Can't Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

Can't Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

what do you think of when you imagine an American living in exile unable to return to the US criminal tax evader draft-dodger terrorist threat do you think of me did you think of me so I was living in California and I met my husband through some mutual friends and we fell in love and decided to get married there was only one small problem he was Canadian so we flipped a coin and we decided to live in Canada first and Here I am in beautiful British Columbia I'm originally from California born in Los Angeles grew up in Palo Alto and I came to Canada in 1975 with my husband and my youngest daughter because he had been offered a fellowship at the University of British Columbia when our son Sam turned 4 around the time he turned 4 he developed a rash on his body and he started to complain about his bones hurting so we sent him to a dermatologist for the rash and a pediatrician for muscle weakness and after some initial appointments a dermatologist told us she suspected he had this rare skin and muscle disease called dermatomyositis uh without proper treatment 1/3 of children with dermatomyositis will die and 1/3 will be severely handicapped I was teaching at in Nanaimo and I started having bleeding from the intestines and it turned out to be a very very rare autoimmune disorder acquired type von Willebrand's which nobody seems to know much about after she diagnosed him it was only six days later when we were at Children's Hospital and they admitted us immediately he had four days of intravenous steroids and we've spent the past two years he's six years old now slowly weaning him off of his medication while monitoring any disease activity so I had to retire early when I was 60 and from that point on it hasn't has never been possible for me to go back to California because I knew I could never be covered by insurance there when Sam was first diagnosed my friends in the States had one of two reactions they either said oh are you coming down here for treatments or they said can you afford this and to me both of those things seemed ridiculous we've had amazing care in Canada he is a team of pediatric rheumatologists that are world renowned and the costs have been a non-issue we simply pay our monthly payment of a hundred and eight dollars a month and we march in we don't fill in any paperwork for him to see the doctors and it's all good there is something that was discovered fairly recently called factor 7 and time before last when I was in the hospital here they gave me that and it seemed to work the interesting thing is that the the factor 7 I don't know exactly because I never get a bill for anything but I was told that it was about 60 thousand dollars a dose and I was given four or five doses in the hospital and the interesting thing to me is that I have never been told that I couldn't receive a treatment here because of the cost of it I don't even know the cost of these things when I was researching the costs of healthcare in the u.s. I asked some other Americans on a message board about his disease what the costs have been to them and that's where when I discovered that our out-of-pocket cost for care would be between 45,000 and ha sixty-five thousand dollars for six months of treatment I realize I have no idea what the costs have been in Canada for his treatment because we've never seen a bill yeah I would like to spend whatever time I have left my remaining years closer to my children and grandchildren and I certainly can't do that under the circumstances with the present healthcare situation in the u.s. I'm interested in moving back to the US because I miss my family and I want my child to be raised near his grandparents and his aunts and uncles and I also just miss my country I began to investigate what it would take to move back to the States and I immediately thought of health care as a concern because of Sam and I called a number of private insurance companies and was told outright that we would be denied coverage based on his pre-existing condition I then looked into what government programs were available and the s chip program has an income cap of forty five thousand dollars a year and we exceed that so what I have is disability Social Security and they wrote me a letter and said don't ever bother to apply for Medicare because you are not eligible I worry if my mom's cancer came back I couldn't go down there and care for her and see her live out her final days as an American citizen it seems to me that I should have a right to spend my last remaining years back in my home country with my children and grandchildren living in a country which has universal coverage I've experienced both systems and the system in the u.s. is not fair for middle-income people or for low-income people I'm just going to be extremely disappointed in the American system and the way that it works and the people in Congress to me healthcare it's a human right it's not a privilege

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  1. irresistibleguy72

    Cancer 5 year survivor. Amazing cancer care, research and surgeons. A full 8 months of treatment and 5 years of follow up and guess what? My cost ? = 0 I am blessed to part of such a health care system. We are all owners of it we all pay our taxes to make it the way it is. Thank you Canada !

  2. I feel bad for Americans. USA is one of the richest countries on earth and can't afford to give its Citizens decent healthcare. Even poor Americans have to pay for healthcare. In USA poor people have to decide to pay rent and food or medical bills. And some poor Americans have to give up food and rent to go to the hospital. In Canada you don't have to worry about that. Healthcare is free in Canada. This is one reason why Canada is better then USA. The last is right healthcare is a human right not a privilege.

  3. Living in Canada is not good for your health because you cannot get enough sunshine to make vitamin D in your body. Synthetic vitamin D pills have been shown to be not effective, you need sunshine.

  4. Lived in Canada all my life. Don't even want to risk vacations outside of my borders. U people in the us are not only lied too, but your being robbed on a daily basis

  5. I’m Canadian. I broke my shoulder in a fall. I did experience an older Doctor in Emergency not taking me seriously,
    but I persisted with a second visit. That Doctor said I had a torn rotator cuff and scheduled an ultra sound.
    Initially the Surgical Specialist told me I would have to wait 4 months to get the surgery, but if I weasel willing to take a cancellation
    I would get in sooner. The surgery was successfully done a week later. I have 99% full use of my shoulder.
    All treatment cost me nothing, not even meds, (I have benefits @wrk)
    I don’t even pay premiums

  6. In Canada you have the right to live healthy in the US you have the right to bear arms, isn t it brilliant. As for the 2 women in this video. They are real Americans, they want it all. They seem to be here only to get advantage of a system. This is the american arrogance at its best.

  7. Not only is health care free the doctors here are also better. To get into med school in Canada is far more competitive, I know a lot of friends that have been rejected at Canadian med schools but they have been accepted in American med schools. However, once you practice medicine in America you can’t practice it in Canada without going back to med school. But Canadians doctors can always practice in America whenever they choose.

  8. The only free medical in the United States is Medicaid and you have to be dirt poor to get it, the greatest country in the world bulls***. Billionaires don't care about this because they don't have to worry because they are billionaires.

  9. If you listen to right flingers, they'll have you believe doctors have no medical license in Canada and they use medieval techniques.

  10. Democracy Paradox

    This is obviously before the Affordable Care Act. Now even after the pre-existing condition clause was implemented in the ACA, the costs in the US would be a lot higher than in Canada.
    And some people hit the thumbs down icon in this video.
    Are they afraid of the truth?

  11. Americans living in the USA can run into the same problems if they move to a State like Florida where the insurance companies can charge anything that the traffic will bear.

    Pediatric Rheumatology? In the USA and in Florida, Geriatric Rheumatology is like going to Las Vegas or to Trump's old Atlantic City Casino. The House always wins. The sucker always loses.

  12. because Canadian jealous usa money I hate Canadian I love usa forever because usa change the history just like electricity

  13. Canadian here. l've two hemorrhoid surgeries that would have cost close to ten grand each if l was an American. And if we're being honest, even if l had insurance down there, the second surgery likely wouldn't have happened there cuz it would've been a "pre-existing condition" according to their fucked way of thinking. l'm so thankful l don't live in the US.

  14. Christoph Bouche-eh!

    I thought that was beacon hill park in the first bit. Again towards the end it's definitely beacon hill. Lol. I used to walk through there every day after work lok

  15. Some Americans are delusional and believe the lie that Universal health care means "socialism" as in Venezuela socialism. Healthcare is a basic human right and not a luxury. The American healthcare system is broken.

  16. SweetPeach Bellini

    And here we are, ten years later and the American healthcare system is non-existent for those who are low-middle income earners. If anything, it has gotten worse for our neighbours to the south. While I do feel very sorry for them, they've honestly got to get off their asses, vote for a President who has an open mind for developing (with the aid of other nations i.e. Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc) an American Health Plan that would help not only the beaucoup buck-a-roos but also those most in need. My sympathies to Maureen and Kathleen – is there an update as to their situations?

  17. You have to work for 10 years to get Medicare. Sad they can't be with their family. I was not able to stay with my Mum in Switzerland either when she was dying. It's awful.

  18. the reason other countries have money to waste on this socialist bs is the US is funding their national defense. They'd be dead broke if they had to pay for it themselves. We need to defun 90% of our military, get out of Nato and the UN, and let the world rot in their own bs.

  19. Jean-Marie Boucherit

    There is a very very very long distant connection between European styled health care and socialism. In Europe this type of care i# considered natural because everybody pays for this type of protection. So for example one month ago my mother in law had open heart surgery in the east of France, an operation which probably cost hundreds of thousands of euros/dollars, and she didn’t pay a cent! The whole of the French population did ( Christian like, don’t you think?) At the same time, to be fair, you might say that te Americans are the slave labour of the earth, because they determine and create the economic growth of the world whereas in Europe we have very modest yearly growth.

  20. Catherine Kleinman

    A more balanced video , would be a cdn health care videos where cdns have been screwed by the national health care system.of canada,. Political bs

  21. TheShadowofDormin

    This always makes me sad to hear that being healthy isn't a right in the states and greedy companies rack up the prices and pay of politicians who convince the people to hate all things socialist when really they bastardize the meaning and pretend that it's not already going on in their Country because MERICA!

  22. The U S has the best population control in the world. Once is their gun culture. The second is their health care.

  23. On January 2nd 2019 I went to the hospital for a routine test. It was supposed to take about 3 hours (an injection, then wait for it to take effect, then a scan). Seeing the results of the test they decided to keep me. I went through one week surgery preparation, then was transferred to another hospital that has the proper equipment for heart surgery. I had open heart surgery. Then they kept me 10 days for intensive care. Then they transferred me to yet another hospital which is specialized for convalescence. I stayed there to February 12 when I was sent back home. During all these six weeks I was fed, taken care of by attendants and nurses, and given medication, physiotherapy, ergotherapy and psychological assistance.

    QUESTION : Guess how much it costs me.
    Clue #1: the hospitals are in Laval and Montréal, Canada ;

    Clue #2: No : it was not free




    Answer : $13 parking for my car.

  24. Americans falling for the propaganda of Universal Health Care being a negative. Meanwhile Canada is objectively a country that is freer than the United States in every single way and the U.S. is a country where the people still try to say bullshit like we are a free country. Num nuts most 1st world countries are free countries this isn't the 17th century still. The United States has the freedom to die without proper care and nothing else.

  25. But but but, we can't afford it. The USA is the richest nation in the history of the world. We can afford tax breaks for the richest people the world has ever seen. But we simply cannot afford Medicare for all because of reasons. No, there are reasons. The insurance and medical industry is making WAY too much money off the misfortunes of American citizens.

  26. Right wing think thanks and lobby groups like to go on about waitlists to see specialists. It should be known these are only estimates and they are based on the estimates of those surveyed. They are not peer-reviewed research.

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