Alleged Islamophobic abuse aimed at Mohamed Salah during West Ham v Liverpool

Alleged Islamophobic abuse aimed at Mohamed Salah during West Ham v Liverpool

100 thoughts on “Alleged Islamophobic abuse aimed at Mohamed Salah during West Ham v Liverpool”

  1. You can insult a player without having to mention his religion. Just don't go there, because if you do, you should be banned from every single premier league game for life

  2. I mean just wow!! So now when we hurl abuse to a English player, should we abuse his belief whatever it’s? and they say English are gentlemen!!! I doubt it very much.

  3. Its 2019…what an absolute looser😂feel sorry for him and his kids really..Maybe hes irate because he follows a club who havent a player in there books who could make salah toast let alone lace his boots

  4. The majority of English people love Mo salah and respect him, this individual behaviour doesn't reflect any thing, calm down

  5. O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, [15] and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. [16] Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware. – 49:13 Quran Kareem

  6. It's not really an insult to be abused by someone like that. You have to respect someone to be insulted by them. When a dog angrily barks at you, it's not an insult. Most people in the ground are little above dogs in terms of intelligence. So I don't see how they can insult anyone.

  7. Yeah he think by saying that makes u a man respect you religion leave other religion alone and if you have problem with Muslims go and join the war in Middle East leave normal people alone

  8. Its okai .. me for being a muslim i say salah is not sad for that fan abusing him for being muslim! Salah loves all his fans even the haters.
    Everyone is free for choosing his relegion or cloth or whatever ..


  10. Okay. Maybe Salah is a bit of a cheat. Maybe he dives too much and cons the referees. But there is absolutely NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for abusing him and his religion like that. This is an absolute disgrace.

  11. قناة القرآن الكريم

    This not good for us why you revile salah ever one have a religion if not Christen you revile me I know the British or anther country has an open mind I’m sorry why that happened

  12. My name is mohanad (with n) some stupid ppl read it as mohamad (with m) and assume im a muslim and start acting stupid with me on some websites or even when playing on ps4 , i tell them im arabic but not a muslim , but it doesn’t work , white racists are the worst . I like to go online on a website called chatroulette to improve my english and many ppl would act like they are throwing up when see me because im not white , i cover my face and talk , they mock my accent …

  13. Salah you did amazing not to react th are the most humble player I have ever seen and I support Chelsea ,whoever said that about you go pick on someone with your own humiliation

  14. Bottom line. Take religion out of it and whoever has meant to have said this are in the game to make WHATEVER UNACCEPTABLE RANT AND ABUSE they want. Mo is the most humble footballer i have heard of who sometimes pedals home from training. To bring his religion into it is unacceptable but if any other player, its fat chants ugly chants, chants about their family etc. These scum are just HATERS.

    I love banter with the keeper, subs etc and i get a bit back. Please dont take that out of football due to a few MUGS.

    A bit of good banter can make a game a good laugh. Mainly when a clever reaction comes from a player. I love that side of football BUT PLEASE TAKE THE MINORITY TOTALLY OUT OF THE GAME and let’s get back on track.

    No room for racism or radical chants in football our great game.

    TRFC. SWA.

    fatzappa 👍🏻

  15. It was a matter of time before a few turned on him because the amount of Islamophobia in England and the majority of the West is a real problem and disgraceful. They are the medias puppets.

  16. I don't think whether racism will ever end because those who investigate racism cases are cousins and relatives to the racists…. fighting against racism is like losing a game before it started… racism is everywhere in the whole continent of Europe…they are always jealousy of those Africans who outperform them…. I always talk my mind……

  17. Meh.. in a way I get whats up.. they getting their country ran over by immigrants and they take it out on this player.. he may be innocent but thats the way life is.. unfair.

    Example – "white people supremacy" " white people are all racists".

  18. These words reflect how shallow the chav is !!

    We all the cameras at every angle of the stadiums, this lout should be arrested, fined and banned from stadiums and put him in an animal cage where he belongs!!

  19. hating a footballer is fine, no one can change your opinion, but when race and beliefs are brought into this, it's simply unacceptable

  20. Wow! We are racist in America but damn England is on another level with it. Well America was colonized by England anyway so now I see where we got it from.

  21. Ahaha i just can say wtf LOL for someone who never can be open minded and racist😆. I think someone should learn how international student is so open minded.

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