20 things to do in Cleveland on a rainy day

20 things to do in Cleveland on a rainy day

There’s a lot to do in the Cleveland area
on a rainy day. Let me give you 20 ideas to get you started. The Cleveland Museum of Art
makes you feel like you’re exploring the world. They have one of the most comprehensive art
collections on the planet. A good place to start is the Artlens gallery where they have
all these interactive games that let you have fun and learn about every piece of art on
display. Museums from around the world have come to Cleveland to see how they did this.
I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s an Artlens app that will guide you through
the huge museum. From a Caravaggio masterpiece to an Egyptian coffin. From modern art to
a 5,000 year-old statuette. This is everything an art museum should be. The Cleveland Rock
Gym is a fun challenge for your muscles and your mind. These tall climbing walls are a
totally different workout from a normal gym. If you’re not a rock climber, they’ll
teach you how to use the ropes. They have a really cool bouldering cave. They also have
bouldering walls for solo climbing. If you have any physical impairments or limitations,
call them because they have adaptive options too. Forest City Shuffleboard is a a relaxing
place to have some healthy competition. It’s an arena with five courts and two full sized
shuffleboard tables. Courts are rented by the hour, kind of like bowling. There’s a
bar and a rotating kitchen. The staff will teach you how to play. And they have leagues
that meet here throughout the year, which is a great way to meet people. The West Side
Market is a part of Cleveland history. It’s packed with vendors who sell takeout, groceries,
drinks and desserts. Some of them have been here for decades. It’s a favorite spot for
visitors to Cleveland. There’s so many types of food in one place and a ton of dessert
options. Ray’s MTB is a one-of-a-kind attraction.
It’s a 160,000 square foot indoor mountain bike park. Miles of bike track and a ton of
BMX space. This is me riding. I’m not an expert. You don’t have to be. They have
bikes for you to rent and you feel like you’re a kid again. It’s so huge, there’s even
a second level. People come from all over the country. This is the place to bike when
you can’t do it outdoors. One of the top 3 research libraries in America, the Cleveland
Public Library downtown. Their special collections room is incredible. There’s a brick from
the Great Wall of China and chess and checkers sets from across history.One of the best small
books collections in the world. The library has sports memorabilia like a program from
the Browns 1964 championship. Over a million photos from Cleveland’s history. They have
3-D printers you can create things with. I like going to the tenth floor for a great
view and a quiet place to read. If you’ve never thrown a hatchet at a wood target, Class
Axe Throwing makes a fun challenge out of it. After a few turns you kind of get the
hang of it. There’s an instructor that trains you and breaks you off into teams. They have
axe throwing leagues if you wind up really enjoying this. The Cleveland History Center
is another museum where you could spend all day. They have the actual carousel from Euclid
Beach Park that you can still ride. The historic car collection draws auto lovers from across
the country. There’s a stainless steel Thunderbird and the very first DeLorean ever made. The
museum is connected to two historic mansions that you can explore. One of the rooms has
a huge historic Halle costume collection. And there’s even a kid’s play area. The Children’s
Museum of Cleveland is a place to bring your kids that never gets old. It’s in a renovated
mansion on Euclid Avenue in MidTown. I wish this place was here when I was a kid. The
wonder lab has a bunch of interactive things that children love. Whirlpools, fountains,
tracks for plastic balls. There are vacuum tubes that suck up scarves and launch them
into the air. The largest exhibit is the adventure city with multiple levels of pretend places
like a doctor’s office or a grocery store. Even infants and young toddlers have a space
of their own. Play CLE is a playground for grownups. There are climbing towers, ninja
warrior challenges, a ropes course and parkour. There’s a big zip line down the center of
the warehouse that’s a lot fun. There’s a restaurant and bar inside. You basically
choose how many hours you want to stay and the price is based on that. Keep in mind,
all the activities in here are really geared for people aged 7 and above. TopGolf Cleveland
is a triple-decker, climate controlled, driving range with all kinds of targets and obstacles
to hit around. At the time of this video, TopGolf Cleveland wasn’t finished so I’m
showing you footage from other cities. But you get the idea. They designed it to be a
year round attraction where you can come and play multiple rounds, watch sports and eat.
Just head to TopGolf Cleveland’s website for the cost and other info. Boss Pro Karting
is an indoor electric kart racing arena. The video kind of speaks for itself. It’s a
fast paced racing experience. It’s good for big groups but you can also just reserve
a spot and walk-in. You need to be 56 inches or taller. They have junior karts if you’re
between the ages of 8 and 13. They provide helmets and even racing suits if you want
one. b.a. Sweetie’s candy store is the largest retail candy store in America and it’s right
here in Northeast Ohio. You won’t believe your eyes when you walk around this place.
There’s retro candy that you haven’t seen since you were a kid. There are flavors you
never knew existed. They have any type of candy you want. They also have a great soda
fountain shop. Their ice cream is up there with the best in Cleveland. The Cleveland
Museum of Natural History brings you a sense of wonder. When the weather’s bad, you can
spend hours exploring the broad collection that spans hundreds of millions of years.
There’s also the best planetarium in Northeast Ohio with incredible 4K projectors to explore
the universe. Kids will like the discovery center downstairs and they have the real Balto,
the heroic dog that inspired the movie. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes
Science Center. I’m putting these two together because they’re going to be connected under
one roof. So you won’t have to walk outside anymore to get between them. The Rock Hall
is a top attraction in Cleveland. One of the cool exhibits lets you play real instruments.
There’s a whole library of rock songs you can play. There’s a digital instructor on
screen that will teach you. It’s really immersive. Right next door the Science Center
includes the NASA Glenn visitors center with a real Apollo Space Capsule. The museum is
so big. Over 60,000 square feet of exhibit space. There’s cool demonstrations and a
huge DOME Theatre with nature movies. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium lets you explore
the wonders of life underwater. There’s a 230,000 gallon shark gallery and an underwater
tunnel that gets you really close to the 3 types of sharks. A lot of people like to touch
or feed the stingrays in the coastal boardwalk exhibit. They have some cool themed galleries
like the Tropical Forest and the Asia & Indonesia gallery too. The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
is a great place to take shelter from the rain. It’s a free attraction that’s a whole
acre of plants and trees under glass. It’s really peaceful and refreshing. I like the
cactus room with all the different varieties next to each other. I spent about a half hour
here. If that’s not enough for you, you could also check out the Cleveland Botanical
Garden’s glasshouse biomes. The Lake Erie Nature and Science Center is
a free attraction that’s been around for decades. They have planetarium shows here
including one for young kids. There are all kinds of nature and environmental programs.
They have fish, lizards, snakes, turtles. All kinds of animals indoors and a wildlife
rehabilitation center outside. By the way, if you like nature centers, the Cleveland
Metroparks has 5 of them. I’ll put those in the description below. Tabletop Board Game
Café in Ohio City. They have a huge selection, over 1,000 games for you to choose from. Whether
it’s games you played as a kid or the newest hits. They have theme nights which is a cool
setting to meet people. You can get drinks and great food there too. And last I want
to show you Stone Mad Pub. Their bocce court is right inside the dining room. It’s a lot
of fun before or after a meal. There’s a cool bar. The space is really unique. Make sure
to go downstairs and check out the murals of hand laid tile. Thank you so much for watching.
These are just some of the indoor activities in Cleveland. Check out my other videos about
things to do in the city. And please comment below to tell me what you like to do on a
rainy day.

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  1. This is a nice, formidable list, but there is nothing like staying inside and 'knocking boots' on a dull, dreary, rainy/snowy day!

  2. I rather be in Cleveland and put up with rain than be somewhere south and put up with tornados, hurricanes, floods, snakes, alligators etc. Cleveland I love you!

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