10-Year-Old Killed In Case Of Suspected Child Abuse | NBC Nightly News

10-Year-Old Killed In Case Of Suspected Child Abuse | NBC Nightly News

39 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Killed In Case Of Suspected Child Abuse | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Another beautiful innocent child killed because nobody cares and steps in children suffer and nobody does anything this world is sick

  2. This is my friend from school I hope anthony will be safe in heaven. I used to play with him soccer and tag and other games Destiny if you are watching this then I hope you are safe with your
    little brother.

  3. How could you call this anything other than an appalling failure of the system?! This is horrific. This boy's life SHOULD have been saved, no excuses. I'm absolutely disgusted with the way our Child Protective Services operates, and heartbroken for this boy. I can't imagine his pain and suffering.

  4. I just don't understand why families and friends that know or suspect abuse but do nothing. They cry to the media after the child is in the hospital or dead and all along either knew or suspected.

  5. I know exactly how it feels,I had that same life with my stepmother for three years from April 2002 to December 2004.and it was heartbroken and sad.

  6. I am actually abused from my family….. Killing attempts , Slapping and kicking me….and they love my sister and not me….and I cannot complain to Anyone , I am really abused..

  7. Haley•puppy plays and loves Cookie•

    How dare u …… DO THIS TO A CHILD eyes very mad* if u wher mine MOM I say I hate u….. And hit u and called the cops….

  8. CPS fail to protect him, and his mother is getting away with it, I bet she knew about the abuse it’s either her son, or her boyfriend she choose the thug

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