Covert Narcissist: Hoover From Hell 🔥 (Toxic Relationships) – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

Covert Narcissist: Hoover From Hell 🔥 (Toxic Relationships) – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

hello and welcome this is M from
narcissistic abuse rehab a safe place where survivors in recovery can find
awareness empowerment and healing. our topic for today is covert narcissist
hoover from hell. now, if you’ve ever been hoovered by a covert narcissist, comment
your thought about your experience below. by the end of this video you’re
gonna know how to honor yourself by enforcing your boundaries when the covert narcissist hoovers you. I want to thank all of our subscribers and viewers for
supporting this channel. we’re building this channel for you to help you on your
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help grow our channel. with that said let’s jump into our topic covert
narcissist hoover from hell. after decades of
emotional terrorism that came to an epic climax I went No Contact with my covert
narcissist sibling. ironically, the day I posted the video “the covert narcissistic
sibling” I got a hoover from them. I posted about it on the subreddit
r/NarcissisticAbuse. the post got a lot of positive feedback, so I wanted to share
it with you here on YouTube. here’s what I posted on Reddit: “Today I
received a Hoover from a covert narcissist I’ve been no contact with for
almost five peaceful years. the covert narcissist’s number and email are blocked
on all my channels. they used an unknown number and left a message on my
answering machine. since the mask dropped, this particular
covert narc has been unambiguously evil but they have a milestone birthday
coming up in two weeks and true to form they want Supply. there was drama, there were tear,s there was even a half-baked
apology. my reaction: nothing. my response: delete, block new number, and go on with
my day. I realized this is what No Impact feels
like! you just feel…unbothered by someone who once tried to destroy you. it’s
extraordinary and it’s possible.” so basically I didn’t react. it
didn’t stress out, I just deleted the message and kept it moving. so how do you get to that stage with a narcissist especially one you’ve known since you
were in infant? Covert Narcissists are the most dangerous type and my Covert
Narcissistic sibling is the worst kind there is. with a Covert Narcissistic
sibling, if the relationship isn’t on their terms you’re not allowed to exist.
if you try to set boundaries it brings out the worst in them
after years of underhanded sabotage while confusing me with a fake
friendship my covert narcissist went for my jugular and to be quite frank it’s a
miracle I lived to tell suffice to say if we had coercive control laws in my
country they would be locked up and in jail right now so the first thing you’ve
got to do to get to the level where you’re unbothered by the covert narcissist
is to go No Contact. the first stage of No Contact is physical. you remove
yourself from the Narcissist’s vicinity this is when you change the locks block
the narcissist on all your social media and sever ties with their agents or
playing monkeys so that you can begin to heal the second stage of no contact is
emotional and it involves severing all of the sentimental ties you have with
the narcissist you systematically remove all the
emotions that keep you attached to the narcissist love hope judgement
everything this is a process and it can take time but if you really commit
you’ll see results the third stage is no impact now I first heard about this
concept from HD tutor after the fact but it’s the best description for the
transformation that happens during the final stage of no contact you reach a
stage of complete acceptance and shift your focus to building your own life
your abuser has absolutely no significant
to you at all so whether they Hoover you or stand in front of you you feel
nothing so that is my story about the Hoover from Hell on reddit I was asked
to write about the Karma of this particular narcissist I’ve known quite a
few intimately because my family of origin was a narcissistic matrix anyway
with regard to this particular narcissist after I went no contact here
is some of the Karma that went down number one the Cobert narcissists masks
dropped number two the covert narcissist got dragged by survivors on Facebook
incidentally I had nothing to do with this because I was no contact number
three the covert narcissists knew supply was an over at narcissist number four
the covert narcissist got used and discarded by the overt narcissist number
five the covert narcissist lost their home number six the covert narcissist
had to leave town now karma stories are it meant to gloat over the tragedies of
someone else’s life but I share them from time to time because I know how
painful it is to imagine that narcissists get away with the cruelty as
they inflict on empathic individuals they don’t as Lauren Hill once said
there are no big shots in reality my hope for you is that you release
yourself from waiting to see your narcissist pay for what they did to you
narcissists are always their own undoing that is all I have for you today let me
know if you agree or disagree in the comments below guys please don’t forget
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use this message today that’s it for now be good to yourself and we’ll talk again

10 thoughts on “Covert Narcissist: Hoover From Hell 🔥 (Toxic Relationships) – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab”

  1. Nice video! Thank you. I dumped and discarded the ex narc over 16 months ago, and never looked back. He is STILL hoovering and stalking me. Pathetic. He has used every trick in the book to get me to respond, including using his handicap son, asking for his “stuff” back, calling from blocked numbers, sending friend requests on fb from fake profiles, reaching out to my family member etc etc. I ignored them all. He grosses me out and I will never let him back into my life again. NC for life.

  2. Miss Kim narc free you and me

    I didn't realize your covert narcissist was a sibling. My sibling is also a covert narcissist I do scene in one of my videos I told the story of being adopted I thank God every day that I was given up for adoption. I knew my real mother and my sister my whole life. But I didn't know that that was my mother and my sister and till I was 25 years old. But my parents always told me I was adopted since I was 5 years old. My real mother was quite the wild 1 she was married 3 times and each time that she was married was a relationship with someone who was married. And that something I do not like I've never liked that. But when I found out my real mother had passed away. my family warned me not to get in contact with my older sister. And I didn't but another family let it slip to her and we have tried on 3 different occasion to have a relationship and this last time was during my relationship with the man I was dating that was narcissistic. And that's really what showed me what she was; controlling underhanded conniving lying deceitful and when I cut her out of my life 2 months after I left my ex narc I let her have it this time and I told her never to contact me again that if she did I would have to get a restraining order. I'm so sorry that you had to grow up with that! And I know what you mean by we don't wish harm among people but as narcissistic survivors we can't help but hope that they get their karma because we know what they do is Deviant and it's on purpose and that hurts a lot to know that someone you love wants to intentionally hurt you and destroy you. A narcissist makes it really hard to be a good person I've had to stop myself from even thinking badd things because I don't wanna put that kind of karma out into the world but as we all know they will get theirs thank you so much for sharing this story love to you!!

  3. I like this and the info but it seems so impersonal to me without seeing anyone.
    I went no contact with my mother about 5 months ago. She’s a covert narcissist. So far she hasn’t hoovered other than to try and use my father and siblings to make me feel guilty and use abuse by proxy. I have ups and downs but was well prepared before going no contact so it might be less than others. I think deep down I feel a little guilty but mostly just glad to have the devil out of my life.

  4. I understand the benefit to focus on protecting oneself after one has been hurt. But I just hope it hasn't harmed oneself to the point that they now face more challenges letting others in. Most people aren't going to be narcissists on the same level as your previous abuser, unless maybe you're subconsciously attracted to narcissists. I think people should continue to exercise empathy. Empathy even to those who often do not express empathy. Because we shouldn't let the world turn into an "every man for himself" kinda world, you know? Because then the future loses.

  5. I guess my point is that we can continue to be empathetic, but setting your boundaries and sticking to them with self-discipline should be a must.

  6. Thank you for this specific topic of sibling Narcissist. I never know how to deal with them my first uneducated step to get rid of him was to first get physically superior and take care if him it worked but only for a while he then got his children and triangulated my father it was relentless but unfortunately for him I got help from many hours of educating myself about this topic. In the end I caught my abusers in there unlawfully behavior and got the cops involved this was the only way. I dealt with a lifetime of abuse and will take advice from this video on the aftermath of it all. (Edited part) he got many more involved in this it was a nightmare for many of us but the Narcissists does not care about that. And I was pinned to be the one causing the problems, typical right? Haha. I'll stop here.

  7. I don't believe for a second ANYONE (narc's included) gets away with their bullshit. EVER. Sometimes we get to WITNESS karma, or hear about but eventually the scales have to be balanced. Whether you believe in karma or not.

  8. My second ex is covert and she hoovered me on Valentine Day's about having makeup sex and getting money from me. I rejected it and she got really nasty in the texts. She said she had a replacement to take my place. She tried to make me feel bad by saying she can manipulate any man or woman to give her free stuff. She called me uneducated,broke,and ugly. Her grammar in her texts were like a kid's handwriting. She is unemployed and not looking for a job. She's on drugs. She makes no time for me for dates. She will push me at the bottom of her list and seek new supply to take advantage of to gain money and sex. She wears too much makeup to hide her acne. I see a ton of her hypocrisy. I have a job where I work 6 days a week to support her bad habits and laziness.

  9. Narcissistic Abuse Chronicles

    Thank you for being such a strong survivor of the cruelty that these evil beings try to destroy us with!

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