Anxiety and agoraphobia exposure therapy video

Anxiety and agoraphobia exposure therapy video

okay so I haven't been here in quite a while maybe almost a year I've been afraid to I got a dentist appointment coming up and I decided to take a different way home the way home that I'm taking is a way that I haven't been out here in quite a while because I always had panicked and I just started the recording right at the area where it usually hits me the hardest but I'm doing pretty good I am about seven miles away from the house I think going back is a little easier because the streets at least what a mine right now kind of turn into almost freeways it's 50 miles an hour there's no way to turn around in but because I'm heading home there's no reason for me to want to turn around so I'm kind of using it to my advantage because if I were to freak out and panic right now I wouldn't want to go that way I want to go home you know and so far so good I'm gonna catch 22 because sometimes I'm afraid to see how far I can go out because I know if I panic and I need to turn around I'm at the point where I'm at the farthest from my house when I do decide to turn around that right now I'm doing great because I had already went to the dentist was which was maybe a mile up the road before I started recording and I'm like you know what I haven't been to this part of this city in a long time so I'm gonna go ahead and do it and guess what I did it but anyway yeah I'm feeling great you know I'm challenging myself I'm not really challenging myself because I want to I'm doing it because I have to but there's still a gain in there I'm still gaining you know ground because after this dentist appointment you know I'm hoping to God that you know I don't panic on that day or have any you know anything bad happen I'm gonna start including that in my driving area that's my new bubble my new brick wall you know whatever you want to call it and the same thing happened if you saw my older video I think it's called very important doctor's appointment or whatever it was I was all worked up I was freaking out and then when the day come I had I had the anxiety it was pretty bad and everything but it wasn't horrible and before I knew it it was just a memory well guess what I can still go to that doctor's office right now because I had to practice for so long now I don't want to let it go I don't want my area to shrink I want to expand it and this is one of those ways that I have to you know do that you have an appointment whether it's for Social Security disability whether it's to see a doctor whatever the case might be I want to hold on to this and this person waits for me to get a green light man these people coming out of the casino I tell you definitely don't want to get into a car accident crazy person got to keep a G you know on this channel but yeah you know I mean I would say I'm probably about halfway home now when I passed this Cleveland racks II know I know that uh you know home is very close so you know I mean that's where I'm at right now haven't done an anxiety video and quite a while been focusing on just trying to have fun with my son you never know how much time you have on this earth with your kids I could get into a car accident right now while filming this so you know I want to spend every minute that I can with my son but I also know you know my daughter's but my daughters are teenagers they they're not home you know they got the lies just like I did when I was a teenager but I'd really like to be able to get a PlayStation 4 and play with my son you know I mean he's a big-time gamer and you know I play games and stuff on my phone I'm a agoraphobic I ain't going anywhere oh man I love Walmart it's the only place you can go where you don't comb your hair and you can wear your pajamas and nobody will judge you

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  1. Dirty Knuckles XXX

    I start to panic at red lights because I know I'm trapped for 2-3 minutes. I get real dizzy and lightheaded. I can't go more then 5 minutes from my house.

  2. Good to see you out RJ. Right now my car is broken down, with a bad battery. I have to get a new one, and get it installed….very anxious not having an escape to the hospital if I need it. Great job you did here

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