Basic Automotive Wiring : How to Wire Car Alarms

Basic Automotive Wiring : How to Wire Car Alarms

Yes, this is Robert Wilkins and what we are
going to cover in this segment is basic alarm wiring for Expert Village. Of course every
alarm comes with a siren and makes the 6 tones. This should be mounted away from heat, away
from moving components up under the hood. We have the wiring harness and we have the
CPU or alarm control module. The wire harness plugs in. You have power, you have ground
that supplies power to the alarm and ground to the alarm. Then you have what is called
the parking light output. The output that turns on the parking light. The ignition output
that starts the car up. The ground _____which supplies power to the starter kill once the
alarm is armed you cannot start the vehicle. You have a siren output which powers the siren.
Your door lock, your door unlock which locks and unlocks the door and then you have auxiliary
outputs which control the window module which put the windows up and down.

45 thoughts on “Basic Automotive Wiring : How to Wire Car Alarms”

  1. HAHAHAH really the yellow wire is an "ignition output that starts the car," huh!? get your input and outputs right jackoff! This video is WORTHLESS I just wanted a good laugh since this is what I do for a living! HOW FUNNY!

  2. PrecisionConnections

    This guy's video is good! check out my videos for detailed wire by wire plus key terms definitions of how to install alarms,H.I.D's radios etc…

  3. @361jaime You'd think that's what this video would be, but as with all expert village videos, it completely fails.

  4. That didnt tell me shit! all he does is list each cable, anyone can read that off the back of the box. expertvillage always have the worst how-to's

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  6. Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

    I bet you 100 bucks he totally for gets to hook up the siren.
    The idiot has something that looks the same but it's called a sireen.
    Not the same thing.
    Bloody wierdo

  7. I learned some things from this video. Didn’t know the wiring and systems involved. I did already know how you people show your colors as soon as you see a black person. Lousy keyboard shet talkers. Your racist comments show your fragile identities and weak minds.

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