1391 How To Heal Childhood Abuse Trauma | Testimonial

1391 How To Heal Childhood Abuse Trauma | Testimonial

Where do I start? I think that when I found, I had been looking for years to find something that would assist me in healing a trauma from my youth. Which was I have to say and I don’t mind saying now. It was, I had, I call it my early childhood sex education which started when I was 12, rife and difficult and challenging. And so, I had seen and seeked lots of different modalities, so to speak. And I came across somehow I think from a YouTube video, but I’m not, I can’t actually remember how. I’ve had a business for running for about 19 years which was great and successful had people working for me. I had office staff. And I was sort of on the edge of retirement. And then something just hit the fan and and everybody left and I was on my own. So this was about five years ago. I think around five years ago. Well, I was working. I came to the level one seminar actually, that’s right, I came to the free, the free introductory. And then I said,”Yep. Okay. I’m gonna do the rest. I’m gonna do the level one seminar and the level one training.” And so, when I was at the level 1 training, I was on my own in my business, work doing everything, doing the phones, doing the operating machinery. And from that point of starting the level one and completing it and having aspirations to be a practitioner, I cleaning up lots of stuff. But, but obviously with the level of and the depth of the my difficulties that I had, which were just repeating patterns in in my life that I just couldn’t get over. But I had lots of work done on myself. So I had I work with Deborah Redmond for easily forty hours of one-on-one assistance. Point being, from that point to now, I am one step from retirement. It’s like it was significant. I have great people working for me. My business is very self-contained and very successful. And I hundred percent owe it to Faster EFT. It’s the only thing that was able to shift the load that I carried. So thank you Robert. Yeah awesome. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. And I appreciate it so much. Because it’s a hundred percent changed my life. Thank you. Subtitle: Liu Chin

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  1. Robert, will you be coming to Sydney Australia any time soon? Also do you know of any practitioner that I can see here in Sydney that you have coached as I want my son to get EFT for severe anxiety and panic attacks. I would also love to become a practitioner my self and would love to go to classes instead of doing it on line, do you have any recommendations?

  2. Good on you Brian, glad you persisted and got the results… Faster EFT has also changed my life for the better and Iam a different person- I now have PEACE inside… Change what you hold within and your hold world changes too ✌️

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