Adam Ruins Everything – The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

Adam Ruins Everything - The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

Listen, Drew Carey all you adults always tell us
the same thing– Weed's gonna kill us,
it's a gateway drug. Lying isn't funny. Oh, no, for most people,
weed is essentially harmless. Whoa-kay,
no way, Jose. Look, I know this stuff is a little
overboard, but… you can't tell kids
weed isn't bad! Of course I can.
It's true. And we've known it
for decades. Counting deaths from
the substance alone, alcohol kills
88,000 people a year. Tobacco kills 480,000. And marijuana kills
absolutely no one. (buzzer) Uh, according to curriculum, marijuana can get you hooked
on harder substances. It's a gateway drug. Yeah, educators have been
saying that for years, but it's not true. Most people
who try marijuana don't even continue
smoking marijuana. This dude knows
what's up. Now, that doesn't mean
that it's perfectly safe. Dude, I thought
you were cool. Oh, I wish!
If you're under 25, smoking weed can lead
to memory problems and poor
cognitive functioning. But if you're an adult, and your brain
has finished developing, it's really your choice. Adam, wrong way.
Also, not in a school. Sorry, I usually
only smoke at parties, and I'm rarely
invited to them. Yeah, wonder why. The truth is,
if you know the risks and you use it in moderation,
weed is no big deal. And, in fact, humans have been
using it for millennia. Humans started growing cannabis
as a crop over 8,000 years ago. This crop will feed our family
for a year, and this crop
will make movies way funnier. (Adam)
In 440 BCE,
Herodotus wrote about the ancient tradition
of cannabis steam baths. Fellow citizens,
as a wise man once told me, VapeLife!
(laughing) And in America,
for many years marijuana was available in over-the-counter
medications. Step right up and try Professor Horkorium's
Rejuvenating Tincture! Now with the Arab hashish. For most
of America's history, weed was legal.
No one cared about it. All right,
so what changed? I mean, there must be
some reason we banned it. Oh, there is.
And it's real weird. Enter Harry Anslinger,
commissioner of the Federal Bureau
of Narcotics and a staunch
prohibitionist. Our funding has been cut!
They'll shut me down if I don't find
a new chemical to demonize. Let's see, what are people
scared of for no good reason? A-ha!
Mexicans! And Mexicans
smoke marijuana! That's it!
Hey, racist mob… (all)
Hmm? Marijuana makes Mexicans
thirst for white blood. Spread the word! (mob shouting) Anslinger used
that racism to fuel a propaganda campaign
against the drug, testifying before
Congress… Marijuana is
an addictive drug which produces
in its users insanity, criminality,
and death! (Adam)
Soon, the "Marijuana
causes violence" meme was everywhere, from
newspapers to movies… Just a young boy.
Under the influence of the drug, he killed his entire family
with an axe. …to subtle
political cartoons. (man)
Nazi propaganda. What does that
even mean? Why would he just say
the words, "Nazi propaganda"? Honestly, no idea.
But, it worked. In 1937, Congress
banned marijuana and later,
with Anslinger's help, they passed
the first mandatory minimum
sentencing laws which made it so that
your first time getting caught
with this could put you away
from two to ten years. Mm, thank you,
that's what I thought. (Adam)
And the true irony is, the government knew
Anslinger's claims were false. Scientists proved marijuana
wasn't connected to violence or insanity in the '40s. And in 1973,
a bipartisan commission recommended Nixon
decriminalize it. But, Nixon being
Nixon… Mr. President,
literally everyone agrees, marijuana is safe. Out! Get out!
I have zero chill! The war on drugs
begins now! I don't understand.
If he knew it was safe, why would he be so tough
on it? Well,
why don't you ask Nixon's aide,
John Ehrlichman. He said, in 1994… We knew we couldn't
make it illegal to be either
against the war or black, but by getting the public
to associate the hippies with marijuana
and blacks with heroin… Did we know we were lying
about the drugs? That's a real quote?
Yeah. That's a real quote. Nixon started
the war on drugs to bully his political
enemies and minorities. His own aide
admitted it. I can't believe I've been
teaching this to children. At least
it's better now, right? You wish. Despite laws being
loosened in a few states, mandatory minimums
are still in effect all across the country,
and marijuana still accounts for nearly half
of all drug arrests. And, despite the fact
that white and black people smoke at basically
the same rate, black people
are four times as likely to be arrested
for marijuana. Look, we know for a fact
that weed isn't dangerous, but we're still following
racist old laws and throwing countless
people of color in prison for no reason. (car approaching,
distant music) (tires screeching) Listen up! Everything this barf-boy
told you is wrong and will kill you! Well, we actually
have fact checkers, but– Shut it, barf-boy!
Before you barf everywhere. Drugs aren't cool.
D.A.R.E. says so. Oh, the D.A.R.E.
program! That was
a massive failure that may have actually
increased drug use. (taser clicking) Ooh! (Adam coughing) I told you he was a barf boy.

41 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal”

  1. Let's not legalise recreational weed. Just no. You guys said that the consent age is 18. 11 year olds are losing their virginity. No. No. No. I do not like seeing people drunk. Seeing men that have been smoking since they were 6 with 0 brain cells is worse. You guys have alcohol legal, when it murders people – and tobacco. You guys are tackling marijuana with the bias that getting high is good. You guys have no problem with destroying your bodies, and wanna get on people's cases when they put in place preventative measures to keep you safe.

  2. Hold on if sugar kills peoples when you eat to much of it. Then why is marijuana illegal if it kills no one only if your below 25.

  3. The hemp industry was also maturing to the point where they could mass produce paper and other products. That would eliminate the need to cut down trees for paper.

  4. They should've also mentioned that some Psychadelics are also considered harmless but are still illegal. For instance, acid has a 0 death toll, the only time it's dangerous is when it's laced with (or made entirely) of a different substance. Also you don't hallucinate objects that don't exist. Right now they're testing out shrooms' potential to cure some forms of mental illness 👍

  5. Weed is one of Jesus greatest creations and can help people with cancer and make you hungry. I don't like running into people that were lied to and believe weed kills and is a drug… Also I don't believe weed can get you hooked on it

  6. 0:52 – 0:55
    So many can relate. I had to pause the video from laughing too hard… I think I find it funnier than I should.

  7. Safety also depends on the levels of THC, how much you consume and how vulnerable you are when it comes to psychotic diseases. Substance-induced psychosis because of weed is a pretty horrible mental illness.

  8. In Australia marijuana is the cause of 75,000 mental health diagnoses per year. Psychosis, paranoia & depression are common by-product of smoking weed. So Adam ask these kids parents if marijuana is harmless 👎 ya dickhead !!

  9. Can I just point out the irony that the White House domestic affairs advisors name is John Ehrlichman…. his last name in German means “honest man”… lol.

  10. Because of one lie, billions of dollars and millions of life's destroyed and family's ruined and for what, to control blacks, Mexicans and war protesters. Would our goverment lie to us, you dam right they will.

  11. The truly scientific, then you know, one chemical substance cannot lead you to another. It is your willingness to try anything that leads you.. but opiate prescription medicines to heroin? That is truly not just a possibility, but a fact!


    The male weed plants are good for making tea and healing but, smoking the Bud's from a female weed plants aren't good for you aspecialy if your under the age at that point where the human brain isn't fully
    developed, that y all types of thoughts continuously runs across your mind

  13. “Weed accounts for 0 deaths a year”

    Headline- Man kills family of 5 in car crash, under influence of marijuana

    Totally bud

  14. From Central
    Christian Church Chilliwack  =


    …….   Like we're just
    squares, prudes, and killjoys. And I get that. Christianity that is
    simply against all
    the things that the world thinks are fun is not attractive and compelling. But
    to draw that conclusion is to miss the point. Christianity is for something.
    Something so grand, so compelling, that if it was a treasure found in a field
    it would be worth it to sell off everything else to buy that field in order to
    possess the treasure of treasures.


    That treasure is the gospel, by the way. The greatest
    exchange imaginable. Jesus traded His righteousness for our unrighteousness and
    then paid the penalty for our sin on the cross. He got killed so we could get
    life. Abundant life. Eternal life. And He did it because He loves us.

    Any talk of changing our lifestyles only makes sense in light of
    a genuine life-transforming encounter with the living God. 




  15. Negative effects of
    Marijuana from the official  Canadian
    Government Website.   =



    marijuana is much stronger than marijuana from many years ago. Studies show
    that the average level of THC, the principal "mind-altering"
    component of marijuana, has increased by 300% to 400% over the last few


    marijuana is smoked, the THC in the smoke passes quickly from the lungs into
    the blood. Because blood is always travelling through the body, THC soon
    reaches the brain. Within a few minutes, the drug produces several short-term


    short-term effects can last up to 8 hours after smoking or 12 hours or longer
    if the marijuana is eaten.


    of the harmful physical and mental effects of marijuana are known. But
    marijuana use can also come with effects the user did not expect or want.


    or unwanted effects

    can have unexpected or unwanted effects. Instead of feeling calm and happy,
    some people may experience other effects such as:


    anxiety or panic,

    mild paranoia, or

    hallucinations and delusions.


    Youth are especially
    vulnerable to the health effects of marijuana use, including harmful effects on
    mental functioning, and psychosis and schizophrenia

  16. The study was a collaboration between Northwestern
    Medicine® and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.  =

    This is the first study to show
    casual use of marijuana is related to major brain changes. It showed the degree
    of brain abnormalities in these regions is directly related to the number of
    joints a person smoked per week. The more joints a person smoked, the more
    abnormal the shape, volume and density of the brain regions.

    “This study raises a strong
    challenge to the idea that casual marijuana use isn’t associated with bad
    consequences,” said corresponding and co-senior study author Hans Breiter, M.D.
    He is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern
    University Feinberg School of Medicine and a psychiatrist at Northwestern
    Memorial Hospital.

    “Some of these people only used
    marijuana to get high once or twice a week,” Breiter said. “People think a
    little recreational use shouldn’t cause a problem, if someone is doing OK with
    work or school. Our data directly says this is not the case.







    Researchers from
    Harvard and Northwestern studied the brains of 18- to 25-year-olds, half of
    whom smoked pot recreationally and half of whom didn't. What they found was
    rather shocking: Even those who only smoked few times a week had significant
    brain abnormalities in the areas that control emotion and motivation


  17. Even the language that is used in reference to Marijuana proves it is not good for you. With sayings such as let's get: High, stoned, Baked, fried

    Plus the fact that the government does not want you drive when you have, smoked Marijuana, shows that they know that it makes people not in a right frame of mind

    Sexual immorality and occult are practiced by many who like to get high on smoking Marijuana.

    I have seen it first had at so many rock concerts, and parties. When I went to the Lollapalooza concert about 20 years ago it was a one big dope and drug fest, so much so you could get really high from the second hand smoke in the crowd.

    The stoner movies, and music videos are so full of immorality, I won't even bother posting the links to demonstrate how bad it is.

    The one stoner music video had 15 millions views it was so bad, I could not watch it, another music video called "smoke the weed” has 56 million views, promoting smoking weed every day

    I had a friend at work who told me he gave his Mom a Marijuana joint which she smoked and ended up passing out it the closet.

    When I was in Elementary school, I had a classmate that used to smoke her parents stash of Marijuana. She ended being sexuality active in elementary school, was addicted to drugs, and alcohol and introduce other kids to the druggie lifestyle.

    I had other friends that were into getting high on Marijuana and was into the occult big time. End up want to getting more high moved to LSD and other drugs. I know a least 3 that committed suicide

    When I was in High school, I remember when I did not make the basketball team, I was depressed and ended up drinking beer with some friends, and was introduced to Marijuana and enjoyed it so much that I ended up smoking it allot.

    That is way sinful things (drunkenness, drugs, porn, fornication, adultery, ect) tend to work, they promise you pleasure and happiness, but end in death, misery, sorrow, and God's judgement.

    I am much happier being free from sinful things and I am protected from the resulting negative consequences, in obeying God's commands

    I remember high school, never having any Christian classmates ever share the gospel with me. So sad. I remember one guy name Noah, who I think almost was going to share Jesus Christ but did not. It could have change my direction in life

    Getting high on marijuana; Debauchery, Sexual immorality, and the Occult are a HUGH part of the marijuana culture.

    According to a TIME magazine interview with Hugh Hefner 's "ex -girl friend", they used get Stoned, high on marijuana before engaging in their sex orgies. There is even a video of Marijuana being promoted at the Play Mansion.

    Weed Connection @ Playboy Mansion – Ft. Snoop Dogg Hugh Hefner Playmate of Year DJ MisterE Tom Green

    I did not post the link to the video because it would be full of debauchery

    I believe you can replace the word "drunk" with the word "stoned" in the following Bible passages:

    – For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do–living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry. 1 Peter 4:3

    – Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. Eph 5:18

    – "Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap. Luke 21:34

    Here is some info from the Canadian Government, the New York times, Harvard, Christian Church, on the negative physical and spiritual effects of recreational Marijuana use.

    I remember when walking around mill lake, I would see also every time a large group of young teenagers drinking alcohol, smoking pot, cussing, listening evil music. I gave them all gospel tracts one time.

    I met the guy hired by the government to clean up the mess and graffiti, they would leave at the park. He told he would be cleaning up the graffiti on a regular bases, and left over beer cans, and Marijuana joints.

    He told me he thought it was crazy that government was going to legalize Marijuana.

  18. I think that this video is VERY misleading. While I 100% agree that marijuana should be legalized and that marijuana laws essentially target people of color, it is simply incorrect to pretend that marijuana is a harmless drug for everybody. For many, it truly is harmless and can actually improve quality of life (ex: medical marijuana, anxiety disorders, or even just for recreational use). I am happy that marijuana is harmless for many people. However, people seem to glorify it and pretend that it will be harmless for everybody. Smoking marijuana caused me to go into a month long psychotic episode that made me suicidal and caused a lot of damage in my life. Marijuana is known to stimulate the onset of schizophrenia and increase anxiety in some. Marijuana is GREAT for some people, but do not glorify it because it is not harmless for everybody.

  19. Just me and my brain

    Just going to debunk this…
    People don't die from cannabis itself so that is correct. But loss of people die every year from dangerous activities while high, or the long term effects of cannabis im the brain. People who have had contact with cannabis are more likely to develop psychosis, which as a disorder has high suicide rate and a majority of people with the disorder have smoked or taken cannabis. So while the substance itself doesn't kill, the effects do.

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