10 Amazing HABITS You Must ADOPT in 2019! | #BelieveLife

10 Amazing HABITS You Must ADOPT in 2019! | #BelieveLife

You wake up the alarm goes off, what do you do what so you’re not even Vertical and you’re reading emails if you’re not smart Car yourself dumb you want to talk so soft to herself. We’re looking for that recovery day If you’re gonna watch The Godfather baby, I watch The Godfather for what? What did you watch The Godfather before? What did you learn when you was watching it? Want to be happy build a life not just a business what’s up believe nation, it’s Evan I believe in you and this channel is designed to be a part of your daily success routine So today, let’s live your best belief life and learn the ten habits that you must adopt also if you want to know what Mel Robbins Eric Thomas David Goggins and others have to say about Confidence and excellence check out my to 54 series where every day for the next 254 days. I will send you a morning video for free to help you build your confidence The links to join are in the description below if you didn’t give a shit what anybody else thought? What’s the thing you would love to be doing with your life? I? have boundaries Everything I didn’t want to do is what got me to where I’m at today Okay, let’s kick it off with habit number one get rid of your phone with Mel Robbins There is one habit that I have adopted in the last three years that has fundamentally changed me as a business person and it has also changed my ability to manage my emotions So I don’t get hijacked. I do not allow my phone in the bedrooms, I know the research the light just did a study based on phone use alone and 33 percent of people are reading emails in the middle of the night I know that if you go to bed and the phone is right next to you Right, so you go to bed because you need your phone. You know, somebody might need you and you sleep You know if this is right here and it’s not closed and the blue light is on they’ve done studies where you have people at A table and the researcher will put their phone on the table not even my phone the researchers phone and the brain lights up like crazy just with the presence of a phone the Research around the phone and sleep is so stunning that if you were to adopt one radical thing today Other than the five-second rule try putting your phone outside your bedroom turn off the big Little visit so you don’t hear it. Tell people who need to reach you to call you my kids I had a kid in college a kid who’s you know high school kid in middle school if there’s an emergency. Call me There is nothing happening on your phone at two o’clock in the morning. That’s important but if you allow yourself to become a tool of this This is supposed to be your tool for selling your tool for communicating and we’re all becoming the tool Here’s the other thing common sense wise that I want you to understand you wake up the alarm goes off What do you do? So you’re not even vertical and you’re reading emails and What is in these emails other people’s crap, but you don’t have boundaries with this puppy? It’s gonna impact sleep. It’s gonna affect how much money money it’s going to get back to my self-control you have and so Whenever I put this thing outside the bedroom and I wake up I walk over to where the phone is It’s plugged into my bathroom. I turn it off. I don’t look at it again I give myself five minutes five minutes before I tune into the world. It’s actually tuned in up here and today What’s the one thing I’m gonna get done today that really matters to me If you’re the kind of person that feels like you don’t have control over your day that your day gets hijacked that you can’t get To the priorities that you’re always behind the ball this one planning thing will change your life No phone in the bedroom. Turn it off when the alarm goes off five minutes five lousy minutes Five thousand minutes before you tune in to the rest of the world And if you’ve got the kind of job where you’ve got to check it get up ten minutes earlier you have control over this stuff and it is so important that you take it seriously now because you’re living at the slowest moment of Your entire life. How about number two change your mentality with David Goggins? So many people before I give them a workout playing they talk about recovery Everybody everybody that hears me speak. They want to go straight to recovery Work out first, huh? Work out first before you talk to me about recovery how to recover. Yeah work out first we are always looking for like whenever I talk to people people take my words and They and they and they put it in a way to where they want to feel comfortable this guy You know, they they they want to put you in a box they want to put a title on you know, you’re putting a title on me to make yourself feel better about yourself if You read this book of mine. And you see where I came from. This person went that. This person was not built This business that this person was not made by God. Mm-hmm. This person saw this person was built I made this person I made this person by diving in to the insecurities that life gave me because now they’re yours Do yours to own if you’re not smart Car yourself dumb it’s okay, because you are But take that knowledge of putting down if you’re fat Carly so fat. I used to be 300 pounds. Mmm We we want to talk so soft to our self we’re looking for that recovery day In that recovery day is everything in your life Everything in your life. Is that recovery day, we’re looking for it. It’s not coming It’s not coming get over there recovery day, and that’s the mentality. I took with me and what happened through that process Was all the frivolous things of life Started to float away. I have to tell people lies so they would like me. Hmm cuz I was so insecure When you start to build yourself up It start to have the one thing that we don’t have is confidence. Yeah real authentic confidence from hard work Everything else goes away you no longer look to other people for your selfish down days It’s like oh, yeah, you know no I walk in the room now, and I know the hours in years and decades I’m put in a day to Goggins That’s something it’s not on the wall. It’s not a trophy on the wall. It’s not a melon on your neck It is actually a feeling in your heart and people why don’t you ever smile? I don’t have to Yeah. Yeah, I do have a store look at my face, but I’m a very focused person But the thing I have in my soul in my heart That’s what I need to smile. I don’t need to smile I don’t need you to look at me and say oh my god, you look happy because help us aren’t happy. Mm-hmm Right. We’re giving you something that we think you want to see I don’t do anymore I don’t care how you perceive David Gardens. They get us do my journey I figured out the one piece I was missing. I thought it was cars. I thought it was women I thought it was my body But I thought was everything the one piece I was missing was me having the courage to face myself How about number three always over deliver with Robin Sharma? it is so rare in business and in society right now to see people that Consistently go the extra mile. You’re in a restaurant The server generally gives you what you expect or less than what you expect you go into a clothing store It’s what you expect or less than what you expect you do business with any Organization, it’s generally delivering on what you expect But more often even less so you have a gorgeous Opportunity to lead the field in everything that you do by doing one thing Practicing every single day because it’s a muscle the ritual of over delivering Don’t just give your customers what they expect give them 10x more than what they expect. Don’t just give your organization what your manager what your boss what the Organization is expecting from you show something that is so rare in today’s economy initiative initiative So you’re asked to do a project give them five more things than they expect You’re asked to give a presentation on something go the extra mile Consistently dial in the daily habit of over delivering on people’s expectations And guess what? You become a merchant of Wow You become indispensable to your Organization habit number four apply what you learned with Eric Thomas, you know You got to be careful what I this motivation in the books you read? Yeah, but you got to be careful that you’re not doing it like for entertainment you feel me? And I think a lot of you do it for entertainment. So it’s like I’m watching Serina play That’s purely other than the fact that I’m gonna take some of the content and use it, you know the speed that’s purely entertainment I’m just watching her do what she do. That’s pure entertainment And so for some of you when you when you listen to motivation, you’re not using it to fuel you You feel me like you need to use it to fuel you. So let’s just say you can do real estate Are you scared? Like you should you should be listening to specific stuff. That’s gonna tell you don’t be afraid Take risk let the Rope go let the neck go like that’s what you should be listening to not risk random stuff You know I’m saying like we put stuff out but we’re putting it out Because that’s what we do. We just put stuff out but you got to get a catalog and say alright I’m fearful or I don’t got that dog. And if you doing business, you gotta have that dog So you just got listen to a whole bunch of stuff. I see people walk around with the t-shirts you out Look yourself in the mirror. I got that dog like whatever it is you need then when you give books I’m tired of people like oh, it’s like a Like a keeping up with the Jones is not like you know, what book you read for what? wait, it’s like you telling me what book you read for what like just so you can sound deep you’re not doing them with the information you filled me like you just trying to be like in Conversation like drinking coffee and say oh, yeah I read that with grit I read grit grit was phenomenal, but you don’t got no more grit I’m just saying you don’t have no more grease than you started when you first read the book So it’s like instead of reading a book and trying to be deep like what is the book saying? Like how do you acquire grit, if you don’t got none do me a favor. Stop reading to be deep, right? Some of you are watching power you don’t got a little more power after watching power Are you gonna watch it fuck watch what episode like that ain’t necessarily my thing, but I’m saying if you’re gonna watch it from what I’m hearing It’s um, it’s um cats on there who straight-up gangsters so if you’re gonna watch it be Gangsters like for real don’t watch it and don’t be gangster if you’re gonna watch it and you gonna put that stuff in your spirit If you’re gonna watch The Godfather baby, but I watch The Godfather for what? What did you watch The Godfather before? What did you learn when you was watching it you watch Scarface? What’d you learn? I learned some stuff from Scarface flat out flat out I learned some stuff right and my wife get on me all the time You don’t I’m like yo, I’ve seen the movie I grew up in the hood flat out and system stuff that I’m conscious I’m aware of so I’m told ain’t no don’t get knocked down on me and I ain’t gonna get shot up You understand what I’m telling you like. I’m aware of always of what’s happening. You feel me? So don’t be why I watch Scarface I went to the movie and saw it. I still remember the movie to this day I still remember when my with the women thing how the woman theme messed the whole mess a whole little swag up though I remember his New Jack city and stuff happen where the power wasn’t equal and that I Pais I watch the movie So you watching it, but you ain’t paying attention to it, and I’m paying attention So stop watching that stuff and not doing them with it habit number five fix yourself with Patrick baited The fifth one is directed to those of you that are always can have people insane This person must change you he must change her she must change here, but there’s one person you never look at and that’s yourself so what’s the solution and 2019 make an effort to study every single one of your trends Let me explain to what I mean by studying your trend the next time you’re angry get a paper and pen and write down exactly what caused you to be angry if you’re depressed if you’re Agitated if all of a sudden you’re having a division with somebody you’ve been very good for four six twelve months Why are you all of a sudden angry at this person? Why are you taking things out on this person? Maybe you just spoke to your ex and maybe your ex doesn’t like this person and every time you talk to your ex He says well, you know how he is You know how she is and all of us and you’re taking it out on this person what happened there? Study your trends and when you get lazy study your trends and when you get urgent when you work harder when you’re positive when you’re happy when you’re fired up when all of a sudden people want to be around you when do people not want to Be around you what causes it? 20:19 Study yourself the way the best hedge fund managers study stocks and look how quickly You’ll start changing many of your bad habits with good ones habit number six look for positivity with Gary Vaynerchuk You find what you’re looking for I’ve been giving a lot of thought to kind of just watching what I’m seeing out there in the social digital ecosystem and very honestly just real life and I’m watching so many people over the last two to three years look for negativity. Look for something that’s wrong find where people disagree with them fight look for what was me downside the half glass empty and Then I go to a Twitter search or look around the world and I find Ridiculously beautiful things every day every day thousands of kind acts randomly by people all people that I have conversations with who see the Opportunities whether it’s in business, like voice and AR or crypto or whatever It may be just this amazingly interesting thing that I feel the majority of you are looking for the wrong While there’s plenty of wrong and play right in the world. It comes down to one very simple thing What are you choosing to look for because I promise you if you right now and I’m making this video for one reason 24 hours of trying to find the good somebody saves a kid somebody opens the door Somebody does a nice thing for you bit. Somebody says, thank you 24 hours of looking for positivity could change your life honestly making this for one person one one person watches this video chooses to do 24 hours of looking for good instead of looking for bad and their game changes d-roc heard somebody at a convenience store saying mom you’re Always so negative you’re always so negative I am blown away by the fact that life gets real simple if you break down into this Are you looking for the negative? This sucks? This government sucks. This person sucks. This is are you looking for the positive? She’s nice That’s remarkable. I’ve got this opportunity You choose what you’re looking for because what you look for you find that’s how life works Habit number seven be more energetic with day in lock. You don’t have enough energy How do you expect to accomplish anything? Significant accomplish your goals when you don’t have enough energy You notice the society puts down and look down on people. They have high energy Imagine you’re going to school you’re going to work. You’re going back to your office. You’re going back to your Business and suddenly you’re so energetic and you have you’re all hyped up. What would people say to you? What’s wrong with you, dude? Like calm them down relax. Why are you so excited? But somehow you have low energy in man. That’s okay You know what Feinstein stands for freaked out in debt not making enough money emotionally stressed out f ing That’s what it stands for. Hi. My name is fine That’s what fine words but somehow you’ve high energy it is wrong You want to have energy you got to move laughing my martial art background you watch my video you follow my work, you know move jumping jack pushup walk Yoga, whatever the it takes move your body But you move you have more energy when you sit there all day for hours. How the hell can you have energy movement creates energy So if you’re sitting there for a long day get up stand up walk around do something I know jumpin up and down water. It is do something habit number eight stop all poverty behavior with Grant Cardone Stop all poverty Behavior poverty is a terrible thing. If you’ve ever known anybody lived in poverty suffer with poverty even close to the poverty line You know that it is Awful, and even those with money can live like they are in poverty I have known millionaires that acted like they were in poverty Wouldn’t spend any of the money they had because they were worried about money not coming in in the future Make a list of all the actions because most of this is mental make a list of all action those who live in poverty operate with and Commit to not doing them Listen to what I’m saying here make a list of the activities That people that either live in poverty or act like they’re living in poverty how they operate everyday drugs alcohol Buying stuff not investing but spending wasting weekend’s government or any kind of dependence upon others shortcuts victim mentality not reading refusing the network and Refusing to get outside your zip code and travel or all things that you need to stop and I’m sure you could expand this list Stop all poverty behavior. How about number nine enhance the quality of your sleep with rich roll wrench? Why do you sleep in a tent for those that don’t know for the last two years? I’ve been sleeping outside in this thing A lot of people have been asking me why did you do that? And it basically boils down to Three fundamental reasons the first is I just sleep better in a tent outside The second reason is that it really has helped me connect with nature and the outdoors and I think our primal disposition and the third reason I’ve been doing it is because Fundamentally, it’s a stoic practice a couple years ago I started struggling with trying to get a deep sleep unless I was training SuperDuper hard I just found it difficult to get the restfulness that my body and my mind need and at the time our bedroom that I share with my wife Julie was either too cold for her or too hot for me then I had an experience where We as a family all slept on our roof one night We have a flat roof and we did it just for fun with the kids and I had the most restful peaceful night of sleep in recent memory being outdoors breathing that outdoor air sleeping under the stars is a very simple and basic way of Reconnecting with what it means to be fundamentally human We live in this super fast-paced culture You got to get your hustle on you gotta like work 24 hours a day And if you’re not being productive in every moment of your waking existence Then you’re wasting time and you’re falling behind and with that comes a deep prioritization of sleep. Sleep is for Slackers right and nothing could be further from the truth I know that I can’t Perform at my very best unless I get eight hours of sleep and it’s not just the amount of time that I sleep It’s the quality of that sleep. It’s the caliber of that sleep It is my opinion that everybody should be doing everything they can to enhance That quality of their evening hours and I found that by sleeping in a tent it’s almost like this hack towards improving the calibre of my sleep so that I can show up throughout my day and Excel be totally focused be totally present have good energy be in a good mood and all of that derives from sleep So if you really take the time to prioritize the quality and the amount of time that you’re sleeping every night You will realize quantum gains in your productivity in your output Throughout your day in habit number 10 The last one before very special bonus have it is don’t hit the snooze button with Jocko willing Don’t press snooze Snooze doesn’t help Snooze is one of the things that just serves as a dream killer. Yeah. It’s like a sister’s Bob Odenkirk dreams that score That’s it. That’s right. Yeah, it’s like a complete think it’s gonna help you dream more, but it’s not Stressful psychological trick if you pursues the thing that you think pressing the snooze Helps you with like I’ll just get that extra eight minutes asleep that eight minutes asleep, Billy Give me any more energy by the way 18 seconds There’s a there’s an 18 second window in the morning when your alarm goes off. That sucks It’s about 18 seconds. So 18 3 alarm goes off in Utah shit The next 18 seconds are like hard there That’s when you have to use maximum effort to clear the gravitational pull of your pillow If you can get away from those 18 seconds Then you’re okay. You just get a get away from the pillow. It’s pulling you in some tractor fever I need to get away from that and so that 18 seconds and once you’re up you’re moving you’re good Now I’ve got a really special bonus tip with Patrick Bay debate on how to stop Changing your mind that I think you’re really gonna enjoy but before that I decide for the three-point landing questions time to move from just watching another video to taking action in your life or Business and if you’re feeling bold leave your answers in the comments below. Here we go question number one Will you commit to no longer hitting the snooze button? Number two what poverty behavior must you stop and number three what negative mentality of yours must change The first one is very specific to those of you that change your mind very very often it’s a bad habit and it’s costing you Relationships friendships and success in business. Let me explain what I mean by this no matter what business you choose to do They’re all ugly. No business is pretty it’s like a relationship There isn’t anything you’re gonna do in the world of business. That’s gonna be all good and dandy Nothing not a single business However, this is a common trend You see what a lot of people none of us like to lose but some people when they lose they respond in three different ways One is fries. They don’t know what to say The other one is they go and fight and the last one is they flight? You know, what flight is they change their minds? I don’t want to do this anymore and they run away, you know why because they’re afraid of commitment very simple in the world of business in Real world of business if you want to win a 20-19 if you keep changing your mind Nobody is gonna take you seriously If You want to know the eight must-have skills for the modern world? Check out the video there right next to me I think you’ll enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll see you there you an entrepreneur you got a product people are asking three questions Who are you? What do you have and why should I care?

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