Blue and black viral dress used in abuse campaign

Blue and black viral dress used in abuse campaign

22 thoughts on “Blue and black viral dress used in abuse campaign”

  1. this is so CONtradicting…
    diversity is the result of the naïve trait of the female, so in one hand she promotes her own rape and murder by going along with diversity, in the other hand she is screaming help..
    grow a fucking brain and stop promoting the equality with illegal halfwit aliens and it will fix all your problems!

  2.  In the U.S. only  25% of heterosexual men  are abusive to their female partners  while  45% of lesbians are abusive to their female partners. it really makes you think

  3. at 2:39 its black and blue at 2:47 its gold and white.
    if you say im wrong your lying. if people believe you they are lying to.
    should not need a bunch of liars to gain approval.

  4. How any man can hit a woman is something I cant wrap my head around.. im glad Domestic violence is a crime. Those a $#holes go to jail. I hope the model in ad is wearing makeup.not real wounds! For her sake.a beaten woman pic..will make my stomach churn.great ad.unfortunately its necessary. 🙁

  5. The Prodigal Heel

    You see the dress as Black and Blue. I see the dress as gold and white. My girlfriend sees it as the back of my hand!

  6. I never understand the goal of these viral campaigns.
    People understand that violence against women is bad.
    People understand that violence against men is bad.
    People understand that smoking is bad.
    People understand that drunk driving is bad.
    People understand that sexual harassment is bad.
    People understand that sex trafficking is bad.

    Yet, people will continue to do these things regardless if there's a viral campaign or not.   All these campaigns do is bring traffic to the marketer's website.  There's no evidence that any of these viral videos have prevented or reduced the number of these behaviors/actions/incidents from happening.

  7. This ad campaign is Islamophobic!!
    Beating your wife is endorsed by the Koran! 
    Are you some kind of racist?
    Also, get that model in a headbag!

  8. violence is bad in all its forms.  the bottom line is, men are more likely to experience violence than women in their lives, but men dont make good victims.

  9. Did anyone else notice that all talk about this dress dropped to absolute zero since this ad came out?
    Stuff like this does two good thing: It raises awareness for something that human beings are still too stupid to understand is a bad thing, and by going mainstream, it makes people stop talking about stupid shit that doesn't fucking matter. 
    Killing two birds with one stone.

  10. I have never seen a women beat that hard thankfully other than on tv. It says 1 in six women in general so im guessing its including the whole world and we know less fortunate countries tend to beat their women more.

  11. In the thumbnail I see white and gold

    Hey I like your dress! The white and gold stand out so much!

    You mean black and blue?

    No white and gold

    It’s black and blue!

    You must be color blind it’s obviously white and gold

    No it’s black and blue!

    Ya know what I’m done!!


    ima go buy a dress….hmm. Ooo this white and gold dress is just like my friend’s gets dress hello I would like to but this white and gold dress

    You mean black and blue?

    No it’s white and gold

    Umm it clearly says kn the label and it clearly looks black and blue

    Just take the money!!!


    ima go try my white and gold dress on
    Wait where is it
    -sees black and blue dress-uh I never bought this………OH MAH HORSE

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