Chrissy Teigen Cooks Up Dishes That Will Have You Craving More

Chrissy Teigen Cooks Up Dishes That Will Have You Craving More

This is your second cookbook. Yes. There’s a lot of
pictures, family photos. A lot. A lot of sharing, a lot of– New dogs, new everything. OK, so– Babies. –what are we making today? We’re making mushroom
nachos with crispy shallots. I know you’re pretty
healthy, so I pretend that these are very healthy. They’re not? First things first,
we have margaritas. All right. Because why not? Why not? Yeah. All right. Cheers. Great show. [APPLAUSE] Delicious. Oh, that is good. So we have some
mushrooms sauteing. [LAUGHTER] This is salty. I know. That’s why I moved the salt. Some butter and oil
with the shallots. We’re going to
just stir that up. You want me to do that? Yeah, you can do it. All right, you talk
about other stuff. Do you like to cook even? No, I don’t know how to cook. Really? No, but I can stir. The cool thing
about these nachos, actually, is it’s
on a baking sheet, so every little bite gets some
cheese, gets some mushroom. You don’t have that
wasted nacho space. So we just take this. We sprinkle it all over. Oh, there’s some herbs and
spices and stuff in it too. Just go online and
get the recipe. Yeah, that’s beautiful, Ellen. Just definitely
exactly like that. Oh. That’s perfect. We’re going to add some cheese. Is that what you meant? That’s exactly what I meant. Kind of, right? Does Portia cook? No. Oh my god. You guys are great
together then. [LAUGHTER] She cooks a little bit. Lots of extra cheese. Look at all this. I mean, why not, right? That’s too much cheese. Is it? I think. Is it ever? Lots of tomatoes. I believe in more of
everything on this. All right. It’s never too much. All right. The cookware is from
your line too, right? It is, yes. Look at this, you guys. I actually have it
two ways in the book. That’s beautiful. There is a meat option. Then we pop this under. I’m so scared that
something is– And then it looks like this. And then it looks like that. That’s beautiful. Oh, it’s so gorgeous. Look at it. That’s so good. Every single layer. [APPLAUSE] But you can do
this, like you said. You could do this with chicken. This is a 10-minute meal. Actually, it’s 15 minutes. You’re going to saute
for a little bit. Yeah, you can do
it with chicken. You can do it with
anything you want. All right. And then these are pretzels? What are these. These are my pretzels two ways. You can pick which
way you want to do it. But I have the dough
all premade here, and I want to see if
you can make a pretzel. Oh. All right. You just do whatever I do. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. OK, then you go like this. [LAUGHTER] Oh, I made it too long. Oh, dear. All right. This is the margarita. Do a little heart. Yeah A little twisty twist. OK. A little pinch. Don’t you ever pass
by Auntie Anne’s? Do you go to the mall? No. [LAUGHTER] When was the last time
you were at a mall? Oh. It’s been a while. Really? [LAUGHTER] Well, I’m going to take
you to Auntie Anne’s. All right. I’ll go with you. OK, we’re going to drizzle– oh, what is– [LAUGHING] It’s a heart. That’s beautiful. Well, you just said
to make a heart. You didn’t do a twisty twist. Well, I tried to twisty twist. Let’s just make log. We can do pretzel
sticks for you. OK. [LAUGHTER] So let’s just pinch it. All right. And then we’ll do
some sticky sticks. All right. Yeah, that’s great. Sticky sticks. Some people prefer sticks. All right. All right. Can you brush them
with some butter? Yeah, yeah. [LAUGHTER] And then look, look what I made. And then you did it, wow. Yeah, look what I made. [APPLAUSE] Let’s put more butter on them,
get that cinnamon sugar going. Cinnamon sugar? Yeah. Wow. Keeping it healthy
with the nachos. The book is over there. It’s called Cravings:
Hungry for More. Oh, and there too. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere in
bookstores sold. And today, you’re all
going home with a book. [CHEERING] We’ll be back.

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  1. anybody notice the disappointment on that guy's face at 3:39 (top left corner) when Ellen says "you're going home with a book"

  2. The pretzel looks soo good that I wanna make one now. I'm not a fan of pretzels but the homemade ones look soo good and now I'm in the mood for one.

  3. Ellen doesn’t cook…Portia doesn’t cook…what are they gonna eat for thanksgiving…what have they been surviving on…😟

  4. You guys all saying she’s cool she made a book with stuff that you can literally get at a little league game😂😂😂 y’all really need someone to tell you how to make nachos

  5. Chrissy talks about eating Pork Rinds those animals are horribly abused their ears are cut off and they scream in agony she should think about going Vegan very selfish to not in these days! Very Selfish!!!

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