Битва за Реактивную Тягу – Много ЖОГОВА

Битва за Реактивную Тягу – Много ЖОГОВА

Greetings to all fans of turbo jet thrust. In this video guys we try to raise traction for these purposes. Or rather, to help me I bought this pump instead of the previous one. I used a small pump. The pump from the VAZ 2110. And now we will use from 600 mercedes. Huge pump. Measurement will be relative. I’ll try in 7 atmospheres how much it pumps. Here is this pump for 7 atmosphere – 0.7 liters pump. For measurement we need: kerosene … Measured containers – here one liter is placed. Manometer station to maintain a pressure of 7 atmospheres. Pump and battery. Everything. Omit. Why are you so unstable? (Igor swears). Handicraft technology. I supply 12 volts. The process has begun, I’ll detect … It accelerated sharply, apparently the pump scored liquid. Wow, wow … Wow! (◑‿◐) Here it rises. I did not have time to detect, let’s again. Because the pump did not initially pump, there were air bubbles. The suction pipe was blocked, guys. Let’s try again, let’s start! Impudent power ッ Half a liter is. A liter gained in about 17 seconds. But it is without any load. Now we will test under load. It didn’t even need to be scrolled here. In real time. If it pumped like that in a turbo jet engine, then it would be cool! I connect the manometer and we will try. Maximum for a start. The maximum is very small. ⊙﹏⊙ 8 atmospheres only. Somehow quite a bit straight … ☹ I was counting on more, to be honest. That is, he 6 atmospheres should give normal, when the engine is running. It’s strange. Why is the maximum so small? Maybe there is still a pressure reducing valve inside? This pump gives 12 atmospheres. I don’t really like it anymore. I wanted to experience in 7 atmospheres. Let’s experience it. Let’s see what it pumps. Launched in a circle, guys. Now you can calibrate the pressure, as I wanted, to 7 atmospheres. The pump is very tense. This is not a good picture. But come on, let’s try how much it pumps up. I think a little. Plus the pump, do you hear how much you tensed up? No matter how it burned out. But how should it work in 6 atmospheres? Have they really deceived me? He has now been swinging for half a minute. Here you go, that’s what he pumped up in a minute. Almost the same thing, but a little more than this one with 7 atmospheres. It becomes uninteresting. Of course, we will try now. I see that there will be no grandiose affairs from this pump. He does not create pressure. Somehow slows down. That is, it has a large flow rate at low pressure. And on the big one, the pump is generally suffocating. I don’t even know what to do. Such a large size, but no use. Night launch. Go. We look at the pressure. 1.8 atmospheres The pressure is the same, which means the thrust is likely to remain exactly the same. These are the things guys. It’s necessary to do some pressure, do some kind of pumping fuel. Otherwise, there will be no business. If nothing works out with the pumps, will have to make a tank under pressure. There I can already give any pressure, at least 20, at least 100 atmospheres. Depending on what the tank will be. Ok guys, don’t give up! We will do the following option. Let’s see what happens. I will carve a transition fitting here to connect these two hoses and we will try again. At the moment, this can be done the fastest And you need to try to regulate the pumps. Pumping is the easiest. You can add and decrease a PWM controller. And if we are under pressure, then we need to turn the crane on. This is not so good, and protection is harder to do. Guys do transitional union. Transition fitting from large to small. All this disgrace now looks like this. Let’s test! There will be an entrance. And here is the way out. Will pass through two pumps. Let’s try to increase pressure and productivity. Power will also be supplied in parallel, immediately to two pumps. That is the whole point – to make it easy to manage. If, guys, I wanted to complicate, then I would have already made a tank under pressure. I hope it doesn’t get to this. But how, how to get there? Like this. Well, this one can be there too. Pumped fuel. We look at how it is gaining. I wind up the pressure. So 5. 7 atmospheres Interestingly, more can it? There were more than 12! 15 may even, wow! It is not known how long. But maybe 15 atmospheres. Starting through the tube to “poison.” Let’s try to add. I don’t know if you can see it or not see it? It should be visible to you. Let’s add it. I’ll wear glasses because it can splash. More than 15 does not leak through the pipes. I have bad hoses. Okay, 7 atmospheres. Guys, measure the flow. I turn on the power and see how many seconds 1 liter pumps. Now it pumps at a pressure of 7 atmospheres. Another thing, friends. 15 seconds … 20… In less than 25 seconds, 1 liter pump was pumped. It is a victory, it is this is more than twice as much as before. that is, in 7 atmospheres. Great guys! Set the flow to 10 atmospheres, and now we’ll see what the expense is. Even the pressure of 11 atmospheres presses, 5 seconds have passed. 10 seconds have passed. 15… 20 25 30 seconds 35 40 seconds. Now a liter pumps in 40 seconds at 11 atmospheres. Previously, I downloaded so much. This is approximately 0.8 liters in 7 atmospheres. The result is good, guys. Now, by all the laws of physics, we can squeeze a lot of traction and get more pressure in the combustion chamber. The question remains open: how long will these two pumps last and which one will fail? Further according to plan – nevertheless fasten some means of control to the engine. I want to fasten the temperature sensor. That is, this is a sensor, it is also a circuit that can control this temperature. At least, this scheme will be able to turn off the engine if any parameters are exceeded. I decided to use the sensor sent by Alexei. And I will use the Chinese scheme. Because with this block that went to the sensor, I have so far been unable to fully understand. And I couldn’t even enter the menu to program it. For now, use this scheme. Moreover, both of these sensors show the same temperature. But this Chinese one somehow behaves inadequately. The tip is useless to heat, it is necessary to warm it directly the whole thing. I do not think that it will adequately heat up in a jet engine. Or some corrections need to be introduced … I decided so far to put a normal sensor. Again he removed the nozzle in order to implant a temperature sensor. At the same time I’ll try to fix one problem, guys. A problem that has long tormented me. That is, it is a siphon (siphon) neck. Here I just have a hole. I want to weld a fitting here by welding, so that you can screw something to it. Tighten the pipe and discharge. That is, so that it does not pollute everything around, so that the exit is free. We do like this … And we do like this. Already good at it. In general, it turned out great. I did this without an additive. With the additive so beautiful it does not work out yet. We will mount the sensor. Here is this sensor. I will mount it after the turbine. I will install it through this adapter. Here is a tapered thread. I even grab her a little tig welding. But for starters, I’ll cut it anyway. There are tapered taps and can do it. The carbide drill withstood this hole. It looks like this. Entirely carbide from sandvik. Well, now it’s easier. It will be possible to drill as usual. Drilling is a completely different matter. But for the time being. All the same, it’s stainless steel guys. Done. Tapered thread guys. Sheet Metal Only literally three millimeters maximum wall thickness, no more. It seems that the process has begun. Immediately a couple of turns enters. Then we clamp, in general flush doing it. Maybe 0.5 millimeters will stick out and tig welding grab here, so that, God forbid, unscrew. The sensor will be inserted here into the hole and there it is. Welded exhaust pipe. Here it is, from the zone of reduced pressure. An exhaust pipe is needed so that it does not throw oil. Now I’ll bend the phone. So much more sympathetic. Sticking out previously is unclear how. Improved the system. Added a few elements. This is a temperature sensor (temperature sensor). This is a device that will create a small vacuum in the tank. I hope that it will create it. That is, a vacuum is formed here at the nozzle exit, high speed and should pull from this pipe. That is, everything should not be contaminated here with oil. The sensor is connected through this wire. There is a fee. If we connect, we can see that the temperature is measured. Well, everything else works as before, except our pumps. Now two pumps. I do not know how to pump up starting fuel. That is gasoline. It will be necessary to make some kind of tank. Probably it will be in the next video. Well now, guys, let’s try to run this miracle engine! This is one of those launches that I could launch myself. See how the pumps work. Because there’s nothing else to measure cravings I did not fasten the scales yet. This will be in the next video. But I want to try guys. I want to really try how it will “fry”. Well, by pressure, I personally understand everything. If it rises to 2.5 atmospheres pressure after the compressor, and then the thrust has grown. That’s about 50 kilograms should be. I pull it out into the street. Evening. There will be evening launches again. We will try. We will start It seems that the weather favors. All is well, dry. I put it in a corner. So, in this position, the launch will be made. I’ll take a manometer so you can see better. A fire extinguisher is nearby. This is a serious business, guys. I plan to test the pumps how they will work. Well, the temperature. I think you can start, guys. The temperature is shown, everything is shown. Now I will give everything. We look at the temperature guys. And here is the interest. We look at the pressure. 2.3 atmospheres +0.5 atmospheres + 28% You can download tires;) Something like that guys made a launch with you. The oil pump shows something incomprehensible. Pressure jumped in him, incomprehensibly. I hope everything is fine with us. I don’t understand how miraculous but the old rusty bearing withstands all these bullying. Guys, it’s scary, of course, to leave it for a long time, to launch it. You saw what works. There is some good news. The pressure was 2.3 atmospheres and that is, it is actually a face value. That is, the face value is from 2 to 2.5. Now you need to measure traction, to see how much we have there in kilograms. But I gave the pumps everything, guys. They “fried” for the whole and should be decent traction. Added oil. It really has become a little less. And it stands at a slant. I want to run again, guys. I want to try, try without gasoline at all. It seems to me that everything should be ignited already. Maybe it only seems to me, but we will try. We look how fuel leaves. It fries, already throws goosebumps. I hope you noticed. It starts even without gasoline. This is amazing for me. Why did I constantly pour gasoline? I also wanted to do the tank on purpose. But give up this venture, once it starts without gas. We will check again now So we will start the jet engine, guys. Everything seems to work fine. Everything is good. Everything is dripping, everything is flowing. This is drainage. The tank is barely warm, not hot. It remains for us only to measure cravings. The result is obvious. Temperature no more than 630 degrees (Celsius) at full power. 2.2 bar pressure created. 630 degrees after the turbine is not so little. Perhaps worth a stop. Because in front of the turbine at 100 degrees, at least more. That is, it is 730 … I did not solve the oil problem. It’s necessary to lower this tube into some oil trap, because somehow everything is bad with this matter. Oil is sprayed. I’ll make a tank oil trap and I’ll hang up there. To discharge oil. But so, everything is fine. We are waiting for the guys, launches with traction measurement. So she slowly rotates before it stops. The temperature sensor is visible. Not blown it off. Everything is fine. Well, the tube. Still, I put it in this tube suction oil. Let’s try again. Another test run. The engine is completely cool. Let’s try again on pure kerosene. Will it work? I hope that will work. I immediately click on the starter and on the candles and I give fuel for everything. You can even give fuel right away. Did you see what happened? Instantly, instantly set fire to the mixture. Wow, guys. They’re not even needed, it turns out kerosene candles, itself flashes abruptly, instantly. I want to try again. But the batteries were crazy. Therefore, you need to charge the batteries. Although everything seems to be normal. What’s wrong with these tweeters? Let’s try cancer by 60%. I set the pump to 60 and start. I really liked all this, I want to repeat it. Everything works perfectly. One thing I can say – The device is ready for installation in a behu (BMW). We will, of course, measure traction. Let’s see how many kilograms he gives out. But he will no longer give out with these pumps. There are no other pumps, so we will put these. To whom it was interesting, subscribe to the channel Support like. Thank you all for your attention and all for now.

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    Игорь, ты с этой гравицапой можешь улететь на планету Плюк вместе со всеми гаражами.

  51. Медная трубка только на один раз, а потом надо резать и делать новую развальцовку…

  52. Либо автор не совсем понимает, что такое атмосфера, либо как то оговаривается. Даже одна атмосфера огромное давление.

  53. борис старый

    Эх жалко, хороший ведь парень, а в один прекрасный день вспыхнет, как свечка, жаль.

  54. Эльбрус Кавказ

    Например, берём ТНВД, который даёт допустим 400 бар давления и может накормить двигатель 18 литров в час, разделим на 60 получим 300 милилитров в минуту, и при этом имеем в запасе ещё 400 атмосфер. Не понял ещё? Объясню, хочешь 3 литра в минуту?, раздели 400 атм. на 10, останется 40 атм. при 3-ех литрах в минуту. А давление в 40 атм, я так скажу, распыляет не хило. Так что, и расход уменьшится и производительность увеличится. А как его прихерачить туда?, Ответ: через редуктор подключить на ось и ВУА ЛЯ. Можешь хоть на 200 атм. взять, всё равно будут хвотать дох*я! Идея клас😯 лайк чтобы вывести в топ. Надеюсь увидит и сделает! 😁 Не ну реально, у него есть такая возможность, так почему бы не сделать?!😁💪👍 Хотя может он в заглушенном состоянии даёт такое давление, всё равно это дох*я, потому что можно понять по тому как жрут автомобили, что с выдачей объема сними всё в порядке. Имею в виду что он при этом довлении не какчает например 1 или 2 лита в минуту, а 10 и больше лит.м, так что идея клас.😯

  55. Сделай режим форсажа . Временное повышение тяги , как на военных самолётах.

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