Are Students Abusing Adderall?

Are Students Abusing Adderall?

When I was in high school, everyone was popping
their collar. But once you get to university, everyone’s popping PILLS! Kids these days,
can you believe it? Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. True
facts: it wasn’t until AFTER I graduated college that I realized like 90% of my friends had
been using study drugs on the DL while we were in school. Okay, maybe 90% is an exaggeration,
but it was a lot of people! People I trusted! People I studied with! I felt…so naive…. Researchers put the actual number of students
who use study drugs nationwide at about 30%, around 1 in 3. By study drugs I mean Ritalin,
Adderall, Vyvanse — all stimulants that are approved medically to treat ADHD. Adderall
is by far the most abused. Scientists actually tracked “adderall” mentions on Twitter last
year — and there were over 200,000 tweets which peaked during exam periods. Unsurprisingly,
many of them referenced studying. ‘Cuz I meannn…people don’t take adderall
to party on the weekends. They’re dubbed “study drugs” because people take them to do better
in school. Students in fiercely competitive environments feel like they need a cutting
edge to help them make it to the top. It’s no shocker that the highest concentration
of tweets about Adderall overlapped with regions that host some of the nation’s toughest schools.
The drugs improve memory and concentration — so well that some people can easily study
10 hours straight while they’re on it. It can also cause a euphoric feeling of confidence,
thanks to the flood of dopamine. Adderall is classified as an amphetamine, Schedule
II in the US. Like all drugs that stimulate the brain’s reward centers, Adderall is HIGHLY
addictive. This is where it takes a dark turn, I think.
Students take it, looking for a little boost, and then they take it again, and again, and
it’s a little too easy to get to that place where you rely on it to do well. Using it
a lot skews perspective — it makes it feel like you can never be as productive without
it, and quitting abruptly can cause depression. A number of the tweets tracked in the twitter
study mentioned disturbed sleep, nervousness, appetite changes, and irritability. Still,
a study in 2008 at the University of Kentucky found that 81% of college students believe
that taking study drugs without a prescription “isn’t dangerous at all”. Aside from these risks, I have another point
of contention: taking study drugs is cheating. When 1 in 3 students are on drugs that give
them superhuman study powers, it puts good students (who AREN’T on performance enhancers)
lower on the curve than they would be otherwise. It’s like competing against athletes on steroids,
except there’s very little chance of those students getting caught, and nobody’s testing
for it. Soooo….that’s cool. I do have another video with scientifically
backed tips to help you ace your finals this season–check it out if you’re interested.
And I’d like to know: what do YOU think should be done, if anything, about widespread Adderall
abuse in schools? Let me know down below and I’ll catch you next time with more DNews!

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  1. There should be tests for it.  If you fail, then you lose a acumulated credits, are expelled and a fine is levied against you.

  2. I've taken adderall since I was in second grade started on 5mg, now I'm going into tenth grade and currently take 60mg, I have never felt any euphoria from taking it, actually the opposite I take as many breaks from it as doc will sign off on, it helps me with memory, concentrating, and studying but that only because it stresses me out like crazy and make me feel like it the end of the world if I'm not being productive in some way.

  3. God it's so stupid people take Adderall for partying? How is it good for partying? I've been taking it daily for two years and don't feel any more "fun" when I take it. It curbs appetite and helps you lose weight which is more of an enticing thing for people.

  4. Really? Adderall is cheating? Fuck you, there are kids out here with ADHD that need it to be able to stay focused and study. Adderall doesn't give you super human abilities of studying, it makes you no more intelligent than you already are. An idiot like you on Adderall wouldn't become smarter. It just lowers your ability to be distracted, something ADHD students like me suffer from daily. Sometimes I'll get distracted so much that I won't start my homework until midnight when I forget to take it. Is that super human? Go fuck yourself, you low brained insulting moron

  5. And also, I've always hated Laci Green, everything from her raging ignorance to the world-destroying feminism to even her annoying voice. I fucking hate her so much

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  7. I've tried Adderal and Vyvanse. They didn't agree well with me. Insomnia, moodiness, depression, anxiety and others to boot. Short bursts of anger were the worst. For people who are open to a safe alternative, look in to CBD oil. Its derived from marijuana but has almost no THC and is usually used for seizures, but it also helps with anxiety depression and ADHD/ADD. Also, it doesn't get you high. It's become my new panacea. And for those thinking that I'm using it get a buzz or high, I never actually liked the dissociative stoned feeling weed gave me. It gives me bad anxiety and my brain starts going 100 miles per second.

  8. I like the facts you point out. I've got ADHD myself and without medication its almost impossible for me to study a decent amount of hours. English test coming up next week, that is going to be the last test were I'll study without any medication. I don't have the focus the average person has. Although I like the facts you point out, saying adderall or other medication is cheating seems a dumb statement to me….

  9. Oh, how much I loathe this (continuous) perpetuation of misinformation. Furthermore, I would like to refer you towards the studies conducted by Professor Bruce Alexander (Professor of Psychology) in the 1970's, concerning how drug addiction is merely a symptom of external environmental issues that (typically) have an epigenetic effect on the development of our being. It is (both) disconcerting and embarrassing to observe this entity perpetuating a long established, primitive, and archaic understanding of what we previously believed this class of drugs to do to our mind and/or body. This information was what we were able to obtain through studies conducted earlier within the 20th century, and if you did not ignore everything else that we have learned (since then) concerning this matter, then you would probably be promoting a different perspective concerning this topic. Surely, Bell Media pays you people enough to conduct your own research prior to recording these quite informative webisodes, therefore, don't take my word for it and research the matter yourselves; for it would surely be enlightening.

  10. Cheating? Are you fucking kidding me. I hate using the adhd card but without adderall it i can't study. I can't even string thoughts together. Do you really think adderall makes you smarter? Absolutely not, it forces you to focus… It makes your work interesting, however it doesn't increase your iq, what is wrong with that? I half to take adderall to treat my diagnosed learning disability. Don't you fucking dare call me a cheater.

  11. Adderall is not cheating. It does not make you anymore smarter than you already are. It just makes you focus on what's important and prevents you from getting distracted when doing work. That's not superhuman.

  12. I guess for the people who can focus on the task but someone with ADD/ADHD can't focus but by using this they can. I have ADD and before using Adderall I was not focusing and was really hard to concentrate. But now I find it so simple to focus and do the things I need. I'm not lazy anymore either lmao.

  13. When I was little, people didn't think I had ADHD because I was very good in school (academics not behavior) and my parents overlooked the signs of ADHD because I was smart. Eventually they put me on adderall and My grades went from all A-'s to all A+'s.

  14. People like us with ADHD need Stimulants to memorize and focus, but idk why people with a regular brain use Adderall when they are normal? I agree they should not let normal people take these meds.

  15. I am currently writing a paper about the dangerous abuse of adderall on college campuses while i'm using adderall. lmao i love me

  16. Id wish i was never diagnosed with this thou lucky to be in a modern era where i am to get help. Please make it clear that people that have the condition and are getting treatment are not cheaters only those who use it without prescription

  17. If taking study drugs to do better is cheating… Doesn't that mean that being smarter than other people is cheating too? Why do you have to be born with something in order for it to not be unfair? What about when rich folk start having designer genetically enhanced babies? Is being Genetically Enhanced Cheating? If you had no way of knowing that they were enhanced, other than you just think they are, because they're so smart?
    I don't even understand the Athlete/Steroid thing. Some people are just genetically better physically. Why are they allowed to have this genetic advantage, but lesser people can't bridge the gap with drugs?
    The whole thing, and by that I mean "LIFE" is more complex than the modern world's rules and laws and perceptions are ready to deal with.
    It's like Prisons and Homosexuality. They don't have mixed-gender prisons, because they don't want sexual tension problems (at least that's the reason I always thought)…. But then throw in homosexuality to the mix, and suddenly it fucks everything right up. Our laws and rules just aren't equipped to deal with the complexities that life throws our way.
    I'd say we need to go back to the drawing board, on a lot of things, on a lot of issues and we need some considerate, reasonable and deep-thinkers to come up with the answers. Instead of the Donald Trump/Business Psychopaths, that always seem to float to the top in everything. Like scum. Scum floats to the top too.

  18. #Ian Stockwell Nope no student has ever abused adderall because it doesnt help us focus or anything @TheBoss2288
    Take a minute to buzz on over to

  19. I fucked up and took 2 70mg adderall within 24 hours I can't sleep and haven't been hungry I feel so good that I see why it's addictive it's so not worth it I could barely move for 10 minutes and thought I was having a heart attack.

  20. i dont know what to do my son does have adhd and he gets something else for adhd but he got Adderall from who knows where im sure from his college and he now wants that to help him study and i just found out he is doing cokecane also with this pill and now he is on school break why does he need it for nothing he is not studying so then why is he on this he said because now he is out of school and now relaxing and i can see his is high and his friend looks supper high i told his friend he is never alowed to come her again and i his mother is homeless on drugs and this is terable i told my son he need to go get help and go to rehab he said he does not need it i have another daughter this jappened to and she is messed up bad on the street for 4 years and now is skitcofrenic and will jever be the same im scared my son and his beat friend will turn out like her what am i going to do from a mom with a college student whk had atright as and now is barley passing by the skin on his teeth

  21. No, it's not cheating at all. You still have to study. And if you retain the knowledge as well as without taking it, how's the net result any different ?

  22. It's not cheating when it comes to wanting to have a successful life with a broken education system based on memorizing more than problem solving

  23. Yeah so, I'm riding out that sweet self-induced psychosis and going through as many stim-related videos on YouTube as possible… Would appreciate it if someone would talk to me for 10 hrs straight but I'll settle for shooting me in the face, yeah cool thanks have a good day you guys <3 🙂 🙂

  24. hello my name is Danny Reynolds here in Bedford Indiana I am now on Adderall before that back when I was just only 5 years old I was on Ritalin 20 milligram I had the problem where I had to be sent to a hospital on account of they wanted me to tell them how the drug counteract with me it made me want to commit suicide I told him but I was just a good kid since I become of age I am 29 can I turn 30 it very much hugs me if I had this drug in school and it give me super powers learning disabilities or capabilities I would have been a whole lot smarter maybe I could have one and how to read and write I am a high school dropout I did not complete High School I really don't know damn thing about school at all it's a strike has so many wonderful things why ain't they giving it to everyone I guess the dosage I am on now is just not showing up they give me the 20 milligrams before I was getting the 15th neither one of them seem to do a thing for me at all I'm still the same old me if a tiny bit different I have been to be able to handle a lot more stressed but not on a wide scale I still have a lot of stress on top of it might take another drug called Prozac it does not help either I don't know what's wrong with me but I guess the hunter of the dosage the better our will be more better too me involved in the drugs life whatever that's supposed to mean I hope the doctor actually UPS my toes and makes it more stronger that way I can see what all you people are talking about of it giving me super power smartness and capabilities that I long to have and I've earned it Bill to put up with the stress of three kids and my lady is a rough showings everyday with constant stress and other things I have to do everyday just so I will not go insane do you have either the only I got to do is make soap to go to work gold panning the other Lawn Care weeding work but I do on a regular basis except for when it is last past week it has been raining for over 7 days straight I have been going eight s*** on not be able to do what I normally do for my disability four is going insane Adderall makes me want to work better and faster just do be doing something all the time I'm like that anyway even without the Adderall it makes no difference I am a speedy kind of guy at once to work all the time then work harder than anyone else whoever said I could not do it I proved them wrong and get it done anyway sincerely Danny Reynolds from Bedford Indiana

  25. okay with you're logic then all students who drink coffee/consume caffeine to help stay more alert&awake when studying, are cheating as well? stfu.

  26. didn't even watch the video, just saw the title and speaking for the body of all students, haha helll yea we do, shhiit. y'all aint even know.

  27. Pete Geanacopulos

    haha shows what u know. we used to take hundreds of milligrams to party and rage alllll weekend long. this was in the early 2000s tho.

  28. I used adderall in highschool. Pretty fun, I haven't done it in a while but I see what she means by cheating. If you don't need it, that stuff has you moving like crazy. But hey it's eat or be eaten. If some kid wants a leg up. Cool, use it. Just don't be stupid about it and you'll be fine.

  29. They should test for it every semester for every student, or perhaps doctors should do mandatory urine tests for school age students.

  30. Its the same way for working at factories and places like that. You gotta take drugs or you won't make it really. It's completely stupid for I am one who avoids these types of pills and stuff like that because I would get addicted. If you have to take drugs to make it in places like these. Then why are they illegal, if we gotta take drugs to live in todays world then why are people being put in jail and ruining peoples lives for it. This seems fucked up in many ways and it seems like nothing is being done by it. Why do we have to live in this drug inducing world that could easily destroy our lives.

  31. The "addiction" factor is the fact that its like giving an adult a corvette for a week, say he owns it, then take it away and give him a 2002 van lol

  32. This is ignorance and framing at its best. The supposed one in three users does not mention if it includes those who were DIAGNOSED with ADHD or are abusing it for the purpose of getting an edge. The video puts those who are taking it legitimately AS PRESCRIBED for their ADHD in the same category as "cheaters" by saying it's a performance enhancer. How ridiculous is the steroid analogy as well? There are those with pituitary tumors who deal with hormone deficiency. If athletes with a pituitary tumor or hormone deficiencies use HRT to obtain reference ranges, would you still call that cheating?

    Every year 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries with many of them resulting in ADHD like symptoms and signs. Many of those happen to be collegiate athletes and a way to treat some of their injuries is to actually use Adderall. Their performance in academics can be directly tied to the injuries they sustain through their involvement in collegiate sports.

    The abuse of adderall is prevalent, but its use is medically justified more so than naught. This video only serves to stigmatize a drug that has assisted many legitimate students through legitimate diagnosis'. It's no different than all the negative BS about opiates. Opiate prescriptions are at an all time low since the upsurge of prescriptions, which was a response to the under prescribing of medication to chronic pain patients; yet the opiate overdose which INCLUDES heroin and other ILLICIT use of opiates has been near an all time high. However, opiates are still stigmatized as being over prescribed and dangerous when there are millions upon millions of chronic pain patients who are using it AS PRESCRIBED and have yet to experience any OD signs or symptoms.

    I personally had photographic memories and after a head injury I got to a point where I could not remember a conversation I had 3 minutes prior or the name of someone that introduced themselves 5 seconds prior. I went from sitting and reading a book for 12 to 14 hours without break to not being able to sit down for 5 to 10 minutes for a single task. This was all a result of an injury to the right side of my head.

    You are not an expert on this topic, so please be more objective when creating content regarding such topics. The subjective agenda that is full of ignorance serves no benefit to any community.

  33. You know, I just don't like being put in a category with meth heads, and heroin addicts. I use my Vyvanse prescription to be as productive as possible throughout the day.

  34. The things they say

    "Simple amphetamines and simple methylphenidate, do not have much abuse potential. They don't produce a euphoric high. Other stimulants do. Cocaine does. Methamphetamine does. Ecstasy does. But these simple compounds, like simple amphetamines, simple methylphenidate, have very little abuse potential . . . . They can't be abused very much".

    Scarlett a patient of Dodson's “If you give me a drink or an illegal drug I’ll abuse it. But I won’t abuse Adderall. I don’t consider it is a drug. Medication helps people have satisfying lives”.

    William Dodson Psychiatrist from Denver.

    How does Dodson explain kids snorting or crushing up Adderall or taking it to pass exams or for fun? Or Richard Fee?

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