Cookie & Carol Confront Candace About Her Abuse | Season 5 Ep. 7 | EMPIRE

Cookie & Carol Confront Candace About Her Abuse | Season 5 Ep. 7 | EMPIRE

Morning, sis. Hey, good morning. You OK? I’m just peachy keen. Uh-huh. [pouring coffee] [suspenseful music] See you in there. Mm-hmm. [suspenseful music] [sigh] [footsteps] She still in there? Yeah, she is. What– what– what’s
happening here? You haven’t seen the
bruises on Candace’s wrists. Somebody is hitting on
her, and I can’t imagine that little punk ass Kevin. Oh, honey, I can. You know they used to
battle real hard when I was staying with them, right? No wonder they got separated. Separated? Why didn’t she tell me? [door opens] What the hell is this? Pull your sleeve up, Candace. What are you– Just do it. Don’t touch me. Candace. Please. I will not. OK, dammit. How long has Kevin
been beating you, and why didn’t you tell us? You are out of your
league and out of your mind. Nobody is hitting me,
not Kevin or anyone. Excuse me. However, I will beat the
hell out of both of you if you don’t mind
your business and stay out of my face about this. [suspenseful music] Deny, deny, deny. She getting her ass whupped. She damn sure is. Mm.

74 thoughts on “Cookie & Carol Confront Candace About Her Abuse | Season 5 Ep. 7 | EMPIRE”

  1. Love me some Ms.V but Chile ain't no man gonna put is hands on me again that was when I was smaller now I won't stand for tha😍😏😣

  2. Yeah somebody's beating her the Two Sisters ready know what's going on you got to look at her arm cuz Empire don't be playing I guess about a squeezed her arm or she got beaten up with something that man has whooping her that's is she getting beaten is she getting whooping you better stop this now before she get hurt more

  3. I know the situation is serious but did anyone else find it funny at the end when cookie said "deny deny deny, she getting her azz whooped"

  4. All this time it was her son beating her up, and her sisters and cookie got that compassion in her, and she turned on her, that's why it paid to stay out of people's mess. Cold hardened.😢

  5. I Didn't give cookie wrong for call the police on Candice son if cookie didn't care she would of leave the situation alone.

  6. ms.honeydrop Shekoni

    Luscious is Kingsley father! I just hope kingsley will tell luscious soon.. We the Lion family we welcome him 😂😂 because i don't want any evil Plots again from Kingsley. 🚶🏽

  7. I’m pretty sure kingsley is the one in the casket. That’s why luscious was apologizing and why no one else was there with him.

  8. Sisters taking care of each other and even though they have issues they love and care about each other. This season is all about healing and new beginnings and I am loving it!

  9. Mskeshia TrustNoone

    So I think that Kingsley is going to get killed now that I put two and two together… My opinion but I don't know could be wrong 😄

  10. I am left without words after watching Cookie’s sister get mad at her for calling the police! I’m still trying to figure out who is in the coffin?!?

  11. This was a messed up episode. Her son has mental problems and beat his own mother. The psychological twist was to much. Sad that cookie had to call the police on her nephew and sad that her sister hates her for doing it.

  12. This episode was stupid abuse is wrong but dont blame a cop when he does his job remember you called him for help and turn around and say my he could of shot him smfh

  13. Okay so I just finished watching this episode and it's got me feeling some kind of way, so you're telling me when cookie came back to the house none of her son seen her???

  14. I don't ever want to love any man, woman or child to the point of where there life is more important than mine. Vivica's son was going to kill her had Cookie not intervened. Yet instead of being gracious, Vivica disowns Cookie for calling the cops that saved her life from a mental maniac.

  15. It seems like mothers would tell any number lies and go through all kinds of lengths to protect sons and also husband's who abuse them more than they would acknowledge, appreciate and give back the love, consideration, courtesy, respect and support given initially by their noble and loving sons and/or husbands. Maybe my mother would love, respect and want to protect me more if I were anyt like Franklin instead of speaking with me and treating me like she does because I'm sensitive and I care for her and my younger siblings. But soon enough I'll be going back to college and I don't think I'll call or visit again. I ain't mad but I'm done.

  16. I thought she was going to shoot him tbh not call the cops…personally i would've shot him in the leg or something. Also surprised the cops arrived in a few seconds too…..

  17. This season is so dope tho! I thought that we always see the same dramas in the show, same stories ect ect… But this season is fire and confirm to me how much I love Empire lol

  18. Candice is stupid for going off on cookie and slapping her after cookie called the police . Idgaf she always minding people’s business especially cookies n always nagging but when cookie in her business about her abuse she wanna get mad cuz the cops came n took her son. Her son would have went to jail either way ! She’s dumb Gonna her mad when her child almost killed her AND her sisters

  19. These bi-racial dudes on Empire got issues – from Kingsley to Franklin.

    And the way Candace treated Cookie was horrible. I get she was upset, but Cookie was trying to stop her from getting killed, not hurt Franklin.

  20. wow franklin hitting candace.. i did NOT expect that at all, it was really hard to watch.. cried my eyes out

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