B.I / Hanbin buy illegal drugs and forced to leave iKon

B.I / Hanbin buy illegal drugs and forced to leave iKon

23 thoughts on “B.I / Hanbin buy illegal drugs and forced to leave iKon”

  1. He did not buy drugs the key word is TEMPTED
    and he was not force to leave but YG TERMINATE his contract without consulting to him first.
    Whata Entertainment?

  2. depression sucks. Thats why he wants to rely on it. Fuckin humans. Can you at least realize one of the biggest problems in this world??. Dammit.all you think of is that taking drugs is bad.. i just hope for drugs to be eradicated from this world.but why is it so impossible dammit.

  3. So sad if he decided to leave or he bullied through drugs to leave we don't know reality whatever if he want to leave there will be reason which we don't know but he is a good person

  4. This shouldn't be in public since he admit that he did not use it because he was too afraid, this case could have been better and solved in a quiet manner this is all the fault of dispatch intrigued the privacy of every idols. Tsk

  5. Redd Loberanes.m.

    Hanbin please don't leave us😭😭😭plsssss plsss plsss Hanbin dont leave us😭😭😭you said that you will not gave up but whyy??😭whyy Hanbin😭😭😭why???

  6. Be strong kim hanbin. Please comeback to ikon. We all love you. Remember that you have your family, ikon members and ikonic that always support you.

  7. Chloe Marie Ureña

    I hate you dispatch 😠😠😠😠😠😠.Dont leave B.I. pleaaaaaaaaaase, im begging you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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