Addictive Behaviors by Joyce Meyer

Addictive Behaviors by Joyce Meyer

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  1. Im drugs addicted please pray for me to deliver from this evil spirit. I can't able.only your powerful prayer can do for me man of God please. Jesus Im waiting your deliver.

  2. atableset forthirteen

    Addictive Behaviors by showing up on stage and TV making $Millions from the week minded and distorting scripture and amassing great personal wealth off selling twisted literature and books all from the brain of one Joyce Myers disguised in the name of God. This is ridiculous. I feel sorry for you people. Come to know Christ and His gospel.

  3. SugzThoughtz ThisMyJourney

    This is a MUST WATCH if u want the #simpletruth about #addiction (many types of addictions) in order to be set free! #payattention #KnowledgeisPower ppl @joycemeyer truly #GodSent 🙌🏽💯

  4. Since the Word of God is called "the Sword of the Spirit" (Ephesians 6:17) a key thing in overcoming addictions is to memorize and speak, out loud, so the devil and we, ourselves, can hear, verses addressing how to combat the enemy! Zechariah 4:6, containing the words, "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit…" is a great one, and there are multitudes of others, as Joyce has taught us through the years. Addictions are often idolatries, which, as I understand, are anyone or any thing we allow to excessively occupy our time, thoughts, and resources, other than the one true God, Yahweh. Thus, a beginning step in overcoming , I believe, would be repentance before God for idolatry. Thank- you, Joyce, for your wonderful ministry, and Shalom, to you and your loved ones!

  5. Should women become pastors? The Bible draws a connection between the home and the church. Just as there is a role distinction at home—where the husband is called to lead the family—there is also one at church. At home men are proving their fitness to be elders (pastors), and at church they are the ones who are given that role. Paul says explicitly, "I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man" (1 Timothy 2:12). And those two functions—teaching and exercising authority—are the functions of the elder.

  6. Just because the woman was the common denominator, doesn't mean she is the one who didn't treat her husbands well. She most likely has been abused in some way, needs healing, and is looking for someone to accept and love her. Unfortunately, she keeps choosing men that she doesn't realize keep her in that same unhealthy and broken past. I know this from personal experience.

  7. Krupasindhu Parmanik

    HONOURABLE and memorial respectable Thanksful joyce madam I m from odisha India, I m devotee of jesus christ u are greatest incredible inspiring with the best teaching out of the world u are best marveling like beloved of universe for humans create from God jesus christ way it is tremendous magnificence sweetest and benevolence highest highlights makes changes many people including with the heart In the world u are unbelievable clarity magnanimous brightness performance with the Greatest God jesus christ really powerful God words with us I m become like to u are power of holy spirit taken biggest remembering the miracles happen in the earth I feel and talk about urself u are a phenomena mysterious having with the legendary God words expanded never been telling about it so God will help to support United unconditionally love being appreciate with ever thanksful u are holy spirit power with the greatest respective power with the holy power of the God it is too vast kinds of beauty and unimeageble enormous power with the mind and heart touche to touching unique God technical teaching in the whole universe so u are the first time picular fantastic holy power lady in the world thanks so I m listening of ur most video 3 time in a day I m biggest and highest benevolence wishes welcome u and Grace of God love forever and ever endless no most got it I pray lord jesus christ healthy and happiest blesses with ever again ever for internal life ever doing it so thanks God jesus christ blessed with ever nonstop no most ending thanks

  8. One thing I have noticed about addiction is in order to practice addictive behavior you must first lie to yourself and sometimes to others. I mean there is no truth in rationalizing addiction. There is plenty of Truth when you see that all addiction has a negative result. We say things to our selves like I'll have to smoke a cigarette after I eat. There is no truth in that statement. Have you ever seen on the back of a can of food where it says must smoke a cigarette after consuming this product. People say oh I can quit if I wanted to. So you can clearly see that your addiction is destroying your life and the lives of those around you and you could quit if you wanted to. I have to light a cigarette up because the urge will go away. Nope every time you light a cigarette the urge increases. It only takes one cigarette to increase a physiological or urge for 3 days. Yet after three days of not smoking any cigarettes the physiological large goes away 5 days at the most. So in order to actually make the urge go away one would have to tell them the truth they must quit. It is a spiritual fact that in order to proceed on and our addictions we first must have to tell ourselves a lie to continue on. So therefore the truth will set you free. One of the ways that I overcame cigarette addiction was the Bible says that God made me in his own image. So therefore I am stronger than a little bit e o cigarette. The truth always sets us free yet a lie will always keep us in bondage. Jesus Christ says he is the way the truth and the life. So why are we looking for truth in anything else. Also keep in mind who's the father of Lies is and it is not the one who speaks truth. Jesus Christ says that we are Overcomers. Satan the Prince of Darkness says that we have to continue on doing the very things that brought us in need of a savior. When Jesus came to set us free from bondage. I don't know if I got the point across to anybody that keeps lying to themselves so they can continue on and their addictions. Yet reality is if we want the changes that come with Jesus Christ we must first start listening to and applying the truth to our lives and quit listening to and applying lies to our lives

  9. I am so grateful for the teachings. I am addicted to gambling. It has destroyed me financially.
    I wake up every morning and ask God to help me get through the day.
    Lord I cannot do this without you…🙏🙏

  10. I love God and claim to be strong minded. Really i am weak as i am addicted to drugs and a brief high then feel worthless i the mourning. I repeant and slip again. I understand everyone going through addiction problems and pray that all chains are broken amd let what the devil planned to destroy and kill us be turned around to glorify Gods Kingdom. May we all be set free from addictions, please pray for me. Joshua

  11. God to continue giving Joyce Meyer the desires of her heart, Because I am beginning the journey with God to restore what the devil had stolen from me.

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