A week in a photographer’s life: Tuesday – Moving still

A week in a photographer’s life: Tuesday – Moving still

I’m the kind of person that feels
life’s too short to not try new things. So here I am in that situation again. Let’s give fast food a totally new meaning. Profoto presents
A week in a photographer’s life With
Andreas Lundberg and the Profoto D2 Today I’m going to do something I’ve
never done before. We’re going to throw food and freeze it in super sharp detail. It sounds quite crazy and it is. My client is a famous chef. – Hi Oscar!
– Hey Andreas! We’re shooting all the images for all
five of his restaurants. – So I was thinking that we we’re going to do this seafood salad. – Yeah. – I brought some lobster, shrimps, oysters… The food will really look like art
with it’s color and textures. – Really nice fresh vegetables. I think it will be cool. – Nice. Let’s go! We’re also shooting
a portrait of the chef. For the portrait, I use a single D2 with one Deep Umbrella XL Silver with a diffuser. I love the light quality it gives. – It’s a good one. For the food, I also use the D2’s
since they produce extremely fast flashes. This would make my job a lot easier today. Timing and communication between me, my assistant and the chef
will be really important today. We don’t have an endless
supply of food so we need to get a shot in
the first few chances. I hope we’ll get the images quickly
as it will be eggs, clams, oysters and a lot of
other juicy things splashed all over the place. And it’s going to smell. But if you want to create
something unique it’s totally worth the hassle. I used two monolights with
1×4′ Softboxes as side lights. For the main light I use
another D2 with a Beauty Dish I want to capture each ingredient in
super sharp detail. I really want to highlight
the colors and the textures. When we put all this together in post
it will look amazing. – I think we got a really good separation
going on here. – Yeah. The back light is…
– Yeah, it really makes it pop. The shoot went on great. When looking at the picture,
we started to refer to a galaxy. The flour looks like the milkyway
with eggs coming in as comets. – That’s really nice. Quite stunning I think. I’m so glad I tried this. – We just got the print from the lab.
– Great! – Wow it looks good. Really good. You did a great job here.
– You too! – Look at the oysters. – Yeah, you get all the details in the oysters as well. – And it’s so sharp. – Super sharp! I like the muted colors but we have some
colors in the vinaigrette. – Vinaigrette is so cool. – Yeah, the strip light works really good here. – Yes, just highlighting it. The shoot turned out great. – They’re going to love it!
It’s going to look good in the restaurant. Shooting still life in a new way with action. It’s kind of a paradox.
I guess we can call it ‘Moving Still’. Always up to speed
With the world’s fastest monolight Get up to speed with the Profoto D2

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  1. Евгений Реунов

    Do any of your photographers use mirrorles cameras? I have not seen all the videos, but would be interesting to see them in high speed action.

  2. Enjoyed the video. Maybe list all the equipment used in the description too? So it is easier for people to find out more and buy it.

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