Abraham-Hicks • Struggle with addiction • Law of Attraction

Abraham-Hicks • Struggle with addiction • Law of Attraction

so the question I’ve had all morning
piggybacks exactly off the conversation we just had I’m sort of Victor in a way
and what I want everybody is sort of victory in a way i want to touch on
addiction and a friend told me one time that i’m the greatest manifester of
everything that I’ve ever not wanted that he’s ever mad which means you’re a
strong focus ER so I’ve struggled for years with the drugs and alcohol and it
has destroyed my life in so many ways we are going to hear you out but we want to
tell you something important we’d like it to settle into you first and this is
the easiest way to have this conversation since we’ve been having
this conversation about receptive mode or receptive mode when for whatever
reason you’re in a receptive mode more talking about what you don’t want and
things not going well and so things are playing out from that emotional state of
not feeling good or depression or of anger or whatever then it’s logical that
these thoughts would turn to things that are unpleasant and when you are as you
are someone who loves this feeling of alignment then this feeling of not
alignment is unbearable and when you don’t know about Law of Attraction and
you don’t know about energy and you don’t know about vibration and you don’t
know about focus and you don’t know about your inner being and you don’t
know about your emotional guidance system then taking that action seems
like the only remedy to give you relief from this and so it is the most logical
thing in the whole world and what it says more than anything else you want to
feel good and you want the release and those drugs and that alcohol helps you
to resign a little bit it helps you to let go a little bit it’s certainly not a
good path the illegality of it makes it a terrible pass all the complications of
it make it terrible pass em you the experience of it makes it not a good
path because even though you feel relief you’re not feeling relief because you
improved your vibration you’re feeling relief because you lowered your capacity
to focus there is a little slowing of momentum down when you drink enough or
drug enough that you can’t focus in the same way that you were you’re less hard
on yourself when you’re drunk you’re less hard on yourself when you’re doing
drugs and ever your focus changed but you don’t have any rational
understanding of what happened so things don’t get better but it’s time for you
to stop beating up on yourself for that because from our point of view it was
logical giving what you knew then but now you know something different now you
know that there is another way to feeling good you see so the drug thing
there are two things about it that are important to have a conversation about
one is the vibrational impact of it or the vibrational reason for it the other
is the cellular response to the drugs your body gets used to whatever it is
that it’s been ingesting or experiencing and at first it’s something that your
body really doesn’t want but your body has this incredible ability to adjust to
whatever is going on and in its very adept ability to adjust to whatever it
is you are ingesting that translates to you as more of a craving so there’s two
things going on if there’s something that you’ve been experiencing even if
it’s something like coca-cola or diet coke or diet pepsi or anything that
you’ve decided that you don’t want to experience anymore because maybe you’re
having some physical results that don’t seem quite right to you it takes at
least three days for your body to stop calling for it if you’ve been giving it
to it in a regular basis so there is a cellular calling which is the cellular
addiction and then there is the wanting to feel better which is the vibrational
addiction and you have to get to that place of understanding that you can feel
better without it and it takes a little while helpful yes so what’s the best way
to curve the craving to get past the mark to where you start the momentum and
in a direction it takes more than three days
to master alignment and that’s what’s tricky because you could go three days
without the substance and the cellular calling would subside but the emotional
calling might not be subsiding because you might still be focused upon the
trouble that has you down here to begin with to which the drug seems like the
solution is this making sense to you so you just got to figure it out best for
yourself it’s like deciding that you’re going to feel good and you don’t and
that’s today you decide you’re going to stop smoking how’s that working out for
you that making you more cheerful that making you nicer to be with it doesn’t
does it in other words so they’re kind of working against each other aren’t
they because you’re giving up what you found was somewhat of a solution but you
haven’t found your other solution yet so we would encourage don’t tell anybody we
said it doing some of both for a while find your release and find your relief
and find your release and find your relief until this release is sticking
enough that you can let go of finding the release through the drug and
meditation will help with that as well meditation helps with everything because
it stops the momentum of anything that you’ve got going on when you meditate
you stop thought when you stop thought you stopped the momentum you stop the
resistance something else really worth saying here and that is that the most
important thing that we want to convey to you we want you to stop if you can
and it’s not easy beating up on yourself much of the world they’re not looking
for solution through alignment they’re looking through solution from demands
it’s like our new friend Victor and he is demanding an apology demanding it
well you’re not going to get anything you cannot embarrass yourself into
recovery you cannot hate yourself into it or anybody else feeling good only
comes from love you gotta find some way of giving yourself a break say things
like I’ve been doing the best that I could figure out how to do and it’s
getting better all the time and I’m underst
I mean things that I didn’t understand before and I’ve got a handle on this and
it’s getting easier and easier as those before us wisely said just take one day
at a time just take one day at a time but in that day that you’re taking at a
time let it be a day that you are loving yourself more than you did yesterday and
loving others a little more than you did yesterday looking for more reasons for
alignment because the release you’re seeking is only possible through
alignment the freedom that you’re seeking the freedom from the bondage of
the addiction is only possible through alignment you see so there are a lot of
those who just go cold turkey and we respect their strength and stamina we
think it is a wonderful thing to be able to walk away and stay away and you
notice how once they have figured that out they don’t want to go back you can
offer him a drink they say oh no because they have come to understand the
momentum that they’ve accomplished and they don’t want to break that momentum
by falling off the wagon even for today they don’t want to break that momentum
and that’s what we would wish for all of you that you would get into alignment
and not want to break the momentum of that alignment by having this negative
conversation about something that doesn’t mean anything or by watching
them argue under the pretense of having a political discussion don’t go off the
wagon get up there and care about how you feel let that matter most you can do
it sooner or later and nobody’s taken score but you so be easy about it this is a really good time for segment
of refreshment

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