Hi everyone, my name is Jamie and I am a first year emergency medicine resident Today, I’m going to talk to you guys about five habits that changed my life and these aren’t necessarily things that came naturally to me But rather they’re habits that were developed in my adult life and I feel like they played a really big role in who I am as a person now habit number one is Exercise like most of you I was probably introduced to working out in Fitness as a middle school and high school student I tried out for a bunch of different sports. I did swim team I did soccer and I really wasn’t very good at the sports. I remember in soccer team no one wanted to put me in so I was always on the sidelines and that made me really mad and sad and on the Swim team. I just couldn’t figure out how to dive headfirst So I was always kind of belly flop and that was just embarrassing so I kind of grew up thinking I just wasn’t good at fitness and I wasn’t good at Working out or sports and things like that right after college and before medical school I was introduced to working out lifting and Maybe even a little bit of running and I realized that Fitness really isn’t about being good at it but it’s rather something that you do to better yourself and improve yourself and I think having this mindset of not Having to be necessarily good at it, but just enjoying the benefits of fitness have been a really great change in my mindset So now that I’m in residency whenever I’m stressed or whatever I am tired incorporating Fitness into my lifestyle has been really beneficial and I’m really glad that this has become one of my habit because I know that Even as I get older, this is something that I can definitely benefit from habit Number two is cleaning and organizing as I go so I wasn’t the cleanest or the most organized child growing up and my mom used to give me a hard time about leaving my Clothes everywhere and never making my bed and in general being a messy person but something that I realized are in college and especially med school, is that if my Environment is messy then I have a hard time focusing And I end up being more distracted and not making the most of my study time so some of the habits that I picked up brought these years is Really making the most of my scrap time and cleaning up and organizing as I go so for example If I’m doing a meal prep or making a big meal and there’s dishes following up and the kitchen is a sturdy and whatever Something that I’ll do is while the food is cooking if there’s any downtime I’ll do the dishes during that time so that it’s not so overwhelming at the end of the cooking Another thing that I do is making my bed in the morning I think that does a great way to kind of start your day off with A positive mindset and also it helps you not go back into bed when you’re not supposed to I think it’s like one of those small gestures that you can make that just put you in the right mindset and also just looks nice and Makes you feel good. When you come home at the end of a long day to see it nicely made bed So just spending five or ten minutes here and there to pick up after yourself and cleaning up the house means that you don’t have to spend a ton of time in one day to Have a cleaning day But you can have generally a clean environment for you to focus and do your best work in have it number three is time management And especially writing things down One of the first things that I do when I get my schedule now is putting everything into my Google Calendar And every time I have a big to-do list I like to write them down because I think having them in my head does kind of clutters my mind and I feel like I spend a lot of energy trying not to forget the things that I have to do that it’s actually a waste of My energy and once I write them down and cross them off as I do them It feels nice because I feel like I’ve actually getting things done But it’s also helpful because I’m not forgetting anything that I have to do And this is something that has come in really handy when I’m seeing multiple patients I feel like there’s so many things that are to be done and there’s a lot of things that I often forget So I started writing everything down on a piece of paper so that I don’t forget and I think it really does helps to clear your Cognitive load so you don’t have to spend any energy on trying to remember things But you can focus more of your energy on actually getting things done have it number four is having a selective memory and I know that sounds a little weird but what I mean by that is Remembering the positives and learning from the hard times so I think being optimistic and having an optimistic Look comes more naturally to some people than others and I think for me that’s something that I need to actually explicitly think about And try to do in something that I like to do when I’m going through a hard time is thinking back to another time in The past when I had a difficult time and I try to bring those past Experiences in a way so that I think mostly about all the lessons that I learned and how much I matured over Those times an example of that is probably the third year of medical school Which I think is probably the hardest year of medical school And for me, especially my medicine rotation was the hardest time of my third year and I know from thinking back that I had a hard time and there were days when I really didn’t like it but remembering back to my medicine rotation now I just remember how much I learned during those times and how helpful the residents were and how helpful the attendings were and how much? Better of a medical student. I became because of those experiences And I think framing your past experiences in this way really helps you be more optimistic and more resilient when it comes to going through a difficult time now because you know that in the future you’ll think back and you realize how Much you learn through these experiences Habit number five is jomo, or joy of missing yow so in this day and age, especially with social media I think there’s a lot of FOMO or if you’re missing out and I think everyone this looks like they’re having so much fun Out at a party or whatever it is that they’re doing and posting on social media But something I realized that in medical school is that there’s actually a lot of joy to be found in doing things that you love and Prioritizing the people that are important to you in your life So this may not necessarily mean you’re going out to a party or some big event But it might mean that taking time at home and making the most of the precious free time that you have so I read this quote once that says stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there so I think Eliminating that fear of wanting to be somewhere else and really enjoying the time that you have in the moment that you’re in right now Can eliminate a lot of stress and it can help you make the most of the time that you have? Before I close today’s video. I like to thank brilliant for supporting today’s video One of the most common questions I get about medical school is whether you have to be good at math Science to get into med school and I think the short answer is yes because there’s a heavy emphasis On math and science in the medical school entrance exam as well as the pre-med curriculum One of the reasons why many students struggle with math and sciences is because we’re often taught these subjects in a passive learning environment like sitting in our lecture hall when these are topics that are best learned by actually doing the problem-solving and interacting with the subject matter So brilliant is a website that teaches you a complex concept like algebra calculus statistics Physics and break them up into bite-sized concepts and help you master them through interactive Problem-solving interface to support this channel and learn more about brilliant go to brilliant org slash the strive to fit in sign up for free The first 200 people that use the link will get 20% off the annual premium subscription So make sure to try it out before it runs off. So that’s it for today’s video Please share with me down below on your habits that change your life and if you want to check out any other videos you can Do so bright over this way and if you’d like to support the channel you can do so by going to the start with Vidcom and checking out some of my merchandise And if you’re not already following me on Instagram or Twitter you can do so at the start with it Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you guys next time Okay

100 thoughts on “5 (small) HABITS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE AS A STUDENT”

  1. Incorporating exercise early in the morning changed me as a person! Not only am I more healthy but I learned discipline and developed good habits!

  2. Thanks, Jamie!
    A habit that changed my life… simply just showing up. Had a hard time getting through my classes because was always missing them. Then i decided to always come in no matter how late i was, as long as I would still be allowed to enter. Then, I was never missing classes again. Then my lates lessened and lessened till I was never late again. Everything else improved and doing much, much better than before.

  3. Taking 5 minute breaks every 45 minutes by taking a water break or bathroom break, basically anything that keeps the body moving. But never on the phone or any electronics!! It helped me so much by clearing my mind and actually consolidating the information

  4. Hey Jamie, love your videos 😘 can you please make a video on how your studying changed now that you're a resident, I mean like resources and what info you focus on now. It would be awesome if this could be with collaboration with other residents so we can get different perspectives 😊

  5. Hi,
    Would you please give us some ideas about how to take notes and summarizing the book chapters? Bc most of the time I am spending so many hours on taking notes or summarizing books chapters to get ready to study. But, I’m always behind to study those notes and get ready for my exams?
    Thank you so much

  6. I recently found your channel and I’m soooo addicted to your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I’m thoroughly enjoying your videos.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I tend to avoid these kinds of videos because the "tips" that are usually presented seem quite unrealistic and also just make you feel bad about yourself. The way you presented this was so uplifting, positive and convincing because of your studious background. Small and simple yet very practical and applicable. Great video 🙂

  8. Abdirazak Ali Hassan

    Really I love your video cause I'm high school student
    But my dream is to be medical student
    At Harvard medical school
    And I enjoy watching your videos

    Go forward dear

  9. exercising has changed my life too in many ways. i can concentrate more than ever before and yes the feeling after exercising is sooooo good. the day when i feel lazy and lethargic, i do a quick 30 min exercise and nobody can stop me then.hahhaha…
    ive been preparing for my post graduate med entrance and recently discovered ur channel and since then uve been my study mate .
    thanks and all the best for your life 🙂

  10. I've been implementing a few of these in my life recently, and they honestly make a HUGE difference. Alsooo…
    Any fall/winter apparel planned? (:

  11. Engineering at my school is so hard. I just want to cry. It's so hard. The workload is out of this world. I can't seem to find the system that works for me. Fuck.

  12. Hi Jamie, I am 4th year medicine student from Bosnia and Herzegovina (med school here lasts 6 years). I discovered your YT channel just a few days ago, watched a few videos, and I really have to say that they are really -motivating and inspiring-, especially this one (and I am not the type of person who usually watches vlogs,motivational talks and stuff like that) .Keep it up, looking forward to your next video! best wishes 😀

  13. Hi Jamie! I just started med school in Joplin, MO (JOMO for short haha) anyway I ordered one of your pens from your website (3color basic) years ago when I was still in undergrad. It easily became my all time FAVE pen….well last week while I was in the clinic for an OSCE, I left it in the patient room! I was naturally devastated. Welp, I just ordered three more so I won't have to be without. Thank you so much for your great content and study motivation. It really helps!

  14. Hi! I’m a post graduate medical intern as of the moment.. I’d love to start vlogging too! What editing app do you use? Thank you!

  15. Hi..
    I am from India and currently studing MBBS but want to do my MS and superspeciality from yale or harvard. I want to know about admission process for international medical student ,and about cost ,no. of years and exams needed for entry …
    Pls accept this comment as a request and answer this in your next video.

  16. I’m in “Oberstufe” ( Germany) and I was mentally very ill and I focused more on my own health than my grades and I know really regret it… I am now attending 13th class, the last year of school before u can attend classes in unversities.

  17. I always try to be more productive even in my downtime. I try to sneak in a short video lecture from Lecturio when I am waiting for someone or when I am waiting for my order at a coffee shop. I used to spend a lot of time doing nothing and I learned that when I do that, the tasks I needed to do added up and I end up with so many things to do.
    I'm trying to be more productive and writing a to-do list and plotting out my schedule really helps. Time management is very important for medical students and even all students in general.

  18. You gave all the info in the description but all i ever need is what editing software you use? Any your channel is growing fast congo on that!

  19. Hello. I am currently studying Management Information systems in Boğaziçi University in İstanbul. I would like to apply to med schools in usa. But ı didnt take pre requisite courses in college but ı took them in High School. Can I still apply to med schools in usa? Thanks.

  20. Evelin Miramontes Fuentes

    I’ll definitely apply these habits for the rest of the year !! Can’t wait to see if there’s any changes in sense of paying attention in class and actually learning something. 😊🙌🏽🤓
    I should probably get started with my homework 😅😅

  21. i'm a political student with semi-militiary with full of schedule but i think this tips must be applied and can help me to do some tasks

  22. 6:50 No, for math, just youtube Leonard here. I was a C student in math for HS and went back to college as an adult for an engineering degree. By watching Leonard's video, anybody can do well. His videos are lengthy but worth it.

  23. Ma'am…u sounds soo motivating.
    I feel your whole talk very much relatable to me. Now l am much clear about leaving my dental student life.

  24. is there a reason why the cartoon drawn version of yourself is literally you with a 'white person filter' on? Are you one of those asians that like to pretend that they're somehow white passing when in reality they look 10000% asian?

  25. Thank you for bringing up the FOMO subject. There’s many times that I’ve run in situations like whether to join a friend at an event, or to stay home and study. Although most of time I would choose to stay home at study, but it would alway end up with me being super unproductive throughout the study session, since my head would consistently think if I’m missing out or not. Which by the time my friends got back, I’d think to myself “Damn, I didn’t even get that much things done, should’ve went :((“

    So your JOMO mindset would be really helpful for me especially with the next school year starting soon. Thanks! ❤️

  26. If you got a dream you better keep chasing it, it’s gonna feel like you ain’t making it, but its all in your mind and the way you think about it.

  27. Hi there ! Your videos are more inspirational! I am 40 years old International student who is trying to go to PA school. I am working in Emergency room as Ed tech and I have been their almost five yers. Thank you so much for all your information. I would like to know what type of reading light tour using when you are studying! I have seen it on your desk and it seems really cool.

  28. Dear Jamie,
    I don’t know if you will ever see this because this video was posted over a year ago, but I just wanted to say, I watched your videos in high school and now I’m in my 3rd year of my bachelor of health sciences and I am applying to medical school. Thank you for being a online support system for me and inspiring me through the tough times. Whether you know it or not, you’ve meant a lot to me and your videos changed my life.

  29. For me exercise doesn't work. I'm 3rd year and it's so so hard year as you said. I often sleep too little + have a lot to learn and to do. I tried with exercises and it ended with total exhausts. During high school I played basketball. I had to have one week off every month to get back to life. I literally slept for whole 3 days. I didn't know it was because of exercise. But i cant take one week off in medical school. So be carefull with exercise. I love exercise, if you have any what can I do, please let me know. I don't want to quite it for good.

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