Chaffetz on FISA abuse scandal: Some people need to be in ‘handcuffs’

Chaffetz on FISA abuse scandal: Some people need to be in ‘handcuffs’

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  1. If the government won't, or can't punish their own members & employees, are Citizen arrests out of the question…?

    How to make a citizen's arrest?

    Know the grounds for arrest.

    Know the punishments for the crime you’re attempting an arrest for.

    Know the risks.

    Bring multiple recording devices.

    When making the arrest, have a copy of the relevant statutes in hand, and do it politely.

    A citizen's arrest is an arrest made by a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. In common law jurisdictions, the practice dates back to medieval England and the English common law , in which sheriffs encouraged ordinary citizens to help apprehend law breakers .

  2. The military has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so help me God. They need to Lock and Load and straighten this s*** out. This is not politics. This is treason. Flat-out treason. You attack a country's Constitution and you attack its borders. You have attacked the country. If you are a citizen of that country, it is treason. The Rosenbergs were executed for much less. Treason is treason.

  3. The whole Benghazi thing with the selling of weapons to our enemies. Was that treason? If you don't think so you're a bleeding idiot. And you deserve what they deserve. What's the matter with you people are you stupid. You're in the best country on the fucken planet. Defend it.

  4. These people have trafficked in practically everything illegal. You name it, children, women, drugs and weapons to our enemies. They are traitors.

  5. It's no wonder other countries hate the USA. No telling what the clowns have done overseas. It's going to take the military to step in and bring Justice. Nothing else will work.

  6. President Trump's letter to Nancy Pelosi was a perfect letter nothing wrong with it absolutely perfect but Nancy will say he was trying to bribe her that he is interfering in the 2020 election and he is putting our national security at risk. They will use the letter to impeach him in 2020 claiming he is not above the law and they are protecting our constitution.

  7. The swamp will not allow it. They are untouchable. Lisa Page still works at the FBI. The FBI lawyer that altered the document to "not" still works there too. Why no investigation on Biden? Because he and Grahmnesty are best buddies and have "traveled all over the world together". Face it, the corrupt deep state swamp rats are in control and answer to no one.

  8. The dems are accountable in destroying the trust of. the American people to the unfair process of impeachment that just happened. It is the wish of many to abolish the Democratic Party and replace with a new with term limits.

  9. Ringading. They r untouchable if little barry n the clintons n their shimmering down legs. Cia. Fbi. Cia. Etc. There would b riots/fire bomings. This last budget. Per ron paul. If every body doesnt get what they want. They will cause termoil n. Get their money. Get behind me satan. Ever consider doing the rite thing n letting the chips fall? If i had a property management firm that acted like you. What a shineing exposea
    Of the bannana republic n how all they r criminal entities unto themselves. Amurica. The last. great rumage/yard sale. You shills shall rue the day. I step thru you. Over you. I dont consent. I dont recognise you. All your whitewashed instituitions. All of it is as it never existed☺

  10. HEY JASON. LOL!!! YOU think this is something?? America is the dumbest nation in the world if you think this is something special!!! I am laughing so hard!!!!! Corrupt Justice system?? HAHA!!!!!! This has been the way they do business in Illinois EXPECIALLY(extra specialy) Cook County Illinois, the home of the always highest ranking corrupt mafia government of Chicago, Illinois! Operation GRAylord ANYONE!! HAHA!! Great job Barack! Bringing Chicago style politics to the National Level!! Lou…Can you hear me??

  11. The is the worst Democrat Party the country has ever experienced. Let's pray it never gets this bad ever again. Archive all videos for the future history classes to review.

  12. People need to be jailed and held accountable. By God . If not we will never have trust in the system. I agree with Lou Disband the fisa court.

  13. Christopher Wray is the jelly back that is running this fiasco….he was brought in to fix the problem, but has done nothing to rectify the situation.
    The judiciary is so weak it’s pathetic. This is the same result every time a suit wearing criminal goes to court….what sort of judge would say that rubbish? Oh that’s right….an Obama appointee…..another money grabbing criminal dressed in court robes. Disgraceful. The people will end up solving this issue themselves because the judiciary won’t. Courts are weak and pathetic on white collar crime. But hard and tough on blue collar crime. This is elitist.

  14. If nobody is arrested before tax season I will no longer pay taxes in America the liberal Democrat socialist are wasting hundreds of billions of our dollars on illegal immigrant sanctuary cities they are destroying our public School system they are destroying our cities no justice no taxes no justice no taxes no justice no taxes no justice no taxes

  15. I miss mr Chaffetz and mr Gowdy,in congress,I fought for the American people,but other Republicans have stepped up,to protect the rights of the American people, they've been trying to impeach our president,since 2016,Maxine waters inciting violence against conservatives that support trump,and all those never trumpers especially in the FBI and the DOJ,alot of things the dems have done they're blaming Trump,they know Barr and Durham is gonna put cuffs on the guilty, they hate Mr Trump more than they love America,they have been trying this for a long time,that shows bias and partisan,

  16. Chaffetz is a hero, and is missed greatly in the HoR…wish we could watch him thunder away with Jim Jordan and Doug Collins. Hope after the major cleansing is done in the House and Senate, he decides to go back into public service.

  17. The treasionious coup that destroyed the demacratic party needs to personally pay taxpayers back, for the cost of this sham .

  18. I regret in so many ways that Jason and Gowdy left the congress! But now when I think of it im glad they did! The congress is nothing but a shame to humanity.

  19. They do need to be in jail, yet they are not, WTF, so when will they stop telling us what WE ALL KNOW, and do something about it…GEEZZZZZ….

  20. that title FISA COURT ISSUES PUBLIC REBUKE OF FBI FOR MISTAKES IN PAGE FISA APPLICATION ??? (they were not "mistakes" they did it ON PURPOSE) By the FISA court saying that you know the FISA court is corrupt.

  21. Obvious how civilian corrupt law has entered and infiltrated the old good school of government law. Like a parasitic cancer destroying everything in its path with only one purpose, monetary gain through showboating. If one defends a lier then that lawyer is the creator of new lies. What a parasitic cycle of corrupt lies that took over our government decades ago. Truth always wins. Thank the Gods for that gift.

  22. Question: If the courts were deceived and granted warrants they would not have granted otherwise, can those warrants be retroactively declared invalid?

    Does General Flynn have a legal case to make to throw the warrants out, and thereby legally nullify everything that occurred as a direct result of the illegal surveillance?


  24. It isn't weakness it is collusion with the FBI and their underhanded dealings. How many of the judges on the FSIA court are Democrats? Where does the swamp get off having a SECRET court to begin with. This Russian government started back in the Clinton / Bush years. Both parties are bad.

  25. the people are finally taking their blinders off, wake up everyone, they have been spying on everyone since the digital world started

  26. Is anyone else having videos removed from this site? I answered some posts yesterday on Pelosi, YouTube tells me I have replies but no video comes up, it's deleted.

  27. The Penny Ante Democrats now want to add Insult to Injury with the Senate , trying to dictate and demand the Senate House to bend to their whims ….. They have jumped the shark and are screwing the pooch and trying to catch the last train out on the Red Eye… But this is such a solemn occasion for them that they forgot their actions speak louder then biting their bottom lips…

  28. FISA Courts and Judges should be bringing hell and fire down on these fraudulent warrants. America, we have been scammed. We have been played by the FBI and the FISA Courts. These scandals are incredibly wrong and everyone involved should be investigated, should lose their security clearances, be fired, and publicly disgraced.

  29. if we lied a judge and the court the court and judges would be fired up to find out why and reason for it then make samples of them so others would not try it again.

  30. 17 major mistakes by very experienced people which is not likely to occur, lets be generous though: 1 out of 5. Then all 17 mistakes are damaging for Trump, lets be conservative again: 1 out of 2. So the likelyhood that this has happened just by chance is smaller than: 0.2^17 * 0.5^17 = 0.1^17 = 0.000000000000000001 = 1 out of hundred billion trillion. But according Comey there is no intentionality. Only narcissists suffer from such a level of egomania that they think that we are that stupid.

  31. Comey is definitely down under 7 layers of deep s***. He doesn't know it yet, because he is a little slow, and when you are full of it, you hardly notice the difference, but mark my words, he will eventually end up in jail for misuse of power.

  32. What you mean to tell me that nothing going to happen to these people ahhh hell no. We need to call our congressman and tell them someone or all need to go to jail

  33. I can only hope that ALL the Swamp creatures will be thrown in jail and given the maximum sentence, for the entire Corruption that they have been imposing on Americans for DECADES. I know it's very complicated, but the HAMMER has to start dropping NOW! IT. IS. TIME!


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