7 Movement Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t – Overwatch

7 Movement Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t – Overwatch

Hello, everybody! Disciple here with Overwatch
Curios! Overwatch is a game full of diverse characters, many of which have diverse and
powerful movement abilities that allow them to get around the map quickly, or position
themselves in advantageous or even occasionally unintended places. Sometimes it can be difficult
to deal with how the enemy team has positioned, but GM players are constantly finding new
tricks to give them an edge over their competitors. So for today’s video we’re going to discuss
some cool movement abilities and techniques that you can incorporate into your own gameplay
to give you that same competitive edge over your own enemies. Pharah is one of the most powerful heroes
in the game at lower ratings. At this point in the game, many players struggle with consistently
hitting targets in the air, especially at longer ranges. However most people don’t
know that Pharah can instantly gain that huge height advantage and cover a ton of ground
as soon as the gates open, allowing her to press forward much faster than most others. Her Concussive Jump Jet combo is executed
by looking at the ground while moving forward. At this point, simply fire your Concussive
Blast at the same time as you jump and also activate your Jump Jet. By doing all 3 of
these actions at the same time, You gain huge height and forward momentum, allowing you
to press ahead of your team and began harassing early. Now this mechanic can also be useful for recovering
from times where you land as Pharah, whether it was crowd control that knocked you out
of the skies or simply running low on fuel, This will allow you to get straight back in
the skies instantly, without using any of your fuel doing so. Your fuel also restores during your Jump Jet,
meaning even if you weren’t at full fuel when you first concussive jumped, you likely
will be by the time you reach the top of your jump. However many Pharah’s don’t realize
that simply by managing your fuel well, you can effectively fly forever. Infinite flying is a trick many high level
Pharah players abuse to great success. It’s a technique called feathering, where you simply
just tap your space bar for a brief second over and over. By doing so, you’ll lose
minimal altitude and still remain in the air while waiting for the cooldown on Jump Jet
to restore. As soon as Jump Jet is available again, activate it to regain all of your height
again. Remember that during this Jump Jet, your fuel is going to restore, so wait for
your fuel to be basically full again before you start feathering space bar again. By doing
this constantly and using your Jump Jet the second it becomes available, you’ll be able
to stay in the skies forever, assuming you don’t need to land for any other reason.
For best results, pair this with the Concussive Jump Jet combo we talked about for maximum
verticality and the highest vantage point to both rain down destruction on your enemies,
and also be harder to hit for the enemy team. Pharah has a voice line which mentions Rocket
Jumping sounding dangerous, but Soldier 76 doesn’t care about the repercussions of
Rocket Jumping. GM players will use 76’s Helix Rocket to literally Rocket Jump to otherwise
unreachable positions, giving him a positional advantage and a better vantage point on the
enemy team. Soldier 76 is a hero who excels when given the high ground, due to a modest
damage fall off for his bullets. He’s still able to deal respectable damage at longer
ranges, especially in short controlled bursts, meaning using this trick to get to higher
ground can be really advantageous. On top of that, Healing Field can be used to recover
damage from the rocket’s impact if needed, but also means he’s fairly self sustaining
in these positions. To rocket jump with Soldier 76, simply look down and fire a Helix Rocket
at your feet at the same time that you press jump. You can even activate Sprint while in
the air to gain even more momentum if needed. However this technique also works with another
hero in the line-up, Zarya. Her alternate fire will give her the same vertical boost
as the Helix Rocket. In fact, this technique can even be paired with a second right click
to gain additional height. By aiming directly up, Zarya’s alternate fire will land directly
on top of her. If you time the impact of this first shot, which will take several seconds,
and activate a second alternate fire and jump just as the first shot hits, you’ll gain
even more height. Now the double rocket jump is primarily only useful in the setup phase
before a match starts, due to the time it takes to pull off, but the default Rocket
Jump has a lot of applications that can allow Zarya to get over terrain quicker, or even
get into unique and unexpected positions to hit those huge Graviton Surges. Doomfist is a highly mobile character, however
top level Doomfist players are able to move around the map even more effectively than
your average player. Doomfist can do something called a Jump Punch cancel, where he jumps
at the end of a punch. This cancels the effect of the punch, however generates additional
momentum and launches him much further. This jump cancel can allow doomfist to cover
huge amounts of ground to either get back to a fight much faster, or to even get out
of a bad spot when he finds himself stranded behind enemy lines. This movement technique
also has some weird interaction properties with inclined slopes and edges, which can
generate even more momentum. When done very well, Doomfist can cross entire portions of
the map almost instantly, however mastering the usage of this technique will take some
practice and creative usage. A lot of players have seen highlight montages
of Widowmaker’s pulling off Grappling Hook kills, but players at lower levels often don’t
take advantage of this mechanic like they could. By jumping as you reach the end of
a Grapple Hook, Widowmaker will be propelled even farther into the air, much like the Doomfist
trick we just talked about. This technique can give Widowmaker a huge early advantage
if she’s able to use that momentum to peek the enemy from unexpected angles and land
an early headshot in a squishy DPS or support character. The highest level Widowmaker players
will use this at the start of matches for early picks, which can open the match up from
the very start, allowing their team to press forward with the advantage and resulting in
early captures. This momentum can snowball the pacing of a match, all because of one
single kill that not only gave the team an advantage, but also looked super stylish.
A tip to secure more kills off of this is to use your downward momentum to line up the
headshot, instead of trying to adjust your aim during your fall back down. Focus on the
horizontal aim, and wait for your fall to line up the headshot for you. While not exactly attached to an ability,
“ADAD” is a term used to describe quick strafing that all top level DPS players utilize,
particularly in 1 on 1 duels. This strafing helps to throw off your enemies as they aim
at you. Now keep in mind that you’ll have to adjust your aim with your strafe so that
you’re not also throwing off your own targeting, but this technique is super effective against
other players. To make the best usage of this, your A D A D strafe spam needs to be inconsistent,
so that the movement of your character doesn’t become predictable in the duel. If you’re
using this technique against a Widowmaker who’s looking for that one kill headshot,
you can also throw in some quick crouches in the mix to throw her off even more. Often
times if you harass a Widowmaker and she can’t hit a shot early, you can force her to reposition
before she dies, which can be enough to allow you and your team to press forward even without
scoring a kill on her. Transformation ultimates, namely Winston’s
Primal Rage and Genji’s Dragonblade, reset movement mechanics. This is something GM players
take advantage of to great success. For Winston, this can be useful to close huge distances
in overtime to make it back to a point. By jumping into the air and activating Primal
Rage, he’ll gain another charge of his jump, allowing him to cross the entire map in a
matter of seconds. This can also be useful in situations where you’ve been knocked
off the edge of a map and need all the height you can get to prevent yourself from dying,
or in situations where you simply need to stall an objective. For Genji, this allows him to set up his ultimate
much more effectively, or even to deal additional damage before the start of his Dragonblade.
Top Genji players will use the Dash to close distance to the fight by dashing into the
air, then activate Dragonblade. During this time in the air, they can focus on selecting
the first target for their ultimate, like an enemy support, and then immediately dash
back down to begin attacking them. Similarly, he can dash straight into the enemy team to
deal some damage, activate Dragonblade, and then dash again to his selected target. Due
to both dash and Dragonblade dealing AoE damage, it can be a great way to open up a team fight. Alright everybody, that’s going to do it
for some of our movement techniques that Grandmaster’s Abuse, that you too can now add to your own
gameplay. Are there any of these mechanics that are new to you? Which of them do you
use to great effectiveness on your own, or which do you think will change the way you
play any of these heroes? Let us know in the comments section down below. And of course,
if you’re new here, consider subscribing to our channel so you can keep up to date
with all of our newest content, including more awesome GM trick videos like these, and
until next time, peace!

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  1. With the jump cancel you can do the same thing with mercy wither her shift ability. It flings you past who you flew to giving you a greater distance between yourself and the enemies. It can also help you propel over high walls if a player was jumping when you pressed shift. I use this a lot when i play mercy but its good to know i can do the same with doomist if i ever need to play him so thanks. 🙂

  2. first tip, is something i figured out the first time i played the game. these tips are as useful as someone telling you walking is done with both legs. its like those tops the game gives you, you think are obvious and dont need to be told.

  3. WTF? In the part about the Pharah's blast, the video in Ilios is using it in the wrong way. The trick is use the E at the beginning and then use the SHIFT, not like at the same time, because it's harder that way and you are not taking the best of both abilities. For that situation is just way better use the rocket+SHIFT if you have a Mercy.

  4. Things included in this video:
    Common Mechanics that even most Gold players use.

    Things missed out:
    (Just Lucio Mechanics)
    How to gain Speed from Roofs, Stairs, Railings.
    How you can fly at the skybox with a Doomfist Punch.
    How to reach Highground spaces with Moira using objects on the map + Fade.
    Even simple stuff like extending the distance of Reins Charge or Winstons Leap by pressing Space when you land/when charge runs out.
    How to Ghost Dash as Genji.
    How to optimize your Mercy GA cooldowm so it recharges while you are in the air for practically no Cooldown.
    Also you can Melee at the Start of DVAs Booster without cancelling it to have higher DPS output.
    When a DVA or Winston dive you, you need to wait for them to land on you and then use the landing knockback to run away from them(extra effective as Lucio or Soldier).
    You can activate Pulsebomb and then blink into an Enemy to reduce his Reactiontime to dodge the Stick. Also you can Melee and Blink into an enemy and they will get the Melee DMG.
    You can use wallclimb to cancel the Deflect animation, the ult animation and the reload animation for Genji.

    You missed out so many things actual Grandmaster Players use to optimize their Gameplay it's honestly mind blowing.

  5. Everyone knows this you make it seem like we dont know how to play the game and plus you make an emphasis on how we are not using these right and it causes us losses😒

  6. As usual, these lists are basic stuff that a player that does…..idk, like 2 matches, instantly knows.

    Low level Pharah players don't know you can fly forever? Dude, EVERYONE knows that since the jump jet buff was even mentioned back then, that was the whole reason for it.

    Next up, press W to move your hero forward, secret technique only used by Top 500 players!!

  7. as a 4400 player, the first tip about pharah combo out of spawn is completely wrong. youre supposed to rocket jump and shift at the same time, saving the conc for when u need it.
    EDIT: this entire guide is absolute garbage and should only partain to noobs

  8. 7 tricks people who are leagues better than you found out that you don't know because we're all shit and stuck in platinum.

  9. is it cool if i leave you guys a link to my gameplay of overwatch? it's MCREE & TRACER and just trying to get my skill/play noticed a bit, hope you all enjoy <3

  10. You can’t call it abuse if it’s the intended use. Pharah infinite flying is not an abuse of any kind.

  11. Hoglander Extraz

    Hah, jokes on u,
    Im bronze and i knew all these tricks
    Please help me from the bronze level i must get the platinum rank

  12. Martin Deconinck

    How to stay in the air with pharah , how to jump with soldier , with zarya , with doomfist , with widowmaker , how to go left and right , how to jump with winston , WOW SO MANY UNKNOWN THINGS 😐

  13. Lol im master and these tips don't really help you gain Sr its all about your team and positioning and ultimate usage and acuracy and luck that how you gain sr

  14. Brayden -Caged Games

    7 Movement Tricks Everyone But Low Bronze Players "abuse" That If You Don't You Shouldn't Even Play The Game – Overwatch

  15. Not to offend the creator, but I'm in Silver, and I know and use all of these…I can't do a flying headshot with Widow, but I still use the technique to stay alive…

  16. Many here say that everyone knows these,
    but oh my gosh thank you so much for the vid because i didnt!!
    this helps so much!!! o;

  17. Such bad tips. I’m a level 114 with no rank in competitive and know literally ALL or these. Like not missed a single one. These are all common tips.
    Also with the Doomfist one you can do it with most characters that have a sudden speed boost on the ground. The most know one is Moira, where you fade then just before the end, you jump. With Doomfist you can also seismic slam right when you’re at your highest peak and get another huge jump boost. Remember that cliff on Eichenwald where you do a series of Doomfist abilities to get around to a better spot (attacking)? It’s easier with a jump. It doesn’t have to be on ground either. After a punch in mid air, at the end of the punch it’s possible to press the jump button and get the surge of speed like you would normally.

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