Bad Habit Book Tag

Bad Habit Book Tag

Get the positive vibes going [Music] They tell me I look good. They tell me I look good. Hi, My name is A-U-D-R-E-I Audrei and Welcome back to my channel CharisseAudrei. Today I’m going to do another book tag. Bad Habit. Bad Habits Book Tag. I know what you thinking [Singing] [Music] Alright this tag has 10 questions And I’m starting with the first one right now Number one is binge drinking [Music] Okay An alcoholic book character. I do not know a Character that’s alcoholic but I know I an author I would binge read. If I had time in the world to do and that would be Colleen Hoover all her books. Question number two: biting nails, I Do not bite my nails, but the question for this a book that got you nervous Hope this is a memoir of the survival two of the three Cleveland kidnapping and they been abducted and kidnapped they’ve been missing for a decade in 2013 of may they escaped so this made me really nervous because just hearing the story with what happened All three of the girls are very brave, and it inspires me to push harder every day. Question number Three: Unhealthy Eating, a book that mentions or for which the theme is Eating disorder. I don’t own anything that has eating this order Bridget Jones Diary This is her diary, right. You’re reading a diary. Like, almost every entry she writes down how many calories she ate That was a big problem in this book. Question number four: Staying up late, I stay up late all the time Almost sometimes hour past three which is bad. A book that she read into the night The Husband Secret. Question number five: Procrastination, If you say you don’t procrastinate you’re lying everybody in some Part of your life you’re procrastinating something. A book makes you want to read but keep putting off This is this hunka chunka Under the Dome by Stephen King I had this for a couple years now. I wanted to get into this this year, so hopefully Um this year, maybe next month. I’ll read this. For six: Swearing, I Swear, I have a potty mouth, so I tried to keep a PG on YouTube, but if you’re out with me you know I am like frickin rated R. A book in which an author or a character uses colorful a Language I could it was hard for me to pick a book Orphan Black like all the characters an Orphan Black. This is upside down. Yeah, I think Sarah Possibly if anybody knows me. I love Cosima, but she doesn’t really cuss in this it would be like Felix, Sarah Sarah And that’s all I can think of, because you know I love Orphan Black. Question number seven: Smoking, I don’t smoke cigarettes, but you can’t get enough of Because nicotine get it. That’s what the things it says Or a book that is literally cancer you can answer both if you’re an overachiever. You know what! Replica by Lauren Oliver I but that an e-reader I Can’t wait to read the second book. I haven’t got my hands on to it if it’s on Sale for e-reader. I will definitely get it but I Will get that book eventually. Question number eight: Overspending, Expensive book that you bought ?if you’re new to the booktube world or books in general You know that books are expensive, and they add up just like clothes and groceries. But I love to get a book that’s in a bargain like a Barnes & Noble bargain section I always Go there. I shopped at Book Depository once. Maybe this year you probably might see a Book Outlet haul from me eventually. This book it was ($28.95)The Brothers Grimms was ($20) at Barnes & Noble. This is the Barnes & Noble Edition, this Alice in Wonderland and Barnes & Noble edition was ($20) – and this was the expensive one and it was worth the money to read it it was just worth it. Question number nine: a book… Oh wait. Lying, Which I did plenty of that Teenage years. A book you lied about reading? and that is majority of high school English Majority of all those books I lied about reading it to a teacher. I’m pretty sure the teacher knew all this bullshitting. The only book I’ve really read and I invested my time and read a couple of time Catcher in the Rye. Yeah, I even had a boyfriend once and I was reading this book, but we were going out And yeah, well not going out, but while we were dating I was at the house reading this and Somehow my phone blocked his number so he thought I was just ignoring him I wasn’t I was just reading this book. The last question Number 10: Speeding, I don’t speed in cars Not really, I do I do a lot of speed walking. A book you read really fast? Poetry. Me, Earl and the Dying Girl like almost all Tag videos that I do that has this question is mostly Me, Earl and Dying Girl. I’m gonna add some poetry into the mix (and graphic novels) That is it for the books tag And I will Tag people down below and see if you’re Tag or if you just want to do it say Audrei tagged you and I’ll be more and welcome to like watch your video because I mean This was a cool tag. Please like and subscribe and follow me on all my social Medias because I’m active on there, and I’m doing it better at Twitter. I just want to do a little word of wisdom if I may or if you if you’re still here. So I’ve been stepping on my Twitter game, been tweeting, Interacting but I tweeted “sometimes you have to lose yourself to know what potential you have” I believe that quote I wrote there is so true if you have faith or a Hobby and you just it seems like you loss interested in it because you either are Socializing with other people or you Met another hobby or just Doing something totally different. I feel that it’s okay and sometimes when you do different things like socialize or do another hobby or be Focus on other things or have distractions. (see another perspective) Get lost in those things and come back to what you love and generally be grounded in what you love because it makes you Think of the potential you do have with whatever You want to do and what other goals you want to go for and reset it. Makes you feel so much powerful and see know your worth is greater than anything. so, that’s The only words of wisdom I have oh Hopefully it’s great because I really generally want to help people out in the world and share positivity. Yeah [Music] Hope you guys have a nice day, and I can’t wait to see you guys later. [Music]

4 thoughts on “Bad Habit Book Tag”

  1. Todd the Librarian!

    I totally understand your procrastination whenever it comes to reading Under the Dome! I'm a big Stephen King fan and I haven't touched that one! What? You don't smoke cigarettes? Well then, what do you smoke? Don't answer that Audrei! LOL! Nice work on the tag!

  2. Marybeth Dwellsinbooks

    Procrastination is my worst habit ever, its so bad!!!!! Thank you for the tag beautiful! Cant wait to film this <3

  3. YOU LOOK GREAT! I’d binge all of sarah dessens books lol. I feel Bridget Jones has an eating disorder… she documents everything she eats and doesn’t she put herself down when she eats?? Idk I never finished the book because I could get through all of the eating obsession!

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