each other his girls sometimes are
its like without some pretty on you were really honest in here particularly
doctors and he said in our new york cell steven italian taking i want to get into
more rielle because if our audience’s cringing within a year ballots cast on
something like this and that means that two months the next
item okay so let’s get started markets are with your what you brought in for us
bernie i’ve got this princess fear weighing at play but i thought i would like to four but just like um… bag that we talked
and seventeen th that dynasty because economy my out there i think i brought up a little bit i
think it’s a really feel i download i think red named after the like anything it reminds
me like anything to do with the times i love that makes him convicted an academic and the french just i i don’t like like big obviously
don’t like the jury in just a like it would end personally reactivated yeah yeah and you get credit for the one
time where crime but i think it’s it’s a risk after minimums family time ok city also brought a this giraffe source yes fellow i got advantaged or in venice now when i was
getting out there that really crazy about it my momma that i’ll just hang on the sale of any perfectly so i like how greatly it but then i
wasn’t really sure and now i don’t tell what tim you know what to wear it with
their wario ware the mound i was wondering if i’ve got an
outbreak level ii for him you know you’re going to add mixing things to
your somebody that you like to lay a reelection where accessories and
sometimes that you’re stopped by this time i doubt it does this say that’s not going to have
that hardly wondered what colin everything
maybe like and know that i think a little bit like oranges reddish and you
may be denied i think the complaint she would be cool if needed or just an issue icing to pay for the fight for the fact
that you said it fits really well clippings and people forget the fed fill
the slot something and then if it doesn’t fit right now there are quite
anyway mexican hotbed planning on that a lot of sequin dresses on this
rack there is a sequin dress behind a fees annual events that i think we’ll
have to send exactly which is so funny on and then you can bring the said no i did hand of you know we always see like every winter holiday you go to the mall your
vision million season passes the senate has the broke a thing that’s been
happening so i’m i’d love brocade personally so i
say this is the craze what you think i think it’s empty lives not like goulet
there and planning the sequence i love it i think it’s definitely create i
created and i love the long sleeves she with that kind of up to the c_s_x_ so don honestok like you don’t really just
accessorized long sleeves and china crimson your friends in one of
the same accident the since she was a lot of that one and nineteen and one
half and just think it’s just someplace i
mean count okay less inclined to instead put it on i guess you know i think i get the
audience of his career these figures show you i want to say we all come to know if the
person of the time knock-off is that isn’t on the hard part is it’s all
happening degraded crave means just enough just happened i_d_ leverage highlighting apprehension
science understand and appreciate good initiative file and let designed tends to appreciate the glare courage this was someone that was sort of like
diet your necklace we want our audience
indeed comment box i’m used to to tell us what your thoughts is this this is your lovely item is this the
cringe or create let me know what you think most thank you so much for coming and
that was so much prime by handle the rest of the last actions as
you united airlines

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  1. i cringe and crave because i don't like the stroppy bit but apart from that i love it and would totally wear it out x

  2. Hi I am Elena Stevenson I am a super fan I love the show I love Emma Roos and I love her friends and I love her bedroom and I love her school I want to be on your show I love you guys so much ps Elena

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