Addiction To Education – Sandeep Maheshwari Motivational Video Summary in ENGLISH

Addiction To Education – Sandeep Maheshwari Motivational Video Summary in ENGLISH

Today I am going to share with you a story
of twin brothers named Padaku and Ladaku. So, Padaku and ladaku both went to the same
school, they belong to a middle class family and the mentality of their parents was something
like this, “Those who study, live like a king and those who play, live like a beggar”. Since from their childhood their parents always
used to remind padaku and ladaku this dialogue again again. So, by hearing this dialogue from his parents
again and again padaku accepted it as a truth. And so he completely stopped playing around
and started only to study all day long. He became addicted to studying. On the other hand whenever his parents used
to say this dialogue to ladaku that, “Those who study, live like a king and those who
play, live like a beggar”, ladaku used to ask them “Why? Then, why there are so many fan followers
of Sachin?”. His parents had no answer to this question. So ladaku never accepted this dialogue as
a truth. Ladaku also used to study, but only to pass
the exams. If ladaku used to spend one period in the
classroom then he used to spend the next period outside the classroom playing around. On the other hand once padaku entered into
the classroom, he used to sit there untill all the periods are over. So, padaku always used to become 1st in the
class and ladaku last in the class. As a result padaku used to get praised from
his parents and ladaku used to get scolded by his parents. When ladaku’s mother used to ask ladaku that,
“what is your problem to memorize your textbooks?” Ladaku used to reply, “Why should I have to
memorize? It’s already there in Google. If I need it I just have to do a google search. Then what is the meaning of memorizing it?” Then his mother used to reply, “Listennn,
if it is on Google, then you are not going to get any job”, then Ladaku used to reply,
“Listennn, I don’t need this kind of job. I want to live like a human not a robot. Is there no other way to earn money expect
doing some boring job?” And after that ladaku used to get beaten by
his mother for mimicking her. So, hardly when he passed the 12th standard,
ladaku dropped out from his studies. After his 12th standard he started to become
addicted to photography. On the other hand Padaku continued on his
addiction to studies. Gradually Padaku managed to collect many bachelor’s
degrees one by one. But the problem was due to only studying all
day long, the practical intelligence and personality of padaku remained completely undeveloped. He couldn’t even speak properly with an unknown
person. That’s why he had to remain unemployed for
a long period of time. At last, after taking so many bachelor’s degree
padaku joined as a postman, for which the minimum educational qualification required
was 10th standard pass. So, whatever padaku had studied in those 8-10
years after his 10th standard, those became completely useless for the rest of his life. The most valuable 8-10 years of life, when
health and energy used to be at the peak, Padaku completely wasted that time on his
so called good addiction that is studying. On the other hand, after his 12th standard
when ladaku became completely addicted to photography, ladaku’s parents became more
worried about him. Every now and then Ladaku got scolded by his
parents. Meanwhile, one day padaku asked his brother
ladaku that, “What are you going to do with this photography?” Ladaku said, “I don’t know. But I will do something of my own. Maybe a startup!” So, padaku said, “But to do something of your
own, at the beginning you need a lot of money. Who is going to give you that?” Ladaku replied, “Why? I will start small. And then gradually I will grow my business
from my savings” Padaku said, “Huh! Be ready to face the music”. So, since from his childhood it was deeply
sewed in Padaku’s mind that there is only way to achieve something great in life and
that is through studying. And padaku was addicted to his these kind
of beliefs, that’s why he never questioned it and kept on studying all the day long. But Ladaku used to think differently. Ladaku used to believe as there are many ways
to reach any place in this world, similarly there are many ways to become successful in
life. So after spending huge amount of money for
years after years on his so called good addiction studying, padaku managed to secure a fixed
salary of 10-15 thousand rupees per month. Whereas despite of anyone’s support, only
by believing in himself, and continuing his so called bad addiction photography, ladaku
started a business of stock photography named “imagesmart”. As in his childhood, Ladaku had spent most
of the time outside the classroom, his practical intelligence was developed extremely well. When padaku was memorising and feeding useless
information in his mind then Ladaku was studying the very life. And by using his extremely well practical
intelligence ladaku took his company to the multinational level, and so the monthly income
of 12th standard pass ladaku became 10 times higher than 4 to 5 bachelor’s degrees holder
Padaku’s monthly income. After that Ladaku got praised by his parents
and Padaku seemed to be a fool to his parents. So, they started to advice Padaku to something
like Ladaku. Padaku’s mother started to tell him, “Listennn,
your family is not going to survive with this monthly income of 10 thousand rupees only. Do something as your brother ladaku did”. So the story of Padaku and ladaku teaches
us, that it’s not necessary what we consider to be good is actually good, or what we consider
to be bad is actually bad. The important thing is that, before accepting
any belief or any ideology to be true, we must put a question mark on it. We must verify whether it is actually true
or it is a pure lie! As Albert Einstein said, “Education is not
the learning of facts. But the training of the mind to think”
I have learnt these things from Sandeep sir’s “Addiction to education” video. For those who don’t understand Hindi properly,
and to summarise the key points more interestingly in short time, I have made this video. If you understand Hindi well and still haven’t
watched Sandeep sir’s video, then you can watch the full video by following the link
given below in the description. At last a little request to you. If you found this video useful, then please
share it with your friends and family and don’t forget to like and comment below to
let me know, your opinion about this video. Next video is on the next Wednesday. Thanks for watching. More wisdom more solution better life!

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  1. দাদা আপনারা কোথায় থাকেন? আর ভিডিও বানানোর পাশাপাশি কি করেন?


    it seemed as if i was sitting in place of padaku
    my request to you is please make a video on overcoming the frustration that padaku might be facing.

  3. Superb sir. Yes practical is main thing. If we don't use our knowledge practically then its valueless. Thanks for this great lesson.

  4. I thank you for your video and your efforts as you speak in English and make us understand about things available in hindi

  5. Why these motivational channels are always against studying. If someone actually wants to read books or secure a govt job,then what’s wrong with that, every person couldn’t have the same interests. It is not necessary that every person have to dropout from school/college bcz nowadays, youths are influenced by this kind of mindset,some of them might have talent but some of them are talentless n still dropping out n showing off. I am not against business or startups but i am also not against study/education,i just wanna say people have to balance on both sides,just don’t blindly follow what other people are doing,just don’t ruin your life by becoming a victim of peer pressure. Do whatever u love and seek knowledge from every small things even from ur day to day activities,awareness is most important, if u have awareness and wisdom, u gonna surely figure out what you can do or what is actually important for u. Be aware, be open-minded.

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