ah body odor it happens to all of us you know you showered you know you applied deodorant and still at the end of the day you just don't smell very good you want to light your clothes on fire you definitely don't want to hug anyone it's a horrible day so in this video I'm gonna show you some cool hacks and just some tips that you can apply to your daily routine to prevent these embarrassing moments from happening and if you like these kind of videos don't forget to give it a thumbs up and let's get started if your favourite pair of shoes are starting to smell or if you just want to prevent them from smelling because you have that problem sometimes a really cheap but effective way to kind of prevent this or get rid of it is to get some kitty litter yes put it in a pair of like nylons you can cut like a tip off tied in a knot and then let it sit in your shoes for at least overnight and so what's going to happen is the kitty litter is going to help dry up the stinky bacteria that causes the smell just keep it away from your cat this one is for all the times when you think that you put on a clean shirt but towards the end of the day it starts to smell you don't really know why that's because a lot of times there's so much built-up bacteria and excess deodorant that's trapping an odor that the washer is just not removing it's not getting it out you have to get it out yourself before you wash it it's actually really easy to remove just try soaking your clothes and white vinegar and water for a couple of hours it'll really kill the bacteria then just throw it into the wash and that's it and don't worry you won't smell like vinegar afterwards don't sweat it get it maybe you ran out of deodorant or maybe you're just trying for more natural approach here is a DIY natural deodorant that you can make him literally like five minutes and it works so good all you need is just a jar coconut oil cornstarch and baking soda mix it around apply it it's going to go on really powdery and I swear it works almost as good a store-bought deodorant I love it and it smells like coconut oil give it a shot this trick or hack is if you have a shirt or jeans that have a really bad smell but you don't have any time or just aren't able to do a load of laundry try taking a ziploc bag putting the article of clothing in the ziploc bag and then app was put it in the freezer for an hour – because the cold temperature will actually kill some of the bacteria that causes the odor so just chill it out here's a fun little hack if you ever look out at a party and you just feel like you're starting to smell your shirt is starting to smell you guess what go find some vodka baby if you can just sneak off into the bathroom with your vodka dab a little bit on wherever it's smelling and then afterwards if you can find a blow dryer just blow tight really fast it'll evaporate really fast and the cool thing is is that with vodka it will kill the bacteria so as it dries and we'll take some of the odor-causing bacteria with it now if this happens a lot another alternative is you can actually take some rubbing alcohol and you can put it into like a spray ball or you can carry that with you because if your shirt ever starts to like you know smell by the end of the day you can actually just spray some on like your armpits or wherever and let it evaporate it takes like five or ten minutes to evaporate it's really quick and when it does evaporate like the vodka it will take some of the odor with it we're going to talk about boobs sweat yes it happens it gets hot I don't know things get ugly after a while once your bra gets really sweaty it starts to smell if this happens a lot and you might want to try this hack just take a thin panty liner and then just take the panty liner stick it on the inside your bra just stick it in there and it'll soak up all the excess sweat moisture that will eventually lead to odor and you can just you know rip it off and throw it away which leads me to my next tip this is just a tip you want to make sure that you wash your bras every two to three wears even if they don't smell bad because even though you think that they're clean or not that dirty there's odor causing bacteria and then that's just hiding in there and it's gonna creep out sneak up on you when you least expect it at the end of the day so wash your bras wash them in the sink then hanged room it's easy another tip when you get into the shower you want to make sure that you remove all of your old deodorant thorough leaks it probably has a lot of bacteria and dead skin just trapped in there and if you don't remove it all the way and then go and apply more deodorant and you might notice towards the end of the day you're not smelling that good that's because you still have old bacteria trapped in your underarm a deodorant tip so right when you get out of the shower sometimes if you apply your deodorant immediately while your body is still not all the way dry and pushing out steam your deodorant won't stick throughout the day and then later on you're gonna wonder why it smells like you didn't put any on so just make sure that when you do apply your deodorant after the shower your armpits are completely dry if you want to take a blow dryer and put it on cool and kind of dry them off a little bit before you apply it fine if you want to wait like ten minutes until your body temperature goes down a little bit more cool or if you want to apply your deodorant and then take your blow dryer blow on it for a few seconds just to make sure it sticks properly and it lasts all day you guys comment down below what deodorant works the best for you I'm curious maybe you can help out some other people and that is it you guys for the hacks and the tips on body odor hopefully I helped some of you guys and if I did give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you guys very soon all right I love you bye

46 thoughts on “11 BODY ODOR HACKS & HYGIENE TRICKS!”

  1. Or instead of deodorant you can use alcohol and it works WONDERS! If you’re smelly and you put alcohol on your armpits and you are going to be fresh and not smelly

    Update: HAHAHA just realized that Andrea said this tip🤣

  2. Is it ok to put Alcohol on your armpits? Becuase well..they said it was a waste of a bacteria so I just put alcohol in it to get rid of that waste bacteria he he he…

  3. Blue Butterfly Wellness

    Antiperspirants keep toxins from being released thru sweat. Try vinegar/baking soda so u can sweat but not smell! Pits and Privates!

  4. milk of magnesium with tea tree oil I make my own but you can buy an already made one. you may need to start moisturizing there because it very drying but works. Also, I've never tried it but maybe lume?

  5. The game changer for me was the 'salt of the earth' natural deodorant

    I have no body odour no matter how much I may sweat during a workout or on a hot day

    Anyone who reads this should defiantly give it a try if you have those kind of issues xx

  6. I recently started using deodorant (dove) people called me out for my smell they just don’t get it it’s hard. No matter how much doe I put on I’m still going to sweat ok?

  7. If you are in the club and run into this problem, lemon/lime juice also works…and it is cheaper than wasting some good vodka 😉

  8. My favorite deodorant is the secret clear gel deodorant and the dove spray deodorant and men's deodorant is actually good too, i rly like the old spice ones too

  9. People say I smell like mouthwash and laundry detergent it’s so awkward ugh I tried these and it hasn’t made me smell any differently

  10. Love your video I have all those problems lately I've been using the secret body spray and i soak my clothes in baking soda

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