ГОЧА / ЯПОНИЯ 🔥 – 5 лет спустя

ГОЧА / ЯПОНИЯ 🔥 – 5 лет спустя

I’m on air.. I’m on air.. Over. Over. I’m also on air. I’m here. Please try to speak in the microphone during this session, ok? I’m trying to connect to you. Wait a second. 1,2,3.. It’s better now? Yeah. That’s better. I was driving on tires that weren’t warmed up. That’s why i did it safe during positioning. Got you. We will discuss it after. Trajectorywise it’s perfect. Gocha / Japan – 5 years later Supported by Movie director Well. We have arrived in Tokio. In Odaiba We walked trough configuration Configuration is the same as 2013, when we participated here for the first time. Everything is familiar to you here. This crooked asphalt… ..and walls that you have been scraping many times. But I have to say, that the asphalt isn’t getting better each year though. We are 3 drivers from Russia in total. Me, Fedia and Arkasha. Also Sergey Sak from Belarus, driving Nikita Shikov’s car. Everything is fine, I am in Odaiba. Car, me in Odaiba! You understand?! What do you need more?! Sign [God bless the Tsar!] #1 Rivals for us are the Japanise of course. Four of them participate in this particular race. It’s Kawabata, Fujino, Suenaga and Yokoi. Compared to D1 we don’t have lots of parctice time. But anyway, we have 3 of them. But every group gets only 15 minutes. So, if i can drive two times in one practice session, this will be a great achievement. What about Yokoi’s and Fujino’s session? What are they doing? They are positioning their cars like in D1? Or are they sliding along the wall? Fujino sliding along the wall, but Yokoi looks better. He drives so close to the wall, a sheet of paper wouldn’t fit in-between. Fujino just rode. Two times faster than before. He keeps a very high speed. This was the most dope one of all your runs. Do it this way, repeat it. Did you see any delay during positioning? There was a delay but only soundwise. It wasn’t visible in any way. No corrections whatsoever. It was audible because of the engine sound. Will you go for another run or is that it? Ok, Kostyan (Russian nickname for Constantine), I’ve got you, heard you. I won’t go for another one. I’m going out. Ok, fine. Morning before the race. We’ve just woke up. It’s 6:30 a.m. Each year it’s almost the same: We don’t get enough sleep at all. The race is called FIA IDC. It is organized by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, FIA. It was organized to get drifters from all the countries where the drift exists, as I see it. And also to sort out who is the best. It’s the second year in a row for this event. Morning bun.. ..to strengthen the fighting spirit. It’s my first time in Japan. And I can tell you it’s the first time for a Belarusian to take responsibility in defending the honor of his country in Japan. On the one hand it pleases me.. ..but on the other hand it also puts a slight pressure on me. I’m taking part riding a legendary car that has burned. It belonged to Nikita Shikov. Toyota GT86. There are some questions about the car, and about me probably. I didn’t completely get used to this car yet. It’s difficult, difficult car. Let’s get out. Fine. Get out, get out. It’s not tandem rides on 11 a.m. You’re meaning qualification. Yes. It’s qualification. There will be a training ride in a hour. Everybody will drive one lap. And at 11 a.m. there will be qualification. Correct? “Great” training. A “full-fledged” one. Finally today we have a “full-fledged” training. One lap. And then there will be a “full-fledged” tandem training. Not even one single lap. Well done, Japanese. They force people to eat sushi without chopsticks. Terrible. Americans did’t come because of a small event in Las Vegas. Seems like every American has to be there. Sponsor’s obligation or something like that. So we have not seen any Americans in the paddock. To be honest: We’re a little bit sad about it. Because last year Arkadiy (Tsaregradsev) was very good at sorting things out with them. We’d love to fight with them again. You may have noticed that there is no Tsaregradsev among us. That’s because he’s living in an expensive hotel. And our team lives all together in one rented house. 16 people. Good morning ladies and gentelmen, we’re starting a live stream from Tokio from main drift event FIA IDC 2018. Here are Alexy Smitth and Rie Narriyara and we and our colleagues will be guiding this stream. The qualification will start very soon and after this we will see tandem races. Today’s competition it’s mostly Russia against Japan. Yeah, last year it was the same. We have 21 drivers and three Russians among them. Will Japanese be able to keep the Intercontinental Drifting Cup at the motherland of drift again? I’d like to say, that if there is a country where people are more mad about drift than Japan – its motherland -.. …then it’s Russia. Well, qualification has begun. And not the Japanese grand champion, the winner of FIA IDC of last year, Masato Kawabata, is going to start with his 900 hp GTR with VR38DETT engine. Kawabata and another Japanese driver Yokoj, seem to be the only candidates who’ll be able to stand against the Russians. And this is Naoto Suenaga from world-known Team Orange. Silvia S15 with stroked 2JZ. 850 hp. Nice combination. And now there is the first Japanese driver from Group B at the start line: Mr. Hideyuki Fujino. Former champion of D1 with his 180SX with 2JZ GTE engine with 850 hp. And here is Massashi Yokoi, the champion of D1. He got in a rather serious accident during training. And the car looks more like Miso (Japanese soup) now. Good start. He’s not is not so aggressive yet. Oh no!! He crashes into the wall again! Seems that Massashi Yokoi is out. And only 3 of 4 Japanese are left. So Yukoi is totally out. It’s very slippery. Be careful! Look.. I didn’t get the score system yet. Have you understood what exactly should be done? Is it important to get close to the wall or it’s better to keep the speed? From what I’ve seen and analyzed I think the most important thing is to stay stable. There should be as few corrections as possible. Be smooth everywhere. And also the transitions… *not audible* Gocha, when you’ll ride straight keep your focus to warm front wheels, do it good. It’s got much colder now. Actually, the most important person for the driver is his spotter. It’s him who warns you: “Hey man, road conditions have changed. Be more careful”. And now Sergey Sak – the Belorusian driver – is starting. And here is Mr. Arkadiy, the Russian champion. By the way, he has finished second place on the previous FIA IDS. Our next pilot is from Russia. Mr. Ilya Fedorov. The car is a Nissan Silvia S14 with a Boss kit. Positioning. He got into the position rather early. But he slides quite well on the trajectory. Positioning close to the wall.. Toyota GT86 is getting into the inner part of the track.. Positioning.. Just look at the speed!! What an amazing speed! Now we are moving to the lower part of the track.. Pedal to the metal. He is driving a little bit slower here but check out the wall of smoke behind his car! He obviously pressed the smoke button like James Bond. And it misfires not too bad. Over. Over. Why there was a delay during your positioning? I wanted to get near to the wall. Your front has lagged a little. Everything else regarding trajectory seems ok. Also speed is ok. Here.. The grip.. But in the end you drove smoothly along the wall and you didn’t delay anything. You’ve cut all of the last clipping points. Kostya please tell me the score as soon as you see it, ok? We are watching it via stream. We have a new leader for the qualification! Goerge Chivchan. 88 points. Indeed he’s a very possible pretender for the crown. If I had a choice as to who I wouldn’t drive with, it would be him. Same here.. If the first tandem race would be with Gocha.. ..I immediately would tell the team to get the trailer ready because soon we’d be heading home. Here you got to the clipping point, everything was fine. But you’ve made a weak transition. Seems like you’ve straighten here a bit. I’ve slammed that b*tch with the parking brake. Here I banged the parking brake. But then it could be done more quickly! Do you measure the transition behaviour by your car’s standards? Gocha: No, no, no. By the standards of Shikov’s car.
Sergey: This car can’t do that!
Gocha: ..Shikov’s car. Sergey: C’mon man…
Gocha: Yes, yes.. I’really dont know.. Whatever you say.. Just do it a little quicker. Without the straightening in the middle. Your problem is… There is no… Everything is right. I am approaching the clipping point.. ..not in this way.. ..but in this way. So the car doesn’t spin out. Your stabilizing in the middle is visible. It’s visible? Speed is like this one but in the middle it’s visible. It’s visible, huh? Do you feel it? Of course. But I think nobody is noticing this. It’s visible *blyat*. Well so summarized it’s total shit. Yep.. I’ve understood, brother.. I’ll correct it. Kostyan, I’m listening.. Let’s do all the same but try not to hang during the positioning. And in the second clipping zone where you have the wall, try to do it like Fujino. With the same aggression. That’s about it.. Roger that. After you the Tsar (Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev) is the only one from the tough guys. Is there any reason for risk? There is, there is.. Why risk it?? I don’t get it.. OK, I’ll explain it. What if one of these drivers will get 98 or 95 points? And they allready could push us down to the 3rd place. Maximum. What are the chances?? No, no. There is also.. If we will be 3rd in qualifying, it’s not the end of the world. But we will keep the car undamaged. Yeah, you know why? Because Kawabata is in the lower ranks now. And this is good! If we will get into the first three places, everything will be good. Nothing scary. Why risk it? No, no, no. You’re not right. We are risking… *not audible* Fuck meee… Fuck me! Awesome! The engine is hitting the rev limiter hard. He is using the capacities of the car to the fullest during his runs. Very good trajectory and speed.. everything! Transitioning and finish. *Pisdets* (Russian for: I cannot believe it) What a run! You can hear the applause and cheering from the stands. Positioning of 90 degrees to the wall. And now? Do you want to bet? Why should anybody do this? Wow! 95 points. Gocha becomes 1st and also get ideal 30 points for trajectory. At this point Gocha has got highest scores for two criterias in the qualifying. He was 1st before with 88 points and now with 95 points. So it happens the he went from 1st to 1st place. In short: I’ve fucked up the race grid for everyone. All four of us are in the same grid. Additionally we instantly drive in the TOP16 against Fedorov And if I win, I have to go against Gocha. Because I’m hoping that he’ll win his run. And if I win than he also has to go against Gocha. And there will be a masacre with Sergey Sak.. much energy needs to be put in. And why? Because I wanted to qualify first and to top Gocha’s score with 95.. and everything was already on it’s way.. ..I already was near the wall.. And then everything would be fine. Me and Gocha wouldn’t race against each other until the finals. Or I would be placed where I needed to be. Same with Sergey.. And everything would be fine. In short: I’m a wanker. I was lucky as hell. I’m going against Suenaga. Didn’t want to drive with Gocha or Tsar. I think that you can understand it. Any contact between the cars would be annoying and also it would be sad to destroy the cars. You would need to think about it, even if it’s “only” a race. Nobody did quit the friendship.. I won’t reprieve Suenaga. Most important thing is to catch him during the acceleration. In Japan, the guys are uncompromising. I’m waiting until I finally can go. I don’t care if it’s raining or not. Odaiba or not. Tokio or not. Shortly: Awesome! Gocha! Are you sure about the 0,6 bar (8,7 psi for our US viewers)? We starting? Lets go. God be with you.. First battle in the TOP16. Gocha vs Lui Gono As you can see, the weather conditions have changed massively. It was dry before and now we have pouring rain. Mhhyeah.. Drifting on a wet track is completely different to drifting on a dry surface. Especially if its a wall waiting for you, like here in Odaiba. Georgyi, let’s be a bit more careful during this transition. Try to get control of the process. Give him a car length lead and then follow. He had straightened wheels almost a half of the track. The track is super slippery at some spots! Gocha, there is no need to risk at all! His run was absolutely not worth mentioning.. Straightens very often and has a small drift angle. That’s why you now should simply drive with a small angle and carefully, OK? Roger that. Let him go, let him go… Let him go! Don’t get too close! Let him drive! Hey Georgiy, what’s this all about?? It rains for a hour now. This means that the track is very slippery now. Yeah, it’s not easy for Gocha now to follow such a slow driver in such conditions. Why the fuck you risk it? You are banging the rev limiter half of the track! *not audible* You see Kostyan, from time to time the car grips and this is shitty. The main *blyat* race is yet to come and we are bashing the car now.. *blyat* Man.. I have no words And now we have our next race Ilya Fedorov vs Arkasha. By the way: The winner of this race will go against Gocha. Ilya is leading, good positioning. Arkadiy is reducing the drift angle a bit.. Very deep inside. Quite dangerous driving.. Arkadiy is never hesitating. He always is pushing with full force. If Ilya will do a mistake, Arkadiy won’t have any chance to save the situation. But this shows that Arkadiy is 100% confident about his skills, his car and the opponent behaviour. Arkadiy, what do you think about your run? The track condition is absolutely rubbish… You have grip, you haven’t, you have, you haven’t.. The judges have unanimously voted for Arkasha. Arkasha gets into the TOP8 and Iliya leaves the contest. This place.. No grip at all.. Fujina spun out at the same place two times in a row.. Next run is Naoto Suenaga from Japan vs Sergey Sak from Belorusia. Kostyan, did you see how the others are also smashing the gas pedal and do you understand that I’m not the only one doing this? No I didn’t because Fujino just nearly fucked up because he’s tried to close the distance. He had to fight a lot and it was a miracle that he didn’t spun out. And how you could explain this? I don’t know how they explain this. But he he spun twice. Can you imagine this? He was sticking to him. And then spun. Won anyway, hah.. Just finished the race against Suenaga san. Went into 3rd gear but then realized that 2nd gear would be better. Got in 2nd. But then Suenaga jumped forward with his 275mm tires. I couldn’t catch up. But I continued driving nevertheless. Then I went as first car. I was more confident but I’ve noticed his front and understood: Game over.. Shortly: I’ve lost.. Talking about getting sad: I’m not gonna lie.. Of course I’m sad.. But in theory in these conditions you could beat anyone (even Tsuchiya) or be beaten by anyone.. I’ve lost and now I will go and cheer Gocha. 1, 2, check… Yes, 1, 2.. You’re also in the line? Preparing to drive? Preparing to drive. Is there any new data for the grip spots? No, no special ones. Just be careful at the re-tarred square spot. It’s slippery there. The rest remains unchanged.. Roger. Well, without any unnecessary words, let’s move on to quarter finals. TOP8. Georgy Chivchyan – Gocha vs Arkasha. Strictly Russian showdown. Barely, barely.. He was approaching steeply at the first one. He was close but not that much.. Along the wall. As leading car you’ve done everything perfect. He was about a car length away from you. In some places he was reducing the distance. Just work at the positioning zone carefully. Gocha, you shouldn’t take risk unnecessarily.. Sometimes he was close but also was correcting constantly. You’ve had a good run as leader and also you’ve done your tasks. Therefore.. Davai (Russian for “let’s go”)! Second run and now the Skyline is the leading car. We’ll see whether Gocha can repeat his unreal positioning from the last run… Watch Gocha! What a driving as following car! The trajectory is simply suicidal! Gocha is literaly sticking to the Skyline of Arkadiy. Oh, Arkadiy has overdone it a little here.. But Gocha is absolutely cold blooded and stays close during the whole run. Unbelievable battle! Good job, good job Georgy, molodec (Russian for “ataboy!”)! *not audible* done everything in advance I’ve cut a lot..fuck Ceep calm.. We are waiting for the calculation of the rusult. Who is gonna go to the semi-final? One is for Gocha and a second. Gocha wins against Arkasha and goes to the semi-final. The finalist of the last year – Arkasha – unfortunately retires.. Guys, this was an awesome run! Russian drivers are just monsters! What can you tell us, dude? Russian champion against a guy who has fucked up the whole season. A good battle! Indeed we had luck. If the road surface condition would be worse I’m not sure (if they could get that far).. We like to drive on dry surface.. If it would be dry it would be awesome.. Who are the noisy people there at the stand? These are spectators… these are Russians. Look there they are! Even unfolded their flag. I don’t know why they were waiting until now.. Maybe they weren’t loud before because these were two Russians battling against each other. So you don’t know who to cheer. Now everything is clear.. I have a feeling like we are at a soccer game right now. Yeah the battle between Gocha and Suenaga will be something special.. Both have similar cars and I would even say that they have similar driving techniques. We’re driving right now? Yes, we’re going versus Suenaga.. Tell me, how is his driving style? I’dont know.. He drives stable and fast. He does everything clean. You need to work properly to get him. That’s all.. Any news about Kawabata? Getting towed. Something happened to the drive shaft or the gearbox For the first semi final we have Georgy Chivchyan from Russia and Naoto Suenaga from Japan. Happens to be the race between the last Japanese vs the last Russian.. Yeah, Kawabata had technical issues, Fujino has lost against Suenaga and Yokoi has totaled his car as your remember. Most likely this battle will be the critical one.. Silvia vs Silvia. Japan vs Russia. SR vs JZ.. Check out the entering! Amazing! Amazing positioning. Nice battle! Just look how Gocha is flying with his Silvia! And Suenaga drives as good as during the runs before. Transition… Gocha shakes little bit.. I’m hoping for an “One More Time” after this battle! Just look how Suenaga is chasing him. He is always close. Aaand finished. What’s up Kostyan? Gocha, we now need a proper positioning.. Work on your positioning. Everywhere else he always was close. Work on your positioning Work on your positioning. Gocha, listen what we saw so far in the stream: First half of the course he was catching up.. with the same drift angle… Until beginning of the second half he catched you. Was very close. Positioning was slightly later than yours but has done everything carefully. Didn’t risk anything. To win you need to take a little bit of risk. Means, you need a good positioning and don’t let him go. OK. OK – He knows exactly what he’s doing. Why we should try to teach him? Careful, careful, careful… I’ve touched him.. Wait. We’ll see how the scores will look like. In addition you didn’t really disturb his trajectory.. Let’s see… You’ve hit him on the straight and this had no influence on his speed, trajectory or angle. SO everything is OK.. Mhhyeah, this run will get rewatched for sure.. Suenaga seems to have taken the same trajectory as the whole day.. ..but Gocha has changed his. I don’t understand what Gocha has tried to achieve by positioning that close to the wall… Now you see three very important icons of the Japanese drift on the screen. Max Orido, Nabutero Taniguchi and of course the Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya. Seems like even Tsuchiya san wants an One More Time.. Did he say “One More Time”? Yes. I also want this. I think everybody wants it. If now someone say to scream for One More Time, I would scream! I think if they would ask for it, the Russians would definitely drown everybody. The third judge is for Gocha and the rest is for One More Time. They’re starting.. Well now the One More Time begins.. We wanted to see it soo bad! Gocha vs Suenaga. Gocha is leading.. Very hard, I would even say brutal entering by Gocha! But Suenaga is always close to him.. Just check out how parallel these two S15 are moving! Water is flying everywhere. Gocha has his wipers working on maximum speed. Let’s check the transition.. Hard…uuuh..mistake by Suenaga.. He staightened a bit.. That’s it, that’s it… 3rd zone.. In the slippery are he was train leghts away from him.. Gocha, Gocha. Connection. Connection. Shortly: In the 3rd zone you pulled away from him. He made a big mistake there and straightened. Before he was sticking to you. Therefore. Let’s do it carefully. Push him but don’t overdo it! Don’t go for the 100%. In which area did he staighten? Was it because of me? Right before the last curve. At the slippery place. Right before the last curve. At the slippery place. Right before the last transition. Not because of you.. Was his own mistake. George are you listening? Yes. Make the same positioning as in the last run but let him go a little bit in a cotrolled way. For the rest just repeat everything from your last run. Alright. This time Suenaga is leading. Positioning… ..and now Gocha is doing everything well. Seems like he wanted to do exactly this during the previous run. Everything Gocha needs to do is to drive clean till the end. Continue driving clean.. Suenaga is shaking a bit.. A few mistakes by Suenaga. But Gocha is driving absolutely clean and absolutely parallel. Suenaga also doesn’t make it too hard for his opponent to follow. That’s it! THAT’S IT! JUST LIKE A KING! EVERYTHING PERFECT!! GOOD JOB! Maybe I’m not Baba Vanga (a Russian grandma-clairvoyant), but it looks like we’ve won! And here are the results. This time everything went fast. Let’s have a look.. Gocha, Gocha and Gocha! And Gocha moves on to the final. Alright ladies and gentleman, the final run. Gocha vs Eves Meyer Swiss driver. Was surprisingly lucky. Everyone he drove with had some type of issues.. Kawabata had some engine issues.. Maybe his luck will be enough for the podium? Kostyan, I’m here. Tell me how does the bimmer drive? The BMW drives without hard acceleration and without positioning. And then he drifts nearly from standstill in third gear.. And he does it at each transition and entering the same way.. He is always aiming. You need to be careful in this situations. Also at the finishing sector he sometimes drives big angles. His front is always facing us. Here you need to be extra careful. Roger. So this means he is not ultra fast? He just drives like that, yeah? He is absoltely not fast compared to the rest of the field. You need to open your eyes wide and to watch him. Roger. Kostyan, tell me how far he was behind me car legths-wise? Tell me what he exactly was doing. Kostyaaan!? THAT’S IT!!!! This is the first time when no words are needed.. And also nothing can be said.. This is just phat! What else do you need? Tell me.. You know the program on CNN or Eurosport called “no comment”. They’re just simply showing the pictures. This is the situation. No comments. In Japan, has won the cup. He was dreaming of it. And he won it. So… Kostyan, tell me how far he was behind me car legths-wise? Tell me what he exactly was doing. Kostyaan!? I’am her, here my dear.. Tell me again how he was positioning etc. He tried to close the gap without any aggression. I’ve told you allready. Be focused on the acceleration and positioning.. and the reat we will do like we do it usually.. Should I stay away one or two car legths? Why the f*ck you want too close? Don’t forget: It’s the finals. I repeat it again: acceleration and positioning. And remember to be careful during positioning! Well done! Seriy (Russian nickname for Sergey), man, I’ve tried hard.. Somehow here and there.. But my car was pushing good. I felt that I’m getting closer to him. These stories you can tell somebody else, brother 😉 *suka* (a Russian swearword which is used very frequently).

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    Просто респект. Показывал своему сыну видосы off road, drag race, monster track и решил показать что такое дрифт. На халяву попал на видос где Гоча гонял в Латвии, откуда я собственно говоря родом и просто офигел. Теперь смотрю все его заезды подряд и тыкаю лайки. С меня подписка.

  13. Семен Киселев

    Блин прям горд за наших ваще молодцы 😍волновался пиздец сам аж когбудто там находился 😂и беларус молодчина парень так переживал капец,и вообще смотря это понимаю что люди пофигу какой нации не делят людей на нации и относятся друг к другу охрененно,а долбанные политики и тому подобные настраивают нас против друг друга,но спорт и много разных вещей объединяет нас всех людей МИРА,блин красавцы)

  14. Dizkungaitis Mindaugs

    Этот видос пересматривал раз 10 и каждый раз у меня мурашки по коже

  15. Самое лучшее что я в видел,все передавалось как будто находился там,фильм супер.

  16. кто такой тот Зарубин!? почему я так много слышал о всяких там Бондарчуках а про этого парня не знаю ничего!? это же король своего дела!) жму руку, благодарю!

  17. Это вставляет как 10 дорожек! Это вставляет круче мстителей в 100 раз! Это вставляет как эндорфин внутривенно! Я так охуенно горд за вас, за то что в России есть такие очуменно крутые ребята и команда! Я респектую вам от всего сердца вы просто красавчики!!!!!!

  18. Это в разы интереснее смотреть чем новомодные интервью и прочий шлак с ютуба

  19. Весь фильм на одном дыхании! Супер передача вибраций! Белорус помог в этом! Как на уроке истории, где жутко интересная тема, а учитель передает все эмоции от рассказа!
    Палец вверх и ждем новых побед и новых историй!
    И да! Кстати!… Что там за 793 придурка, не сумевших разглядеть в данном видео, режессурскую работу? Про работу ВСЕХ пилотов я вообще молчу!

  20. Константин Пузин

    Картавый всю доброгу оправдывается. Постоянно то хер длинный то рубаха короткая

  21. ну как можно дрифтить , переживая за машину , когда на тебя все надеются ,да и когда разбивается он тоже С КАМЕННЫМ ЛИЦОМ .

  22. Граф питрис

    Гоча ты крут продолжай выигрывать гонку ты супер👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. Что за ерунда, пилот перед выездом садиться в тачку и незнает правил!

  24. Владимир Ходжер

    Видео просто супер! Ну и в тему есть анимэ Инициал Ди тоже про дрифт.

  25. Весь фильм я будто находился там, в Японии, и чуствовал каждый поворот, каждый заезд. Огромное спасибо автору за старание, и огромное уважение пилоту, Гоча, от твоих достижений и стараний есть желание двигаться дальше

  26. Космос, очень понравилось видео, хорошо смонтировано, музыка в правильных местах драматизма добавляло! 🙂

  27. Анатолий Псков

    Спасибо…ценно и эмоционально, кто не ездил – рекомендую, прыжок с парашютом нервно курит по эмоциям и сравнению, но только трезвыми и на спортивном трэке..))))

  28. Кот Пузякин

    Это просто неимоверно!!! столько эмоций я не испытывал ни за один вид спорта! Автору респект.

  29. Музаффарар Эгамбердиев

    поднять триколор занять первое место,думаю высшей награды для спортсмена не существует

  30. Бля,впервые вижу ,впервые узнаю,но это круто,очень горд ,буду следить

  31. Виктор Чупшев

    zaRRubin , чувак- ты топ! Спасибо за хороший контент! Ждём полый метр о Российском дрифте! Так держать!

  32. Михаил Монсон

    Спустя год появилось в рекомендуемом, посмотрел как в первый раз. Лучшие!!! Вы Number РАЗ России.

  33. Фильм просто no comments спасибо за то что вы есть и делаете фильмы про такие не передоваемые словами моменты

  34. Мотокружок VL

    Такое ощущение что даже японцы были рады что русские победили! Но очень жаль что с трассы сошли сильнейшие .

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