I’ve been making videos on this YouTube channel for seven years! Aren’t you tired of seeing my face still, a little? In 7 years I have learned a lot of things! How to have subscribers, how to make views, how to have a seductive body – no not really about that Today I will share my knowledge with you in a video called …. How to appreciate Tex’s theater play?
no How to become a famous YouTuber? First trick. My friends, the first piece of advice I have, is something undeniable: Do not care about the quality of your videos. BUT IT’S TRUE! Because before seeing your videos what are we going to see? A thumbnail and a title! Yes! And if this doesn’t convince the person, then your video will never reach their eyes. How to perfect your title or miniature? it’s very simple. If you don’t have a lot of inspiration you can follow the W.A.F technique for the thumbnail Why W.A.F you ask? Well because it is abbreviation of White contour. Red arrow. Shocked face. And I know I didn’t put all of the letters in the abbreviation. It doesn’t make any sense. You know it! This recipe works every time. You are playing a video game, a bunny jumps a little high. Oh! This bunny has wings! It makes sense. In the youtube game it makes sense. You will then make a white-contour around the bunny and the wings. Put a red arrow pointing to it. And then put your face with a shocked expression on the other side of the picture. It’s not too bad, not too disgusting. But what is of the title? What captivates you the most? This bunny has wings. Or: THIS BUNNY HAS WINGS Or: THIS BUNNY HAS WINGS? Or: THIS BUNNY HAS WINGS ????!!!!??? Well it is a good thing, we agree. To facilitate all this don’t hesitate to do a shooting photo of yourself. With different expressions. It will be useful for 2-3 years. And you won’t have to do it anymore. *Music: Mr Blue Sky* THIS CHEESE HAS A FACE! THIS RAT IS SHOWERING?! THIS VIDEO IS SADDER THAN MY CHILDHOOD! YOU WILL NEVER GUESS HER AGE (11 years old obviously) Just be careful not to get older. Otherwise everyone is going to start to notice I AM SCHOCKED ! Hello and welcome to this new video. We are going to talk about… Hello and welcome to this new video… And don’t forget to always put your face on the miniatures. I want people to see only that when they open youtube. Did you know that you have already seen the faces of the people in your dreams? Because your brain isn’t capable of creating faces that it hasn’t seen before. I want that the dreams of people are filled with your faces. You meet a woman, she has your face! You meet an old dude, he has my face! You meet a dog, it has my face! That’s what its for!!!
(I don’t know how to make this photomontage) Manipulate peoples brains! Do it! Second Trick Do not ever forget why you started youtube. For the money!!! If the operations are following and if people are suspicious. Do not panic. You have enough money to buy adices on shitty websites. On awesome websites. These positive opinions will discredit the negative comments underneath your videos. These people will then question themselves. They will have hard days, and even weeks asking themselves why do they think differently, why they don’t follow the majority And all of this because of your cleverness Third Trick Have a good bottle of San Pelegrino every morning before shooting These delicious sparkling bubbles will allow you to clear your mind and produce good videos Fourth Trick Another thing I noticed since all this time is the importance to keep the same haircut from the beginning to the end So yes if you started at a very young age, you’re quite penalized we’re not gonna lie but if you started old like Antoine daniel, that works perfectly ! when we discovering a Youtuber for the first time, we feels something special about his hair cut months and years will pass, you’re going to change but your hair cut will be the same when he will be back, watching your videos,the subscriber will have this special feeling a second time and will then be destined, without realizing it, to be addicted to your hair cut and have a dose of endorphins monumental in each video of you. Why did I keep the same haircut for years, if it wasn’t for the pleasure. It’s the strategy that many you tubers have understood but do not share with you, unlike me.


  1. Si tu t'abonne 👆
    Je m'abonne no Fake ❤️
    Mes un commentaire dans ma dernière vidéo pour bien confirmer si tu t Abonné 😘.

  2. Comment ça on s'en fou de la qualité des vidéos ? Pour avoir des followers, c'est un point très important, non ? (dit la fille qui a 179 abonnés ^^'). En tout cas merci pour cette vidéo tu me fais toujours autant rire !! Je vais me mettre à la san pellegrino, ça m'aidera surement XD !

  3. Je fais moi aussi des vidéos sur YouTube, venez les voir pour m'aider à m'améliorer… 😂
    Hahahahahaha… Non mais vraiment. 😂

  4. J'ai adoré ta vidéo, bravo ! Tu t'améliores de mieux en mieux. Je fais moi aussi du gaming sur ma chaîne.N'hésitez pas à venir me dire ce que vous en pensez pour que je m'améliore !
    Le premier qui dit que j'ai copié je le signal 😉

  5. moi ça servirais a reins je fais du gacha et tu devrais savoir se que se son les gacha squeezie c'est a toujour mis en avant !

  6. 13ème astuces demandé à Squeeze de vous faire de la pub

    Fais moi de la pub stp
    Même si tu va pas le faire car mes vidéos c'est… Or📀 merci pour ton tuto

  7. Oui bé Lucas, mon petit Lucas, vas falloir en faire une bientôt pour les 15 000 000 a quand va s'arrêter ce phénomène interplanétaire ?? 🤔🤔🤔 😘 Love, continue 😉

  8. Je trouve que tu t'améliore beaucoup dans la réalisation de tes vidéos, ton jeu d'acteur est meilleur de jour en jour, de vidéo en vidéo.
    Merci beaucoup de nous offrir ce chef d'œuvre de l'audiovisuel !

  9. Bravo pour la vidéo, tu joues de mieux en mieux la comédie et les blague sont fluides et naturelles.
    Je fais moi aussi dés cour-métrages, n’hésitez pas à venir me dire ce que vous en pensez pour que je m’améliore.

  10. Celui qui s'abonne je m'abonne, y a juste à laisser dans une de mes vidéos "+1 abo" je vérifie et si c'est bon, je m'abonne.

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