Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator – Inside His Empire Of Abuse

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator – Inside His Empire Of Abuse

(calming music) (Indian meditation music) – When he’s teaching class, everybody else is sweltering at up to 120 degrees, but he actually has a
personal air conditioner blowing cold air to the back of his head. (Indian meditation music) – [Liz] We had people
passing out during class. We had dehydration. – You have to really dig and
find something inside yourself to actually stay and be able to bear it. (intense music) – [Bikram] They want to amputate
his leg, as a President! For this, I give him seven
hydropathic treatment. Bikram Yoga in the bathtub. (intense music) – [Mark] We actually
contacted the Nixon Library, gave them the time frame
when this allegedly happened. The name, “Bikram Choudhury”
did not come up once. No evidence of that at all. (intense Indian music) – Everything he taught was
the lesson of his master. (intense Indian music) He told that 26+2 Yoga is Bikram Yoga, that is wrong. That is basically based
on my master’s booklet. (intense music) – Teacher Training is a feeder system into the Bikram franchise. That’s basically like the
cash cow for Bikram Yoga. The only way you can open a
licensed, chained Bikram studio is by going through training. And Bikram would hold these trainings in various hotels around the world. I’ve seen rooms with up
to 500 people in them. (intense music) – [Trisha] And his business strategy has made Bikram Choudhury a rich man. Living the life of a star,
complete with a whole fleet of classic cars he’s restored himself. It doesn’t seem very yogi-like. – [Bikram] Different which kind of yogi. I’m American yogi!
(laughing) – [Trisha] Beverly
Hills yogi, to be exact. (piano music) – You were not allowed to wear any green. The color green was banned. – When you think about, these people are starving, and they’re sleep deprived, and then this yoga just wipes you out. You’re ripe for whatever
wants to be entered in next. – The way that they
shaped that world for us, we grew to understand that the only way that you could be a good
teacher, was through him. (piano music) He just kept saying, “I’m
gonna have you this time.” (piano music) I thought, “He’s going to rape me.” – He grabbed the back of my
head and started to kiss me. I immediately pulled away, and he said, “it’s okay, it’s okay”,
and then he grabbed my head and pulled me back in and
stuck his tongue in my mouth. (piano music) – He had people around him who, their financial livelihood depended upon keeping the silence. – [Jakob] I know for a
fact, he abused a lot more than six women, because I’ve talked to many other women who he’s abused. (piano music) (ominous music) – [Male News Anchor] He’s
accused of firing his lawyer for investigating claims
of sexual harassment. (ominous music) – From the time we decided
to bring the lawsuit, it took three years to
get the case to trial. (ominous music) I got brutally and mercilessly
hauled into his room and told unless I resigned, there and then, bad things were going to happen to me. – They found in Micki’s
favor on every single claim. Unanimously, which is extraordinary. – [Female News Anchor]
Bikram Choudhury never paid the judgment against him. Authorities believe the
69 year old Choudhury has hidden assets and
he has left the country. (ominous music) – And anybody who knows about his actions and still goes to his Teacher Trainings or carries his name, or does
anything under his banner, I hope people wise up. (ominous music) – Do you think anything’s changed? He’s back down in Mexico right now, openin’ up a Teacher Training, and studios are still
sending girls to him. (ominous music)

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  1. This is so good, and well done, it’s captivating as hell. And well, there are some excellent surprises but don’t watch this video, it gives away all the surprises

  2. What's wrong with the American people? Dress modestly while doing yoga. And yoga is not just a physical exercise and you will never see a yogi living lavishly or wearing speedos.
    Women, please don't go to any man's house and watch Bollywood movies while his whole family is asleep late in the night to learn yoga.

  3. I met bikram. Personally never would Fall under his “spell”! His yoga is good MANY of these chicks that claim raped etc ARE FULL OF SHIT! They stayed – went back over and over. #me2 : lets these chicks/females have zero responsibility for THEIR actions!

  4. “Instead he lifted my skirt pulled down my under wear and raped me!!!” BullShit – u r a strong women with full use of body mind and after the supposed rape – she kisses him on forehead and goes to bed in his home!!! What a croc of SHIT COME ON PEOPLE!!! Bikram was a creep yet these women are responsible for their actions!!!

  5. He is correct when u he says he does not have to rape women – they flung themselves after him- scurried for the spot light of his favor- NOW they say rape !!! And tear up. Give me a break. I witnessed it first hand !!! I witnessed the women getting in line for his affection !! He was gross to me and said cruel things to his students in class. YET THEY STAYED condoned laughed at his comments belittling others. And worst continued to seek his favor in any way they could.

  6. They all went back !!! Over and over and over And then claim no choice because they wanted a piece of what he had. Many times it happened in his home with his wife there YET they never told the wife or said things THEN!! And stayed at his home.

  7. Women can be such hYpocritical ASSHOLES . Geeze watching this vid iis one example of another of women using the victim poor me role taking zero responsibly. Not to say bikram was not an Asshole he was yet they kept come ing back for more – then later claimed rape

  8. “I wanted to sit in court and look him in the eye … “ she says after she continued 2 stay at his home with his wife and children AFTER the supposed “rape” – she kisses him on his head says good night – after the “rape” this makes me VOMIT. THEY wanted money and none of them got a satisfactory settlement- bikram is a creep yet he didn’t get to super star status as a yogi with out tenacity – the same he showed in court – It makes me vomit to hear these women claim abuse rape victim when they literally where cat fighting to get in line for his affection!!!

  9. To me, Bikram Yoga and Bikram Choudhury are two different things. The specific sequence, dialogue, climate, are perfect to heal and put everything together. I'd have to say don't knock it till you try it. Many of us see it as just real yoga, and it's about us, not him. I don't doubt the allegations and findings. Where this documentary seems to go is painting a broader picture of abuse that misses the point and integrity of this practice, to make you strong and well. That involves persisting with the pain and discomfort of that which is not. It's a beautiful ”torture chamber” that people want to come back to. It always meets them where they are. I work at a Bikram yoga studio; we own the practice, respect the lineage, and follow Bikram’s dialogue because it works. We don't own him and he doesn't own us.

  10. I worked there for two years cleaning the place. When you worked there, you could do yoga as much as you wanted. The teachers said I was very good, so I asked Bikram if I could get a discount in the training, and he said "do three months of yoga, and if you learn all the postures and you do it right, I'll give you the training for free". He gives you things and you feel like he's very generous and amazing but actually he's just buying your silence. I'm glad I didn't continue working there because I was crazy about BY but not about Bikram and it would have been very difficult for me to stand his behavior. I couldn't understand the way people behaved with him, like if he was a god. BUT the practice helped me so much! It pushes you to limits you never imagined you had. I felt powerful, so full of life. I didn't need to sleep for many hours to get rest, 5 were enough. I didn't need to eat a lot either. I found something I haven't found in any other workouts.

  11. we Indians are also the victims of fake yogis..example Sant asaram….but seems Bikram managed to reach out to victimize Americans

  12. I bet if they found him attractive they wouldn't have said anything. But because New Delhi Dumbledore is a gross old perv errybody wants the $

  13. They stayed quiet for a chance to own license for their own studio.Its not rape they sold themselves.Now want to get money out of it.

  14. Sooo… raped in a man's home with his wife & kids upstairs?… by a 5' 2" 115lb man?.. didn't scream to alert his family?.. didn't fight him causing bruises, scratches, & most likely retreat?.. didn't struggle & cause a commotion breaking things?.. AND didn't report to police who would've found vaginal trauma & DNA, if it was true?.. because she wanted to teach yoga to make $, but would've recieved millions with EVIDENCE of a rape?

  15. A shame for yoga, i would say it’s not real yoga for sure. In USA they have taken yoga to a merchandising kind of fitness kind of healing program to make business. And if you try different kind of traditional yoga you’ll find that it’s a life style based on respect and let the ego-based ideas fly away from your mind. I saw the doccumentary, and it’s a disgrace the way he talk about women living with all those Bentleys in beverly hills all based in lies. He has made a fool of you. I’m sorry to sound harsh. But sometimes it is like that

  16. Another thing to know..he is the unacknowledged father of deceased PEPPERMINT CREEPS drummer Traci Michaels (Real name Michael Choudhury)

  17. Theres YOGA and then there’s WYOGA.
    If and Indian person teaches it’s called YOGA.
    If it’s a non-Indian person it’s called WYOGA (Western Yoga).

  18. Wow, There is a lot of victim blaming and racism on this thread. This blaming the victims what would you do if this was you mother or sister or even yourselves in the same position these women were in. How do you know how you would react? Those that are blaming Indians as predators or Americans as Victims who deserved this, whats the point of you even saying that? Why do you feel it is needed to bring such hateful comments on here? It says a lot more about you then anyone you are speaking of….Does anyone know of a petition to bring to the LA district attorney? I would love to see his legal aid who won, get her 7 million.

  19. Excellent documentary! Notice the picture with Bill Clinton, good friend of Jeffrey Epstein

    And Bikram is still giving yoga classes..

  20. If u don't like something just stop. No one forced anyone to attend his expensive classes. So many times i have had superiors ask me out for coffee. I used to find another job rather than have coffee with them. These same superiors are celebrated IT entrepreneurs today in India. Big deal such is life. We always have an option.

  21. Western peoples are like that first they learn from you and than they claim about this kind of thing few years before some students claim on pattabhi jios after his death the same thing , now the those students making millions dollars because of him .. same on you people

  22. There are real rape victims who suffer so much and don't earn anything after some monster do that to them, and there are almost all these women in the documentary who let others being abused so they could get their Birkam Yoga licence. I have NO pity at all for these fake victims, who even stop the trial soon as they get money from it.

    Bikram is a monster: YES. Are those people in the documentary saying he raped them good people: NOT AT ALL! Just selfish women seeking money. Remenber, they never exposed or try to fight Bikran UNTIL they could get money for their testimony.
    There are real sects who emprisonned people and take all their money and where there are real rapes and atrocities. Nowadays real rape victims can't talk anymore because of all these gold diggers unfortunately.
    PS: I love that the "documentary" exposes "GURUS" and maybe a little awareness about women stupid credulity. But it fails completely in so many ways, and it really shouldn't be classified as a documentary since there is absolutely no profond subject, no work at all trying to figure things, no "real victims" (only the ones who wanted to make some publicity to their yoga centers).

  23. Here’s the thing… this practice works. Yoga studios across the country and the world that facilitate the 26 & 2 are thriving and will continue to do so. The fact that bikrams name is attached to it is tragic. The practice itself has been around for thousands of years. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger put a patent on the bench press and squat. That’s basically what this man has gotten away with. I really hope Netflicks points this out. This practice has changed my life. I practice all kinds of yoga but the 26 & 2 is my bread and butter. It will be a shame if this documentary keeps people from discovering a practice that is so amazing.

  24. the same thing is happening with six+ time anal rapist and Scientologist Danny Masterson… chickenshit DA refuses to bring charges against anybody who might fund her political opponents in the next race. Worst aspects of a flawed system, is that cowards like this are the most likely to excel, and this explains so much of our predicament today.

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