CLUTTER FREE HOME TIPS » 10 Habits for a clutter-free home

CLUTTER FREE HOME TIPS » 10 Habits for a clutter-free home

No matter how much we declutter or organize our home, life gets messy sometimes and our home can easily get cluttered and disorganized again if we let it. In this video, I want to share 10 of
my daily habits for a clutter free home. Hello there, welcome back to Simple Happy
Zen, it’s Vera. Over the last 6 years or so, we’ve decluttered
our home many times and I haven’t kept count unfortunately, but I’d say we’ve gotten
rid of at least 60% of our stuff, maybe even more. And this has invited a lot more simplicity
into our home, and it’s a lot easier to keep it clean and organized and clutter-free. If you’ve done some decluttering yourself,
or maybe you’re going through the process right now, then this video can help you to
stay on track, and keep your home free of clutter, and easier to clean and organize
on a day to day basis. The first habit I do is something I call twice
a day, twice a year. So twice a day I do a quick tidy in my home. For me, it works best in the morning after
breakfast, and in the evening after dinner. But you could also do it before going to bed
for example. My quick tidies usually take about 10 minutes. In the morning, I unload the dishwasher so
I can fill it up during the day and I don’t have to leave any dirty dishes out. I will also make the bed. I’ll fold the laundry if needed, And just walk around my space, seeing if things are left out, and then tidying them up. In the evening, I do a quick cleaning of my
kitchen after making dinner, and I’ll wipe down surfaces. The twice a year, I do a declutter. Because I’ve already done so much decluttering,
twice a year is enough for me, but you could do it more often. I always do it at the end of summer, and at
the end of winter. I’ll go over my things and see
if I’ve used them last season. For example after winter, I’ll go over my
winter clothes and see if I’ve worn them at all. So this twice a day, twice a year works well
for me to keep my home clutter free and not let things pile up. And if you want more info about how to declutter
your home, then I recommend watching this video, where I walk you through decluttering
step by step. Second habit I do is borrow things I don’t
need on a regular basis. I don’t like to keep a lot of items in my
home, that take up space in case I might need them some day in the future. So if you don’t need an item regularly,
instead of buying it, see if you can rent it or borrow it from some place. And just return it after you’re done using it. If it turns out you’re wanting
to use it more often, you can always buy it later. Number 3 is communicating to people around you about the type of gifts you do want to receive, and gifts you don’t want to receive. And also daring to declutter gifts you’ve
received in the past as well. If people want to give you a gift, then of
course you appreciate their kindness and you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But if you keep getting gifts from everyone,
it can hard to keep your home clutter free, especially if you have kids. So if you let people know what type of gifts
you like to receive, it can help them to pick something out for you as well. For example gift cards and consumables are
both great because they don’t clutter up your home, and almost everyone enjoys using them. Number 4 of the clutter free home tips, is
to be mindful of freebies. Don’t bring things into your home, just
because they’re free or because they were very cheap. If you can get a free mug for example, take
a short moment to think, do I actually like this mug? Do I want to keep it in my home? If so, great, you got a new free mug! And
if not, then just don’t take it. Habit number 5 is something I always do and
it works very well. Before bringing something into your home,
take a short moment to ask yourself, what effect will this thing have on my life? Will it contribute to something positive,
or will it add to my clutter, or debt, or to-do list. Now this may sound a bit dramatic, but that’s
not how I mean it. It’s just that sometimes we want something,
but if we really think about it, it can also have some negative effects on our life. For example, if you buy something, maybe it can add to your debt. Maybe this item is very time consuming
to maintain. Or maybe you know that you’ll look at something
for a month, and then it will just sit there, cluttering up your coffee table. If the goods outway the bad, then you’ll
know an item is worth it. Number 6 for keeping your home free of clutter
is the one in, one out rule. It simply means if you buy something new,
it has to replace something similar in your home. I’ve talked about this before so I’m not
going to go into it here now. But I just want to mention that this rule is not
so much a rule, but more like a guideline. You can use it for specific areas in your
home under control. Like your wardrobe for example. Or for me, my mugs and glasses and that kind
of stuff. Next clutter free habit on the list, is a
very simple, but powerful principle. And that is if something in your home, a task, a chore, can be done in 5 minutes or less, then do it right away. I’m by nature kind of a messy person. I can easily ignore the mess, or just kind
of deny it’s there. If I’m busy, I just don’t want to deal
with it. And this habit helps me to take care of it
anyway, because even though I think I can just leave it, I know it will bug me in the
end if I don’t clean it up. Another thing that this habit helps me with,
is to keep projects small and manageable. For example, if I notice that a lamp fixture
is dusty, my natural instinct is not to grab a cloth and clean it up. My natural instinct is to take a look at the other lamp
fixtures in my home, and see if they are also dusty, and then make a big project of it in my head. Clean all the lamps in my home. And since that will take some time, it will
become a to-do in my mind that I will likely procrastinate. But with this habit, I know that cleaning one lamp fixture that I’m noticing is dusty will take me 5 minutes or less, I will take care of it right away And because I do it with everything I’m noticing now, all kinds of small things,
my home is cleaner overall because of it. Next habit is a classic, but a very good one
so I thought I’d share it with you here. And that is to give everything you have a
home. Make sure all your items have a place where
they belong. Not having to think about where to put something
can help you to tidy up quickly, and keep your home clutter free and organized. It also helps you to identify places that are spinning
out of control, a drawer, a desk, and declutter that place if needed. Number 9 is a new habit of mine that I’ve adopted quite recently and that really helps, and that is to have a designed place in your home to put everything
that needs to go, that needs to leave your home. Decluttering your home is a constant thing
we have to keep up with. So every time you notice an item that
you don’t really need anymore. having a designated place to put that before it leaves the house can make it easier for your to get rid of it Or if I have a gift lying around that I’m
going to give to a friend in 2 weeks when I see her, I will also put that there. Otherwise, since it doesn’t have a place
in my home where it belongs, it will just wander here and there and drive me crazy. Next clutter free habit is to deal with paper
clutter immediately or as fast as possible. Even in this digital age, we still have a
lot paper clutter. And this can be mail, receipts, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, photographs even. Have a system in place for everything that you want to keep, to store that easily, and recycle the paper clutter that you don’t have to
keep. Another thing you can try is going digital as much as possible, so taking photos of your receipts so you don’t have to store the originals for example. And I also just like to contact companies that send me mail, to ask them if they can send it to me by email Thanks so much for watching, make sure to
subscribe to the channel for weekly videos, and I’ll see you soon. Bye bye!

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  2. Wow, all 10 tips are useful. I simply loved the first one though. Your home defines your personality. And you dont look like a messy person – I laughed when you said that. Also, the lampshade example is perfect. sometimes, I just wait for the right time even if it takes less than a minute to dust off a furniture item. Lots of love to you. Have a wonderful weekend! 😊

  3. hey vera ! nice video..
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  4. Very useful advice! I have been using a clear plastic bin in the corner of a tiny spare room I have (it's very tiny, so I just dry my laundry there), to put in items I want to get rid of and it's very useful! Especially because I declutter hobby items (books, video games…) in cycles. That way, they won't be in the way because I don't always have time to go to donate them or trade them in immediately. When it's filled and when I have the time, I get rid of it all in one go. I usually schedule an afternoon to do so.

  5. great tips as always, Vera! I've practiced most of this during my year of being a minimalist and I can confirm this has helped me have a clutter free home 🙂

  6. Awesome tips <3
    I really appreciate the moment when I sussed out the importance of minimalism; as I believe it is the authentic meaning of liberty.

  7. RefinedSimplicity

    Great advice Vera ! I definitely agree about having a designated spot to put items for donation. I also try to find one item every day to get rid of such as a book I won’t reread or an old towel etc. Some days I might find more items but the goal is always at least one item. Love all your plants !

  8. It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished in 5 minutes! That and staging items to leave the house are my two favorites from your list. 😘

  9. Well that was very pleasant and informative. Nature is the best example of minimalism: everything has its place, nothing is wasted because everything gets recycled in one form or another. I think that when people spend more time out in nature then they naturally can't help but to want to live clutter (as well as litter) free. Mother Nature is a very good teacher.

  10. Vera, I love that you brought up the whole “freebie” issue. In my profession, companies constantly give away free pens, water bottles, and some types of books. I have learned over the last few years to turn down said items because they were forcing me to declutter every season. I then had to try to recycle the pens and plastic water bottles even when most of these are not recyclable; broke students would often take some of the pens. As for the textbooks, I didn’t have any use for most of them, so I had to try to give them away . All of this is utterly time-consuming frustration. I, therefore, stopped entertaining or accepting giveaways. One woman was shocked that I didn’t want a water bottle; she thought “everyone could use a water bottle.” So I said to her, “yes, everyone can use a water bottle but not six of them!” She just assumed I had no water bottle when I have two and have gotten rid of four.😖🤦🏾‍♀️

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    I am Indonesian…and i loveee your chanel so help me organize my home..i want my friends to wach your chanel too..but they don't understand English..can i help them by giving a subtitle for your content?

  14. Hi Vera great video especially liked the one in one out idea as well as the lampshade scenario ☺️ best to do a bit at a time to keep on top of things instead of letting things snowball into a much larger and tiring job ? I’m winning with my de cluttering it does help me feel less stressed when trying to find things and makes me appreciate what I have so much more, unfortunately my husbands stuff is another matter that is definitely a work in progress but I will chip away at it wish me luck ❤️ all the best to you 🧘‍♀️

  15. Remember if you borrow, you must be willing to repay for damaged or lost things . The borrower is slave to the lender Prov. 22:7

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    I keep asking for no gifts. I’m probably verging on being aggressive about it 😂😂 for my daughters birthday we included a charity donation envelope with the invite. X

  18. 100% on board with gift cards instead of gifts that never get used or just clutter spaces. We just need to find the proper approach to bring it up to family/friends and we should be set!
    Thanks for the tips! I'm planning on doing some Spring cleaning in the next couple of weeks and will definitely use them.
    I also just published a Spring Cleaning for Your Mind video in case you or someone else here want to incorporate in their routines.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 lovely video.

  19. Hi our family did a big declutting weekend it was great about 300 blags later all the stuff out of the loft all gone my mam had cancer now our home is calm declutted clean and tidy all good best thing we ever did

  20. Thank me. I saved you 9 minutes of your life.
    1. twice a day quick tidy, twice a year clothing declutter
    2. borrow things you don't use regularly
    3. Communicate gifts you wanna receive
    4. beware freebies
    5. one in – one out (remove similar items)
    6. if it takes < 5 min, DO IT
    7. give all items a home where they belong
    8. keep projects small an manageable
    9. have a "things that need to go" place
    10. deal with paper clutter immediately / go digital as much as possible

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  24. I thought I was the only one who turned everything into a giant project in her mind and then procrastinated over it! From now on, I shall just spend the five minutes to GET IT DONE. As they say, DONE is better than perfect (especially when perfect is only in the IMAGINATION!) Many thanks for these great tips! 👍

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