9 thoughts on “BACK COUNTRY HYGIENE”

  1. Haha, thanks for the tag and I have done a number of these over the years, sometimes it takes me a while but I usually get there eventually. At the moment, I am miles behind with my videos and video watching, due to holidays and helping to plan a family wedding. I am with you with the need to wash, if I miss one day, due to illness of a wildcamp, I hate it and I did like the idea of the bidet, never seen that one before mind but if it does the trick, why not. I got some great tablets on eBay, that you add a few drops of water and then expand up to a good sized moist towel. I really appreciate you thinking of me for the tag, real nice of you and I will get there eventually, cheers Alan

  2. Really great video mate thanks for sharing. I will probably take a little vapour rub too as I have asthma and hay-fever as well and I find it nice and soothing and relaxing to use it before bed anyways. Just be careful not to touch down there before washing it off your hands hahaha

  3. Thanks you so much, I was cussing the whole way through your video thinking he better not tag me but you made me happy when you finished because you pretty much covered everything. I also subscribe to hiker in Astonia. Nice review Tom. 👍

  4. amazing i knew when we tagged you that you would make it your own spin it completely different , thats was awesome and amusing at same time, i will also say i love that u expanded to people over seas to get a world view. your amazing keep up the good work and thanks for playing along

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