A Drug-free Sweden: By All Means? [Sub: ENG, HUN, RUS]

A Drug-free Sweden: By All Means? [Sub: ENG, HUN, RUS]

38 thoughts on “A Drug-free Sweden: By All Means? [Sub: ENG, HUN, RUS]”

  1. OH MAN!!!! So that bald guy understands the importance of the helmet, but if we use drug policies on motorcycling, they would say, don't ride the bike, because its illegal. And you can hurt yourself and others. (With drugs you can only hurt yourself so WTF). I'm so sad, that these people make drug laws. I'm so sad and so angry!

  2. Notice which one of the commentators can keep his head straight. The prohibitionist clearly has trouble believing his own arguments.

  3. @thirdattempt yes they do it soon i guess hahaha they have try to ban mcdonalds so why not all fat food those stupit country have watch too much movies so they think they are like superman or something

  4. Blindly following the law is bs! Just remember the race laws of former Nazi Germany. The nature of the drug laws are totally comparable to these or the medieval heresy laws as well as the witch hunts. The war on drug users is a modern form of witch hunt, and therefore constitutes a violation of human rights and civil liberties and even a crime against humanity.

  5. A nice little short-film documentary 🙂
    Drug free sweden; by all means. Ban sugar, alcohol, tobacco, many of the medicins that are available today. Or at the least, ban sugar, alcohol and tobacco, the potentially deadly drugs. There are many illegal drugs in sweden today that are a lot less harmful, if at all, than say sugar and caffeine. We dont need a drug free vision in sweden, we need a realistic drug vision.

  6. The guy from RNS brought up his past use of motorcycles. Well, I think that:
    MC Helmets = Harm Reduction
    Criminalizing Motorcycles = "Zero Tolerance"
    And since he's not in favor of harm reduction, he should stay consequentially be in favour of criminalizing motorcycles because they're deadly and psychologically addictive!

  7. "One kid out of a hundred who's a regular smoker" jo men! Vet typ 7 stycken bara i min klass som röker på rasterna, utdaterad statistik eller bullshit.

  8. @ruukaoz
    Telling you to wear a helmet is like saying "don't smoke a joint without a filter" or something like that, not saying "Don''t use drugs, or you will be forced to take a leak in front of an officer!". That guy is a silly, silly man.

  9. Den som dör av överdos av illegala substanser får skylla sig själv.
    Jag sörjer inte när en pundare dör av överdos. Där emot så ska vi hjälpa dem att bli fri från skiten. Cannabis är mindre farligt och mindre beroendeframkallande än tobak och har dessutom medicinska effekter vilket tobak helt saknar. Jag vill INTE legalisera cannabis. Gissa vad jag vill…

  10. Well how many who have seen this video disagrees that criminalizing sports and drugs like cannabis is the same? Feel shame to live in the country of Sweden. . .
    It's our lack of knowledge and the swarm of lies that has been going thru the older generations heads have brainwashed them into believing that cannabis and heroin have the same damage effect and that if you start smoking weed, you'll end up as a heroin user. . . I mean COME ON!

    Legalize it, DON'T CRITICIZE IT!

  11. @kingazzaman indeed,and fact is that its so succesfull that most people dont even know that ALL drugs are decriminalized in Portugal. People are NOT going there to do drugs,like they where worried about when they started this new policy. But EU ignores this FACT.

  12. Maximilian Roszko

    Lol har du inget emot att kränka människors rättigheter? Nä men då gör det inget om jag förslavar dig! 🙂

  13. yes smoke cannabis to make it legal. overgrow the goverment ,. in time they will need to give it in ;)! tänd en fet spliff 😀

  14. u wana know a funny thing . our drug politic is made by a psychologist, lol i know, what the fuck !?.- yeah but science no noo no thats not the right way, we should get our drug laws written by a fucking moron that make up the statistics and say it is true. he onces sayd in debate that cannabis has killed people. well not what any of the scientists recon the last 5000 years known useage of cannabis lol. wtf is what i say.

  15. The number of teenagers that say they have tried any drugs in sweden is that low only because they all know that they will be persecuted if they tell the truth. Anyone who admits using any form of illegal substance (its a standard preseigure in sweden that every pupil will be asked if they have) will be reported to the police or suspended from school (not helped)..what person in their right mind would bestow that on themselfes?
    I know, i've been there i had to lie to an adult in her face.

  16. Thedeathmetalshit

    English, living in Sweden. I know legalisation will never happen anytime soon here, so there's no point whining about that, but the main thing that pisses me right off, is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE that the authorities have on cannabis and the target market. And the brain washing that goes on in school, they even think its addictive here? Wtf.. Caffeine is more addictive, alcohol isn't that addictive but it's still more addictive than Mary Jane. They need to catch up with the rest of the world, and

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