Caught On Camera: Workers Abuse Migrant Children

Caught On Camera: Workers Abuse Migrant Children

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  1. Well, this is what happens when you have a president and executive administration that does not "sweat the details" and has an authoritarian nature "If the state does it or a proxy of the state, then the action is justified". Trump's actions had consequences and the child separation policy is one that will damage this country for years to come.

  2. I’ve honestly seen so much hate in the comments and I just want to say that even though my parents were illegal, I’m not a parasite or gang member or piece of filth. I’m going to college, majoring in biology, minoring in computer science, and I’m going to develop technology to make medical attention more accessible and affordable in underdeveloped countries. I don’t deserve to be beaten or thrown out. And don’t blame children for not having the best futures when we’re not given chances. Don’t be surprised when white kids end up okay when they have everything handed to them and benefits from privilege because of where they were born (I don’t hate white ppl btw, just facts). And honestly some of you people that show no empathy for kids getting abused really scare me. Rant done.

  3. Lol y’all better respond to me with the same hate you were commenting, I’m really curious about what you have to say. Justify beating kids to me, justify abusing children to me. Do it.

  4. Libtards hate the country's founding. They support globalist commie/fascists, gun confiscation, and 3rd. world illegal immigration…

  5. Dear TYT, please do a report on the slain police officer in California. This is big news and you’re ignoring it. Is it because he was Indian? Thanks

  6. Lol how did I get here? Every time I watch this channel and look the story up afterwards. I ALWAYS find that yall be twisting facts and shit. I'm outta here, 0 credibility.

  7. Supervisors at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. provided fake green cards and Social Security numbers to undocumented employees. Anibal Romero, a lawyer representing five immigrants turned the fraudulent documents over to the FBI. The FBI said they will coordinate with the New Jersey attorney general, who are investigating employment practices at Trump’s club.

  8. I refuse to sub you Tyt cause of few ridiculous statements made by your anchors especially Anna, Cenk and Hasan but i do watch your videos every other day and love your channel lol

  9. Slaine the Horned God

    I can’t stand people that have too many kids and can’t care for them, let alone drag them to another country. Disgusting

  10. Bayonne Blasphemer

    Once again, TYT hits a right wing nerve, and the bots and the trolls come out swinging their pathetic, weak-ass fists. It''s so adorable how the bots are actually smarter.

  11. Even in the first world our children need discipline, and third world children are far worse and need it instilled even more

  12. Have TYT done a segment on illegals who kidnap, rape, and murder American citizens? I mean I've seen a few on 20/20. I hope TYT does one soon! They have the best reporting journalism!!!! Ask any of them!

  13. All TYT cares about
    is the Ju World Order.
    And they will use anyone
    to acheive it, especislly those
    they have impoverished, while
    blaming it on someone else.
    TYT = Mossad.

  14. beach boy – fake
    gas baby – fake
    ambulance kid – fake
    crying kid – fake
    gas kids – fake
    abuse kid – fake

    it's all fake, it's all staged, it's all bullshit 😀

  15. Let’s not forget the fact that through out their immigration journey these children are unaccompanied by their parents. Isn’t that worse???

  16. Hey Trump supporters, instead of whining about the video being either fake or before Trump's time. Why dont we work to make sure this doesnt happen in the first place?

  17. Anything that shatters the narrative of conservatives is fake news. They can't handle reality, they can't handle the real world consequences of their ideals. They want to believe in boogeymen because they can't handle the fact that they're the real monsters.

  18. I believe that America also owes to its people who suffered from the injustice of slavery reparations. I believe that it is a fair path toward racial healing to compensate those whom suffered and are still suffering from this immoral plight. All people of color suffered from this including Latino and indigenous people. We should demand reparations now!

  19. I believe this show has alterio motives, to cause racial tension, divide the people and to scare minorities into believing we're inferior and hopeless to white folks but these "Turks" work for political people. The heavy set guy actually wanted to run for President for Republicans?? Check his background he's even very close with the owner of YouTube, The Advertise TV Show is authentic not this trash..

  20. Bitter Romney Snipes at Trump in Wash Post

    politics has been simplified greatly by president trump. it is establishment vs the people of america. if you are a globalist you are anti trump and a traitor. it is that simple. all of these other issues are symptoms of the disease known as globalism. unless we cut the globalist out of our body politic america will die. Understand this and never forget, many want america to die but they have no clue how filthy rotten disgusting and miserable life will become for everybody but the elite few under one world communism. they hate our guts, you are a fool to think otherwise. that is why they are intentionally ruining our kids by sexualizing them at an early age and insuring they learn nothing of value in school and to hate america…. they are also evil to the nth degree. they consider us subhuman and justify how they will treat us for that reason.

  21. Reading the comments I see only a few idiots LEFT still suffering from Trump derangement syndrome,. At this stage, TYT is just a meme of itself

  22. Love TYT! Would be cool to see "Steel Man" arguments between u guys about stuff like medicare for all (or free speech etc). I nominate JOHN and CENK. I would love to see John FOR, and Cenk AGAINST. (Anna could be moderator).

  23. this is what happens when the most obvious question is never asked during hiring – are you racist ? why are we surprised whenever these kinds o' incidents occur, especially when we know racists tend to go for jobs precisely like this because they know there will never be any long term consequences for their inhumane treatment o' people they despise. they get to act out their perverse fantasies under legal cover…

  24. Serves them right. Honestly he didn't go far enough. Prison ain't supposed to be cupcakes and lollipops. We need to be tougher so they stop invading our country.

  25. lol what. If the children aren't yours YOU CANT TOUCH THEM Like thAt. if they haven't done anything wrong You cant treat them like that and finally these are migrant children , Key word children forget them being immigrants at least treat them with love and respect. And to see so many comments on (this isn't child abuse, or should have done worst) is honestly so disappointing

  26. Interesting how the like/dislike ratio is 6 to 1 currently, but the supportive/hateful comment ratio is the reverse.

  27. A video from September, great. Dragging a child is not abuse. You don't know if the child is a troublemaker. The pushing and shoving is abuse. Now…are you guys going to cover what happened in California? An illegal immigrant who is a gang banger murdered a cop. He was deported twice and a sheriff blames the sanctuary laws. This officer is now permanently separated from his wife and 5 month old son. You guys are so quick to talk about this but not about the death of a cop. The cop was a legal immigrant, murdered by an illegal immigrant.

  28. You want ms13 type growing up in your community this is the type of crap that creates it. Way to go supporters! Create a generation of migrants that will f$&king hate us…. U stupid stupid supporters… Fox cons, hate only grows more hate. Create a reason. Ugly gross sick greedy fcks.

  29. Not only dragging beating but raping goes on and when reported to police nothing it seems. FEMA does not have background checks either.

  30. That police sergeant needs to get fired people should make sure this criminal officer's that likes children getting abuse loses his job that is not what real law enforcement is sad part about it he is Hispanic by his last name i am sure his parents or grandparents didnt come here illegally at some point but i am sure they did , fire that terrible cop these children didnt did any crime they shouldnt get this kind of treatment

  31. Wow, like, 'liberals' have just started caring about immigrants at the border, they never gave a toss before Trump.
    Wierd, it's almost as if they don't care at all, but are using this as part of a political agenda?

    I saw kids getting hit by rocks and being shoved. I’ve heard about children dying in the desert because their parents forced them to keep going. I’ve heard about children being raped in caravans. I've heard about diseased children without any proper care. I've read that on conservative and a few objective news sites. Did they even bring any of that up on TYT? If they did; for how long did they show disgust towards the organized caravan or the children’s so-called parent(s)?

    It’s when a few cases, out of thousands of children getting pushed around at a facility I get to hear the disgust.
    This is what we mean by Fake News.

  33. Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns

    And yet…..this doesn't surprise me one bit. Those children they were suppose to return to those families and they don't know where they are, wouldn't surprise me if they are working in the bowels of Mar-a-lago or some of 🍄rump's rich buddies mansions used as sex or house slaves.

  34. is that all that happened they only got fired that's dumb these children are probably mentally scarred for life and the fact the adults can do it again is just stupid

  35. I think the worker was A democrat, the ugly history of the democrat party is still haunting it. Ban the democrat party.

  36. That "kid" just swing his hand at the worker.. will you all pretend that didn't happen? I would love to see some context to this story.. like WHY were these kids, pushed and pulled(lets not call it anything but that)>.>? How did they behave to earn such response from adults? Anyone got those information's?
    Edit: Why are these videos blurred? Are the workers.. brown, by any chance? >.>

  37. I suspect the purpose of separating children from parents was at least partly to allow abuse like this to occur. I dread what else these prison guards have been getting up to.

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