10 Habits of Healthy People – How To Live Longer

10 Habits of Healthy People – How To Live Longer

hey guys in this video you’re gonna
learn the ten habits of a healthy and long-lasting person now these habits
have been through a whole bunch of books that I’ve read and articles that I’ve
read and even studies that I’ve looked at reports from and these are habits of
people who do live a very long life and are also quite healthy so we’re gonna
take a look at them and see if you can break them down and implement them into
your own life so that you can be healthier and hopefully live longer
habit number one is that these people move around for at least thirty minutes
a day now physical activity has all kinds of benefits from psychological to
physiological to all kinds of even your friendships the quality of your
friendships can increase just by moving around for 30 minutes a day because it
increases the healthiness of the neurons in the brain now I would suggest this 30
minutes of movement is a bare minimum and if that bare minimum is a struggle
make it something that you enjoy doing like playing a sport if you like lifting
then go and lift if you like running then go and run if you like running do
not go and lift if that’s not what’s going to motivate you to move around for
30 minutes a day habit number two is that they have a favorite sport now
personally I’m not much of a sports guy but I do enjoy playing basketball with
some friends and I think this helps a lot and moving around for 30 minutes a
day in fact when I go out and play basketball with my friends I don’t even
realize 30 minutes has passed it’s usually an hour or two hours and then
the gyms closing and it’s like wow I did not realize I spent that much physical
activity enjoying the time with my friends having number three is that they
educate themselves about the food that they put in their body now this is
something that a lot of people struggle with because there’s a lot of myths and
bad information on the internet but what you can do is sort through it so just
read as much as you can and you’ll kind of start to understand all right this is
a myth I don’t need to believe this this is a bad article this website gives out
horrible information it’s just something that you do over time you just have to
continually educate yourself about the food about macronutrients about calories
even technical stuff like how to build muscle on how to lose weight that stuff
super important and being healthy habit number four is that they have a meal
plan now this isn’t something that I’ve really implemented in my life but I do
kind of have a schedule and what it is is I have certain meals
that I go through my day and I know these are healthy enough they don’t have
any major carcinogens and if I eat them at throughout this time of the day but I
generally feel great afterwards so having a meal plan or at least a meal
schedule is something that a lot of healthy people have in their life habit
number five is sex now I know a lot of people might actually get offended about
this but loving intimate sex is what this means not a fling or a weekend
thing it’s just that loving intimate sex
produces way more total beneficial hormones in your brain than a weekend
fling does and if you do weekend flings one-night stands every week you can
actually start to form an addiction and the dopamine quality in your brain will
start to reduce and that can actually become a negative habit that you’ll have
to get rid of later on so try to form loving intimate relationships and within
those intimate relationships I have found that people that are super healthy
and live a long time have sex quite often anyways on to the next habit habit
six to drink at least 2 liters of water a day now I have carried around a
two-liter bottle of water one day for some people it’s going to be a ton of
water especially if you’re used to drinking pop or soda throughout the day
when I was little I drank a lot of tea so switching from tea to water was quite
a challenge but now for the past like 6 months
I have not drinkin anything other than specifically water or milk and I have
noticed that one I pee an awful lot and two my mood is way better when I wake up
like when I if I go to bed right before I go to bed I chug usually like 8 ounces
of room-temperature water and what happens is for some reason that helps me
get to sleep better and when I wake up boom I’m ready to go usually because I
have to pee really bad but it wakes me up it’s like almost like a cold shower
so drinking tons of water is something that a lot of healthy people do habit
number eight is that they are outside a lot now I got all kinds of numbers on
this from two hours to eight hours of sunlight but I do know sunlight can
cause skin cancer if you do not protect yourself from it well enough but your
body will start to produce more nutrients from the sunlight like vitamin
D I think is one of the main ones and people can actually start to get
depressed if the natural sunlight is taken away from them
it’s called sad or seasonal affective disorder so there are proven benefits of
having sunlight have a number 8 is that they get at least 7 hours of quality
sleep now there are all kinds of tips that I could name here to help you have
quality sleep and that’s what’s important because you can have sleep but
if the lights on and there’s a weird noise in the background you’re not going
to have quality sleep try to keep the light off don’t have any caffeine for
less than six hours before you go to sleep
turn down most of the light even on your phone there should be like a brightness
thing that you can turn down i don’t recommend working out or eating an hour
before you go to bed there’s just tons of tips I think I actually did a video
review of one of the books called sleep smarter this is amazing book anyways
seven hours quality sleep it will help you become a more healthy and then
another benefit is you’ll probably live longer sleep has been correlated to
health over many years in many studies and it’s just I’m not going to doubt
that I’m going to get quality sleep and I urge you to do the same have it number
nine is that they meditate frequently meditation is not something that I
normally did growing up but I have read many studies and have had many
testimonials of people who have meditated that it actually improves the
quality of their life from handling their emotions better to improving their
sleep quality to even feeling more peaceful throughout the day just a
couple minutes of meditation right after you wake up or right before you go to
bed can increase I think it’s called grey matter in your brain and I think
technically don’t quote me on this I think technically can increase your IQ
over time now that’s not quoted so don’t take that to the bank
but anyways have a number ten is that they smile they smile a lot
healthy people for some reason I don’t know if it’s correlation or causation
but they smile a lot maybe they’re healthy because they smile or maybe
because they smile a lot they are healthy I just know there’s a
correlation between this so I’m gonna put myself in a lot of situations where
I can smile where I’m happy where I’m fulfilled and joyful and just motivated
to do stuff throughout the day because there have been times in my life where I
wasn’t like that and I would choose the happier joyful motivated moments anytime
anyways I’m gonna review these ten habits of healthy and long living people
because I’ve been requested having some summaries at the end of videos and I
just want you guys as on it having number one is to move for
30 minutes a day habit number two is to have a favorite sport habit number three
is to be educated about the food that you eat habit number four is to have a
meal plan or meal schedule heaven number five is sex in a loving and intimate
relationship habit number six is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day
habit number 7 is to be outside a lot now I didn’t get a number on this but
the more you outside I would say the better up to probably around five hours
habit number eight is to get at least seven hours of quality sleep habit
number nine is to meditate frequently and the last habit is to smile now have
a wonderful day thank you so much for watching this video I hope you learned
something I hope you got some gold nugget of knowledge that you can use to
implement in your life to become healthier and maybe even live longer
thank you guys so much for watching like this video if you liked it subscribe if
you want more if you guys enjoyed that video and want to read the book I wrote
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description the book is short enough to read in one sitting but is jam-packed
with tons of information just like you saw in this video
in fact I’ve also added a few extra stories and fixed some of the errors
found in this video course there’s also plenty of amazing illustrations to aid
in the learning process and keep the book fun to read if you’re interested
you can buy the Kindle version for $2.99 or sign up for a month of Kindle
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you want to watch the rest of the videos in this series click this thingy or
check the link in the description for a playlist thank you guys so much for

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  1. Number 3 is a subtle way of saying to become vegan because the more you know about food the less you want animal products. Ignorance really is bliss on this topic

  2. does walking around a lot from a to b throughout the day count as 'moving around'?
    i already go for a run multiple times a week but making it a daily thing stresses me out even thinking about it tbh.

  3. Lol maybe they are healthy because they smile or maybe because they smile a lot they are healthy… Same thing haha.
    Please don't hate. I know what he means.

  4. Young people are almost certain they will live forever.. That's because their brain isn't fully developed until they're 25-30.. Make a video about the age of the brain and the ability to perceive time on the very short, short, long, very long and eternal scale..

  5. 6:08 "They are healthy because they smile or maybe because they smile a lot they are healthy' That's the same thing dude xD
    The correct phrase would be they smile because they are healthy
    Anyway.. nice video brother,keep it up!

  6. the problem with all these gurus is that they're very linient with their advices. main one is with the amount of time for moving around. you're supposed to move min 13-14hrs a day and take small sitting breaks in between or else it does nothing for your body much like smoking heavily and going to gym.

  7. let's see

    1 & 7) I walk my dog 2 hours every day (not all at once).
    2) I don't like sports.
    3) I'm Fairly educated about food, Getting more educated every day.
    4) Need to work on 3 a little more I think before I start planning my meals.
    5) Uhhh ……….Proceeds to Practical Psychology's most Popular uploads.
    6) I drink around 3-4 Litres of water daily.


  8. How to live longer? Geeez why would anyone want that?

    Hope your next video is about how you can shorten life dramatically😍

  9. What if I have a 12 hour job? And I get home tired asf. I can probably have sex on weekends. I dont know how I can implement all these tips, besides sleep, water and smiling is my natural state.

  10. Doing more for others, being a "we" person instead of an "I" person, visualization/meditation, and always doing the things you love to do!

  11. theastronomiefreak 95

    The longest living population ever documented are the Californian Adventist. They eat a healthy vegan diet. Go for it!

  12. There were some really great tips in this video. I think anyone who loves life would appreciate this video to help them live as happily as possible. I will make sure to share this with my own circle of family and friends!

  13. Why did you stop drinking tea? -Or are you talking about tea with a F-load of sugar in it? AFAIK drinking green tea is good for your health.

  14. I can also recommend sitting less and if you can't, then make sure that you vary your sitting position (legs-up-back-straight, squat etc.).
    I could not touch my toes. That's how stiff I used to be. I tried stretching exercises and I got more flexible in many ways, but I still struggled a lot getting to my toes. The reason was, that I was sitting in school, later at work, then in the car, at home etc. and my body was used to that position way more than the natural position.

  15. The only one that could relate to music is 10. I feel music in its own right deserves a mention since it makes so many of us happy.

  16. 1. Physical activity 0:272. Sports 1:033. Learn about healthy foods 1:284. Meal plan 2:045. Sex 2:306. Water 3:137. Go outside 4:048. Sleep 4:329. Meditate 5:2210. Sleep 6:00By the way after much of my own research I decided to switch to a vegan diet, and I have never felt better! Animal products have many nutrients in them but they also come with tons of downsides. For evidence based research I suggest you watch Dr. Michael Greger's videos on his channel Nutrition Facts. Hope this helps friends!

  17. I have a few habits, and I track them in daily notebook. My daily routine goes
    1. Drink Tea/coffee when I first wake up
    2. Walk 30-45 minutes down the road and around the park, then back home. This can be substituted by mowing the grass, or if you play sports that day or whatever. As long as it's a moderate or higher intensity of cardio. If you're building muscle on a calorie deficit , then intense cardio for long periods of time will cause you to lose muscle.
    3. My workout days I eat 4 meals 500-600 calories each. 10Am- protein or complex carb (eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, whole grain oatmeal, sweet potato) 2pm-Protein shake 4pm- protein shake 6pm protein
    4. I drink a bottle of water before and after every meal, and take my vitamins between my 1st and second meal.
    5. My non workout days, I eat 3 500-600 calorie meals. 12Noon- protein 3pm-protein 6pm-protein.
    6. My workout days are 3x a week at home. 9 movements, 3 for each day. With my main compound movements on different days. Squat, bench, deadlift are the main. Bent over row, curls, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, overhead press are the others.
    Every week I alternate from working on endurance/muscle size by doing 20-24 reps and adding at least 1 more rep until I reach 24 reps, then add weight.
    The next week, I work on strength by doing 10-12 reps.
    When you get your form and stability down you can work on true strength by doing 5-6 reps.
    7. For sleep. I consume no stimulants (caffeine) after 12 noon. No drinking of anything after 7pm. I've been woken up too many times from having to pee.
    Your sleep works in 90 minute cycles. You basically waste a whole sleep cycle if you wake up during that cycle.
    8. I keep a fan blowing air to keep the area cool, and to cover up any noises that might interfere with your sleep. You can use ear plugs and a mask to block out light too. Blue light is bad for sleep.
    9. Lights out and laying down by 9pm. No phone, tv by 11pm.
    10. And I've heard somewhere that every hour of sleep before midnight is like 2x as valuable as an hour after midnight. So the earlier the better. If I could be asleep by 8pm and up by 6am every day I would do that. Sleep makes you much more mentally alert, very good for your mood, and your body repairs itself and releases growth hormones during sleep that are very important for building muscle. So if you've put in that work and energy lifting weights, then sleep is going to help you maximize your gains.
    11. You can have a cheat day once a week from your diet. For special occasions and being with friends/family. Just don't over do it, and you can make it one or two cheat meals, instead of the whole day. That way you can skip a meal if your calories went too high.

  18. What about ADD? Not ADHD, ADD. I have lots of drive inside but when I go to take action I freeze because all of the options and links and things to do paralyze me. I try to will my way through it but I javent been successful yet at overcoming the lack of focus.

  19. Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital

    Great but not agree with one habit. More sex reduces immune system. Sex is only for reproduction not for enjoy. Otherwise, immune system will scrap.

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    Thanks for the video! You should also try 10 habits of healthy lifestyle:

  21. I want my parents to live a long life but they aren’t living the healthiest life style. My dad doesn’t have time to hit the gym because he goes to work everyday in the city until late and doesn’t have time to things like that. He also has trouble with sleeping and has many injuries that he plays off a lot when he is playing basketball with me. I want him to eat healthy and get his weight down a bit so he can move a long healthy life but idk how to tell him. Same with my mom she has diabetes and i want to help her get healthy to but I just don’t know how to tell them or help them make changes. And this may sound like my parents need help and can’t do anything for themselves but it’s not tru there great I just love them a lot and I just wanna help them live a healthy life ❤️ comment back if u have any suggestions ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Sleep is the easiest yet most overlooked habit we can all utilize into our routine and daily habits. One extra hour of sleep can aid with muscle recovery more than any massage, epsom bath, etc. We have to simply our lives and move back to fundamentals! Thank you for your tips!

  23. I think if you slowed down the speed of your voice you'll come across more confident and your advice will be easier to digest. I did learn things from this and it'll help me out. Thankyou

  24. You can also switch out your traditional brand name cleaning products. Most if not all have chemicals that cause lung damage that equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes.

  25. 1. Walk ( 30 min ).
    2. Have A Favorite Sport.
    3. Educate Yourself On Food.
    4. Have A Meal Plan.
    5. Sex.
    6. Drink AtLeast 2L Of Water ( Everyday ).
    7. Got Out Side ( 2-8 Hours ).
    8. Sleep ( At Least 7 Hours ).
    9. Meditation.
    10. Smile. 🙂


  26. Ok.Videos with "handwriting" is very annoying. If it is a video and you are speaking , why do you have to write? Put subtiltles instead. Greetings from Brazil. Be practical.

  27. So you stopped drinking tea, which is actually healthy for you (without added sugars), and keep drinking milk, which leads to several diseases such as anemia, diabetes and cancer? Didn't quite get that one

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  30. "If moving around is a struggle go do something you enjoy": 'lists off the most difficult activities of lifting and running'. Let's start with walking, power walking, or swimming. gentle on the joints.

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    Also i have my cartoon about healthy lifestyle.
    Really important too

  32. My little secrets.
    I eat broccoli/mixed veggies for breakfast.
    I drink 3 cups of water in the morning/night.
    I meditate for 10 minutes.

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