Best Label Maker To Use – Brother P-Touch 1880

Best Label Maker To Use – Brother P-Touch 1880

Hi everyone. It’s Alejandra. And I hope you
guys are having a great week. If you ever requested a video on what type of label maker
to use or recommendations for going out and buying a label maker then this video is for
you. So in the past five years, I have been using
the same label maker. And it’s the Brother P-Touch 1880 and I bought it back in 2007
from Staples. I think it was like 50 bucks at the time. You can definitely buy a less
expensive label maker. Like you don’t have to go out and spend 50 bucks. OK. So I went ahead and created lots of labels
and stack them to this folder. Now, I want to go ahead and explain some of my favorite
colors, fonts, sizes, and shapes and then share with you guys a few tricks I do when
I use my label maker. But first, I want to introduce you guys to the newest addition
to our family. This is Mojo. Mojo is a 3-month-old Apricot Red Miniature poodle. And she’s asleep
right now. She is so cute. She has the cutest face. Hopefully, when she wakes up or when
she wakes up, I will show you guys her cute eyes and everything else when she wakes up. But she has been so much fun to be with. And
I’m going to do a pet organizing video sometime soon. I’m still getting her systems in place. OK. So back to the video. All right. So let
me just start with these two. These two right here are the 6-millimeter tape and it comes
in black and white and black and clear. And I use this thin tape. This is actually the
thinnest they make it. I use the thin tape to label really thin shelves or thin drawers,
anything that’s thin that needs label, I’ll use the 6-millimeter and I use both the clear
and the white probably just as much equally. All right. So, moving on to this size. This
is the most popular size and color. This is the 12-millimeter. Black font on white is
the standard most popular color because it’s black and white. It’s also the cheapest one.
So if you’re looking for label tape and you have a certain budget in mind then you want
to look for the black and white because it’s less expensive. If you start to get into some
of the colors, it gets pretty pricey. But OK, most popular size and color. And most
label makers, you’ll find, they come with a starter tape and they’d always come with
this one. OK. So this is the 12-millimeter black with
clear. I use this often when I don’t want to have the white as the background. This
works well on like a clear wood or a colored box or a colored bin, it depends on what you’re
labeling. One more thing about this one, so when you
print a label from your label maker, it’s going to leave a one inch gap in the very
beginning and a one inch gap at the very end. And that’s pretty standard. I don’t think
there is a way to actually change that on your label maker. So what I do is I always
cut off the extra inch because I think it just looks silly with so much white space
so I do it just like this. This one is cut but I left it on just so you guys can see.
It kind of bothers me leaving it on. I don’t know why. But OK, moving on. So, I really like the red
font on white and I use it for all of my warning, caution, or like – yeah, warning and caution
labels just because it kind of stands out. It kind of screams warning or it kind of screams
emergency. This one is kind of pricey just because it has a red font. But I really like
that one and I use it pretty sparingly, only for warning or caution labels. All right. The next one here, the black on
yellow, I love the yellow tape. It’s nice and bright. It’s probably the brightest of
all the labels and I use it for spaces that are really busy where I need the labels to
stand out. And if you saw my home office supply drawer then you saw I have yellow labels because
that whole drawer is like super busy. So when I have the yellow labels, it just stands out.
And again, this is the 12-millimeter tape. This one is pretty pricey. I will warn you. OK. So this one, the green, they came out
with green about maybe like three years – maybe like two years ago. No, maybe it was like
three years ago. And when I saw it, I was like, “Oh green, that’s so fun and bright.”
But when I bought it and then I used it, I realized that having the white font on the
green background is kind of hard to read. And so now, I have green cartridges that I
don’t really use because it’s just hard to read. And it looks pretty clear here but when
it’s on something else and it’s far away, it’s difficult to read. So I don’t really
recommend green unless they decide to change the white font to black. If it was black,
I would love it. But yeah, white not so much. OK. The pink one, I absolutely love. I love
pink and there’s a lot of pink in my home office, in my closet, and so I love the pink
tape. It’s white font on pink. They don’t make black. If they’d make black, it probably
would be more readable. But they don’t. So the white works just as well. OK. This one here, this is the white font
on black. And what I did here was show you guys how you can outline your label. So there
are different styles like this is a candy wrapper. There is like vines, there’s flowers,
there’s a circle. This is the circle or the round outline. That’s the candy wrapper and
I thought it was pretty cute. OK. This one right here, you can see that
this one is a little bit thicker than the 12-millimeter. Can you see? This is thicker
than this. This is actually – I think this is the 18-millimeter and I think it’s the
thickest that they make it. But this is white font on clear. And it’s actually pretty rare
and hard to find the white font on clear. And when you do find it, it is expensive.
I don’t know why. I’m guessing because the font is white and it’s clear. I don’t know.
But I work well on dark surfaces. I use this exact label tape on my cherry wood drawers
in my closet, my elfa drawers. It stands out really nicely and it just looks a lot cleaner
than if I had black font on white. OK. So moving on. OK. So my label maker has
two different types of font. There is the Helsinki and there’s Bohemia. And I like the
Helsinki better than the Bohemia. I feel like the Helsinki is just more clean. But yeah,
I just think it’s more clean than this one. I don’t like how this has like – I don’t really
know why I don’t like this but yeah, I just like that one better. And you’ll notice that
I use all caps when I label anything on my label maker. I just think it looks cleaner
and yeah, it just looks cleaner so you’ll notice everything is caps here. And it’s also
bold. I do Helsinki bold for all of my labels. OK. And then down here, I just want to show
you guys that they have lots of symbols you can use. So if you’re having like a warning
or caution label, you can go ahead and add one of these symbols or email or phone or
poison or any of those. It’s kind of cool. And then down here, this is the 18-millimeter
just like this one but it’s the black font on white. And then you can also do vertical labels.
So I did one here that says, “POODLES ROCK.” So that’s a vertical label. I don’t really
use that one too often but I have used it before. Another piece of advice is to type everything
on your label before printing. You will save a lot of tape that way. So for example, if
you are going to cut or you needed – let’s say, you needed four separate labels for most
popular size and color. What I would do is I would print them all on line on your label
maker, print them, and then cut them because when you do that, you’re not going to have
the one inch gap before or after each word which wastes a lot of tape. So print everything
at once – I’m sorry. Type everything at once and then print it out once and then just cut
it. OK. So where do you get the label tape? So
some office stores – well, most office stores sell label tape. You shouldn’t have a problem
finding the 6-millimeter white and clear or the 12-millimeter white and clear. Like these
four here, you can easily find at Staples or Office Depot. And these ones down here
like these six right here, you are going to have – you are going to pay a premium to get
any of these six labels. Office Depot does carry the green and the pink and I think it’s
like – it’s pretty pricey. It’s like 20 bucks per label tape which is expensive. But you won’t find like I have never seen
the red or the yellow at Office Depot. I think they do have the black in the store. I’ve
never seen that one in the store, that’s standard, standard. You might be able to buy that one
in the store. I’m not really sure. If you go to, I think it’s,
you will see all the colors they carry. There are a lot more colors. Like there is a red
with white font which is really cool. There is an orange. I think there is a purple. There
is brown. There is gold. There is silver. Again, they’re a little more expensive and
that’s why I haven’t ordered them. But they are pretty cool. OK. So I showed you guys my favorite label
maker or the label maker that I absolutely love. I showed you guys my favorite font,
my favorite colors, the way I label. If you have a label maker and you absolutely love
it, I would love to know what brand, what model it is. Create a video response or leave
a comment below and let me know what it is. And if you have some kind of like super cool
trick that I didn’t show in this video that you do when you use label maker, please share
that because I would love see and I’m sure everybody else watching would love to see
what it is as well. So I will see you guys soon. Bye.

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