Charlie Puth’s Songland Selection: “Bad Habit,” by Songwriter Zach Sorgen – Songland 2019

Charlie Puth’s Songland Selection: “Bad Habit,” by Songwriter Zach Sorgen – Songland 2019

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  1. Charlie announced he wouldn’t be releasing Bad Habit after tonight’s show. He wants the original songwriter Zach to release it.

  2. I'm Indonesian and I don't know everything about this. What is this show mean? Cuz it's so great show and I wanna know about it. Songland selection? Anyone tell me about these all? I'm so excited to know them, though Charlie was there and thats amazing…

  3. Bummed that Charlie isn't recording this after all. The recorded song by Zach that was released instead sounds nothing like this version. Really wanted this! 🙁

  4. ME: Igot a-
    me: habit.

  5. 🎵 Songland so far:🎵
    Episode – Producer | Song Name – Artist
    EP. 01 – Shane | We Need Love – John Legend

    EP. 02 – Ester | Be Nice – Will i am

    EP. 03 – Ryan | Better Luck Next Time – Kelsey Ballerini

    EP. 04 – Ester | Greenlight – Jonas Brothers

    EP. 05 – Ryan | Hurt Me – Meghan Trainor

    EP. 06 – Ryan | Getting Started – Aloec Blacc

    EP. 07 – Shane | Shadow – Macklemore

    EP. 08 – Shane | Young – Old Dominion

    EP. 09 – Ryan | Solo Quiero (Somebody to Love) – Leona Lewis

    EP. 10 – Ryan | Bad Habit – Charlie Puth

    EP. 11 – Predicts? Who will produce One Republic song?

    – RYAN: x5

    – SHANE: x3

    – ESTER: x2

    I really love music and this tv show is amazing! Hope to see a second season with this three producers and new great artists for sure.
    Cheers from Argentina! 🇦🇷

  6. so you are telling me that there some amazing songwriters like zach out there yet to be discovered but we still get that hag sw*ft shoved down our throats smh

  7. I love this so much. I love Zach's original and edited version as well as Charlie's version. I hope it gets released soon <3

  8. I wish there was a full ver of this song…..The one on spotify is of his original ver :/ Ugh, Puth why couldn't you just record it.

  9. WTF?!? Charlie isn't going to record the song now. That's not how the show was designed to work. The song is supposed to be ready to drop the night of the airing. Puth screwed the pooch.

  10. I got into Berklee years ago, its super competitive to get in (especially for guitarists and singers). Berklee is a great music school, and not surprised at all that Charlie went there. Music is a career that calls for a lot of sacrifice. It shows a lot about Charlie that he was willing to support someone else's career, remembering the sacrifices he made. Makes me like Charlie's music even more! Way to go!

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    Love this song. Love Charlie's new haircut. It's too bad we have to leave NBC's Songland and immediately go to YouTube–but where is Charlie singing this? It was great to catch the preview on Songland at the end of the show. This show will definitely get an Emmy!..oh, save me some seats!

  12. If Charlie really wants to help Zach, he should release this song as a duet with him. That would give Zach way more limelight. Running away from the song is not very respectful with Songland nor with the other 3 songs he did not pick…

  13. Hey guys, want Charlie Puth to release this song to the public as an official video. Also, this is how many times Charlie Puth will get this song stuck in his head and he'll have to release it.
    👇 Click this like button.

  14. I want to hear this version so bad! I know Charlie didn't end up recording it, but I hope we get to hear Zach's version produced by Ryan! Come on, Songland! 🙂 .

  15. If Charlie won't release it One Republic should release. It's a really good song. It's even better than most of the songs in the charts right now.

  16. I think what really happened is that Charlie was about the release new numeric and didn’t want this song to interfere with his plans. Notice how other featured artists weren’t in the middle of a release when they participated in the show. That’s the music industry…

  17. I like this song/version way more than the one that was released. This one is so cool. The released version that I found on Spotify is boring and doesn’t have that catchy part.

  18. I know it was Noble of Charlie to give the song back…. But honestly from a marketing perspective it would've done the artist greater good to have Charlie release the song.

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