Bad Habits Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Habits Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Habits Of The Zodiac Signs Ahhh, we see you have returned once again,
weary Youtuber. You’re in luck, the cosmos is whispering onto
us it’s secrets once again. Come, listen and look, dear viewer, for today
we’re going to hearken to the whispers of the universe and have it tell us… The Bad Habits Of The Zodiac Signs. But before we do, make certain that you subscribe
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at the end of the video! Have you subscribed and clicked the notification
button yet? We see that you have because the galaxy seems
to have relaxed a little. Yes… tells us your secrets stars, whisper
unto us the answers to your greatest enigmas. Tell this long traveled Youtuber about their
bad habits according to their zodiac sign… wait… yes… we’re seeing more clearly now…
we see… we see… 1) Pieces. Yes, it seems that the cosmos has revealed
your bad habits to us first, pieces. There are a couple of things, bad habits at
least, that you’re going to need to work on, Pieces. First, work on your idealism. When you see something amazing, try to enjoy
it, not hope that you’d see something even better. Also, pieces, don’t try and escape your responsibilities,
especially when there’s something going wrong in your life. Yes, we know you have a hypersensitive personality,
but you need to commit to the things you’ve agreed to do. That feeds into your extreme laziness, which
you really need to get over. Finally, pieces, get over your pessimism. Life is beautiful and grand, you should try
to see it that way. 2) Aquarius. Ahhh… the galaxy is opening up to us once
again, our collective third eyes are opening and yet some more bad habits of zodiac signs
are revealing themselves to us. This time, we’re going to talk about you,
Aquarius. For starters, you are extreme. Not mountain dew or flaming hot Doritos extreme,
but extreme in your emotions, dear Aquarius. Suddenly, you’ll have a critical and explosive
feeling, whether it be anger or sadness, which often comes out because of your stubbornness. Essentially, if you’re cornered, you’ll react
extremely. You’re also unpredictable and aloof, which
means those big emotions will surprise anyone who is trying to get close to you. If you’re trying to be with an Aquarius, then
you’re going to have to expect inconsistency, especially when it comes to emotions. 3) Capricorn. Watch, dear Youtuber, as the sky parts and
the stars speak to us. Each of their twinkles reveals another syllable,
the way each shines differently tells us another bad habit. For our third reading, we’ll tell you, Capricorn,
about your bad habits. For starters Capricorn, you tend to be very
shy. You’re one of the most beautiful signs, so
you shouldn’t be timid to show off that beauty. Like the Aquarius and the Pieces, you’re stubborn
and pessimistic. Because of this stubbornness and pessimism
Capricorn, you tend to have a hard time motivating yourself. Try to have a different outlook on the world
and maybe you’ll find yourself being more successful. 4) Sagittarius. The sky is open to telling us it’s secrets. Sagittarius, it seems the stars have chosen
to reveal your bad habits next. Here’s the deal Sagittarius, you tend to give
off an air of over confidence. Even if you’re in a situation where you’re
not sure about what you’re doing, you still emanate cockiness, which makes others apprehensive
to get close to you. Sagittarius, you also tend to be careless
when it comes to being grateful, so people are constantly complaining about how you never
thank them. Finally, Sagittarius, you’re inconsistent,
especially when it comes to work, school, and family. Try to be more aware of those around you,
Sagittarius. 5) Scorpio. The stars fear telling us about your bad habits,
Scorpio, as they are afraid of how you’ll react. You’re often known as the angrier of the signs,
trying to sting everyone who tries to get near you. Little did you know Scorpio, that it’s actually
those who managed to penetrate that stinging defense that suffer. You’re very jealous Scorpio, which makes the
people you’re dating apprehensive to continue doing so. Even if they make it through the jealousy,
they still have to deal with your secretive nature and your manipulation. Try to let those who are trying to get close
to your make their own decisions Scorpio, you wouldn’t want your poisonous bad habits
to push them away. 6) Libra. Now that the stars have calmed down a bit,
it seems the cosmos is ready to talk about you, Libra. Listen here, and pay attention, because here
are your bad habits. Libra, you tend to be quite lazy, even lazier
than the Pieces. In fact, you’re probably the laziest of the
zodiac signs. This is because unless you have something
to drive you forward, you won’t want to do it. You also have a hard time making up your mind,
Libra, which is a very undesirable trait. If you’re asked to make a decision, just go
with your gut or if you’re really having a hard time, flip a coin. Finally, you often forget what it means to
have inner beauty. Look within before you look to the outside. Libras, that is all, the stars have spoken. 7) Virgo. The cosmos is a strange and elusive thing
to try and read. It takes years and years of practice, something
that luckily we have. We’re relaying this information to you, Virgo,
because at first, it was hard to see your bad habits. The galaxy was uncertain about you at first
Virgo but after some time and some coercion, it managed to become clearer. Virgo, you are brutally honest. You think it’s a good trait, but you often
unintentionally hurt the people you’re trying to help. You also tend to be a perfectionist and get
a little too hands on when people aren’t doing things your way. Take your hands off the reigns and for god’s
sake, keep your vicious opinions to yourself. You risk losing the ones that you love if
you don’t heed the words of the universe. 8) Leo. Unlike some of the other signs we’ve mentioned,
the stars weren’t shy about sharing their opinions about you, Leo. It seems they’ve determined that you need
to be taken down a couple pegs. As you might have imagined, Leos tend to be
some of the most egotistical people you’ll ever meet, even compared to the Sagittarius. The Leo is incredibly cocky, loud, which manifests
itself through arrogance, impatience, and overall jealousy for everything that other
people have that they do not. If you try to persuade a Leo to do something
differently, you’re pretty much spitting into the wind. Leo, this is a message for you: take a good
hard look in the mirror and get over yourself. The people around you have noticed that you’re
not all that, maybe it’s time for you to do so as well. 9) Cancer. Yes, dear Youtuber, it seems we are nearing
the end of our session. But for now, Cancer, we turn our attention
to you and your bad habits. Cancer, it seems you have trouble dealing
with your emotions. If you’re ever faced with a situation where
you’ll need to be vulnerable, especially when you’re trying to let someone into your life,
you’d rather scuttle away than deal with it head on. Even compared to some of the aforementioned
zodiac signs, you tend to be the most pessimistic Cancer, which makes you pretty moody as well. You’re also suspicious, mostly because you’ve
been hurt before and don’t want to get hurt again. Finally, if you ever decide to let someone
in you’re incredibly clingy. Relax, and try to open up a little bit. Those around you will thank you and you’ll
have better times. 10) Gemini. Yes, the sign of the twins, the stars are
gushing about you, Gemini. Your anxiety is what interests them the most,
they’re unsure about how someone could possibly be this nervous. You don’t know when to quit, which sounds
uplifting but can also be pretty detrimental. Relax, dear Gemini, things will turn out alright. Try not to get bored with your current task
either, because you’ll end up abandoning it if it doesn’t keep your attention. Finally, try and find your own sense of direction,
your own will to adventure, because this sedentary lifestyle is going to hurt you in the long
run. 11) Taurus. If you though Aquarius’ and Capricorns were
stubborn, then you have yet to meet a Taurus. Probably the most stubborn of the zodiac signs,
these people are practically mules they’re so set in their ways. Don’t even bother trying to convince them
differently, because they’ll just stomp their feet and huff and puff until you give up. Taurus, your stubbornness also feeds into
your laziness, mostly because if you don’t want to do it, you won’t. Finally, you tend to be materialistic Taurus. Our advice– listen, don’t talk and try to
enjoy people and nature. You know what they say, the best things in
life are free. 12) Aries. Finally, the galaxy turns its eyes to the
Aries. For you, Aries, it’s your confrontational
nature that you need to work on. Just relax, remember to hear people out and
not be so angry if they don’t do things your way. Aries, just look after your stubbornness and
your anger and you’ll be just fine. And so, our session ends. The cosmos is once again closed to our collective
sight. Come back some other time viewer, for we are
too tired to continue reading the universe. What did you think? Did we peg your bad habits? Let us know in the comments whether or not
you think we got it right! Bestie Friendship Quote: Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes. -Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. The cosmos is once again closed to our collective sight. Come back some other time viewer, for we are too tired to continue reading the universe. What did you think? Did we peg your bad habits? Let us know in the comments whether or not you think we got it right! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. I am a Aquarius and this is so true!! One time my brother seid i liked some one i did not like and i got really mad and started to hit him!😂😂😂😅😅

  3. #Leo♌ omg yes it resonates with me 💯💯😅😆. I am overall jealous n cocky😆😆😈😈😈😄 plus I lv my bad habits too much✌😛

  4. am an Aries and i hate when i am being really passionate about something and someone says hey relax wtf no you relax get a zen or some and let me be!!!!

  5. Let me be true, I'm a damn Virgo… And being brutally true.. is not me.. I will be true if it doesn't hurt that person much… Because I think before saying… And hurting is bad… And I know how it hurts..

  6. The Pisces one is so true my brother is one and he is so ungrateful.its funny cuz my dad's a Leo and me and my mom are Taurus so we are a very materialistic family lol😂😂

  7. im a gemeni and when i watched this threre was one thing i do not agree with and or dont have is anxiety i have deppresion .__./

  8. Video:The sky is opened to tell us the next of the zodiac signs’ bad habits. Sagittarius, it seems as is the stars ✨ have chosen your bad habits next!
    Me:I’m a Sagittarius ♐️ and…That sounded really scary 😥😰😣

  9. Pieces – idealism, Dont escape you’re responsible, lazy,

    Aquarius – extreme emotions, stubborn, unpredictable

    Capricorn – shy, stubborn, not motivated,

    Sagittarius – over confidence, careless, inconsistencies,

    Scorpio – angry, jealousy manipulation

    Libra – lazy, cannot make your mind up, forget inner bute

    Virgo – very honest, perfectionist,

    ( Me! ) Leo – High ego, cocky, loud, impatience, jealousy, ( this hurt my feelings )

    Cancer – emotions, suspicious, OPEN UP

    Gemini – anxiety, don’t know when to quit, don’t get bored,

    Taurtis – stubborn, lazy, meteralistic

    Aries – confrontational nature, stubborn anger,

  10. Me:Gemini

    Me:Yep my bro is relly lazzy he oll days plays on his ps4 or on his phone playing fortnite

    and im deprest as a tomato

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