5 Realistic Mental Health Simulations That Will Terrify You…

5 Realistic Mental Health Simulations That Will Terrify You...

mental health is something that millions of people suffer with on a daily basis it impacts your life in a way that makes everything around you a challenge and can spiral out of control if left untreated and unnoticed we have discussed mental health before on this channel and I can't stress the importance of addressing a problem if you truly have one to get the proper help suffering from a mental illness can impact everything in your life making it more difficult from maintaining a healthy relationship to doing something simple as going to the grocery store the following are simulations of five different types of mental illnesses and hopefully it will shed light on how truly crippling it can be to a person and help you better understand how devastating it can be some of these simulations made aster of those who do suffer from a particular mental illness so we will inform you of each type before showing the simulation if you need to skip past because the last thing we want this video to do is trigger any negative reaction out of you with that being said here are five realistic mental health simulations that will most likely terrify you we not only hope you enjoy but more importantly find it very informative and helpful we will also be donating all revenue made from this video to mental health charities anxiety anxiety is a vast topic that can be classified into several types of illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder generalized panic or social anxiety it is defined as a whole as an overwhelming fear or worry that is strong enough to interfere with a person's daily life being experienced by over 3 million people a year it's one of the most frequent mental illnesses that seems to be growing more and more by the year there are many factors that can contribute to this disorder like social media finances relationships and violence understanding how living with anxiety is is the first step in creating a solution for those who suffer from it social anxiety is one of the more personal and harshest as it affects the person not in their living space but in the daily world of human interaction it can in fact be so bad that people will avoid any sort of contact with other people we as humans crave interaction and communication and withdrawing from that and isolating ourselves is in fact only pouring fuel to the fire from something as simple as going to the store to purchase some items can in fact be a grueling task for someone suffering with social anxiety such as shown in the following simulation video we see a person walking into a store and instantly watching his every move going as far as making sure the door doesn't slam or even make a noise when he enters not wanting to be noticed or even announce his presence he tries to blend in and browse the items in the store and feels as if he is being watched by everyone the rapid heartbeat and panics breathing are scary effects that are all too true for those in these situations even when the man makes his way to purchase the gift to his sister the moment something doesn't go according to his plan he makes a break for the door to get out of the element and back into the safety of isolation take a look okay so what's the deal with you and Josh seriously okay I don't like him but I don't oh my gosh no she would not she loves to sex it's for my sister we don't do gift wrapping here okay it says truly sad and scary that people go through this everyday with things that should otherwise be a simple task suffering from social anxiety is that much worse though since I stated above it makes you want to distance yourselves from people however isolating yourself will only cause the problem to become that much worse obsessive-compulsive disorder obsessive compulsive disorder otherwise known as OCD is a mental illness that is the most common out of all mental illnesses its analyzed that one in four people suffer from OCD which varies in types of severity there are types where people just need to have certain things in a certain way such as their items on a work desk while others have to do certain actions a set amount of times before moving on such as grabbing a door handle five times or touching an object three times before moving on this is not only a difficult thing for the person suffering with it to live with but it also effects those around them such as spouses or siblings as they learn to have to be patient with the person while they do their unavoidable habits one of the most frequent and punishing things that occurs with a person with OCD is the act of following a routine the routine to them is natural however if they do so much just make a small slip-up in it they will feel compelled to start completely over which in turn makes them more frustrated and worried which will more than likely lead to them making another mistake restarting the entire process you can see why and we'll soon see how this can impact a person's daily life something as simple as walking to school or a restaurant are the massive complex and detailed tasks as someone with OCD in this video you're about to see you will watch as a young man prepares to leave his house and walk to school you're here in a monologue as he is walking everything from counting steps to worrying about seeing a red car from talking to his friend while internally folk singing on the fact that she is stepping on crack in the sidewalk the video is overwhelming at times and we should warn you that if you do suffer from OCD please skip this because everyone has a routine of how we do things and this may trigger an emotional negative response take a look what is my bag doing on the floor okay do I have everything I have my cord I'm a computer I have my notebook I think I'm forgetting something I don't know uh zipper goes from left left to right left to right and move that over to the right okay I have my keys my keys my keys good put that there my keys my wallet I have my wallet and my phone I have my keys my wallet my phone my keys my wallet my phone my phone my wallet my keys okay am I forgetting something I don't know okay left shoulder right shoulder okay and a sidewalk wouldn't be a sidewalk without the cracks now what it just got to get a good strike going and I should be okay till I get to school ah perfect ah Shh damn it oh I have to start over okay quickly quickly back there we go I can do this I can do this back to the start back to the start here we go and one more time right foot left foot left foot right foot left foot right foot left foot right foot yes yes I've got this I've got this here we go let's just hope I don't see any red cars how am i way to school that would be bad okay look at me yeah all right so a car perfect perfect and now we get to the flowers 17 flowers mourn 17 yellow bus yellow bus yellow flowers yellow bus perfect everything's going according to plan yo almost there damn should've looked eight ways all right that's what happens when you don't follow the rules don't follow the rules you don't follow the rules you don't follow the rules don't follow the rules all right back on track another person selling their house this is nuts what if they're all moving away because of me because my crazy antics because of oh I can't step on a twig are you kidding me I didn't see this I was too busy looking at the sign oh my it's like a minefield oh how am I gonna get through this alive manhole don't kill me now I am NOT standing around I need to get away from that chaos alright I straighten things out by walking on this don't fall up or you'll die perfect oh thank god past the hardest part of my walk this is truly a well-put-together video for someone who suffers from OCD it shows the nature of how a person manages it and what is necessary for them to be able to move on with their day what is seen as a simple walk to someone not afflicted is seen as a nightmare to someone who has an obsessive habit hopefully if you do have OCD you can or have taken the steps of finding treatment for it as nobody should have to worry if something slightly wrong happens schizophrenia schizophrenia is classified as a behavioral and mental disorder that affects a person's ability to think feel and behave clearly symptoms of the disease include hearing voices hallucinating paranoia and mental confusion along with many more the illness makes the person afflicted by it feel like they're doing something wrong or to question everything paranoia goes hand-in-hand with schizophrenia and it creates massive turmoil for the person since they're constantly having a battle with their own mind not being able to turn the switch off and from the moment of waking up to go into bed having the feeling of something bad happening at any moment and feeling completely vulnerable to that danger makes things being extremely difficult for the person for those of us who have never experienced something like this it can be difficult to understand what it's like and how badly it can make a person feel most of those who have schizophrenia are completely aware of it and know what they are hearing and what is real some have issued separating reality from their own thorns but that is what makes it such a scary mental illness they know it's there but they can't stop it imagine watching a TV show that you hate and want to use the remote and change the channel yet you cannot you see the remote in front of you but you cannot change it that is a very basic example of what it's like the following video does an accurate portrayal of a person's daily life living with schizophrenia and it's sad and scary seeing how badly it can completely take over their life take a look waking up now they know who you are so did you get my call I tried calling you about my package that's coming depersonalization disorder depersonalization disorder is a disorder that stems from intense or long-term stress or a traumatic event such as war or a major accident it is often seen as a sign of depression which could be argued but it's too often overlooked as just a person being exhausted and not alert dee dee is actually much worse because it's not something that is experienced for a few hours it can last days to months and can show no sign of improving or getting worse it just seems to come and go at random for many people dee dee is something that causes a person to become detached from many things such as people and hobbies a person will not want to go to a friend's house for dinner or have no desire to go and see their favorite band in town the long-term effects of this can be devastating as if it gets to a point where the person stops caring about their own health and being and begin consuming alcohol or substances to cope with the illness a good way to explain the disorder is like being any simulation ironically watching someone yourself go through the day-to-day activities however you're seeing all this happen but feel like you're on autopilot not being able to or have any care to stop what's he control of the situation feeling like you're in a prison in your mind the long-term side to this is not something anyone wants to go through as too many years suffering with dee dee can completely change your mental state with lacking basic human emotions such as love or empathy you feel as if you're a robot and just go along with things without much care the following video shows how persons suffering with the illness goes about their day notice the muffled noises around the person and how slow they are to react to many things it's like they're there but not there at the same time take a look it's pretty creepy being in this situation not being able to control your everyday actions and just going about your life any common routine not even getting enjoyment out of like and feeling as though you're just programmed to experience the same thing over and over can truly break a person's mind this may not seem as serious as some of the others on this list but after researching this topic and getting a better understanding we can see why it's such a severe mental illness after all how can you get treatment for something if you do not care to fix it sensory overload sensory overload is both a mental illness and symptom of other illnesses and something many of us have experienced it's best described as having headphones to the world in your ear and each sound feeling and sensation you experience is at the max level so you get the full blast of every one of them over over some following instantly after the preceding sound and then will be followed by four to five more sounds all within a few seconds you can see why this is something that can completely shut it person down as nobody can mentally focus on anything with constantly having their senses pushed and overloaded not being able to prioritize the sensations that are occurring in your brain can start leading to worse and worse side effects which can cause a complete shutdown the following video does a creepy job at getting it right with how the illness works from the normal sounds we all hear daily to them becoming more and more distorted which then leads to our brain overworking even more and not being able to stop anything coming in take a look [Applause] [Applause] so there were five mental health simulations keep in mind we are not trying to downplay mental health or use this video as a means of enjoyment or entertainment more so we are trying to raise awareness of these illnesses and educate the viewers so that they will be able to hopefully cope with the illness and seek out treatment or perhaps assist people who have a friend or family member suffering with one of these if you do have a mental health illness know that you're not alone and there are many people around you who do care even if it's someone you barely know they do care because your health and well-being does matter we hope you found this video informative and as always we'll see you in the next video you

28 thoughts on “5 Realistic Mental Health Simulations That Will Terrify You…”

  1. As someone who has a lovely bowl of alphabet soup…these are pretty accurate…thanks for posting…I am out here breaking stigma with my story and my kiddos…some days it is super overwhelming to be his external brain when I have my issues as well…but with a great support system around us it is manageable…the days where it isn't…I struggle to ask for help but I am getting better…in this house it is moment to moment

  2. Oh wow, I actually got anxiety watching that first one. Relatable, except not so extreme. For a long time I chopped it up to being shy till I realized I couldn't bring myself to enter a crowded area. The most simplest thing become tough and confusing. While out amongst the people you become aware of yourself. (Do I smell okay? Do I stink? Am I to close or taking up to much space? Is my appearance fine or do I look like a total fool? Do I greet people I don't know when I make eye contact or will I be considered a weirdo for trying to engage conversation? Should I have brought a friend to make me look less like a creep or is being out with a friend make me look incompetent of doing anything alone?) Everything becomes questionable, our actions our selection of items. Example: I would love to get the new Avenger Movie but a group of 3 guys and 2 girls are in the area looking at the new desk tops computers right next to them… I feel like I may be laughed at, poked fun at, called a dork pointed out for all to see. Just for wanting to watch a movie. So I run until no one is there.) Even then I would somewhat hold it out of site from others till I was a safe distance away.) I'm not so much like that anymore. I realize since those days no one really cares it's all in my head, that we are all different and have different interest and those who would do that are just sad mean people who will no longer define me. I now enjoy making those who don't know me, smile and sometimes laugh with little corky actions or remarks. Because I know I may never see them again and I maybe just made their day a little brighter.

  3. The schizophrenia one was kinda accurate. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and very very accute dissociative identity disorder when i was 13. Not all people with schizophrenia hear voices, and not all the voices r mean, just most of them. Some of the voices i hear r actually nice, and 2 i consider friends. One major thing that isnt in that video, is some people not only have audio hallucinations, but also visual hallucinations, or only 1 of the 2. The visuals r wut really fuck me up, i see sum horrifying shit… Dealing with dissociative identity disorder(DID) is also quite the struggle. I have 1 alt(alternate personality), n this mother fucker is straight from hell! Mean as fuck, super dark, quiet, just a scary ass dude. Ill be 32 in 4 days, n that alone gives me anxiety. But social anxiety, is truly fuckin horrible. I truly feel for any and all others who may be affected by ANY mental illness or issue. I live it every damn day. Thats partly y i started psychology in college.

  4. Thank you for raising awareness to mental health, my friend. Showing what they go through on a daily basis. We need more YouTubers like you, brother.

  5. amlan jyoti Chakravorty

    I am a OCD sufferer and suffering since childhood along with multitudes of other issues. Let me tell you OCD shown here is just the trailer and when at worst times it hits, it makes your brain split into two opponents causing conflict and confusion. OCD IS DEBILITATING. Thanks for shedding some light on mental disorders.

  6. Much love to all my anxiety people out there. Just a friendly reminder that you can't die from a panic attack! If anybody wants to talk about anxiety coping mechanisms, add me and we can talk about it!

  7. I've lived with severe Depersonalization/Derationalization Disorder for almost two years now. It's a disconnect between your mind and body but more importantly the world around you.
    Think of a stop motion claymation movie like Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline. Every time an episode would hit, it would be like the world around me was completely fake. Just an animation. Nothing was natural. The room would never look quite right; always strangely too small or just a little too big; "off" in a disturbing way. My perception of 3 dimensional reality changed and I became overly aware of everything's static existence around me.
    Time stood still. I was trapped in the back of my mind watching my life play out. I had convinced myself that IF I wasnt going crazy, it was because I was in some sadistic drab simulation and I was being controlled by something like a video game character. I could think freely and move around on my own, but I always knew it wasn't me.

    It's only just getting better now, and to live life without nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, and a constant existential crisis is almost euphoric. I still get episodes but only about once a day for a short amount of time. Nothing like the 70-80% of every day that I lived with for a year and a half.
    Now I just gotta deal with the HPPD and PTSD. 🤷‍♀️

  8. The last one is definitely the reason why i could never take a test in a classroom, i always had to be separated. I don't have any diagnoses and not saying i have that but i've always experienced that. I could never ignore people making texting noises, typing sounds, sniffling, inhaling or exhaling, even in my peripheral vision certain colors annoyed me like bright reds or yellows always looked like an obnoxious blur in the corner of my eye, i cant watch tv without feeling the need to move something from my peripheral because i'll end up keep looking at the object and back at the screen back and the object and at the screen getting more and more irritated until i move the object out of the way. There are times i'm in public and i feel the need to put my fingers in my ears because sometimes i hear multiple people talking at once, i cant tuned out certain sounds when it's happening it all sound like one big buzzing hive.

  9. While I don’t have a severe form of social anxiety, I could relate to the first video. My heart races, I forget to breath normal, and I think everyone is looking at me and judging me. It sucks

  10. I think videos like this are great, and I wish more awareness would be brought to this. The one with OCD was very much myself as a child, but it's no where near that bad now. It'd be nice if someone could come up with better ways to deal with these issues as well. I have social anxiety, at times I'd say it's not as bad as how it was shown here, and some times it'll be worse than that. I'll put things off, even going to the bathroom, just so I don't have to leave my room. So going out and seeking help is kinda difficult.
    Anyways, thanks for making this video, and to all the people out there that are understanding and respectful to people who have to deal with mental illness.

  11. Very interesting video as I have OCD since I was young … I’ve learned through family, friends and doctors how to get better as to dealing with it… I have gotten better but it’s still frustrating at times when I feel like I have no control over certain things I feel like I need to do before I go to bed or or on a daily basis when I go out somewhere and stuff. Even when when I try to walk away and tell myself it’s okay just let it be I can’t I just can’t help it or I can’t stop thinking about it and then get anxiety over it until it’s fixed. Ugh

  12. Four years ago I became sick with an unknown illness. Over the past four years I have spiralled . I suffer from two seperate tramas that caused ptsd, i have anxiety with hallucinations ( auditory and visual). I see people who aren't real and hear voices that tell me to kill people. Since i know these things aren't real doctors aren't worried about it. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I can no longer trust what i see and hear. I also suffer from severe clinical depression and find it almost impossible to do basic self care. I wouldn't wish this on my enemies.

  13. PrankLoverAndGameAddict

    Psychedelics will and can help people with most of these illnesses. Not necessarily schizophrenia… but most

  14. After watching this video I realized that I suffer from OCD.. I think I got it from watching too much tv. I was a healthy kid back in high school. Then I fell into depression and didn't care about my daily life started smoking weed. Now im 32 and can't get a job.

  15. Aneta Mladenovska

    Have a nice day scroller! Also, remember to breath through your nose and to count your breaths to 10 and back if you're panicking or having an anxiety attack. It's become the key to me attempting to have a manageable day.

  16. Didnt know i have these illness until i watch the video, i thought its normal my whole life. Public places makes you feel uneasy

  17. Aneta Mladenovska

    dear men

    if you wanna buy a pretty little f'n bright leaf decoration for your home don't ever doubt yourself, you liking pretty things doesn't make you any less masculine.

  18. Depersonalization comes and goes for me and it’s something that messes me up when it’s occurring I’m happy that I haven’t experienced it in a while but I do get scared thinking about when it’ll happen again.

  19. the OCD routine varies from person to person. my mother has it, they don’t actually always start over a task if it is not as they like it, they get distracted all but not all manifests the same way

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