5 Illegal Drugs With Medicinal Benefits

5 Illegal Drugs With Medicinal Benefits

The media is tripping over a new study finding
that LSD may lower anxiety. Get it? Tripping? I’m Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told
You in today for DNews. The results of a Swiss study examining the
impact of LSD therapy on anxiety among terminally ill cancer patients has attracted a swarm
of media attention even though it was too small-scale to yield conclusive results. Research on LSD has been largely shut down
in the United States ever since the psychedelic drug became illegal in 1966. But recently, researchers have begun taking
closer looks at the possible medical benefits of banned drugs like LSD. Take psilocybin, a hallucinogenic cousin to
LSD and the key ingredient in “magic mushrooms.” It has also been shown to have therapeutic
potential. A 2010 study also conducted on a small group
of cancer patients suggested the psychedelic compound may also ease anxiety, and a 2012
study examining MRI scans of people while tripping on it found that it appears to calm
down brain areas associated with depression. Considering that its street name is ecstasy,
it’s not too surprising that the drug MDMA might also assist with anxiety and post-traumatic
stress disorder, or PTSD. A recently published study compared fMRI brain
scans of participants both on and off MDMA and found that the drug seemed to make happy
memories happier and sad memories less sad. The researchers suspect the pain-dampening
effect has to do with how MDMA lowers blood flow to the brain’s limbic system that helps
regulate our emotional reactions. A lesser-known drug that’s received attention
from the medical community is ayahuasca, a psychedelic blend of plants developed by native
peoples of Amazonian Peru commonly associated with spiritual enlightenment by those who’ve
taken it. Ayahuasca ceremonies were also used in a 2013
study on substance abuse. For the dozen study participants, taking ayahuasca
was correlated with greater long-term feelings of hopefulness and improved quality of life.
Self-reported tobacco, alcohol and cocaine use also diminished. Marijuana habits, however, persisted — which
brings us to the last drug on our list which might not even be illegal, depending on where
you live. Various studies have indicated that weed might
be helpful not only for pain management and nausea suppression among chemotherapy patients,
but also for soothing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder. Pot — or the THC in pot, that is — may even
be an effective treatment for autoimmune disorders and multiple sclerosis. But remember kids, many of these studies are
preliminary AND there also are negative side effects to all of these drugs, hence them
being classified as controlled substances. Do think illegal drugs could actually be “good”
for us? Leave a comment down below and be sure to check out my channel at youtube.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou.

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  1. This video was brought to you and paid by the liberal puppet masters who say ecigarettes are bad. I have anxiety,according to you that equates to filling your mind with drugs?

  2. "There are good reasons why certain drugs have been made illegal"
    Please tell because I still haven't found one good reason.

  3. There are no Negative side effects from Marijuana.Unless u consider going to sleep or eating a lot to sober up a "Negative" side effect.There are WAY more Negative side effects associated with alcohol consumption rather than pot.

  4. Illegal and legal drugs can be great. Dangerous, yes, but with practice, comes perfection.  You left out Salvia divinorum, Tabernanthe iboga, Peyote, and Papaver somniferum.  Great work. Make more pro drug use videos.  In another video you could talk about DMT, Ketamine, Methamphetamine, Amanitas and Cocaine.

  5. I used to be anxious beyond any measure, especially when it comes to social situation. I had suffered with severve depression. Previously I have been smoking a weed but always for recreational purpose alongside alcohol what is the wost combination you can have. Ever since I heard about Terence Mckenna, my life has changed totally. I used to mediate as well but the result weren;t so great. Mckenna said many times to use psychadelics is silent darkness what I did first with cannabis. I took a few deep tokes and the magic was about to happen. I do admit that psychadelics dissove ego. When I started my own liberating teraphy, I has encountered many times really unpleasant feelings and thoughts but you need to go throught them to undesrtand that it is just illusion. To sum up Mckenna saved my life! In a 50 years I quess psychadelics will replace most of a pharmacertical drugs. It is just matter of time. By the way I started taking psychadelics in diffrent way like microdosing what allows you to be focued now and here.Right now I smoke almost everyday just a toke , and every week I take 25micrograms of LSD. I can't wait to take muchrooms and then when I get more mature, I am gonna go for ayuahasca. Obviously for some it may seem that I am junkie if I started with pot and then I am going to take shrooms but wait a minute my body isn't addicted to any of these earth's treasures. Anyway in a future I am going to start seting up a conferences in my home country where nobody knows almost nothing about psychadelics. They called them drugs and this is what thsi clever society could only came up with…

  6. I got a stomach ulcer from coffee along with a mind altering affect after drinking each cup. why is coffee not classified as a controlled substance?

  7. I don't think she realizes the absolute power and righteousness of Ayahuasca. It's the direct extract of God's third eye.

  8. There are thousands and thousands of people who have seen the benefits of psychedelics. It's wrong to completely disregard the experiences of all these people and say that there is not enough evidence. It's just that these drugs are the opposite of what drug companies want. They don't want people to take any drugs that you only need to take every few weeks, months or even years. They want you to take your pills every day and ask no questions. They don't want you to grow as a person but want to make you addicted to their poison.

  9. Yea fam like the mad men think they want you to know the truth of like what I do and/ or think of what might attribute to illegal benefits and they just need to chill? Like what dude thinks it's right that the ideas of what they think is lake hella mad, like what is there not to be used in like what and why fam, you know what I mean? Like FAM it's like they just don't care in like what they think of us so like I support open carry.

  10. Illegal drugs controlled in moderate amounts may be beneficial for us, but it;ll have to be researched to fully understand the substances, of course.

  11. Drugs get a bad rap because the word "drug" alone sounds negative and mostly only negative reports of bad trips are discussed, which are very minimal to the great trips that occur most of the time. This world is nuts, this country is retarded, it's ALL about money so keep good drugs illegal and make billions on pills that don't do nearly what psychedelics can do for people who have issues; and again it's a majority rules scenario because 70% of the world are more left-brained, logical, 8-5 career types, and the 30% are more right-brained, intuitive, creative, innovative thinkers who usually have some type of "disorder" and don't fit into the cookie cutter norm. Most of the 30% have tried drugs and usually get a boost from psychedelics while a very small percentage of the 70% try drugs and freak out, so majority rules drugs are bad, keep them illegal. IT'S ALL CLOSED MINDED MONEY MAKING BULLSHIT, a small micro dose of any psychedelic could do wonders for many mood disorders and enhance the creative 30% to achieve amazing things!

  12. read the side affects of any medication many can be worse then the illness and also many are habit forming and addictive yet doctors have no problem with that and some meds can be lethal there's a total hypocrisy with the law and with alcohol being legal . alcohol has no real beneficial use other then an disinfectant or paint thinner it poison

  13. I get stoned every day on pot and i lead and live a perfectly normal productive life. Weed is my happy place and lets me tone down my inner anxiety after a long hard days of work, some of you non users will never understand the relief you get when lighting up after work.

  14. Humans have been using drugs for thousands of years. It's how we've been able to expand our civilizations. There are so many fake facts about drugs it's sad. Drugs like methamphetamines and opiates are bad, but lsd and psilocybin are teachers. Not only that but the ld50 in some drugs is so high that you could never even get there. So high. Haha.

  15. LSD makes you schizofrenic from the second you take it. I know from guys who have taken it and spoke about it. (sry bad english)

  16. There all good that's why there illegal lol.
    dissociatives | Psychedelics | Stimulants | Opiates
    These are 4 major categories of intoxicants… there all illegal. The people against drugs with no experience are promoting propaganda. How can you understand an action on the brain without having the experience? They are all tools for self growth, healing and understanding.

  17. I don't think, "there ARE negative side effects" is completely accurate. I definitely didn't feel any negative effects, or side effects on shrooms, thats for sure. One could say, "there is a potential for negative EXPERIENCES on any of these drugs" but saying that there are side effects makes it sound like your body is guaranteed to morph in some unexpected way, whereas that simply isn't true.

  18. They're ONLY classified as illegal, schedule 1 drugs (yes even weed, which is a reason it gets a bad rep, was given that title although it isn't anymore) because Pres. Richard Nixon illegalized drugs only according to the people that were associated with them (i.e. Blacks: crack, Hippies: LSD/psychedelics, weed) It was not under any scientific reasoning.
    "Drug's are America's number one enemy"

  19. There are already illegal drugs used medically: cocane as a local anesthetic and to stop severe nose bleeds. Ketamine as a general anesthetic and a fast acting antidepressant. And methanphetamine is used to treat adhd and obesity.

  20. Since the first time ive taken lsd it changed my life in a more positive way, and made me more productive and actually brought up my gpa(Im not encouraging drug use btw). I feel like Psychedilics should not be illegal due to the fact they have not been enough research to deem them "dangerous", but our dumb system allows alcohol which is a depressant be legal which kills 6 humans every day, and also nicotine use via cigars, cigarrets. (Nicotine has been proven to be more addictive than most illegal stimulants like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

  21. The most dangerous thing any ANY illicit drug is being caught with it. DOING a drug MAY have a chance to ruin your life if you let it, but if you're arrested and caught, the next 20-30 years are screwed regardless of if you were being smart/safe or not. Substances like cannabis, lsd, mescaline, san pedro, ayahuasca, and mushrooms have been used longer than the US has even been a country and no one has EVER OD's and died purely because of a psychedelic. For every irresponsible user, there's at LEAST 10 whose lives have been changed for the better and have used psychedelics safely.


    “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”
    ― Terence McKenna

    The ONLY reason.

  22. There are negative side effects to nearly EVERY medical drug tho… so the fact that illegal drugs have side effects too is not surprising and shouldn't stop us from using them if they would help

  23. Legalize everything in my opinion. Have money that would go to people in jail for drugs to rehab centers. If its legal there is no taboo.

  24. If it's refined or processed it's a drug, if it's a plant.. it's a plant and shouldn't be a schedule 1 drug. The DEA should just reschedule all rain forest then.

  25. ***I was a huge fan of Psychodelics, I use to use them for social gatherings, to make new friends, dance festivales and I could see it improving my life!! I was more focus in school receiving straight A+ and my mood well I felt on top of the world I can take on anything even tho I had a traumatic childhood. Psychedelics even while macrodosing never turned on me they became tools and as guides to life, they were great. It wasn't until I met this girl who introduced me to Oxycotin and opium that my life took a complete stop for 2years due to its destructive nature and addictive properties. After those two years I manage to get back on top and who helped me? Well my great old friend LSD. That's when I knew that psychedelics are sacred and all other narcotics are blasphemies. I will never dance with the Dragon again….

  26. I like how everyone is weary over illegal substances, and how dangerous they must be. However, many people fail to remember at one time alcohol was illegal (prohibition in the US). And propaganda against it was stitched into society. But now anyone of age can go out and get intoxicated without batting an eye.

  27. My grandparents on both sides of the family are using marijuana (in liquid form) to treat multiple things. It helps them relax, sleep, pain relief etc. One of my granddads has kidney problems and cancer, and a grandma has heart issues. Marijuana makes their last (hopefully) ~30 years more relaxed and bearable.

    The doctors wouldn't give them medical marijuana, but we're lucky enough to live in the Netherlands, being able to purchase recreational marijuana.

  28. I'm tired of hearing junkies rationalize life choices by saying "it's good for you." sure you're impaired, but you're not depressed because you can't tell you're depressed. why? oh your brain isn't getting enough blood to process those emotions, it's good for you. that's like saying alcohol makes me feel good because it poisons my mitochondria, huh huh dude man really good healthy stuff…

  29. Holy $hit i just realised, DNEWS HAS CHANGED ITS NAME INTO SEEKER. I thought for some reason Dnews stopped posting videos and Seeker is just a channel with the dnews folks I happened to subscribe to.

  30. Scary life threatening drugs: cocaine, meth, heroin, even xanax

    Safe non abusive and non lethal drugs: cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, DMT

  31. ya I think it could help. we do use fox glove extract to help peoples hearts and it a very poisonous plant. so if they find the safe amount of the drugs so ya it can work. like all medicines if I take it when you don't need it, it causes damage.

  32. I think just about ANYTHING can be good at proper time and place. No one should be able to tell anyone else what they can and cannot consume or use for spiritual purposes.

  33. Alcohol is one of the most damaging drugs out there and yet, it's legal. These illegal drugs are way less harmful than alcohol and even some prescription drugs. So why exactly are they illegal?

  34. kasper the gymnast

    You forgot to mention that Weed also cures cancer, epilepsy, parkinon's disease, anorexia, insomnia, schizophrenia and reduce colds and ADD/ADHD effects. And that the ONLY downside is the smoke which CAN BE EASILY AVOIDED by choosing vaping, bongs or edibles.

  35. Don’t do psychedelics if you’re not in a good state of mind. I was depressed when I tried Shrooms, my friends went on a walk without me and I was alone, while high af. I almost went and jumped in the river because I got into my head and I couldn’t deal with it. I hated myself, shrooms intensified it.

  36. Bring up the economics. SSRIs, benzos, and stimulants, and pain killers are a billion dollar industry. No way big pharma is letting this happen without a fight. Hence the drug war.

  37. Bradenplier vlogs & gaming

    I will never smoke, drink alcohol, eat beef, lamb, elk, goat or horse. In college, I will use Guava slices, corn kernel cans (with butter and sea salt), and hot dogs for struggle food. Sea salt can speed up skin particle renewal, Guava can improve vision, and reduce the risk of prostate and lung cancer. Instead of cookies, I will use cinnamon bites from the Quaker Oats. Cinnamon can boost memory in scent and lower cholesterol. I’m also having garlic bread after test days. Garlic can help acne, hypertension, and digestion. For drinks, I’m having Water, chai with turmeric, and Dr. Pepper twice a month. I also plan on going to Red Lobster once a week, because shrimp can reduce the risk of lung and prostate cancer and also has lots of protein. Maybe I'll use acupuncture, cannabis or opium poppy for medical reasons.
    Health benefits of cannabis-
    Can reduce seizures
    Treat glaucoma
    Reduce stress
    Can reduce the pain of multiple sclerosis and arthritis
    Increases creativity
    A few hundred mothers reportedly used heroin to disable pain in childbirth, cocaine can be rubbed on wounds to disable pain

  38. Weed has A LOT more medical benefits hun. Allow me to list them. Cannabis can cure/treat cancer, epilepsy, seizures, Parkinson's disease, ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, anorexia, glaucoma, panic attacks, Crohn's disease, common colds and flus, insomnia, Tourette's syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. Pot also helps with pain releaf including pms, can decrease the risk of developing a stress related disorder, increases appetite in people with aids and hiv, slows down the progression of Alzheimer's and hiv, assists with neurological damage such as concussions and strokes, can help with anger management issues, and can help prevent certain brain trauma.

  39. Of course they're "good". That's WHY they're illegal! They're a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, not to us!! (The 225 "dislikes" were cops and pharma employees who watched this vid haha)

  40. LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS YOU MORONS. Here`s why: Everyone should have their own choice of taking drugs and which drugs. If you wanna do LSD then you can take LSD, if you are stupid enough to try meth, crack or heroin then its your own fault and you can sign up for drug addiction therapy. Period.

  41. The legality of alcohol and illegality of these substances perfectly mirrors the static mindset of the society.

    A legal substance is a depressant that makes your mind foggy and unclear while making you slowly nauseous or outright violent.

    Some illegal substances are things that make you see pretty colors and visuals for a while while showing you things from a new perspective, allowing you to form new opinions and understand stuff.

  42. I legit changed for the better after my first trip on ecstacy, and when i say for the better, it's not lightly, it was like night and day. I went from an antisocial person with lots of angst and anxiety to a sociable and happier version of myself, and it wasn't for the short term, that happened 3 years ago. Ever since I've been much better, that trip literally changed my life!

  43. I totally forgot what I was going to say…thought I was watching Looney tunes wtf is this lady yapping about🍄🍄🍄

  44. i think morphine, heroin, meth, fentanyl, coke and percocets should all b illegilized. the rest could honestly be the persons own choice and i think it should be like that

  45. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    Gee I guess the "dumb stereotype drug dealers" too dumb to know what the vw logo looks likewhen they made their press as if THEY were even the ones who made the press itself which was manufactured by a company what would know better being the point. So M.E.? Are you affected cuz that's not just b.s.

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