12 BAD Habits That Age You Faster!

12 BAD Habits That Age You Faster!

from soaking up those extra rays to
enjoying too many cocktails these are bad habits that age you faster
number 12 smoking one of the worst habits regarding aging more quickly is
smoking it’s safe to say that we all know smoking isn’t good for you but do
you know how bad it really is not only does it increase your risk for various
cancers but it also makes you look older than your actual age
if you smoke cigarettes you will inevitably begin to develop changes in
your skin specifically wrinkles these
transformations will become apparent after about 10 years of smoking
cigarettes of course this varies between smokers dependent on how often they
smoke so more cigarettes means more wrinkles smoking also makes you look
older because it causes wrinkles on more than just your face it will damage other
areas of your skin as well it can also wrinkle your inner arms because nicotine
makes blood vessels in your outermost skin layer narrow thus preventing normal
blood flow to your skin the halt of proper blood flow stops your skin from
getting the oxygen and vitamins it needs plus the chemicals in tobacco affect
your skin’s elasticity v’n make your teeth brown and stain your fingers and
nails yellow it seems like the best option even though it’s difficult is to
quit number 11 crash dieting another habit that can age you faster is crash
dieting we’ve probably all been tempted to try this extreme diet when bikini
season is coming up and we have added weight from the holidays however it’s
best to refrain from doing this because it can severely damage your body the
first negative side effect is that it can slow your metabolism although you
might lose some extra pounds early on crash dieting can ultimately decrease
your metabolic rate because it causes muscle breakdown the second impact crash
dieting causes is a weakened immune system because you don’t get all of the
vitamins and minerals your body needs the third problem with this severe
weight loss technique is that it might cause ketone production if it lasts long
enough it can result in kidney and liver complications
the fourth adverse effect is dehydration due to losing water weight which might
seem great at first but the results won’t last long crash dieting can also
cause heart problems due to an increase in heart fat levels
a recent study headed by dr. Jennifer Rayner of the Oxford Center for magnetic
resonance showed that these levels rose by 44 percent
this decreased the blood pumping abilities of the heart in addition to
heart issues crash dieting can cause damage to your skin and hair there are
lack of essential vitamins and nutrients resulting in dryness and dullness other
side effects include bowel problems low energy and irritability number 10
tanning this one probably goes without saying but the sun’s ultraviolet rays
damage skin there are two types of UV rays UVA and UVB exposure to UVB rays
can result in skin cancer and sunburns UVA rays caused tanning but they also
cause wrinkles and other symptoms of aging this premature aging shows up in
the form of wrinkles fine lines freckles age spots red patches and leathery skin
also don’t forget about skin cancer one type is melanoma which can be
life-threatening that’s a big deal however there are easy
things you can do to help prevent any of these side-effects
the first is wearing sunscreen if you were a sunblock with at least FP f15
every day then it will help tremendously secondly wearing protective clothing
like long-sleeve shirts sunglasses long pants and a hat will keep the Sun off of
you you should also avoid direct sunlight from about 10:00 in the morning
to 4:00 in the afternoon as those are peak hours another preventative measure
is to stop using tanning beds they emit the same harmful rays and aren’t safer
than sun exposure in any way lastly if you insist on being tan there are other
ways to get the same effect such as spray tans and tinted lotions don’t
sacrifice your well-being to be bronzed for the summer number 9 overeating we
all know that overeating is bad for you but now we’ll discuss the adverse
effects of doing so in more detail one result of eating too much is a change in
your body’s clock you will begin craving more food during times that you wouldn’t
have before overeating can also cause food addiction consumption of food can
result in a dopamine release in the brain which makes it habit forming
continuing to eat this way also lowers the number of dopamine receptors overall
other effects include not being able to tell when you’re full tiredness
dizziness heartburn acid reflux diabetes and artery damage a study done in 2009
suggested that obesity a common result of overeating could visibly age people
faster the researchers measured telomeres June carrying molecules on
chromosomes which shorten every time a cell divides
and eventually dies they discovered that the more person weighed the shorter
their telomeres were shorter telomeres means that you age more quickly because
your cells are no longer dividing as much or sometimes at all
this causes gray hair loose skin cancer heart disease and several other things
if this isn’t a reason to restrict your eating habits then I don’t know what is
number eight beauty sleep another cause of premature aging is not getting enough
good quality sleep a study done by scientists at university hospitals case
Medical Center showed that people who don’t sleep well experience signs of
aging skin earlier than others one of the reasons for this is that people who
don’t have an adequate amount of sleep don’t recover as much from sun or other
environmental damages people who don’t sleep well are also more likely to
become overweight so if you can then try to get the recommended seven to eight
hours of sleep per night to feel and look better
number seven laziness laziness is another big factor and quick or aging if
you don’t exercise you might start looking older than you are ageing
eventually is inevitable but there are ways to reverse some physical aspects
and prevent others one of the best ways to do this is through exercise most of
us hate that word but it is essential for a healthy body and mind a study
conducted in the mid 2010’s took 29 male and females between the ages of 20 and
80 for half of the volunteers performed physical activity at least three hours
per week and the others exercise less than 60 minutes a week the scientists
then took skin samples of each participant they found that those who
worked out more often had healthier skin overall then since other factors needed
to be taken into consideration they had the less active group of people began
exercising twice a week for three months after another biopsy the results
suggested that their skin became younger with added physical activity number six
slouching unfortunately for a lot of us were stuck at desk jobs staring at a
computer screen and worsening our posture for days on end not only can
constant slouching give you pain but it can also make you age more quickly the
reason for this stems back to our section on adequate sleep in addition to
lousy posture causing pain staring at a computer screen contributes to lack of
sleep light from your computer cell phone tablet or any other electronic
device is proven to reduce your Mel tonin production melatonin regulates
sleep and since light makes us feel more awake it creates an issue with sleeping
this in turn makes you age faster as we discussed previously plus it causes
strain on the eyes which makes them dry in red thus giving you an older or more
tired appearance so try to turn off the computer sooner and pay attention to
your posture to combat these effects number 5 drinking alcohol this might go
without saying but drinking too much alcohol can age you faster as well there
are numerous ways those fruity poolside cocktails will make you look older the
first is that it lowers your nutrition levels through the loss of healthy and
nutrients specifically it depletes your vitamin A which is an important
antioxidant for healthy skin and collagen production without as much
vitamin A you can begin developing wrinkles plus the reduction of collagen
can result in an elasticity and fullness reduction which makes you appear less
youthful the consumption of alcohol also causes dehydration which makes your skin
look older as well it can also cause swelling redness and puffiness because
it widens your blood vessels in addition to a swelling face it can cause your
whole body to swell that’s right we’re talking about weight gain we already
talked about how excess weight can make you age faster and alcohol is just
another contributing factor lastly alcohol disturbs your sleep cycle
and causes you to wake up in the middle of the night thus preventing as much
deep sleep number 4 unhealthy eating not only does overeating make you age
more quickly but consuming unhealthy foods does as well several foods do this
so listen close and you’ll know what to avoid in your daily meals the first
thing to watch out for is sweets this is difficult for anyone who has a sweet
tooth but unfortunately these tasty treats have negative side effects when
you eat too much sugar the molecules merge with proteins and create advanced
glycation end-products aka AG ease which might Mar the collagen
in your skin this could lead to sagging and wrinkles plus sugar is bad for your
teeth it can cause cavities bacteria and stains another thing to avoid is charred
meat this one might be difficult if you’re having a family barbecue but do
your best to remove the burnt pieces on your food the problem with blackened
meat is that it might have hydrocarbons that cause inflammation which affects
your collagen as well you should also stay away from salty foods because they
retain water and could make you look puffy many
people already know this but processed meat is another food to steer clear of
it contains a lot of preservatives that cause inflammation don’t forget to check
your foods nutrition label for trans fat as well they can cause heart disease
make you more susceptible to damage from UV rays and are bad for your skin
another thing to refrain from includes coffee tea and energy drinks as they can
stain your teeth and weaken your enamel number 3 no eye cream there are certain
parts of the body that are more susceptible to premature aging and one
of them is the skin around your eyes it is thin and fragile making it prone to
wrinkles fine lines and sagging but there are ways to slow down the aging
process around your eyes one of the best things you can do is use a good quality
eye cream unfortunately the lotion of anti aging treatment used for the rest
of your face won’t do the trick on that delicate area of skin you should look
for eye creams that contain peptides and vitamin C because they stimulate your
collagen other ingredients to consider our retinol which smoothes your skin and
helps with discoloration and hayah lauric acid which assists in retaining
moisture so it might be a little expensive up front but investing in a
proper eye cream will help you postpone the aging process
number two grudges this one might not seem as obvious but holding grudges can
make you age faster people often find it difficult to forgive someone who has
wronged them in the past although it’s hard to let it go it will leave you
feeling much better if you do the anger you feel by holding a grudge can cause
your blood pressure to increase messes with your vagus nerve which helps
control the heart digestive tract and lungs and negatively affects your
overall health plus frowning and firming your brows will lead to early wrinkles
and sagging skin so try to let go of those angry feelings as it will benefit
you in the long run number 1 stress perhaps one of the most significant
contributing factors to premature aging is stress just like being overweight can
lead to shortened telomeres so can being stressed out if you are feeling the
pressure for drawn-out periods of time it can reduce these gene carrying
molecules we previously discussed that this could lead to an early onset of
gray hair wrinkles and various diseases in addition to these things stress also
ages your brain and can be linked to Alzheimer’s disease plus it can cause
hearing and vision loss by speeding up your heart rate increasing blood
pressure and producing a but besides this stress contributes to
other factors that make people age faster people under a lot of stress are
more likely to eat poorly drink more alcohol take medication and exercise
less it also affects sleep so practicing things that reduce your stress is
critical in preventing premature aging I hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget
to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video

11 thoughts on “12 BAD Habits That Age You Faster!”

  1. Thank God I don't smoke. . But I over eat sometimes . Does not sleep well, too.. Thank you., I exercise by walking or dsncing. I drink beer everyday. Well, life is short so why not enjoy life ? This info is good. I appreciate it. Thanks.😊

  2. I smoke 0-3 cigarettes a day, drink every few days, I don't eat every day, I'm lazy and sleep too much, and I have bad posture, so apparently I'm going to look like I'm 80 by the time I'm 40 lol!!!

  3. I didn't start smoking, until I was in my mid twenties, and started using ,( not abusing) various RX drugs in my late teenage years. That being said, I have never done anything in moderation. It's always been pedal to the floor ,or not at all . At 40 I could easily pass for 28 or 29 years old . Well that all changed ,at 43 or 44. Age seemed to have not only caught up with me ,but decided to surpass ,my actual years. When it did ,I aged 3 or 4 years ,for every one year on the calendar. I'm now 50 ,and I look and feel like I'm 70 . I was one of those people who thought they were going to be lucky , and ride out the great genes my parents gave me. I'm here to tell you, that doesn't always happen.

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