Animals on drugs!

Animals on drugs!

37 thoughts on “Animals on drugs!”

  1. Great example of Democrat voters. Always doing drugs and wasting the day away waiting for their government checks on the 1st and 15th of every month.

  2. "seeming to give the animal a pleasure reward."  are you kidding me?  That lemur is 100 percent obviously high as balls.

  3. Purplemonkeyspank

    The UK government's stance on recreational and medicinal millipedes is that the risk of millipede induced psychosis is too high. Don't expect legalised millipedes anytime soon.

  4. I'm surprised that experimental drug users haven't tried copying the lemurs, or smoking millipedes and centipedes.

  5. Yup. Of course it makes them high. If it makes you feel good, you will keep doing it and thus survive. Just like humans with the runners high (also eating and sex but that goes with most animals).

  6. When will humans try to extract that toxin and push it on the streets in a pill form or injectable form? Id like to try that high at least once in a pill form

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